(fyoo - sahyt)
Main Origins:
Pakistan, India, Russia, USA, Madagascar, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Namibia, France, Canada, The Alps, South America, Norway, South Africa, and Australia.

What is Fuchsite?

A fuchsite crystal on a wooden table

Fuchsite is the green variety Muscovite (common Mica). It’s a phyllosilicate with its green color from Chromium. It’s popular as Chrome Muscovite and Crommuscavita, Chromian Muscovite, Green Muscovite, Chrome Mica, and Green Muscovite.

Also called Fuchsit, Fuchsite is Potassium Aluminum Hydroxide Fluoride Silicate chemically. 

Chrome Muscovite is typically seen in pale to emerald green but can also show blue-green, pink, purple, brown, yellow, red, white, or black colors. Many minerals, like Ruby, Garnet, Kyanite, Pyrite, Tourmaline, and Quartz, form with it naturally. 

Did you know Fuchsite is called the Fairy Stone? This phyllosilicate stone has been popular throughout history as a wishing stone. It’s usually opaque but may be transparent or translucent with lime-green fluorescence and pearly luster. 

Fun Fact: Fuchsite is called the Stone of Health. 

Fuchsite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Green Muscovite is mainly associated with the Earth element, Goddess Gaia, and the Heart Chakra. They attract metaphysical benefits like stability, psychic protection, vitality, virility, growth, compassion, fertility, and divine femininity.

Did you know Fuchsite is also seen in blue, black, purple, yellow, orange, and pink colors? It’s associated with the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Solar Plexus, and Sacral Chakras, each with its own benefits. 

It’s also linked to the minor chakra of the Sun Star, believed to attract luck and health.

Chromium Muscovite is ruled by Mercury in astrology, bringing grounding, knowledge, and adaptability. 

Who should wear Fuchsite? Libra, Taurus, Virgo, and Aquarius are the best signs to wear Fuchsite for manifestation and independence.

Green Muscovite is linked to Water and Wood elements, responsible for joy, tranquility, wisdom, and protection. Where to keep Fuchsite in your house? Keep it in the Eastern direction to attract feng shui benefits. 

Crommuscovita is linked to deities and goddesses, like the Greek Earth Goddess, Gaia; the Yoruban God of Fertility, Oshun; the Greek God of Transformation, Demeter; the Slavic Forest Spirit, Leshy; and the Incan Moon Goddess, Mama Killa.

Fuchsite Healing Properties and Benefits

Joy and Harmony

  • Use Ruby in Fuchsite or Emerald Green Fuchsite for spreading good vibes and peace. They’re great for calming hot tempers, boosting respect, and finding empathy inside of you. 
  • Charge your crystal for good vibes by smudging with a Palo Santo or Sage smudge stick for a few minutes.

Fertility and Health

  • Green Aventurine and Garnet in Fuchsite are great for improving your chances of conception because they open the Heart and Sacral Chakras.
  • Consume a crystal elixir made from indirectly (not touching the stone) infusing the energy of Green Aventurine for good health and increasing the chances of conception. 

Strength and Resilience

  • If you often feel tired, it may be from blockages in your lower chakras. Cleanse and charge them with Fuchsite to escape from vicious cycles. 
  • Bury your crystal under the soil overnight or for a few days before using it for Reiki. Then target the lower chakras (Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root).


  • Kyanite and Quartz in Fuchsite are great for tranquility, relaxation, and control over your temper. 
  • Charge your crystal with meditation and place it in the Center or Eastern corner of the home.

Relationships and Deaddiction

  • If you want to stop serving others and broaden your mind, get Fuchsite with Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, or Hematite. They teach you how to adapt to challenges in your life, relationship, family, society, or career. 
  • Program your crystal to let go of toxic habits by holding it for a few minutes under the morning sun and then overnight under the moonlight. 

Fuchsite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A person sitting Infront of a Zen garden

Zen Gardening

  • Common Fuchsite and those with Glaucophane and Kyanite are some crystals that are good for keeping with your fruits, plants, and vegetables.
  • You can program your stone with the healing sounds of singing bowls before placing them in your garden. Keep singing bowls on top of the soil.

Spiritual Communication and Guidance

  • Have you heard about the Devic Kingdom? It’s one of the higher realms that house fairies, spirits, and otherworldly entities that Fuchsite in purple, magenta, brown, black, and blue can unlock for you.
  • Set up a crystal altar with one or more Fuchsite stones in the center. Smudge it with sage and program it for your intention with affirmations, prayers, or spells. 

Divine Femininity

  • One of the few crystals that helps you tap into the universal divine feminine, Fuchsite sharpens your wit, lights creativity, and nurtures your inner self. 
  • The best way to tap into the divine feminine is by charging your crystal with moonlight, Water, and incense. Then place it near your chest and visualize the feminine energy waking up. 

Access to Akashic Records

  • Have you heard about Akashic Records? They include the complete cosmic history, which crystals like Green Aventurine, Pink Sapphire in Fuchsite, and Ruby Mica can access.
  • Start practicing and learning more about your spiritual side with a charged Fuchsite crystal on your body at all times. You can program it by chanting mantras or affirmations into the crystal. 


  • Varieties like Biotite, Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Siderite, and Hematite shield your home and family from evil vibrations.
  • Set a crystal grid in the Entrance or Center of your home with Fuchsite in the center. Charge each crystal by touching it with the Fuchsite before setting up the grid

Fuchsite Side Effects

  • Tired or Worn Out: Overuse of Fuchsite can drain your chakra. Take a break and cleanse yourself with a purifying crystal, like Selenite or Clear Quartz.
  • Blind to Risks: The positivity of Fuchsite is calming, but sometimes, enough to take stupid risks, especially with bad company or karmic debts. Wear a balancing stone, like Morganite, to avoid this.
  • Paranoia: If you’re feeling out of your mind in any way with Fuchsite use, consult a psychic or astrologist right away because the stone might be causing conflicts with your Horoscope.

Fuchsite Meaning: What does Fuchsite Symbolize?

A person's hands reaching the sky with the chains of the handcuffs being broken

The meaning of Fuchsite is freedom. 

Did you know it’s known to release you from the clutches of servitude? It’s often recommended for codependency, addiction, and obsession. 

Although it was discovered and named in the 19th century by Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs, it may have been misidentified. Pliny the Elder said, “nothing green is greener,” when referring to Green Muscovite in his 2000-year-old book, Naturalis Historia.

Fuchsite also helps one release repressed, suppressed, and hidden feelings to feel confident, harmonious, healthy, and compassionate to everything around us.

Types of Fuchsite Crystals

  • Common Fuchsite: Showing blue to emerald-green hues with white streaks, this Chrome Mica is good for emotional healing and a fertility boost.
  • Yellow Fuchsite: A gorgeous Chrome Muscovite variety with green, blue-green, purple, and yellow, this stone is also good for Reiki, as it balances multiple chakras.
  • Banded Fuchsite: Showing layers of green or blue-green, this variety may have white, gray, black, and brown hues. Use it for universal connection.
  • Green Aventurine: Technically Fuchsite in Quartz, this variety consists of small Fuchsite plates or other mica stones arrested inside the Quartz. It’s great for fertility, support, and strength. 
  • Pink Sapphire in Fuchsite: Boasting purple-pink hues with yellow and vibrant greens, this crystal manifests wealth, self-love, patience, and wisdom. 
  • Ruby in Fuchsite: Also called Ruby Mica, this is the most popular type of Fuchsite. It’s often mistaken for Ruby Zoisite and may show blue rims of Kyanite and black inclusions of Hornblende. Use it for psychic abilities and protection. 
  • Blue Fuchsite: When Green Fuchsite appears with the blue of Kyanite, it forms this variety. Use this Chrome Muscovite for spirit communication and intuition. 
  • Orange Fuchsite: This type of Crommuscavite shows layers of orange and peach with white streaks. It’s great for strength, vitality, health, and fertility. 
  • Brown-Green Fuchsite: Often used as a worry stone, this Fuchsite variety has a dark tone and hues of brown and green colors. Use it for harmony, peace, stability, and decisiveness. 
  • Fuchsite Garnet: When the red crystal Garnet appears in Fuchsite, it may look purple or pink in a black base color. This is a good crystal for protection during pregnancy. 
  • Verdite: A blue-green impure variety of Fuchsit, this crystal comes from the North Kaap river in Southern Africa with traces of Serpentine, Albite, Diaspore, Chlorite, Margarite, Corundum, Quartz, and Rutile. They’re great for laughter, awareness, and empathy. 
  • Fuchsite in Colombian and Pink Quartz: Showing a transparent to translucent pink, white, or clear hue, this variety naturally occurs with two types of Quartz. Use it for purification and amplification rituals. 
  • Bicolor Quartz with Fuchsite: Some varieties of Quartz show clear, white, or milky with green Fuchsite inside it. They’re great for manifestation, mediumship, peace, and karmic healing.
  • Smoky Quartz with Fuchsite: A type of Phantom Fuchsite, this is a captivating stone with Green Fuchsite formations inside brown or yellow Smoky Quartz. Use this crystal for grounding and brain fog.
  • Cascading Green Fuchsite Quartz: Yet another Quartz formation with areas, inclusions, and color-zoning of Green Fuchsite in Cascading Quartz. They work well for purification and relationship problems.
  • Fuchsite with Hematite and Plagioclase: This variety of Fuchsit is commonly found in Karelia, Russia, in blue-green, dark green, white, and brown colors. Use it for good fortune and Zen Gardening
  • Fuchsite in Black Tourmaline: Sometimes called Fuchsite Schorl, these two minerals form in dark shades of brown, black, gray, tan, or yellow. They’re great for psychic protection and growth. 
  • Fuchsite with Pyrite: This formation with Fuchsit and Pyrite shows dark green, dull-white, and brown hues. They’re great for karmic healing and vitality. 
  • Fuchsite in Biotite: Often clear or white with olive-green or yellow from Fuchsit, this crystal is good for focus and creativity. 
  • Fuchsite with Glaucophane: Another dark type of Fuchsit with green, blue, black, and clear crystals in multiple formations, it’s great for protecting your home and family from negative vibrations.
  • Fuchsite with Corundum: Showing gray or olive-green outside and Ruby Mica core, this crystal is a manifestation stone. Wearing it also enhances your aura and willpower.
  • Fuchsite with Calcite: A mesmerizing variety with White Calcite on one side and the other pastel green Fuchsite, sometimes with druzy crystals coating both, use it for kindness, gratitude, and inner peace.
  • Microcline and Fuchsite: This is a variety of Fuchsit with Microcline Feldspar in gray, white, brown, pink, and white. It’s good for accessing the Akashic Records and Zen Gardening.
  • Fuchsite with Siderite: Found in veinlets of Siderite crystal, Fuchsite looks like the tree of life with copper-brown branches on an emerald or olive-green base color. Use this healing stone to wake up your inner fire.
  • Fuchsite with Crocoite and Goethite: A beautiful cluster of red, brown, gray, blue, green, and orange, this is a great crystal for astral projection, psychic abilities, and karmic healing. 
  • Fuchsite in Jasper: Seen in Yellow, Green, and Fruit Jasper, this is a variety for empathy and relationships.

How To Cleanse Fuchsite?

A tray of crystal clusters, candles, statue and a pot of flowering plants

  • Fire: Pick up your crystal with the dominant hand and hold it for a few minutes in front of a candle flame to cleanse it with the power of Agni Devi.
  • Sage: You can rub a sage stick over your crystal a few times while visualizing or chanting cleansing actions.
  • Soil: Bury your crystal three inches under the soil for 3 to 7 days then cleanse it with lukewarm water.

Questions and Answers

Is Fuchsite a gemstone?

Yes, Fuchsite is a gemstone from the Muscovite group of crystals.

Is Fuchsite rare?

Yes and no. Most Fuchsite crystals are abundant, but some varieties may be rare.

Is Fuchsite safe in the water?

Yes, but Fuchsite has an ultra-low Mohs, making it unsafe to soak in water for longer periods.

Can Fuchsite go in the sun?

Yes and no. Fuchsite is safe in the sun for a short while.

Is Fuchsite a birthstone?

Yes, Fuchstone is one of the secondary birthstones for May.

Why does Fuchsite sparkle?

Some varieties of Fuchsite sparkle due to the presence of Mica in them.

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