Red Tiger’s Eye

(red tahy - gers ahy)
Main Origins:
Myanmar, Australia, Namibia, the USA, and India.

What is Red Tiger's Eye?

Ox's Eye(RedTiger Eye, Bulls Eye) on a black granite

Red Tiger’s Eye’s hues, patterns, and textures are intriguing. The crystal, also known as “Ox Eye,” is deep reddish-brown with gold and black streaks. Its chatoyant surface resembles a tiger’s eye. The “cat’s eye effect,” or chatoyancy, enhances the crystal’s beauty.

This crystal belongs to Quartz. Its red tint comes from iron oxide in silicon dioxide. The crystal’s parallel mineral threads provide its unique texture and appearance. This fibrous texture gives the gemstone depth and chatoyancy.

Red Tiger’s Eye is a young gemstone. Its discovery in South Africa in the late 19th century boosted its appeal. In the 1960s, it became a popular jewelry gemstone. Since then, crystal collectors have admired Red Tiger’s Eye.

Its beauty and mystical characteristics attract crystal collectors. Its protecting properties boost courage, strength, and confidence. Many enthusiasts use it to center and balance their emotions. Jewelers and decorators love the crystal’s unusual colors and patterns.

Did you know that Red Tiger’s Eye is often linked with Ra, the Sun God of Ancient Egypt? This gem is thought to invoke Ra’s energies, bringing warmth, vitality, and creativity. Red Tiger’s Eye was created when Ra’s third eye fell to Earth and turned into a beautiful gemstone. This myth adds to Red Tiger’s Eye’s mystique.

Red Tiger's Eye Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Red and brown energy dominate Red Tiger’s Eye. Red symbolizes power and passion. It increases energy, motivation, and vigor. Brown represents solidity, anchoring, and realism. It provides security, a solid foundation, and practical decision-making.

This crystal is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra controls self-esteem, confidence, and power. Red Tiger’s Eye boosts self-confidence and empowers the Solar Plexus Chakra. It helps overcome phobias.

Red Tiger’s Eye has a lot in common with the Fire element. The connection with the element makes people more passionate, creative, and determined. In Feng Shui, putting Red Tiger’s Eye in the South or Northeast of a room can bring warmth, creativity, and money.

Sun rules Red Tiger’s Eye. This heavenly body represents life, energy, and vitality. Red Tiger’s Eye gains power, confidence, and abundance from the Sun.

Ra and Durga rule Red Tiger’s Eye. The Solar God Ra represents power, warmth, and creativity. Red Tiger’s Eye invokes Ra’s energies, bringing vitality, creativity, and purpose. 

Hindu Goddess Durga symbolizes strength, protection, and courage. Through Red Tiger’s Eye, Durga’s energy may protect, inspire, and help overcome obstacles.

Red Tiger’s Eye numerical vibrations are 4 and 8. 4 represents solidity, anchoring, and pragmatism. 4 illustrates the crystal’s stability, practicality, and confidence. 8 symbolizes abundance, achievement, and manifestation. Red Tiger’s Eye attracts fortune, amplifies intents, and manifests wishes.

Red Tiger's Eye Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Red Tiger’s Eye’s benefits are the promotion of creativity and new thoughts.
  • Hold Red Tiger’s Eye in your hands and imagine a rush of creative energy coming into you. Say out loud that you want to find and use your creative ability.

Harmony and Peace

  • Red Tiger’s Eye helps people feel at peace with themselves and with the world around them. It also helps to balance feelings and relieve stress.
  • Place Red Tiger’s Eye near your bed or in a quiet place to program, charge, or activate it. Take a moment to hold the crystal and think about how you want to calm the space around you.

Courage and Motivation

  • This crystal gives you the courage and motivation to face obstacles and work hard to reach your goals.
  • Carry Red Tiger’s Eye with you, or wear it as jewelry to tap into its brave energy. Imagine that you are full of confidence and drive as you face any problems that come your way.


  • Red Tiger’s Eye’s healing properties involve the promotion of fertility and pregnancy.
  • Place Red Tiger’s Eye on or near the lower belly or the Sacral Chakra to program, charge, or activate it. Think about how you want to get pregnant and see it happening. Set your wish for the crystal to help you have healthy children.


  • With the help of this crystal, it boosts self-confidence, strength, and power.
  • Hold Red Tiger’s Eye near your Solar Plexus Chakra to activate it and see its energy empowering you. Say mantras that remind you of your own strength and worth.

Red Tiger's Eye Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman scrying a crystal ball

Psychic Protection

  • Red Tiger’s Eye protects psychics against harmful energies and influences.
  • Hold Red Tiger’s Eye and imagine a bright golden light surrounding you, making a safe barrier. Set your desire for the crystal to protect you from any psychic disturbances or bad energies.

Spiritual Development

  • With the help of Red Tiger’s Eye’s metaphysical properties, it enhances intuition, inner guidance, and spiritual insight, promoting spiritual growth.
  • Meditate with this crystal on your spiritual goals and connection to higher worlds. Ask the crystal to help you develop your spirituality.

Good Fortune

  • Red Tiger’s Eye aligns with positive energy and chances, giving luck and money.
  • The best way to charge it is by placing it at the prosperous corner of your home or office. Visualize the crystal radiating good fortune and express your desire for abundance and success.


  • This crystal also amplifies intentions and manifests wishes.
  • To program it, hold Red Tiger’s Eye and explain your goals. Visualize them as accomplished and charge the crystal. Let the crystal help you achieve your goals.


  • Red Tiger’s Eye harmonizes mind, body, and spirit, creating inner harmony and well-being.
  • The best way to charge it is to wear or hold Red Tiger’s Eye. Take deep breaths and center yourself. Allow the crystal’s energy to balance you.

Side Effects of Red Tiger's Eye

  • Insomnia: Overusing a crystal or gemstone can cause sleeplessness. If you rely too much on any crystal, you may have trouble falling or staying asleep.
  • Weakness: Overusing a crystal can weaken or deplete energy. This might cause lethargy or lack of energy. Working with crystals requires balance to avoid depleting energy.
  • Bad Luck: Incorrect or excessive use of crystals can disrupt the natural flow of energy, causing an imbalance and possibly a run of bad luck. Crystals are thought to bring luck, however, they should be used cautiously to avoid side effects.

Red Tiger's Eye Meaning: What Does Red Tiger's Eye Symbolize?

A man standing on top of the mountain

Red Tiger’s Eye meaning is “Strength, Courage, and Passion.”

The fact that it looks like a tiger’s eye is what inspired the name “Tiger’s Eye.” The Red Tiger’s Eye was first found in South Africa, which is something that most people agree on.

Red Tiger’s Eye is also called “Bull’s Eye,” “Ox Eye,” and “Dragon’s Eye.”

Traditionally, Red Tiger’s Eye is considered a stone that protects, gives energy, and calms you. In modern times, it is seen as a crystal that boosts personal power, motivation, and creativity.

Crystals like Red Jasper and Hematite, which also have grounding and protecting properties, pair well with Red Tiger’s Eye.

An interesting fact about Red Tiger’s Eye is that it has a “tiger’s eye” effect, where the stone shimmers or chatoyants to look like a tiger’s eye. People often think of Red Tiger’s Eye as a sign of confidence, wealth, and the ability to deal with problems.

Types of Red Tiger's Eye

  • Common Red Tiger’s Eye: This type is a deep red color with golden bands, which helps people feel strong, healthy, and brave.
  • Brown Red Tiger’s Eye: Features deep brown with golden bands, which provides anchoring energy and solidity.
  • Flame Red Tiger’s Eye: With its fiery red and golden tones, it brings out desire, motivation, and creativity.
  • Black Red Tiger’s Eye: A strong stone for protection and grounding energy. It has a mostly black color with golden bands.
  • Cherry Red Tiger’s Eye: Exhibits a bright cherry red with golden bands, which brings out desire, energy, and excitement.
  • Cat Eye Red Tiger’s Eye: It has a beautiful shimmering effect that looks like a cat’s eye. It is thought to improve intuition and vision.
  • Matte Red Tiger’s Eye: It has a smooth, non-reflective surface but still has the same defensive and energizing qualities as the original stone.
  • Gray-Red Tiger’s Eye: Made up of gray and red tones that work together to give a balance of grounded energy and fiery drive.
  • Hematite Red Tiger’s Eye: Amplifying red fiery colors with the protective and strengthening properties of Hematite.
  • Golden Red Tiger’s Eye: This type brings more confidence and wealth because of its bright golden color and bands.
  • Red Tiger’s Eye with Quartz: Stunning red gemstone that harmonizes Red Tiger’s Eye with Quartz for clarity, manifestation, and spiritual growth.
  • Bicolor Red Tiger’s Eye: Features red and gold colors that work together to show passion, energy, and personal power.
  • Red Tiger Iron: A combination of red and golden brown, which helps to feel grounded, strong, and full of life.
  • Hot Pink Red Tiger’s Eye: Exhibits bright pink color, which is linked to mental healing, love, and kindness.
  • Mahogany Red Tiger’s Eye: The deep reddish-brown tones of the Mahogany Red Tiger’s Eye protect, ground, and stabilize.
  • Magnetite Red Tiger’s Eye: Combining the powers of magnetism, manifestation, and energy balancing, Red Tiger’s Eye has a deep, vivid red color.
  • Chert Red Tiger’s Eye: Colors of the darkest red, brown, and orange blend together. There is no threat to its strength or security.

How To Cleanse Red Tiger's Eye?

4 sticks of burning incense in an incense wood stand with flower petals scattered around it

  • Soil: Red Tiger’s Eye can be cleansed with soil by burying it overnight, allowing the soil’s grounding energy to absorb any negative energies.
  • Sandalwood: Pass Red Tiger’s Eye through Sandalwood incense smoke to remove weak energies.
  • Positive Affirmations: Hold Red Tiger’s Eye and make positive affirmations, such as, “I release all negativity and embrace positive energy,” to cleanse and charge it.

Questions and Answers

Can Red Tiger’s Eyes Get Wet?

Yes, Red Tiger’s Eye is safe to get wet, but prolonged exposure may damage its durability and look.

Are Red Tiger’s Eye Stones Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Red Tiger’s Eye is sun-safe, but continuous sunlight can affect the stone’s color.

Is Red Tiger’s Eye Expensive?

No, Red Tiger’s Eye is a relatively inexpensive jewel, so a wide range of people can buy it.

How Can You Tell if Red Tiger’s Eye is Real?

The real Red Tiger’s Eye has a sparkling effect called chatoyancy that looks like a tiger’s eye. Buy from a reliable source to verify authenticity.

How Do You Take Care of Red Tiger’s Eyes?

To avoid scratches, store Red Tiger’s Eye away from other gemstones. Use mild soap and water to clean the stone. Protect Red Tiger’s Eye from scratches using a soft pouch or cloth.

What Stones Go Well With Red Tiger’s Eyes?

Red Tiger’s Eye anchors, protects, and amplifies with Red Jasper, Hematite, Carnelian, and Clear Quartz.

What is the Rarest Red Tiger’s Eye?

Rare color shifts and vivid red-golden bands characterize the rarest Red Tiger’s Eye. Availability and demand determine rarity.

Interactions with Red Tiger's Eye

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