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Yasmin is a freelance creative primarily working through the mediums of fine art, energetic herbalism, and writing. She loves deeply exploring all themes related to the natural world including physical, mental, and metaphysical or esoteric perspectives. Through years of exploration, spiritual practice, and present openness to learning she has found that most truth, insight, and sustainable support comes from a conscious relationship with the elements of nature.
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close up photo of woman's shoulders
Using crystals in cosmetic and beauty routines has proven to be a growing trend, and when we look a little deeper into the history, added benefits, and experiential value that crystals offer us, it’s not difficult to understand why.  There are a few different methods that can be used to include crystals in cosmetics and...
woman applying cream on her elbows
Crystals are treasures of the Earth, and when we welcome them into our lives with intentional connection and reverence, we can experience many great benefits. One of the most interesting ways of incorporating them into your life is by using cosmetics infused with crystals, and this can be done in different ways for different types...
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