Your Guide to Safe Crystal Candle Usage

  1. Healing Crystal Candles Explained 
  2. Which Crystals to Avoid in Candles and Why? 
  3. Which Crystals to Put in Candles and Why? 
  4. How to Charge Crystals in Candles?
  5. How to Make candles with herbs and crystals? 
  6. FAQ
  7. Conclusion

Visualize yourself in active meditation, full presence to a softly scented natural wax candle intentionally adorned with pieces of raw and tumbled crystals. The flame warmly illuminates the gems, keeping you entranced, the crystal candle radiates energy …

Crystals candles, also called intention candles, are created with specific crystals to direct our energy while burning this candle with crystal inside. If all of this sounds great, you may be asking: can you put crystals in candles? Which crystals are safe in candles? And how to make candles with crystals?

We can definitely put crystals in candles, as long as we are aware of the crystals that are safe to use in candles, such as Hematite, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Peacock Ore, and Garnet. These are less likely to discolor or crack. 

Making a crystal candle is an enjoyable process that includes crystals for candle making, natural wax, heat-safe vessels, and wicks.

The combination of candles and crystals results in a special energetic object that can be used for energy healing, aligning, or aesthetic pleasure.

Disclaimer: Always be aware of the quality of material used for making crystal candles. Always read any safety instructions provided with your candle and, as a rule of thumb, always keep your crystals and herbs away from the direct flame of the burning wick.

Healing Crystal Candles Explained 

homemade candles with herbs, flowers and crystals on a white table

Candles have been used for centuries as a necessity for light. Overtime, candles have also become an object of spiritual significance and energetic value, utilized in religious ceremonies, rituals, meditation, and prayer. Candles bring the element of Fire and light to a space.

Fire signifies rapid transformation and often calls for full presence and reverence. Light from the candle can signify hope and spiritual illumination.

Crystals are well known for their powers of healing and nuanced energetic alignment. Crystals are used as a tool to deepen spiritual connection and for energy healing.

Candles with crystals inside of them offer the combined energy of a candle flame and crystals. Crystals can be charged and kept clear next to the flame. The vibration of the specific crystal used sets the intention of the candle that can be focused upon as the candle burns.

Which Crystals to Avoid in Candles and Why? 

When adding crystals to candles, it is in your best interest to be aware that some crystals are easily damaged or altered by high temperatures. These are some of the stones you want to avoid using:

a graphic designed table explaining a guide about Safe Crystal Candle Usage

It is advised that you avoid using crystals with internal fractures or existing damage, as these will be more susceptible to further damage when heated. As a safety rule, never use imitation crystals in candles.

Which Crystals to Put in Candles and Why? 

Both raw crystal and tumbled crystals are suitable for candle making. The size of the crystal you will choose will be dependent on the size of your candle or candle vessel. 

The choice of your crystal will be according to the specific crystal healing energies you want to infuse your candle with, and these choices will be limited to the crystals in candles that are safe for use.

These are some of the best crystals for candle making:

Hematite Crystals in Candles 

polished hematite on white background

Hematite is a strong grounding crystal that can help to increase our focus and memory. For this reason, it is a great crystal for candles that are intended to burn when entering into focused activities, such as study, reading and creating, or during meditation.

This crystal for candle making is heat resistant, and it is not known to crack or discolor when exposed to the heat of a candle flame.

Rose Quartz Crystals in Candles 

Rose Quartz on a white background

Rose Quartz crystal is well known as a stone of love. This could be self love or the love of another. A Rose Quartz in a crystal candle can make an excellent gift for someone you care about (including yourself) to promote a calm, nurturing, and emotionally supportive energy space.

This crystal is considered stable when exposed to heat, and it is on the upper end of the Mohs hardness scale. These are suitable stones for putting into candles.

Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Candle

Clear Quartz on a white background

Clear Quartz is a master healer crystal that amplifies intentions. It is a versatile and powerful crystal for candle making. As mentioned, crystal candles are also called intention candles. Clear Quartz can be a way to amplify any intention that you want your candle to hold.

High quality Clear Quartz is heat resistant. The physical strength of this stone, along with its metaphysical properties, makes it a good choice to include in a crystal candle.

Peacock Ore Crystals in Candles

peacock ore on white background

This stone is associated with abundance consciousness. Peacock Ore is a great crystal to utilize when you are calling in a shift in how you view and experience prosperity and success. This crystal in a candle offers the vibrations of harmony, joy, and abundance.

Peacock Ore is a soft stone in its raw state, known as Bornite, but it has a fairly high melting point and is often used within candles. The metallic effect that we see on Peacock Ore is actually the effect created by heat-treating Bornite.

Garnet Crystals in Candles

Polished Garnet crystal on a white background

Garnet is a stone that purifies and vitalizes our energy field. It is a powerful crystal for heart opening, inspiring sensuality, and dedication. It would be a great stone to include in a crystal candle for your lover or yourself.

Candles with a Garnet crystal inside can offer the energetic activation that this stone’s vibration emanates. Garnet crystal energy, combined with the flame of the candle, is highly activating.

Garnet crystal is a suitable crystal for candle making, as it can tolerate high heat and is relatively hard, falling between 6.5 and 7.5 on the MOHs hardness scale.

How to Charge Crystals in Candles?

burning candle surrounded by crystals and smudge sticks

Once the flame of the candle has been lit, the Fire element that is present both energetically cleanses and charges the crystals in the light of the flame. For this reason, it is not often necessary to cleanse and charge crystals in candles.

If you feel like you do need to cleanse and charge a crystal candle that you create or receive, the best options to do this are using moonlight, another crystal, visualization, or affirmations and intentions.

Crystal cleansing and charging methods, such as sunlight and smoke smudging, are not suited, as these may melt your candle. Water is also not suited as a cleaning method since you would not want to get water in a candle. 

How to Make candles with herbs and crystals? 

woman pouring melted wax into silicone molds

Making a crystal candle can be a really enjoyable and rewarding process. There are a few technical and energetic elements that you should consider before making a candle with herbs and crystals.

Materials and Tools for Making Candles with Herbs and Crystals

  • Natural wax
  • Crystals for candle making of your choice
  • Dried herbs of your choice
  • Candle wick
  • Heat-safe vessel for your candle (a wider shape is preferable)
  • Pots for melting wax
  • Stirring spoons
  • Stick or peg to hold the wick in place while the candle sets
  • Heat gun or oven

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Candles with Herbs and Crystals

Begin by setting your intentions for the crystal candle, maybe meditating with the stones or saying some affirmations while holding your chosen crystals for candle making. Then:

  1. Prepare your vessel and secure or support the wick inside it.
  2. You can place herbs in your vessel at this stage, positioning them along the sides of your vessel, away from the wick.
  3. Melt your wax and pour it into the vessel.
  4. As your candle sets, take some time to consider your crystal placements for the candle. These should also be placed away from the wick.
  5. When your candle is set, gently melt the topmost layer using a heat gun or oven on a really low setting.
  6. Lay out your crystals on this melted layer and leave the embedded crystals to set in the wax.
  7. Now light and enjoy your crystal candle!

As your crystal burns, be sure to keep your crystals and herbs as far away as possible from the direct flame of the wick.


Here are some tips to burn a crystal candle safely:

Do you leave the crystals, dried flowers, and embellishments in your candle while burning?

Yes, you can leave the crystals and dried botanicals in your candle as it is burning. You should, however, try to keep the embellishments away from touching the burning wick.

How to clean crystals when your crystal candle is finished?

To clean your crystals, wash your crystals in hot water then rub and polish them clean with a fabric cloth. You can also use a little bit of gentle soapy water if necessary. Be aware not to immerse water-sensitive crystals in water for too long.

How to prevent the crystal from heating up the candle jar? 

To prevent your crystals from heating up the candle jar, use a wide vessel with your crystals placed at the farthest edges from the wick. You can also make sure that you choose to use crystals that are the most heat resistant.

Which candles are best for burning crystals? 

Candles that are contained within a vessel and are wider in shape are generally more suited for burning crystals. This type of candle will better maintain the shape of the crystal candle, containing the crystals and wax while burning and also allowing for the crystals to be placed farther away from the wick.


When used with intention and presence, candles with crystals inside can be a really sensorial and energetically aligning experience. Crystal candles can be used to curate and enhance a crystal healing journey. These crystals make amazingly thoughtful gifts and the process of creating them is in itself an enjoyable experience.

The crystals that you choose to include will offer the specific healing vibrations of that crystal or the combination of crystals used. The following crystals for candle making are heat safe and offer a variety of benefits, including the following:

Table about which crystals to put in candles


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