13 Moonstone Combinations: What Stones Go Well With Moonstone

  1. Amethyst and Moonstone Together
  2. Moonstone and Rose Quartz Together
  3. Onyx and Moonstone Together
  4. Labradorite and Moonstone Together
  5. Obsidian and Moonstone Together
  6. Clear Quartz and Moonstone Together
  7. Moonstone and Sunstone Combination
  8. Citrine and Moonstone Together
  9. Moldavite and Moonstone Together
  10. Carnelian and Moonstone Together
  11. Moonstone and Tiger's Eye Together
  12. Selenite and Moonstone Together
  13. Aventurine and Moonstone Together

Are you a crystal enthusiast looking to enhance your crystal collection? If so, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll explore 13 Moonstone combinations that will captivate and amplify your crystals’ energy.

Whether you’re a seasoned crystal lover or just beginning your journey, these combinations will inspire and empower you.

First, crystals can synergistically enhance and intensify each other. This enhances meditation, healing, and simply having crystals nearby. Some gems contain opposing energies or qualities that might clash or cancel each other out. Understanding crystal compatibility lets you construct harmonious combinations that support your aims and goals.

Moonstone is the stone of fresh beginnings and feminine energy. This crystal’s relaxing energy aids emotional healing, intuition, and spiritual progress. It calms the mind and boosts empathy. Moonstone supports reproduction and feminine vitality. 

Amethyst and Moonstone Together

Amethyst with white background

Moonstone and Amethyst together can bring harmony and transformation. Moonstone and Amethyst work together to heal intuitively and spiritually. Moonstone’s gentle, feminine energy balances Amethyst’s calm, high-vibrational energy.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Amethyst and Moonstone

Charging Amplification Technique 

It can harness the power of Amethyst and Moonstone. Place Amethyst and Moonstone crystals on a Clear Quartz cluster or Selenite charging plate. Selenite and Clear Quartz cleanse and amplify. 

Leave the crystals on the charging plate for 24 hours to absorb Quartz or Selenite’s purifying and magnifying energies. This method boosts the power of Amethyst and Moonstone crystals, making them better for meditation, healing, and intention setting.

The Yin and Yang Harmony Technique 

Place the Moonstone and Amethyst crystals together to symbolize their feminine and masculine energies. 

Meditate or hold crystals when you need balance, emotional healing, or masculine-feminine alignment. This technique promotes wholeness and energy flow within and between people. It helps people achieve emotional balance, inner harmony, and assertive and nurturing qualities.

Moonstone and Rose Quartz Together

Moonstone with white background

Moonstone and Rose Quartz are harmonious because they radiate love. These gems’ energies combine well, boosting each other and creating a supportive, heart-centered environment.

Moonstone and Rose Quartz enhance emotional healing and promote self-love and compassion. Moonstone soothes, heals, and enhances intuition. Rose Quartz is a unique stone that is called the “Stone of Unconditional Love.” 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Moonstone and Rose Quartz

The Heart-Centered Meditation Technique

Moonstone and Rose Quartz’s harmonious energy can be experienced through heart-centered meditation. Find a peaceful place to sit or lie down. Place Moonstone on your Heart Chakra and Rose Quartz on your lower abdomen, just below the navel. 

As you breathe deeply, let these crystals’ loving and nurturing energies fill your heart and lower abdomen, creating emotional healing, self-love, and compassion. Enjoy the Moonstone and Rose Quartz’s soothing and transformative energy in this meditative state.

The Emotional Healing Grid Technique

The emotional healing grid technique uses Moonstone and Rose Quartz to create a crystal grid for emotional healing and love. Start with a larger Rose Quartz in the grid’s center. Form a circle around it with smaller Moonstone and Rose Quartz crystals. 

Set the intention for emotional healing and love when placing each crystal. Trace an imaginary 

line between the crystals and visualize healing energy to activate the grid. The grid can be placed where you relax or practice self-care. 

Onyx and Moonstone Together

Onyx with white background

Onyx and Moonstone make a unique and anchoring duo. Onyx and Moonstone have opposing but complementary energies that balance and stabilize.

Onyx crystal protects against negativity and promotes emotional stability, while Moonstone calms and enhances intuition. During difficult circumstances, this combination can help people find emotional balance

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Onyx and Moonstone

The Grounding and Intuition Balance Technique

It combines Onyx and Moonstone’s energies. Start by holding an Onyx and Moonstone crystal in each hand. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and imagine the Onyx grounding you in the Earth. 

Visualize the Moonstone’s soothing energy expanding your intuition and connecting you to higher realms. Balance grounding and intuitive energies in your body. This technique helps you make life decisions based on stability and intuition.

Yin and Yang Alignment Technique Onyx and Moonstone

On a table or floor, place an Onyx crystal on your left and a Moonstone on your right. Center yourself between the two crystals. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine energy flowing from the Onyx to your left side, symbolizing grounding and stability. 

Feel these energies balancing your mind, body, and spirit. This technique helps you find balance, intuition, and emotional well-being.

Labradorite and Moonstone Together

Labradorite with white background

With the iridescence of Moonstone, Labradorite makes a beautiful pair. Both stones are strange and have colors that are interesting to look at. This combo adds to their otherworldly look.

Labradorite and Moonstone trade energy with each other. People who want to gain inner understanding and change can use intuition and spiritual growth together to significant effect.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Labradorite and Moonstone

Activating Mystical Intuition Mystical Intuition Activation 

It can activate Labradorite and Moonstone’s mystical energies. Start with a Labradorite and Moonstone crystal in each hand. Rest comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe deeply to calm down. 

Imagine a magical, intuitive light surrounding both crystals. Labradorite activates your inner mystic, intuition, and hidden insights. Moonstone’s soothing energy strengthens your connection to divine feminine and emotional healing. 

Yin and Yang Balance Technique

Place a Moonstone on your right and a Labradorite on your left on a table or floor. Focus between the crystals. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine energy flowing from the Labradorite to your left side, activating masculine traits like strength, clarity, and logic. 

Experience the way these energies come together and work together inside you, helping you feel complete, peaceful, and in sync with yourself. This technique helps to balance both masculine and feminine energies and encourages spiritual growth.

Obsidian and Moonstone Together

Obsidian with white background

Obsidian and Moonstone create a harmonious combination that balances grounding and intuitive energies, making them complementary stones for spiritual and personal development.

Together, Obsidian and Moonstone create a synergy that supports balance, both in terms of groundedness and intuitive perception. They foster a harmonious interplay between the practical and the spiritual, aiding in personal growth and spiritual development.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Obsidian and Moonstone

Shadow Work and Emotional Healing 

Try shadow work and emotional healing with Obsidian and Moonstone. Start by balancing Obsidian and Moonstone on your left and right sides. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply to relax and meditate. See any suppressed emotions or shadows that need healing. 

Moonstone’s soft energy encourages emotional healing and self-compassion, while Obsidian’s defensive characteristics help release and transmute negative energy. These crystals can heal, accept, and integrate your shadows and promote emotional well-being.

Intuitive Guidance and Divination Technique 

It enhances intuition and spiritual guidance. Hold an Obsidian crystal in your left hand and a Moonstone crystal in your right. Sit quietly and breathe deeply to center yourself. Close your eyes and ask for intuition. 

The Obsidian’s grounding energy can help you focus. Moonstone’s calming energy opens intuitive channels and connects you to higher realms. This practice may reveal important messages in your thoughts, images, and sensations. 

Clear Quartz and Moonstone Together

Clear Quartz with white background

Obsidian and Moonstone create a grounded and intuitive state. Obsidian is a protective rock. It also enhances intuition. Moonstone enhances intuition and emotional healing. It enhances clairvoyance and spirituality. 

Moonstone and Clear Quartz promote intuition. Moonstone and Clear Quartz boost intuition, psychic abilities, and spirituality. It reduces mental clutter, sharpens intuition, and clarifies. Clear Quartz and Moonstone improve emotional awareness, healing, and intuition. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Clear Quartz and Moonstone

Intuitive Crystal Grid Technique 

Add a Clear Quartz gem to your grid to boost energy. To restore your emotions and senses, place tiny Moonstone crystals around it. Improve your life clarity and instincts as you set up the grid. 

Draw a line connecting the crystals in your mind and envision energy moving and strengthening to turn on the grid. Sit or meditate near the grid to let the synchronized energies of Clear Quartz and Moonstone assist and strengthen your intuition, giving you spiritual direction and insight.

Meditation for Clarity and Emotional Healing Clear Quartz and Moonstone 

Meditation helps you get clear-headed and heals your emotions. Unwind someplace. Keep the Moonstone and Clear Quartz. Take deep breaths to get centered. Imagine white light from the Clear Quartz enhancing your thoughts and feelings. 

Imagine that an iridescent Moonstone is surrounding you with mental healing and intuition. As you breathe deeply, Clear Quartz and Moonstone clear your mind, break up mental blocks, and shine a light on areas of your life that need healing and guidance.

Moonstone and Sunstone Combination

Sunstone with white background

Moonstone and Sunstone work well together to balance feminine and masculine energies. Moonstone is relaxing and comforting, while Sunstone is vivid and stimulating. Their dynamic interaction fosters emotional healing, confidence, and well-being. 

These crystals can harmonize emotional healing and self-confidence. This combo encourages people to embrace their feelings, heal emotional traumas, and shine as themselves. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Moonstone and Sunstone Together

Balance of Yin and Yang

Use Moonstone and Sunstone energies. Moonstone in the left hand, Sunstone in the right. Relax and close your eyes. Breathe deeply to calm down. Imagine the Moonstone’s soothing energy flowing up your left arm, balancing and harmonizing your feminine side. 

Feel the balance and integration of these energies in your body, creating wholeness and harmony. This technique promotes emotional healing, self-expression, and balance by aligning yin and yang energies.

Amplifying Radiance and Confidence

Place a Moonstone and Sunstone on a table or altar in front of you. Sit or stand comfortably and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Hold your Moonstone and Sunstone before your heart. 

These crystals’ energies empower you to express your true self with confidence and grace. This technique awakens your inner light, boosts self-esteem, and encourages you to share your gifts with the world.

Citrine and Moonstone Together

Citrine with white background

Citrine and Moonstone are a powerful combination that combines the energies of abundance, intuition, and mental healing. Together, they produce a harmonious synergy that helps people 

get what they want and improve their emotional well-being.

These crystals help people get past mental blocks, love themselves, and follow their dreams. Citrine and Moonstone help with the manifestation and healing of mental wounds. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Citrine and Moonstone

Abundance Manifestation Ritual

Place Citrine and Moonstone crystals on a paper or altar. Write your goals for abundance, prosperity, and emotional healing. Lighting a candle signifies your intentions. Hold Citrine and Moonstone in your dominant hand. 

Keep crystals near your intentions, or carry them to boost manifestation. This method aligns you with abundance while nurturing emotional well-being and intuitive insights.

Emotional Balance Meditation

Sit or lie down somewhere peaceful. Hold Citrine in your left hand and Moonstone in your right. Take deep breaths to center yourself. Imagine a warm, golden light emanating from the Citrine, filling you with positivity and abundance. 

As you breathe deeply, let Citrine and Moonstone balance your emotions, release negative energy, and promote emotional well-being. Stay meditative for as long as you like, allowing the crystals to help you find emotional balance and abundance.

Moldavite and Moonstone Together

Moldavite with white background

Moldavite and Moonstone can help you change, gain understanding, and grow spiritually. 

Moldavite changes and wakes you up, and Moonstone improves your senses and helps you heal emotionally. They work together to bring about deep spiritual growth and understanding. 

Spiritual growth and awakening are made easier by high vibrational energy. Moonstone improves your intuition, mental support, and balance when changing. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Moldavite and Moonstone

Spiritual Awakening Technique

Meditation uses Moldavite and Moonstone. Sit or lie down somewhere peaceful. Hold Moldavite and Moonstone crystals. Take deep breaths to center yourself. Imagine a bright green Moldavite light enveloping your body and awakening your spirit. 

Visualize the Moonstone’s soft, luminous glow, providing intuitive guidance and emotional healing. Breathe deeply and let Moldavite and Moonstone’s energies transform you spiritually. 

Explore your higher self, connect with spiritual guides, and receive cosmic messages. 

Transformational Energy Grid Technique

Use Moldavite and Moonstone to transform. Place a Moldavite crystal in the center of your grid to symbolize spiritual transformation and connection. Surround it with smaller Moonstone crystals for intuition and emotional healing. 

Trace an imaginary line between the crystals to activate the grid and visualize energy flowing and intensifying. Sit or meditate near the grid to use Moldavite and Moonstone to accelerate your spiritual journey. 

Carnelian and Moonstone Together

Carnelian with white background

Together, Moonstone and Carnelian foster innovation, ardor, and emotional well-being. This is a winning combination because Carnelian stimulates imagination, vitality, and drive. Moonstone is a powerful stone for fostering insight, emotional health, and the feminine spirit. 

Moonstone and Carnelian help you be more creative, get motivated, and control your emotions. This combination can wake up the mind, spark creativity, and lift the spirits for inspiration and mental well-being.  

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Carnelian and Moonstone

Creative Empowerment Visualization

Combine Carnelian and Moonstone energies. Sit or lie down in a peaceful place. Hold a Moonstone and Carnelian crystal. Relax by closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Imagine a warm orange glow from the Carnelian, igniting your creativity and passion. 

Imagine a soothing iridescent light emanating from the Moonstone, healing and guiding you emotionally. Stay in this visualization for as long as you like to boost your creativity and emotional well-being.

Passionate Creativity Ritual

Create a sacred space with candles, incense, or other creative items. Display a Moonstone and Carnelian crystal. Light candles or set your intention to ignite passion and creativity. Focus on creativity while holding the Carnelian. Carnelian’s fiery energy inspires and motivates.

Next, place the Moonstone over your heart center to soothe your emotions and balance your creativity. Visualize and express your creative ideas. 

Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye Together

Tiger's Eye with white background

The pairing of Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye combines intuitive insight, emotional balance, and grounded determination. This combination can support individuals in unlocking their creative potential, fostering emotional healing, and bringing a sense of focus and confidence to their creative endeavors.

Together, they can help individuals tap into their inner wisdom and navigate creative challenges with clarity and purpose. Moonstone also aids in emotional healing, assisting in the release of emotional blockages that may hinder creative expression.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye 

Intuitive Strength Meditation Technique 

Combine Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye energies. Sit or lie down in a peaceful place. Hold Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye crystals. Take deep breaths to center yourself. Imagine the Moonstone’s gentle glow enveloping you and awakening your intuition. 

Imagine a warm, golden light emanating from the Tiger’s Eye, giving you courage. As you breathe deeply, let Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye help you access your intuition while feeling grounded and confident. 

Protective Energy Grid Technique

Create a protective energy grid using Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye crystals to enhance intuition, security, and self-confidence. Place a Moonstone crystal at the center of your grid to represent intuition and emotional healing. Surround and empower it with smaller Tiger’s Eye crystals.

To set up the grid, visualize the Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye crystals forming a protective barrier, shielding the grid from negativity and enhancing your intuitive abilities. This combination of crystals provides a balanced and fortified energy field.

Selenite and Moonstone Together

Selenite with white background

When put together, Selenite and Moonstone make a good match that helps mental growth, emotional balance, and intuitive skills. Selenite clears and cleans energy blockages, while Moonstone calms feelings and improves intuition.

This pair helps people become more intuitive and develop their inner knowledge when combined with Selenite’s ability to clear the mind. Together, they make energy that is balanced and helpful, which helps mental and emotional growth.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Selenite and Moonstone

Intuitive Clarity Meditation Technique

Sit or lie down in a peaceful place, with a Selenite wand in the left hand and Moonstone crystal in the right. Take deep breaths to center yourself. Visualize a radiant white light flowing from the Selenite wand, purifying your energetic field and calming your mind. 

Imagine a soft, glowing Moonstone that calms and balances you. As you breathe deeply, let Selenite and Moonstone help you access your intuition and gain clarity. These crystals enhance intuition and emotional healing, so stay in this meditative state as long as you like.

Selenite and Moonstone for the Sacred Space Cleansing Ritual

Start with a Selenite wand and Moonstone crystal in your hands. From the entrance, clockwise through your home or sacred space, visualize the Selenite wand purifying and cleansing negative and stagnant energies as you move. 

Feel the Moonstone crystal’s soothing energy bring peace and emotional harmony to space. After the ritual, place the Selenite wand and Moonstone crystal on an altar or other central location to radiate their purifying and calming energies. 

Aventurine and Moonstone Together

Aventurine with white background

Together, they create a balanced and positive energy that helps people heal emotionally, improves intuition, and brings good opportunities. Aventurine and Moonstone complement each other. Aventurine is lucky, and Moonstone is caring and intuitive. 

When worn together, Aventurine and Moonstone make a powerful energy that helps people grow and change. Their combined energies help people heal emotionally, get guidance from their intuition, and have a positive outlook. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Aventurine and Moonstone

Emotional Healing and Abundance Grid Technique

Aventurine and Moonstone create an abundance and emotional healing grid. Place a large Aventurine crystal in the center, symbolizing abundance and opportunity. Surround it with smaller Moonstone crystals for emotional healing and intuition. 

Set the grid to attract abundance and heal emotional wounds. Visualize the grid radiating Aventurine and Moonstone energies to support manifestation and emotional well-being. Sit near the grid and meditate to absorb crystal energies.

Intuitive Abundance Meditation Technique

Begin by finding a peaceful space to sit comfortably. Hold an Aventurine crystal in one hand and a Moonstone crystal in the other. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax and enter a meditative state. 

Remain in this meditative state for as long as you feel comfortable, trusting your intuition to guide you in manifesting your desires. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes, bringing the meditation to a gentle close.

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