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Main Origins:
China and Namibia.

What is Pietersite?

a pietersite crystal on a dark background

Pietersite is a stunning crystal variety of Jasper found exclusively in China and Namibia. It was discovered in the 1960s and named after its discoverer, Sid Pieters. 

Did you know Pietersite belongs to the same family of Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye stones? Pietersite is often called a Pseudomorph crystal, as it began as Crocidolite and ended up as Quartz.

Pietersite is technically a Quartz family stone from Riebeckite and Limonite. Added to its lack of ancient history, most crystal users haven’t heard of or don’t know about this rare healing crystal.

Yogis and Shamans have vouched for Pietersite’s psychic, divination, and supernatural powers. It’s an ascension and enlightenment stone good for experts. Pietersite opens the primary chakras and several secondary chakras.

Pietersite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Pietersite is a lesser-known stone in numerous colors and with traits and energies

Did you know Pietersite was first thought of as Blue Tiger Eye? Until it was discovered in the 20th century, Chinese and South African cultures misunderstood it as a Tiger’s Eye crystal.

Pietersite is popular today for divination and healing because it opens the higher and lower chakras. 

Purple and White Pietersite open the Crown, Blue Pietersite heals the Third Eye and Throat, Green Pietersite heals the Heart, Golden and Butterscotch Pietersite balance the Solar Plexus, Orange Pietersite heals the Sacral and Red Pietersite open the Root

Pietersite is ruled by the element of Wind, Ether, or Void, so you can activate it with smudging, mantras, and affirmations. 

Jupiter rules Pietersite, meaning keeping this crystal close to you will attract good fortune, personal growth, and success into your life.

Besides its unique mix of colors, chakras, and energies, Pietersite draws its powers from the Norse God of Thunder, Thor; the Hindu God of Gods, Indra; the Aztec God of the night sky, Tezcatlipoca; the Egyptian God of War, Set; and the Yoruban God of Weather, Shango.

Pietersite Healing Properties and Benefits

Patience and Calm

  • Using Pietersite varieties in blue, white, black, or red improves your tolerance. It also helps you see the bigger picture and stay calm in stressful situations.
  • It is best to charge Pietersite crystal with the seed mantra “OM.” To do this, you can hold the crystal in your palms and chant the mantra repeatedly into it.


  • If you struggle with social anxiety or find it hard to express yourself in crowds, embrace the power of Pietersite. Orange, Red, and Golden Pietersite crystals improve charisma, wit, and quick-thinking skills.
  • The best way to charge Pietersite for self-confidence is by burying it overnight in soil. If you don’t have a garden, bury Pietersite in three inches of soil for a day before carrying it with you. 


  • Are you nervous about exams or interviews? Then get a Pietersite because it enhances your knowledge and understanding. It’s excellent for students, interviewees, managers, and supervisors. 
  • It’s best to smudge Pietersite with the smoke of sacred herbs, like Sage, to attract wisdom. If you’re unfamiliar with sage smudging for crystals, read all about it in this post.


  • Do you get distracted easily? If you said yes, it’s time to clear the clutter in your mind with a Blue, Purple, Black, or White Pietersite.
  • Lie on your back in a comfortable space and place Pietersite on your forehead. Close your eyes and hold your palms over the crystal on your head. Do this for five minutes before working to focus more easily.

Good Fortune

  • Golden Pietersite is a unique stone that can attract wealth, work success, financial luck, and good opportunities into your life. Butterscotch Pietersite can also be charged for feng shui for wealth.
  • Charge your Pietersite healing crystal by chanting your intention into the stone. Then place the charged crystal in the southeast corner of your bedroom, home, or office.

Pietersite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

a purple door on the middle of the pathway in nature


  • Although it’s a high-vibration stone, Pietersite emanates gentle energies. You can use it for manifesting intentions associated with your mind, body, and soul.
  • Create a crystal grid with Pietersite stones in the center. Remember to charge the crystal by chanting positive affirmations into the stone before setting it up on the grid. 

Astral Travel

  • Did you know Pietersite can take you across galaxies, dimensions, realities, and universes? Blue Pietersites are the best crystals to find your spiritual path through astral travel and dream work.
  • The best way to activate Pietersite for astral travel is by charging it under the light of the full moon or new moon. Keep the charged Pietersite under your pillow to travel astrally in your dreams.

Spirit Contact

  • It’s easy to get lost in life without any connection to Earth or Heaven. Embracing Purple, White, or Blue Pietersite will help you be your guardian angel to figure out your spiritual path. 
  • The best way to activate spirit communication with Pietersite is by crystal gazing. Hold the crystal at eye level and stare into it while visualizing your intentions. 

Psychic Abilities

  • Did you know higher chakra Pietersites can awaken dormant psychic powers? Psychics use it for improving clairvision, intuition, foresight, and karmic therapy. 
  • The best way to activate your psychic abilities with Pietersite is by charging it with a singing bowl. Place the crystal within 5 inches of the bowl and play it for a few minutes.


  • If you’re ready to climb to the next level of your spiritual destiny, Pietersite can reveal cosmic secrets. Students, teachers, empaths, and philosophers will find answers to their life’s purpose with this crystal. 
  • To find answers or enlightenment to your questions, rinse Pietersite under tap water and use it as a crystal pendulum. If this is your first time with a pendulum, here’s a tutorial video to guide you.

Pietersite Side Effects

  • Drains Energy: Pietersite is a high-vibration stone, so it can raise the vibrations of the user to match the higher power. You may feel drained or exhausted after the ritual.
  • Psychic Visions: Keeping Pietersite under the pillow may lead to vivid dreams or nightmares that often disturb sleep.

Pietersite Meaning: What Does Pietersite symbolize?

a man running on a track and field course

The meaning of Pietersite is invincible willpower.

Did you know Pietersite is called the Tempest Stone? It’s so-called for the swirling streaks of white and dark colors that make it resemble the eye of a storm. 

Pietersite is associated with transformation, courage, success, growth, and destiny. It helps you ride past challenges with intuition, guidance, confidence, energy, and spiritual power. 

Interestingly, if Pietersite suddenly came into your life, it might be time for a spiritual quest.

Spiritual Gurus say Pietersite protects people, pets, and houses from natural calamities because they are linked to the Earth. This crystal also represents rebirth, rejuvenation, and resurrection in some communities. 

Varieties of Pietersite

  • Blue Pietersite: The most commonly available Pietersite variety, this crystal shows white swirls on indigo, purple, or violet backdrops. It’s a great crystal for tapping into higher powers. 
  • Golden Pietersite: Resembling Tiger’s Eye crystal, this Pietersite has more metallic shades of gold with swirls of yellow, orange, black, and brown. It’s a good crystal for attracting confidence, good fortune, and inner power.
  • Butterscotch Pietersite: Also known as Gold Butterscotch Pietersite, this is different from the Golden variety by its butterscotch bands (iron banding). Use this Pietersite variety for harmony, charisma, and abundance.
  • Red Pietersite: A grounding stone that aligns your Root Chakra, Red Pietersite is typically a mix of red, orange, and yellow. The crystal is considered best for physical and emotional healing.
  • Green Pietersite: The olive-green variety of Pietersite, this crystal attracts peace, positivity, and good fortune. It’s also beneficial for fatigue, uneasiness, and other physical discomforts.
  • Brown Pietersite: Another grounding stone that connects with the Root Chakra, this type of Pietersite benefits the body and mind by protecting it. Leaders, healers, and public service workers should carry a Pietersite in their pocket.
  • Black Pietersite: Another shielding stone, Black Pietersite crystal connects you to Mother Gaia. The crystal appears dark black with white, blue, or purple streaks.
  • Gold-Blue Pietersite: A bi-color Pietersite, this is a unique crystal for higher and lower chakra alignment. It heals, uplifts, and raises your vibrations. 
  • Orange Pietersite: Another spectacular Pietersite variety in yellow, red, and orange, this crystal works well for kundalini awakening. 
  • Gray Pietersite: A washed-out version of Black Pietersite, this crystal raises primary and secondary chakras. It’s excellent for finding your life path and destiny. 
  • Arizona Pietersite: This Pietersite variety appears in a pale olive-green color with beige banding. It’s a gentle, calming, and balancing crystal for people of all ages battling anxiety and stress.
  • Multicolor Pietersite: Pietersite with multiple colors in swirls is also known as Fancy Pietersite. The stone is excellent for opening multiple chakras at once. 
  • Chatoyant/Cat’s Eye Pietersite: Unlike chatoyancy in most stones, Pietersite shows a single central flash. It’s excellent for psychic abilities, wisdom, and dream work.

How To Cleanse Pietersite?

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  • Soil: To remove all the sediment negativity on Pietersite, bury it under three inches of soil for a night or up to a week. Afterward, clean and dry the crystal before use.
  • Mantra: You can repel bad energies absorbed by Pietersite by chanting powerful mantras like AUM. Hold the crystal 2 inches from your nose in this case and chant the mantra repeatedly to cleanse it.
  • Smudging: Another way to cleanse the darkest energy stuck onto Pietersite is by smudging it using a sacred herb like sage. Learn how to use sage for cleansing crystals here.

Questions and Answers

Is Pietersite safe in the water?

Yes, Pietersite is safe in cold and warm water. You can rinse it under tap water to clean, cleanse, or charge the crystal. Some people even soak Pietersite in tap or salt water for up to 2 days for deep cleansing.

Can Pietersite go in the sun?

No, Pietersite crystals lose their color quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. Instead, you can soak it under the moonlight for cleansing and charging.

Who shouldn’t wear Pietersite?

As Jupiter rules Pietersite, zodiac signs ruled by the enemy planets of Jupiter might face bad fortune, financial loss, or imbalance when wearing Pietersite. Venus is the enemy of Jupiter, so Libra and Taurus should avoid this crystal.

Where to keep Pietersite in your house?

You can keep Pietersite in any direction of your home to attract its virtues. According to feng shui, placing Green Pietersite in the southeast corner attracts wealth, and the northern corner attracts career success.

How can you tell if a Pietersite is real?

The most iconic thing about Pietersite is its swirling pattern. In fake Pietersites, you’ll find lesser diversity of colors than in a real one. Knives don’t as easily scratch real Pietersites as  fake ones. Lastly, authentic Pietersite is cold to the touch.

Is Pietersite scratched easily?

Although Pietersite is a durable stone, even small scratches stand out due to the chatoyancy of the stone.

How to take care of Pietersite?

To ensure your Pietersite remains at its best, avoid leaving it in the sun. Washing regularly with warm or soapy water is safe and good, but avoid strong chemicals, steam, or ultrasonic cleaners, as they can change color.

Is Pietersite the same as Tiger’s Eye?

No, Tiger’s Eye and Pietersite are different stones. Technically, Pietersite is a microcrystalline Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye is a macrocrystalline Quartz.

Does Pietersite contain asbestos?

Yes, Pietersite contains blue Crocidolite asbestos that is dangerous in the powdered form. Do not polish, cut, or tumble Pietersite without the necessary safety gear.

Is Pietersite expensive?

Pietersite is a rare healing crystal, as it’s mined exclusively in China and Namibia. It costs the same as Malachite and Obsidian crystals. For the uninitiated, this equates to a few dollars per carat. However, striking or large pieces of Pietersite can fetch higher prices.

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