Main Origins:
Myanmar, Guatemala, Russia, Canada, and the United States.

What is Jade?

jade crystal in forest

Jade comprises two minerals, Nephrite and Jadeite, both of which are composed of silicate minerals. Nephrite is a calcium-magnesium amphibole, while Jadeite is a sodium-aluminum pyroxene. 

Jade has been used in many cultures throughout history for its beauty and spiritual significance. In China, they believed it brought good luck and prosperity; while in Mesoamerica, it symbolized fertility and power. 

Ancient civilizations also used Jade to ward off evil spirits and protect against bad luck. Its unique chemical composition gives it a range of colors, including white, green, and black.

Jade Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Jade brings balance and harmony into your life. It is a stone of luck, abundance, and protection. It attracts good fortune and helps you manifest your dreams into reality. Using Jade reduces stress, anxiety, and depression while promoting emotional balance.

Associated with the planet Venus, representing love, beauty, harmony, and creativity, Jade is the ideal crystal for those looking to attract more love into their lives or enhance their creative pursuits. You can also use it to promote self-love and acceptance and help you connect with your higher self.

Jade is associated with the element of Earth, which makes it a grounding stone that helps you stay connected to your physical body while still being able to access higher spiritual realms. It can help you stay rooted in reality while allowing you to explore new life possibilities. 

In feng shui, Jade brings luck, prosperity, and protection into your home or workspace. You can use it in various ways, such as placing it near entrances or windowsills or wearing it as jewelry to attract positive energy into your life.

Jade Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Jade brings balance and harmony into your life, helping to create a sense of peace and well-being.
  • Wear Jade jewelry anywhere on the body for balance and peace.


  • Using Jade attracts abundance and prosperity into your life, helping you to manifest wealth and success.
  • Place a Jade crystal in your pocket or purse to increase your income.


  • Working with Jade clears the mind of negative thoughts and emotions, allowing for greater clarity of thought and decision-making.
  • Meditate with Jade on your forehead to clear your mind of mental fog and useless thoughts, inviting a clean mind space.


  • Using Jade helps ground you in the present moment, allowing you to stay focused on what matters most without getting distracted by external influences or worries about the future. 
  • Wear a Jade necklace that rests on your Heart Chakra to balance and ground erratic emotions.


  • Jade stimulates creativity and inspires new ideas, helping you find solutions for complex problems or develop innovative projects that benefit others.
  • Place Jade near your work or creative space to increase your output and innovative ideas.

Jade Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A person doing yoga for spiritual growth and development


  • As a protective stone, Jade protects you from physical and emotional harm.
  • It can be worn as a necklace or bracelet or placed in a pocket or purse to provide protection.

Emotional Healing

  • You can use Jade for emotional healing, as it provides comfort during grief or stress.
  • Bathe with a few Jade crystals to allow them to absorb emotional excess and blockage from your aura. 

Love and Compassion

  • Jade attracts love into your life, helping you find your soulmate or deepen existing relationships.
  • Wear a Jade necklace, ring, or bracelet to help strengthen a sense of understanding and love in your relationships. 


  • Having Jade around you enhances intuition and psychic abilities, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom more easily.
  • Place Jade on a crystal grid with Amethyst, Selenite, and Clear Quartz for 28 days to increase your awareness and intuition.

Spiritual Growth

  • Working with Jade aids spiritual growth by connecting you with higher realms of consciousness and guiding you on your spiritual journey toward enlightenment.
  • Meditate with Jade in your palm to gain spiritual insight and extend your awareness.

Jade Side Effects

  • Increased Energy: Using Jade increases your energy levels, so finding a healthy outlet for all your additional energy is vital when working with this stone.
  • Increased Awareness: Working with Jade can cause you to release old beliefs and form new ones based on new insights, which can be confusing initially.

Jade Meaning: What Does Jade Symbolize?

calm woman meditating by the river

The meaning of Jade is “Stone of the flank.” 

The name Jade originates from the Spanish phrase piedra de ijada, meaning “stone of the flank,” referring to the belief that Jade crystals were believed to cure kidney and abdominal ailments. 

It is the stone of heaven or the rock of eternity because it never fades or changes color over time. In some cultures, it is a symbol of love or fertility because it increases fertility in the women who wear it.

Jade helps with mental health by calming emotions and reducing stress levels. Jade can also help with spiritual growth by providing insight into your life purpose and helping you connect with your higher self.

Wearing Jade can help attract wealth and abundance while protecting you from negative energies or environmental influences.

Working with Jade can help improve relationships by bringing harmony between two people. Wearing Jade can help promote emotional balance by calming emotions, such as anger or fear, while also promoting feelings of joy and contentment within oneself.

Varieties of Jade

  • Nephrite: A variety of Jade that has a deep blue color. It brings peace, harmony, and balance.
  • Jadeite: Jadeite is a mineral composed of sodium and aluminum silicate. It has an intense green color and is Jade’s rarest and most valuable form. It can strengthen and cleanse the Heart Chakra.
  • Yellow Jade: Yellow Jade is a variety of Jade that ranges from light to golden yellow. It brings luck, prosperity, and good health.
  • Black Jade: Black Jade ranges from dark gray to black. It brings protection and strength.
  • Pink Jade: Pink Jade ranges from pale pink to deep pink. It brings love, compassion, and healing energy.
  • Orange Jade: Orange Jade ranges from light orange to deep orange bringing joy, creativity, and enthusiasm. 
  • Brown Jade: Brown Jade varies from light brown to dark brown. It brings stability, grounding energy, and wisdom.
  • White Jade or Mutton Fat Jade: White Jade is a variety that ranges from white to off-white with flecks of green or black. It brings clarity and purity of thought, and protection against negative energies.
  • Lavender Jade or Xiuyan Jade or Jade Serpentine: Lavender Jade, Xiuyan Jade, or Jade Serpentine are varieties of Jade that range from pale lavender/purple/pinkish hues with flecks of green throughout it. They bring spiritual growth and enlightenment.
  • Polar Jade: Polar Jade is a variety found only in the Arctic regions, near the North Pole. It has unique patterns due to the extreme cold temperatures it was exposed to during formation occurring in shades ranging from white/gray/blue/green/black, with unique patterns. It brings balance, peace, calmness, and clarity.
  • Guatemalan Jade: Guatemalan Jade, also known as Guatemalan Greenstone, is an opaque form of chalcedony found only in Guatemala, which has unique patterns due to the volcanic activity it was exposed to. It occurs in shades ranging from green to brown to black, with unique patterns. It brings strength, stability, and grounding.
  • Blue Jade: Blue Jade is usually a light to medium blue color. It works wonders in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Maw-sit-sit: Maw-sit-sit is a type of Jade found in Myanmar and China. It has a unique greenish-black color with yellow, red, and white dots. This variety increases creativity.
  • Mariposite: Mariposite has a bright green color with flecks of white or yellow. It helps to strengthen the Heart Chakra.
  • Dushan Jade: Dushan Jade is found in China. It is olive green with flecks of black, white, and yellow. This variety helps to balance emotions.
  • Ink Jade: Ink Jade has an intense black color with flecks of white or gray. This variety increases spiritual awareness and growth.
  • Ice Jade: Ice Jade has an icy blue or gray color with flecks of white or yellow. It helps its wearer release negative energy.
  • Moss/Snow Jade: Moss/Snow Jade has an olive green or grayish-white color with flecks of black, brown, or yellow. It stimulates creativity.
  • Pounamu or New Zealand Jade: Pounamu Jade is a type of Jade found only in New Zealand. It is intensely green with black, brown, or yellow dots. It enhances wisdom and intelligence.
  • Siberian Jade: Siberian Jade is found only in Siberia. It is intensely green with black, brown, or yellow dots. This variety helps increase independence and confidence. 
  • Jade with Serpentine: This variety combines Serpentine and Jade. It aids introspection and self-reflection.
  • Jade with Chlorite: This variety contains Chlorite and Jade. They work wonders together in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Jade with Albite: When Jade grows with Albite, we get Jade with Albite. This variety helps with focus and mental clarity.

How To Cleanse Jade?

natural green jade in water

  • Water – Fill a bowl with cold, clean water. Place the Jade in the bowl and let it soak for at least 15 minutes.
  • Moonlight – Place the Jade on a windowsill or balcony, exposing it to the light of the Full Moon. Leave it there overnight, allowing the Jade to bathe in the moon’s gentle energy.
  • Candlelight – Place the Jade on a flat surface and light a white or green candle. Hold the Jade in your hands and focus on your intention to cleanse it. Visualize the light from the candle washing away any negative energy in the stone. Read more about how to cleanse Jade crystals here.

Questions and Answers

Is Jade worth a lot of money?

Jade’s value depends on the quality and type. The most valuable variety is Imperial Jade, which can be worth thousands or millions of dollars per carat.

Why do Asians wear Jade?

Jade is a symbol of good luck and prosperity in many Asian cultures. Asians believe it brings positive energy, protection, and balance.

Does real Jade glow in the dark?

No, authentic Jade does not glow in the dark. Learn the difference between real Jade and fake Jade here.

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