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Main Origins:
Sri Lanka, Madagascar, India, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Poland, Myanmar, and Germany.

What is Moonstone?

different cuts of Moonstone crystals

Moonstone is an orthoclase-feldspar stone with many color energies and is gorgeous from every angle. Did you know ancient Romans wore Moonstones for love and victory? They believed Moonstones linked the wearer to the moon goddess, Diana.

Some cultures believe Moonstone talismans help the wearer make the right decisions. As one of the few healing crystals that rule the higher and lower chakras, Moonstone balances your mind and awakens your intuition.

Moonstone Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Adularia stone brings endless physical, emotional, and spiritual healing because it taps into multiple chakras, such as the crown, third eye, heart, and root chakras. 

Most of the Moonstone benefits come from its ruling gods, such as the goddess of night (Nyx), moon (Selene and Diana), and rebirth (Cerridwen). 

With Moonstone, the most powerful rituals are conducted on new moons, full moons, supermoons, lunar eclipses, or moonlit nights.

All these are where Moonstone healing properties, such as calmness, insight, wisdom, self-awareness, confidence, protection, psychic abilities, and guidance, come from. 

Moonstone Healing Properties and Benefits

Interviews, Tests, and Exams

  • Moonstone makes you super-focused and receptive during interviews, tests, and exams by calming your nerves. It enhances your memory, focus, and critical thinking skills.
  • You should wear White Moonstone earrings, pendants, rings, or bracelets after charging them with mantras before a test or exam.

Self-Love and Forgiveness

  • When you fully bond with a Moonstone crystal, it’ll help you forgive yourself and others by unlocking emotions of empathy and universal connection inside you.
  • With a Green Moonstone, chant positive affirmations to empower your link with the cosmos.

Knowledge and Learning Disorders

  • Did you know Moonstone is great for learning disorders? It can help you tackle hyperactivity, impulsiveness, haste, anger, and stress. 
  • Set a crystal grid, using raw Moonstone crystals, under your work or study table and meditate for a few minutes early in the morning. 

Sleep Health and Calmness

  • Peach Moonstone is often recommended for soothing the nerves, anxiety, and mental chatter because it connects to the heart chakra.
  • Because water rules Moonstone, you can charge the crystal by holding it for a few minutes under tap water.


  • Black Moonstone empowers feminine energies to heal the reproductive organs and balance your hormones.
  • Because the root chakra rules Black Moonstone crystals, it’s best to bury it in soil overnight or for a few days before carrying it with you to enhance your fertility.

Moonstone Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A polished crystal on a woman's forehead


  • Moonstone purifies your aura and protects you from psychic harm when you set intentions while wearing an Adularia stone.
  • Blue Moonstone crystals will protect you if you place them on your forehead for a few minutes right after waking up in the morning. 

Psychic Powers and Intuition

  • Moonstone has a unique trait of awakening dormant parts of the mind, body, and spirit, making you feel clairvoyant, intuitive, empathic, or psychic. 
  • You can awaken dormant areas of the psyche with Moonstone by meditating while holding the crystal every night before bed.

Reality Shifting

  • Moonstone helps to clear the mind clutter and fog, helping you get to your DR, or Desired Reality. It’s also great for conquering challenges and achieving your goals.
  • Keep a Moonstone necklace, pendant, or other jewelry outside overnight under a full moon to activate vibrations for reality shifting before wearing it.

Success and Luck

  • Moonstone guides you to make the right decisions that attract good fortune to you and others. It does so by tapping into universal knowledge, wisdom, and connection. 
  • You can carry it in your pocket after charging it with sunlight for five minutes. As a result, your aura will brighten and good fortune will come naturally to you. 


  • Moonstone crystals help you find truth and your spiritual destiny by connecting your spirit to otherworldly beings and energies
  • Wearing multi-colored Moonstone bracelets, charged with a singing bowl energy, will show you spiritual and angelic guidance.

Moonstone Side Effects

  • Moonstone is a high-vibration crystal that may overwhelm sensitive people or make them feel uneasy, hot, or light-headed. 
  • If Moon clashes with your birth chart, it can ruin your career, lead you to bad luck, or drain your hope. Consult an astrologer before wearing Moonstone.

Moonstone Meaning: What Does Moonstone Symbolize?

A group of people sitting in the floor and smilling

Moonstone stands for universal connection. 

Do you know why Moonstone is called Moonstone? Ancient Hindu legends say Moonstone is a part of the moon and made from crystallized rays of the moon, formed hundreds of thousands of years ago. 

That may be why psychics, shamans, and royalty often wore it around their necks for intuition, psychic powers, and protection. Specific varieties of Moonstone crystals may activate divination, mental clarity, spiritual awareness, and feminine energy. 

Types of Moonstones

  • White Moonstone: The most common variety of Moonstone is an opaque white color that works well for goal-setting and resetting. 
  • Blue Moonstone: A third-eye chakra Moonstone for intuition, this variety has a distinct blue sheen. Cat Eye Moonstone is usually blue. 
  • Rainbow Moonstone: Most people think of this Moonstone when they hear the name because it’s milky-white with flashes of color. It’s actually white labradorite.
  • Pink Moonstone: With a baby pink color and red patches, it’s called Pink Flake Feldspar or Red Moonstone and works to heal underlying scars.
  • Peach Moonstone: One for calmness, knowledge, and intuition, this peach or tanned-brown Moonstone variety heals spiritual and emotional scars.
  • Orange Moonstone: Brighter than Peach Moonstone, this orange-colored Moonstone is ruled by Wind and Water, and it attracts physical healing. 
  • Green Moonstone: Calmness, mental clarity, patience, and empathy are the prime attractions of this Moonstone variety, as it opens the heart chakra.
  • Albite Moonstone: This translucent variety of Moonstone crystal glitters white under light. This type of Moonstone is great for harnessing psychic powers. 
  • Star Moonstone: When you see a four-pointed white star in honey, white, or peach Moonstone crystals, use it for protection and spiritual guidance. 
  • Gray Moonstone: Also called the New Moonstone, this type of Moonstone is good for intuition and inner power.
  • Black Moonstone: Seen with white bands on a black background, this type of Moonstone used to be typically used in magic, occult, and spiritual rituals.

How To Cleanse Moonstone?

moonlight reflection on water

  • Moonlight – Keep your Moonstone crystals outside overnight on a new or full moon to cleanse the stone thoroughly. 
  • Water – As water is the ruling element of Moonstone, you can hold it for a few minutes under tap water to cleanse the crystal. 
  • Soil – Burying Moonstone in your garden or a flowerpot can cleanse the crystal and spread its healing vibrations to your plants.

Questions and Answers

Can Moonstone go in the water?

Yes, Moonstone crystals are water-safe. 

But soaking isn’t recommended, like most crystals, and you should never put Moonstone in salt water.

Can Moonstone go in the sun?

Yes, you can cleanse or charge Moonstone under the sun due to its moderate MOHS hardness score of 6 to 6.5. But you should keep it away from direct sunlight or harsh heat for prolonged hours.

Why is my Moonstone Changing Color?

While natural Moonstone crystals have a bluish glow due to adularescence, some Moonstone crystals can become cloudy from overexposure to heat or sunlight. 

Because it has a lower MOHS score than Quartz (in the air), Moonstone crystals can fade with time.

What’s the difference between fake Moonstones and real Moonstones?

Artificial, or fake, Moonstone looks blurry, hazy, and cloudy, whereas real Moonstone crystals are opaque, transparent, or translucent. You can touch or view it from different angles to distinguish fake Moonstone from an authentic Moonstone.

Who shouldn’t wear Moonstones?

Geminis and Virgos should avoid Moonstone crystals unless your astrologer recommends it. It may otherwise cause overexcitement, rudeness, obsession, or anxiety.

Where to keep Moonstone in your house?

Keeping a Moonstone in the western corner of your home attracts success and luck in your academic or professional career.

Which hand to wear a Moonstone?

You should wear Moonstone jewelry on your left hand to attract wealth, harmony, and peace.

Which finger to wear a Moonstone?

The ring finger is considered the best place to wear Moonstone, as it attracts marital bliss, wisdom, love, and peace to the wearer.

When to wear Moonstone?

Historically, Moonstone is considered phenomenal when worn on Mondays. As Monday is Moon’s Day, wearing Moonstone jewelry on Monday attracts good luck and fortune.

Are Moonstones expensive?

The cost of Moonstone crystals varies by their characteristics, like adularescence. Usually, the cost of a Moonstone ranges between $5 to $50 per carat.

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