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Yasmin is a freelance creative primarily working through the mediums of fine art, energetic herbalism, and writing. She loves deeply exploring all themes related to the natural world including physical, mental, and metaphysical or esoteric perspectives. Through years of exploration, spiritual practice, and present openness to learning she has found that most truth, insight, and sustainable support comes from a conscious relationship with the elements of nature.
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round ball shape crystal rainbow suncatcher hanging
A suncatcher intends to attract and reflect sunlight through prisms, glass pieces, beads, crystals, or any reflective material that can be used creatively in a hanging art piece. Suncatchers can be quite simple or elaborate. Suncatchers are all about the appreciation of light and color. They also bring the energetic vibration of the sunlight, colors,...
angel number 11111 on beige background
Messages and guidance from the nonphysical realms or beings, such as angels, can be communicated to those who are receptive to the language of numbers. Have you been seeing Angel Number 11111 and wondering what it means? Angel Number 11111 main meanings are intentional gratitude, alignment of thoughts and emotions, manifestation, positive change, and receiving...
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