55 Types of Green Gemstones

  1. Evaluating the Color, Quality, and Properties of Green Gemstones
  2. Emerald
  3. Prehnite
  4. Prasiolite
  5. Malachite
  6. Peridot
  7. Jasper
  8. Moldavite
  9. Aventurine
  10. Jade
  11. Garnet
  12. Fluorite
  13. Dioptase
  14. Apatite
  15. Tremolite
  16. Chrysocolla
  17. Moonstone
  18. Bowenite
  19. Variscite
  20. Hiddenite
  21. Calcite
  22. Unakite
  23. Agate
  24. Bloodstone
  25. Kornerupine
  26. Amazonite
  27. Tourmaline
  28. Zoisite
  29. Apophylite
  30. Seraphinite
  31. Sphene
  32. Chrome Diopside
  33. Gaspeite
  34. Alexandrite
  35. Chrysoberyl
  36. Moissanite
  37. Sapphire
  38. Diamond
  39. Opal
  40. Zircon
  41. Andalusite
  42. Labradorite
  43. Pearl
  44. Pietersite
  45. Amber
  46. Selenite
  47. Turquoise
  48. Maripolite
  49. Sunstone
  50. Enstatite
  51. Tanzanite
  52. Fuchsite
  53. Spinel
  54. Olivine
  55. Chrysoprase
  56. Topaz
  57. Start Using Green Crystals in your Life!

Green is the color of life, abundance, and money. Green gemstones bring many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. What are the different types of green-colored stones? How to use them? What do green crystals mean

The best types of green gemstones are 

55 types of green gemstones table

This article will teach you tips for green stones identification, the popular green crystal names, and how to use them. 

Evaluating the Color, Quality, and Properties of Green Gemstones

Green crystals generally represent the Heart Chakra and are often ruled by elements such as Earth, Air, or Water. Some green crystals may calm you, while others may invite prosperity, balance, peace, creativity, strength, immunity, or healing.

We’ll study the characteristics, colors, clarity, and powers to identify the most popular green gemstones.  


three emerald gemstones on white background

Did you know Emerald comes from the Greek word for “green gem?” The color of Emeralds ranges from green to blue-green or dark green. It’s transparent, smooth, and vivid without any color zoning. 

Charge Emeralds with your thoughts or touch for health, wellness, memory, creativity, fertility, prosperity, fidelity, and fame.


Prehnite crystal on white background

Prehnite is a light-green crystal with black or white inclusions and a yellow tone. It’s mostly translucent with a pearly luster and color zoning consisting of dark and light green shades.

Moonlight is the best ritual to charge Prehnite for opening the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. Prehnite is good for strength, positivity, hope, prosperity, intuition, wisdom, healing, universal connection, and love. 


Prasiolite on white background

Popular as the “leek-green stone,” Prasiolite is a translucent greenish-blue stone with a pastel tone. One way to identify this green crystal is by looking for sparkling mica.

You can charge Prasiolite by holding it and meditating for a few minutes. As this crystal opens the Crown, Third Eye, Heart, and Solar Plexus Chakras, it’s good for health, abundance, focus, courage, fertility, empathy, intuition, protection, and wisdom.


polished malachite on white background

Seen with a diamond-like, vitreous, or dull luster, Malachite shows vivid pastel or dark green colors with bands, circles, or speckles of white, gray, or black. It’s usually described as a green opaque stone but may show translucence in some varieties.

Malachite opens the Crown, Heart, and Solar Plexus Chakras, depending on its color energies. It’s good for love, decision-making, wellness, support, care, luck, harmony, and health. The best way to charge it is with sunlight.


A polished peridot green crystal on white background

Did you know Peridot is also called Evening Emerald? It’s an olive-green gemstone with yellow, white, or brown tones that opens the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. 

The best way to charge Peridot for prosperity, peace, health, letting go, and sleep is with positive affirmations. Hold the stone before your mouth to charge it.  


Polished Jasper gemstone on white background

 Many varieties of Jasper exist in green colors: Kambaba, Rainforest, Morrisonite, and Ocean Jasper. Green Jasper stones may also include brown, white, black, blue, yellow, and orange colors. 

You can charge green varieties of Jasper with meditation while holding it in your palms.


Moldavite green gemstone on white background

 One of the controversial green gemstones, Moldavite is a high-vibration stone in mossy-green shades. Real Moldavites are pale, translucent, small, expensive, and non-uniform in shape. They come from the Czech Republic and nowhere else.

They’re best charged with sunlight to open the Crown, Third Eye, and Heart Chakras. Explore how to tell if a Moldavite is real here.


green aventurine isolated on white background

Green Aventurine is one of the most popular green gemstones to attract harmony, health, peace, abundance, wealth, patience, guidance, and confidence. 

Real Green Aventurines exist in a range of dark to pale green colors and have a sparkling appearance due to aventurescence. Charge them with thoughts or mantras for the best effect.

Read more on the differences between real and fake Aventurine stones.


A piece of polished Jade gemstone on white background

Jadeite and Nephrite Jade crystals show dark to light green colors with a matted or felted texture. They might show inclusions in brown, black, white, pink, black, purple, red, and gray colors with opaque clarity. 

Green varieties of Jade are excellent for abundance, luck, health, grounding, protection, support, love, positivity, and beauty. Jade crystals are best charged with water.


Green garnet crystal on white background

While they’re typically seen in shades of red, there are three types of Green Garnets: Tsavorite, Uvarovite, and Demantoid. You’ll notice them in shades of bluish, pale, dark, and vivid green. 

The best way to charge Green Garnets is by soaking them under moonlight, especially during Full Moon or New Moon. They’re great for good fortune, fertility, abundance, health, and vitality.


tumbled fluorite on white background

Showing light to dark green colors, Fluorites are usually translucent with a white streak and vitreous luster. It’s a balancing stone used for compassion, karmic therapy, abundance, psychic powers, love, and positivity.

Charge Green Fluorite with salt for the best results. Give it a try and watch what happens.


A raw green crystal dioptase on white background

Resembling Emeralds, Dioptase has a pearly appearance with dark green or bluish-green shades. It’s the stone of forgiveness, letting go, hope, karmic healing, protection, manifestation, detox, self-love, and fortune. 

Dioptase is best charged with soil. 


Polished Apatite Crystal on a white background

Green Apatite has two varieties: vivid green (Chlorapatite) and transparent green (Asparagus Stone). The former is good for mediumship and the latter for prosperity. 

The best way to charge Apatite crystals is with positive affirmations. 


Green tremolite on white background
Image source: Wikimedia.org | John Sobolewski

Green Tremolite is a Tanzanian green crystal with a flaky structure that shows clear, pale, or grass-type green colors. It’s an emotional healing crystal often used for confidence and creativity. 

It’s best to charge Tremolite by smudging with cleansing incense varieties, like Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, or Cedarwood. Note that some varieties may be toxic to the touch.


Polished Green Chrysocolla on white background

The stone of communication with a waxy appearance, Chrysocolla is a blue-green stone that opens the Heart and Throat Chakras. It helps you find your inner voice and often contains Turquoise, Azurite, Jasper, or Malachite. 

You can charge Green Chrysocolla crystals by chanting the seed mantra of water (VAM) into the crystal. 


Green moonstone on white background

Did you know Green Moonstone is also called Garnierite? It’s a super-rare crystal for feminine energy, emotional balance, patience, courage, and intelligence. Green Moonstone shows bluish, pale, or yellowish types of green shades. 

The best way to charge Green Moonstone is by soaking it overnight under the light of the Full Moon or New Moon. 


Green Bowenite looks like Nephrite Jade and exists in dark and pale green colors. Did you know the green in Bowenite comes from Serpentine? It’s one of the best green gemstones for protection, harmony, luck, creativity, confidence, and dream therapy.

Charge Green Bowenite with visualization, meditation, and affirmations. 


polished Variscite on white background

With a mottled or veined pattern, Green Variscite shows vivid light or bluish types of green shades with yellow or brown inclusions. It’s opaque or translucent with a waxy appearance and a visible cleavage. Use it to attract wealth, focus, knowledge, and critical thinking skills. 

The best way to charge Variscite for brain power and financial luck is by holding it before a lit candle for a few minutes. 


Green Hiddenite crystal on a white background
Image source: wikimedia.org | Parent Géry

Did you know Hiddenite is called Lithia Emerald? That’s because Hiddenite shows a deep, mint or vivid green shade with a translucency, resembling Emerald. It’s a form of Green Spodumene used for concentration, unconditional love, support, creativity, and growth.

Smudging with sacred herbs, like Sage or Palo Santo, is the best way to activate Hiddenite.


A piece of green gemstone on white background

Green Calcite shows blue-green, yellow-green, or seafoam-green colors with white banding. It has a shiny luster and may be translucent or opaque. 

By charging it under the moonlight, you can use it for forgiveness, compassion, peace, luck, empathy, and positivity. 


green unakite gemstone on white background

A variety of Jasper, Unakite has a moss-like appearance with green, olive-green, pink, black, and gray hues. It’s an excellent crystal for patience, courage, psychic vision, grounding, healing, energy, calm, and love. 

The best way to charge Unakite is by burying it under the soil for a few days. 


A polished Agate on white background

There are many varieties of Agate in green colors, such as Moss Agate, Tree Agate, and Banded Agate. While each variety varies in color, luster, and patterns, they all open the Heart Chakra to increase compassion, peace, and luck. 

Charge Green Agate by wafting the smoke of a lit incense over it.


polished green bloodstone on white background

Did you know Bloodstone contains Green Jasper? It’s a Root Chakra stone that shows dark green hues with specks and blotches of red or brown inclusions. 

The green gemstone Bloodstone is excellent for physical health, courage, grounding, protection, and positivity. Charge them with sunlight.


green kornerupine gemstone on a white background

Showing pale green to olivine, yellow-green, and blue-green shades, Kornerupine is an extremely rare stone. It often resembles an Emerald but with inclusions of pink and purple. Use it for reality shifting, manifestation, wealth, courage, and protection.  

Charge Kornerupine with sunlight by holding the stone before the early morning sun for a few minutes. 


amazonite on white background

Showing blue-green to pale-green colors, Amazonite is usually opaque and cloudy. It’s often compared to Nephrite Jade in appearance and is known to enhance physical healing. 

You can charge it by sprinkling a few drops of water and visualizing your intention. 


Green Tourmaline on white background

Watermelon and Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) are Tourmaline varieties that show a green color. They’re both distinct with blue-green hues. Green Tourmaline is an energizing crystal, while Watermelon Tourmaline helps you calm down. 

You can charge them with affirmations.


Polished Zoisite on white background

A pale-green crystal, Zoisite may occur on its own or with Rubies. It’s always opaque with black veining or hornblende inclusions with green or greenish-black color. 

Zoisite crystals are excellent for positivity, protection, peace, faith, self-respect, intuition, expression, and passion. The best way to activate Zoisite crystals is by breathing into the stone while visualizing your intention. 


a raw Green Apophyllite gemstone on white background

Resembling Peridot in appearance, Green Apophyllite is a pale-green stone that often forms with Heulandite. It may be translucent, clear, or opaque and exists on yellow or peach matrices. 

Green Apophyllite is good for fortune and stability that you can activate with meditation. 


Green Seraphinite on white background
Image source: Wikimedia.org | Ra’ike

Did you know real Seraphinite crystals have feather inclusions? Psychics say the inclusions of Seraphinite resemble angel wings. The crystal shows a sea-green color with a bluish tone. They’re excellent for abundance, healing, vitality, and personal growth.

The best way to charge Seraphinite is by keeping it next to your singing bowl and playing the bowl for a few minutes. 


raw green sphene crystal on a white background
Image source: Wikimedia.org | Robert M. Lavinsky

Popular as Titanite, the green variety of Sphene shows vivid green to yellow-green with fire-like flashes. They sparkle and have a diamond-like shine with color zoning. 

Green Sphene crystals are perfect for wealth, abundance, good fortune, success, creativity, and physical health. It’s recommended to activate Sphene for metaphysical benefits by circling a Clear Quartz wand thrice over it. Explore other ways to charge healing crystals in this post.

Chrome Diopside

Chrome Diopside on a white background

A vivid-green variety of Diopside, this type of crystal gets the green color from Chromium in its composition. You may find it in light, bright, or blackish-green shades. Chrome Diopside is used for intelligence, creativity, manifestation, truth, and excellence.

The best way to charge Chrome Diopside is by holding it before a lit candle for a few minutes. 


gaspeite chunk on a white background

One of the few apple-green crystals on this list, Green Gaspeite usually has yellow and brown tones. It’s a rare healing crystal from Canada that opens the Throat, Heart, and Solar Plexus Chakras. It’s good for self-expression, weight loss, health, beauty, confidence, psychic vision, and stamina.

Waft the smoke of a smudge stick over Gaspeite for a few minutes to charge it.


polished alexandrite on white background

Have you heard Alexandrite is Emerald by day and Ruby by night? It’s a bluish-green crystal in daylight that changes to cherry red under artificial light. 

Alexandrite helps you with strength, courage, wisdom, astral travel, and protection by opening the Crown, Third Eye, and Heart Chakras. The best way to charge Alexandrite is by holding it for a few minutes under the light of the early morning sun.


Chrysoberyl crystal on white background

Did you know Alexandrite is a variety of Chrysoberyl? Apart from Alexandrite, the yellow-green variety of Chrysoberyl is a durable stone with a shiny luster. It’s good to stop negative self-talk, impatience, anxiety, hopelessness, and bad luck. 

Charge Chrysoberyl with your breath by holding it before and after doing Yoga. You can also keep it on your yoga mat for the same benefits.


raw green moissanite gemstone on a white background
Image source: Wikimedia.org | Taubmendy

Typically found within other crystals, Green Moissanite is easily identified from its bluish-green color and double refractions. It’s often mistaken for Diamonds due to its better clarity and shows cavities, knots, and clouds as inclusions.

Green Moissanite is a spiritual stone that helps with focus, clarity, inner fire, peace, patience, psychic abilities, and spiritual guidance. Activate it for these metaphysical benefits by chanting positive affirmations into the crystal.


two green sapphires gemstone on a white background

Another eye-clean green crystal, Green Sapphire, shows dark or pale green hues with yellow or blue tones. Its green color is mostly due to the color zoning of blue and yellow colors. 

Green Sapphire is a manifestation stone. It brings peace, positivity, prosperity, and wisdom when charged with fire or soil energies. 


green diamond gem on white background

Did you know natural Green Diamonds are super rare? Green Diamonds form from natural irradiation with blue-green hues and yellow, gray, or brown inclusions. They’re typically used for beauty, youthfulness, prosperity, blessings, miracles, endurance, and unconditional love.

Charge Green Diamonds under the early morning sun for a few minutes to find metaphysical benefits. 


raw green opal crystal on white background

The green variety is found in common Opals and precious Opals. They may be dull, pale, vivid, dark, or yellowish varieties of green with an opaque clarity. 

Green Opals are excellent for attracting your soulmate into your reality, besides improving spiritual awareness. The fire element is the best way to charge them, and you can do so by holding Green Opals in front of a lit candle for a few minutes.


raw green zircon crystal on white background

Did you know Green Zircons are extremely rare? They result from natural radiation and may show yellow tones with bright-green or olive-green color. 

Green Zircons were traditionally used for immunity and pain relief. These days, they are used for vitality, karmic therapy, support, intelligence, and abundance. You can charge them by wafting a lit incense thrice over them. 


green andalusite green gemstone on white background
Image source: Wikimedia.org | Moha112100

A multicolor stone with yellow, brown, and orange tones, Green Andalusite may be transparent or translucent with a pale green color. It’s an excellent crystal for healing, balance, strength, mental clarity, mediumship, astral travel, and clearing chakra blocks.

I recommend charging Green Andalusite with the energies of the Full Moon or New Moon.


polished green labradorite on white background

Green Labradorites open multiple chakras and show a sea-green color with flashes of yellow, blue, white, black, and brown. It’s excellent for joy, psychic protection, intuition, foresight, wisdom, intelligence, mental clarity, and forgiveness.

The best way to charge Green Labradorite is by keeping it next to a Tibetan bowl and playing the bowl for a few minutes. 


green pearl on a white background
Image source: Pinterest.com | carmen laura

Most people know black and white pearls, but not Green Pearls. They exhibit dark, light, blue, and blackish green hues. They’re great for fame, wealth, good fortune, success, luck, creativity, and beauty. 

The best way to charge Green Pearl is with water. You can rinse it in tap water while visualizing your intention.


Polished green pietersite on white background

Exhibiting dark green to olive green hues, Green Pietersite may show red, black, gray, yellow, and brown inclusions. The best way to identify the green crystal Pietersite is its chaotic look owing to patterns that run in several directions. 

Green Pietersite is a harmony stone that helps you move on from heartbreaks, trauma, negativity, and loss. Charge it with fire by holding it before the flame of a candle.


Green amber on white background

Did you know most Green Amber crystals come from South America? It may show light to dark green hues, resembling the Northern Lights. Hence, it’s also called the Aurora Amber stone. Use it for psychic vision, protection, knowledge, luck, and prosperity. 

Charge Green Amber by holding it in your palms and meditating. 


selenite cube on a white background

Forming needle-like shapes, Green Selenite shows pale to light green hues with white or brown inclusions. It’s a calming crystal that helps you find love, care, support, strength, knowledge, and spiritual guidance. 

The best way to charge Green Selenite is by sprinkling salt on it and visualizing your intention.


A polished Turquoise crystal on a white background

Did you know Green Turquoise is called Fox Turquoise? It shows lime-green shades with translucent or opaque clarity, although most Turquoise naturally includes a greenish-blue color. They’re often used for boosting healing, creativity, confidence, and strength.

Charge Green Turquoise by chanting the seed mantra of Water (VAM) into the crystal. 


Yet another blue-green stone on this list, Maripolite gets its green color from Chromium. It’s popular as Green Mica and is mostly used for balance, harmony, strength, vitality, and grounding. You can charge Green Maripolite by circling a lit incense over it. 


Green sunstone on a white background
Image source: Pinterest.com | Jewelry Television

Most crystal users think Sunstone is only available in orange, but it’s also seen in green and blue-green colors. It looks like a suspended green jelly with streaks of white or black. 

Green Sunstones are good for hope, creativity, focus, brain power, anger management, emotional balance, and patience. Charge it with sunlight for a few minutes for manifestation. 


Enstatite green crystal on white background
Image source: Wikimedia.org | Robert M. Lavinsky

Did you know Chrome Enstatite is the costliest variety of Enstatite? It is a variety of Enstatite that shows dark to dull green shades, often resembling Emerald crystals. 

It’s excellent for prosperity, abundance, success, energy, immunity, and luck in love. The best way to charge Chrome Enstatite is by holding the crystal and meditating for a few minutes. 


green Tanzanite gemstone on white background

One of the natural green crystals, Green Tanzanite has a bluish-green appearance and exceptional clarity. It’s easy to identify, thanks to Tanzanite’s strong pleochroism and green color from Vanadium. 

Green Tanzanite is good for self-expression, creativity, success, mediumship, and spirituality. You should charge it with the fire element, using a lit candle or campfire for the best results. 


Fuchsite green crystal on white background

Depending on the Chromium in Fuchsite, it may show dark or light green hues. You can identify Green Fuchsite by checking for its white streaks and lime-green fluorescence under ultraviolet light. 

The best uses of Green Fuchsite are healing, emotional maturity, karmic therapy, hormonal balance, and vitality. Charge it by chanting positive affirmations into the crystal. 


Green spinel crystal on a white background
Image source: Wikimedia.org | Robert M. Lavinsky

Spinel is one of the green crystals that look a different color but fluoresce in green. They may be translucent or transparent with black, brown, or yellow inclusions. 

Green Spine is a rare crystal that opens the Root Chakra and increases stability. Charge it with sunlight for the best results. 


green olivine on white background

Olivine is a magnesium iron silicate with a glassy luster and translucent or transparent appearance. It may be pale to olive-green and creates an auric shield around you to prevent psychic harm and negativity. 

The best way to cleanse and charge it is with sage. Learn more about cleansing crystals with Sage here.


green chrysoprase on white background

Did you know Chrysoprase is the green variety of Chalcedony crystals? It’s a translucent crystal that may show yellow-green, apple-green, blue-green, or pure-green color energies. Nickel is responsible for its vivid green color. 

Chrysoprase is used for physical health, prosperity, mental acuity, libido, self-expression, and joy. Charge it with a full moon soak. Read about crystals for full moon rituals here.


Heart shaped green topaz on white background

A forest-green crystal that may show yellow tones, Green Topaz’s clarity ranges from transparent to clear. It fluoresces in yellow and is used for peace, joy, abundance, physical health, luck, and energy. 

The best way to charge Green Topaz is with the energy of sunlight. 

Start Using Green Crystals in your Life!

Every green crystal in the list above opens the Heart Chakra, apart from other chakras. 

Green Gemstones are good for health, joy, prosperity, wisdom, luck, fertility, and much more. You can charge them with positive affirmations, mantras, soil, water, fire, meditation, visualization, sunlight, moonlight, singing bowls, incense, and smudge sticks.

Note that it’s good to pick a cleansing and charging technique that complements the traits or properties of the crystal. So, which is your favorite green gemstone? How do you love using it? Share it with our community!

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