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Using crystals in cosmetic and beauty routines has proven to be a growing trend, and when we look a little deeper into the history, added benefits, and experiential value that crystals offer us, it’s not difficult to understand why. 

There are a few different methods that can be used to include crystals in cosmetics and your self-care or beautifying routine. In this article, we specifically focus on the neck and shoulders, and we will explore how to use crystals. First, we should know which are the most suitable crystals in cosmetics for the neck and shoulders.

Some of the best stones to add to your cosmetics for the neck and shoulders include Mica, Halite, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Malachite, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Jade, and Obsidian.

Most of these crystals are safe for energetically infusing into your cosmetics, some of them can be crushed and added to cosmetics, and some can be used as crystal massage tools for your neck and shoulders. Each crystal offers nuanced benefits on many levels, including energetic, physical, emotional, and mental.

Disclaimer: Even though crystals in cosmetics are increasingly gaining popularity, much of the information on this topic is anecdotal. Please consider the guidance provided in this blog, as well as continue your research and use your intellect and intuition before choosing crystals and methods to work with them in this way. 

The Mystical Allure of Crystals in Shoulders and Neck Cosmetics

assorted bottles of oil on a table

Certain crystals have been used in cosmetics since ancient times by Egyptians, and the use of crystals as a massage tool has been evident for hundreds of years in the Chinese tradition of gua sha therapy. In recent years, as crystal healing has gained a powerful reputation, these applications of crystals are being explored more.

From high-end cosmetic brands, niche crystal healing practitioners offering crystal massage, beauty therapies to use in home apothecaries, DIY cosmetics, and personal self-care routines, the use of crystals in this way continues to grow.

We also continue to learn more about the possibilities and limitations of how crystals can be used in cosmetics. When it comes to their use in shoulders and neck cosmetics, once you know a few basic dos and don’ts and know which crystals can be used for what, there is still fair room to find a stone that suits you

We can still get creative by exploring different techniques for incorporating the natural healing benefits and aesthetics of crystals through cosmetics and massage for the neck and shoulders in various ways and forms. The crystals we can use in cosmetics will depend on the exact method chosen, fully considering aspects like the durability, chemical safety, and the texture of the crystal. 

Crystals can be added to various types of cosmetics for the neck and shoulders. Specific stones can be infused into oils, body butter, and creams. Some can be added to exfoliant scrubs or makeup products, like highlighter or shimmer for the neck and shoulders. Some can be used to massage the neck and shoulders for many benefits.

Dos and Don’ts of Crystal in Neck and Shoulders Cosmetics

Here are many of the essential considerations for using crystals in cosmetics and for the neck and shoulders. 

  • Don’t use just any crystal; not every stone is suitable to be added to cosmetics.
  • Do begin with a test patch when using any new cosmetic to observe and feel how your body responds before continuing full use.
  • Don’t use stones that are easily damaged in oil or water for infusions.
  • Do make sure your mineral prowlers are of cosmetic grade and ground to an appropriate fineness.
  • Don’t use soluble stones if their chemical composition is not ideally suitable for your skin.
  • Do appropriately physically clean and energetically cleanse your crystals before adding them to cosmetics or using them for massages.
  • Don’t use very porous stones for crystal massage, as these can hold bacteria within the stone, which can be transferred to your skin.
  • Don’t use crystals with sharp angles or rough textures for massage, as they can cause damage to your skin.
  • Do research the best techniques for neck and shoulders massage with crystal tools.
  • Do research the details of your chosen infusion methods for crystal cosmetics. 

9 Crystals in Cosmetics for Neck and Shoulders

Each crystal offers energetic benefits for your body, mind, and spirit, and we will discuss some of the stones that are suitable for neck and shoulders cosmetics, in what forms they are safe for use, and the relevant benefits of each stone.


mica on white background

Mica is a mineral that is very popular in many cosmetics. It is a soft mineral that forms as masses of delicate, flaky layers that can be fairly easily powdered. The allure of Micas in cosmetics is mostly due to their pearly luster and color range. 

You can use cosmetics that include natural Mica or add in fine powdered Mica to your body oil or body cream to add a luminous shimmer to your shoulders and neck area. It is especially lovely to highlight your collarbones. 

Beyond its physically beautifying benefits, Mica has some really valuable metaphysical benefits. It deflects negative energy and can even help with shielding from EMFs. The frequency of Mica is grounding and helps us to engage with and tend to our physical reality from a state of love and acceptance.


aquamarine on a white background

Although its composition does contain aluminum, Aquamarine is a very hard stone, and the form of aluminum in it is not soluble under normal conditions. It is not known to be soluble in water or oil for short periods, so it can be intentionally infused, for just a few minutes, into certain cosmetics, such as body oil or the water component of a cream that can be used on your neck and shoulders.

Even though this stone does have these limitations surrounding how it can be used, it is especially potent for use on the throat area, as it resonates with an open Throat Chakra and can support this area through its vibrational patterning as you intentionally apply your Aquamarine-infused cosmetic products to the relevant areas of your body.

Aquamarine is also an excellent stone for healing from traumatic experiences and can be used in a self-care ritual of neck and shoulders massage with the intention of clearing away stress and unwanted residual energy that lingers from difficult experiences. This crystal can assist you to open to receiving energetic support.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz on white background

Rose Quartz can be incorporated into your cosmetics for the neck and shoulders by simply storing a little crystal within the bottle that holds your product. You may also find or make packaging that includes components made of Rose Quartz. For example, a little bottle where the spherical roller is made from Quartz.

This durable crystal can also be infused into water or oil to make a heart-opening, balancing, and relaxing elixir that is perfect for adding to cosmetic formulas for the neck and shoulders. You can use a Rose Quartz massage tool, such as a gua sha, wand, or simply a palm stone, to apply these infused products.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz on white background

Clear Quartz is a super versatile crystal that can be added to your neck and shoulders care routine in a similar way to Rose Quartz and most other Quartz crystals. You can store a Quart in your cosmetic containers or use cosmetics that have been infused with Quartz as part of their formulation.

The magic of this crystal is how it can be programmed with any specific intention. So, for the purpose of neck and shoulders cosmetics, you may want to program your stone to cleanse and energize your Throat Chakra to ease tension in the neck, or to heal any of the organs, bone, tendons, or skin in this area of your body.


jade on white background

Jade is another stone that is widely used in body care, particularly in the traditional Chinese gua sha for massage. The shape of a Jade gua sha is perfect for massaging the curves of your neck and shoulders, and with a little research on proper technique, this practice can have many benefits, including lymphatic drainage, increasing blood flow, and relieving tension.

The energetic benefits of Jade include stimulating the Heart Chakra and using it around the neck to help you direct your communication from an open-hearted state. Engaging in massage with this crystal can help us to release anxiety and irritations that are weighing heavy. Jade is also associated with natural abundance, prosperity, and good luck.


polished malachite on white background

Malachite has very recently become quite popular in skincare. It is said to have a myriad of amazing skin properties, such as protection from free radicals that speed up aging and even stimulating collagen production.

This stone has a high copper content, so be aware of this if you’re allergic to copper. It is generally added to cosmetics, such as body mists, serums, and cleansers, in the form of a Malachite extract, which is specifically and professionally formulated for this purpose. 

On an energetic level, Malachite is beneficial for both the Throat and Heart Chakra. Utilizing cosmetics with Malachite extract on these areas may stimulate benefits associated with these energy centers, such as the feeling of love, openness to giving and receiving, clearer communication, and self-expression.


raw obsidian on white background

Obsidian can be infused into your cosmetics for neck and shoulders for a short period. These products can be used for the added energetic effects of cleansing negative energy and protection. 

This is a supportive stone when dealing with grief and loss, so applying Obsidian-infused cosmetics or using an Obsidian massage tool on your shoulders can assist with physically and energetically easing some of the heaviness and tightness.

On a practical level, please only use proper Obsidian massage tools or properly smooth tumbled stones. Take care of them and make sure they have no chips before use, as this stone has a very sharp fracture and is not extremely hard. 


Halite, also known as rock salt, can be a simple yet powerful crystal addition to your neck and shoulders care routine. You could use or create a scrub with Pink Himalayan Salt and other suitable herbs or oils to gently exfoliate your shoulders and connect with the physical and energetic benefits of Halite.

This common crystal actually has the potential to open all the chakras of the body. It is a stone of purification, immunity, and vitality. On a physical level, it has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which can be helpful for certain skin conditions. The texture of Halite makes it useful as a body polish that exfoliates dead skin and allows your skin to look and feel clean and fresh.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate on white background

Blue Lace Agate is known for its effect on the Throat Chakra, helping us open and embrace self-expression and clear communication. Imprinting this stone frequently into your cosmetics used on the throat area will help to bring grace to your communications as well as support the healing and balance of the organs in this region, including the thyroid and vocal cords.

The best way to include Blue Lace Agate is through an oil or water-based elixir infusion that can be added to a cosmetic formula or used alone as body oil or body mist. You can also simply store a piece of Blue Lace Agate in your existing cosmetics bottle or jar, as it is a pretty durable crystal.

How to Use Crystals in Cosmetics for Back and Shoulders: Suggestions for DIY Crystal Cosmetics

Crystal-Infused Neck and Shoulders Massage Oil

Choose a crystal with a suitable composition and durability to be infused into oil and used on the skin. You can clean and cleanse your crystal, set your intention to infuse, or imprint the energetic healing properties of this stone into your oil.

Place it in a small jar of carrier oil of your choice. Depending on the crystal you choose, leave it in your jar for one hour, one day, or one week to infuse. Do your research on the timing, which will depend on the durability of your chosen stone. Once your oil feels ready, then remove your stone, give thanks, and bottle the oil for use to massage your neck and shoulders. 

Crystal Shimmer Oil

To make a crystal shimmer oil, start with a plain carrier oil or use your strained crystal-infused oil from the suggestion above. You will then need to purchase or make some very fine Mica powder. 

Simply add in your Mica slowly, adding and swatching the oil as you add in more Mica to get to your desired level of shimmer. You can store this oil in a dropper bottle. Rub a little bit of this oil along your collarbones or along your neck and shoulders for crystal-powered natural luminescence.

Halite Neck and Shoulders Scrub

Combine finely crushed Himalayan salt with a nourishing body oil of your choice (you may include a strained crystal-infused oil here, as well). The suggested ratio is two parts salt to one part oil. You can also add a few drops of skin-suitable essential oil or crushed dried herbs and flowers.

Suggested herbs for the neck and shoulders area include lavender for relieving tension, sage and lemon balm for their connection to the Throat Chakra, and many other healing, cleansing, and uplifting benefits.


How Can Crystals Enhance My Neck and Shoulders in Skincare?

Crystal can be used in various ways in neck and shoulders skincare. Researching the crystal that you choose to use will often guide you to the best or most suitable method of use. Some are suited for making gem elixirs by infusions into water or oil, and this oil can be used in or as the skincare formula; some crystals can also be utilized as a massage tool.

What is the Best Way to Use Crystals for My Neck and Shoulders?

One of the best ways to use crystals for the neck and shoulders is as a massage tool, as these areas of the body tend to hold a lot of tension. The physical action of massaging combined with the energetic benefits of tension relief that many crystals offer can be harnessed in this way.

Which Crystal is Ideal for Neck and Shoulders Skincare?

Quartz crystals are ideal for use in neck and shoulders skincare, as they are very versatile in how they can be used and their benefits.

Are There Risks with Using Crystals in Cosmetics?

It can be risky to use crystals in cosmetics as many crystals are unsuitable for infusion into cosmetics due to their composition or durability. If you do not choose the correct crystals or infusion methods, you could end up with a toxic element in your cosmetic or a damaged crystal.

What if I Have a Reaction to a Crystal-Infused Product?

If you react adversely to a crystal-infused product, please stop using it. This is your body signaling you that this is not for you. The reaction could be due to personal allergy or an infusion that extracted some harmful element from a crystal.

Use Crystals for Neck and Shoulders

You’re probably feeling ready to explore the experience of adding crystal cosmetics in your neck and shoulders care, and please do!

Take your time to learn and enjoy. Please choose high-quality, reputable cosmetics If you are making them yourself, please heed the guidance in this article combined with your inner guidance and further extensive research regarding the methods and crystals you choose. 

Here is a summary of the crystals we discussed, how you may use them, and some of the key benefits of each.

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