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Yasmin is a freelance creative primarily working through the mediums of fine art, energetic herbalism, and writing. She loves deeply exploring all themes related to the natural world including physical, mental, and metaphysical or esoteric perspectives. Through years of exploration, spiritual practice, and present openness to learning she has found that most truth, insight, and sustainable support comes from a conscious relationship with the elements of nature.
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South Carolina map placed nicely
This is a truly exciting state for rockhounding. South Carolina has so many precious gems. You definitely want to learn how to find Gemstones in South Carolina, what stones are found in South Carolina, and where are crystals in South Carolina found.
Map of the Mississippi pinned with red pin
Mississippi is a state that is often rated low when it comes to popular states for rockhounding gemstones. Despite this, it does have many fascinating fossils, native stone artifacts, minerals, metals, and some precious gems.
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