18 Crystals for Grief and Loss: Spiritual Healing Aide

  1. Smoky Quartz
  2. Black Obsidian
  3. Moonstone
  4. Sunstone
  5. Carnelian
  6. Amber
  7. Yellow Topaz
  8. Jade
  9. Rose Quartz
  10. Rhodochrosite 
  11. Emerald
  12. Malachite
  13. Aquamarine
  14. Blue Chalcedony
  15. Amethyst
  16. Sugilite
  17. White Howlite
  18. Angelite
  19. Selenite

Crystal healing is an amazing pathway for anyone wanting to alleviate stress and disease, overcome lingering ailments, and find deeper balance and inner harmony. Crystals have their own electromagnetic energy fields, each with their unique set of healing properties, specific to the crystal type/species. 

When you hold, work with, or meditate with a crystal, you absorb and receive the crystal’s healing powers. Crystals for grief work on the psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual planes. 

Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz isolated on a white background
  • Smoky Quartz is the ultimate healing stone for grief because it transmutes tricky emotions and negativity energy. 
  • Smoky Quartz promotes calmness, serenity, a positive mindset, protection, and detoxification. It is known as a stone of purification, shining a light on heavy and repressed emotions so that you can find the light within.
  • Smoky Quartz is also one of the crystals for remembrance, as it works directly on the shadow self – your shadow personality traits that are usually repressed, denied, or rejected.
  • In this sense, this powerful Root Chakra crystal lifts depression, enhances psychic gifts, and gives you an emotional and psychological boost. 

Black Obsidian

raw obsidian on white background
  • Black Obsidian is another Root Chakra healing stone for grief. It has a beautifully soothing and transformative energy that sparks purification and manifestation gifts.
  • Black Obsidian protects and enhances truth simultaneously, which signifies that you can get to the root of imbalances, manipulations, and mistruths. You are able to see clarity and further find peace and inner contentment. 
  • As one of the best stones to soothe grief, it protects you from psychic attack and harmful energies coming from external sources. Black Obsidian decreases emotional blockages and trauma. 


moonstone on a white background
  • Moonstone is one of the best stones for grief and loss due to its calming, soothing, and balancing effect. Moonstone is the best crystal for your Sacral Chakra, the center of emotions and interpersonal connections. 
  • Happiness, good fortune, nurturing, caring, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, healing, emotional balance, inner harmony, and spiritual perception are part of Moonstone’s healing properties.
  • Moonstone embodies a strong feminine/gentle energy that aims to stabilize and harmonize your moods. It can provide hope and instill wisdom while helping you see the light in times of difficulty. 
  • Moonstone is also one of the crystals for grief of a pet. You can work with Moonstone to overcome any emotional pain, trauma, or loss. 


polished sunstone on a white background
  • Sunstone promotes romance, liberation, wisdom, truth, and intuition. Sunstone aims to alleviate sexual and emotional blocks, further amplifying sensuality and self-care.
  • Sunstone is an excellent healing stone for grief and painful emotions because it promotes a sunny, optimistic disposition.
  • Sunstone guides you toward sexual independence and sovereignty, which incorporates a genuine desire to go deep within to examine past sexual wounds, pain, trauma, blocks, fears of intimacy, etc. 
  • Confidence, self-esteem, and instincts are increased with Sunstone, and in your motivation to align with positivity, you naturally seek to overcome suffering. 
  • Sunstone is a natural antidepressant, in metaphysical terms, that stimulates self-empowerment and enthusiasm. 


polished carnelian on white background
  • A powerful healing stone for grief, Carnelian is also for the Sacral Chakra. Carnelian helps to calm rage, resentment, blocks to intimacy, and fears surrounding both platonic and sexual connection.
  • Carnelian is the ultimate emotional balancer. This grief crystal promotes sociability, warmth, friendliness, harmony, courage, happiness, self-esteem, and creative self-expression.
  • Carnelian is one of the best grief relieving stones for encouraging personal rebirth and transformation. This signifies looking to your past for inspiration and hope in/for your future. 
  • Carnelian helps you to refind your artistic or creative spark. You can get in tune with imaginative and creative gifts, and then express them with passion, zest, and excitement! 
  • Carnelian assists in overcoming depression, lethargy, a lack of motivation, and apathy. It restores all the qualities and talents that tend to diminish through grief and loss. 


amber crystal on a white background
  • Amber can be used for your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Its healing properties include purification, calmness, balance, patience, virtue, joy, luck, and strength.
  • Amber is ideal for releasing negative thoughts and emotions, and transitioning to a more optimistic outlook on life. Cleansing, self-protection, and alleviating stress are all part of Amber’s healing properties.
  • Amber aids in balancing the mind, body, and spirit. This sparks wholeness, integration, and self-renewal. A positive and integrated mindset is needed for healing from grief. 

Yellow Topaz

yellow topaz on a white background..
  • As one of the best stones to soothe grief for your Solar Plexus Chakra, Yellow Topaz should be your “go-to.” 
  • If you need to release trapped energy from your Solar Plexus (i.e. if you feel events leading to grief, pain, and loss have led to diminished passion and purpose), Yellow Topaz is the best grief stone for you.
  • Yellow Topaz resparks self-esteem, confidence, charisma, self-empowerment, passion, and your sense of purpose. It activates your inner voice and intuition so that you feel guided to follow your heart’s joys and desires, even after a long or painful experience of grief and suffering. 
  • Yellow Topaz is effective in restoring faith, optimism, good health, fortune, and considerable luck. 


polished jade on a white background
  • Jade is the best crystal for grief for alleviating blocks and imbalances in your Heart Chakra. Jade emits powerful healing vibrations, increasing self-love, tolerance, empathy, and serenity.
  • Jade is known as the stone of tranquility. This pale to emerald-green crystal helps you to see things with fresh eyes and perspectives. It sparks purification, clear thinking, and inner peace. 
  • Jade enhances wisdom, practicality, stability, harmony, and moderation, meaning you are less likely to fall into extremes, which includes the highs and lows of grief. 
  • There’s a real-world rooted reason for the well-known saying, “They are the least jaded person I know.” To be jaded is to be in a state of boredom or restlessness (including unenthusiasm) from too much joy, pleasure, etc. 
  • Jade restores optimism, joy, and enthusiasm in a grounded, balanced, and serene way.  

Rose Quartz

rose quartz on white background
  • Rose Quartz is equally one of the best stones to soothe grief for your Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz amplifies self-love, nurturing, kindness, caring, empathy, sensitivity, and romance.
  • It helps to increase your capacity to feel unconditional love and universal compassion. Rose Quartz promotes friendship, forgiveness, healing, platonic intimacy, and harmony.
  • Rose Quartz is the ultimate grief stone for restoring trust, in yourself and others. Grief experiences that have led to a loss of trust and understanding can be overcome as empathy and self-awareness are enhanced. 
  • This is a deeply feminine and nurturing gemstone that allows you to experience the power of self-love and forgiveness. 


polished Rhodochrosite on a white background
  • Rhodochrosite is similar to Rose Quartz, only it has the additional healing qualities of balancing and integrating physical and spiritual energies.
  • As a stone for the heart, this unique pink-rose or pinkish-red stone harmonizes grounded and practical love with ideal love. 
  • Rhodochrosite energizes the soul and stimulates healing energies, while enabling you to see multiple perspectives. It enhances passion while soothing you, not allowing you to get too over-excited at your new-found sense of inspiration and optimism.
  • A cheerful outlook can be developed with longevity, so this is an excellent grief-soothing crystal for long-term and realistic recovery. 


emerald crystals on white background
  • As a healing stone for grief, Emerald enhances love, intuition, romance, joy, serenity, intelligence, truth, and clear vision. 
  • Emerald sparks creativity and remembrance, making it one of the more potent crystals for remembrance. Past life recall is possible due to the healing effects of clairvoyance, psychic impressions, and subtle perception.
  • Not only does Emerald awaken psychic and seer-like gifts, but it also provides emotional balancing and inner cleansing. This combination of healing properties awakens truth, memory, and higher awareness on deep and profound levels.
  • Additionally, Emerald is known as the stone of successful love, so it is excellent for grief and loss in friendship, romantic partnerships, business, and family bonds. 


polished malachite on white background
  • Malachite is a powerful cleansing, balancing, and activating stone that awakens self-healing. Transformation, understanding, wisdom, tolerance, and patience are increased and integrated through Malachite’s healing properties.
  • Malachite further aids in self-protection shielding you from negative, harmful, and destructive energies, which can signify either psychic attack – the negative/harmful projections and intentions of others – and electromagnetic pollution.
  • Any type of negative energy that calls for self-protection and shielding is not good for healing and recovering from grief. You need to possess clear vision and sight. As the stone of transformation, Malachite is perfect for assisting you in your pursuits. 


aquamarine on white background
  • Aquamarine is without a doubt the best crystal for grief for the Throat Chakra, and so for healing expression and communication issues. 
  • Aquamarine has such powerful healing properties that even looking at this majestic gemstone can spark healing and insight! Aquamarine soothes, cleanses, aligns, harmonizes, and balances. 
  • Aquamarine amplifies meditation, serenity, inspiration, prophecy, higher wisdom, tranquility, calm, intuition, and psychic abilities. It promotes inner power and strength while aligning you with clairvoyant and extrasensory gifts.
  • Aquamarine is ideal for sensitive people, empaths, and those who tend to be hyper-emotional or prone to illusions. This grief-reducing crystal calms the nerves while encouraging clear sight and vision, allowing you to overcome confusion. 
  • Aquamarine shields, balances, and brings unity to your chakras. 

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony on white background
  • Similar to Aquamarine, Blue Chalcedony is ideal for instilling feelings of self-nurturance, emotional balance, harmony, clarity, mental perception, generosity, and friendliness.
  • Blue Chalcedony has a holistic effect, as it works on many planes and dimensions. It can be used to restore harmony to your emotional, mental/psychological, physical, and spiritual bodies!
  • Blue Chalcedony increases good will, charity, and compassion. At the same time, it eases feelings of doubt, insecurity, and low self-esteem, making it great for reconnecting with others and reestablishing a sense of community. 


Isolated Amethyst crystal on a white background
  • Amethyst for grief is one of the main crystals to use for your Third Eye Chakra. All of Amethyst’s main healing powers can be used to restore clear sight, perception, and vision.
  • Calmness, inner peace, higher perspectives, self-awareness, intuition, and spiritual wisdom are included. 
  • Amethyst creates internal shifts leading to self-growth and spiritual awareness. 
  • As a psychic-enhancing stone, this majestic purple crystal increases nobility and integrity, so it’s perfect for regaining clarity, truth, and fair judgment over a situation. 


sugilite stone on a white background
  • Sugilite is another Third Eye healing stone for grief. Sugilite assists you in seeing clearly and logically while remaining connected to spiritual sight and perception.
  • Sugilite is actually used in crystal healing as a stone for alleviating sorrow, grief, and fear. It’s ideal for positive thinking, connecting to a higher awareness, and seeing past and through illusions. 
  • If you’ve been struggling with clouded judgment, Sugilite is the grief stone for you. 

White Howlite

howlite on white background
  • White Howlite is a lesser known stone for grief, but it’s a powerful one all the same. White Howlite promotes inspiration, channeling, and self-expression on the highest of planes.
  • It is linked to the Crown Chakra and can therefore be used to remove its blocks. White Howlite is the ideal grief stone for insomnia, an overactive mind, self-doubt, pessimistic thinking, and depression. 
  • Social anxiety can also be reduced and overcome with White Howlite. This unique crystal activates creative gifts, talents, and inspiration. It’s one of the crystals for remembrance because it sparks creative vision in ingenious ways. 


angelite stone on a white background
  • Angelite is one of the best stones for grief and loss for your higher chakras. It increases self-awareness, intuition, spiritual insight, and inner guidance.
  • Angelite awakens your inner voice and ability to speak your truth while connecting you with the angelic realm and calling on your spirit guides. 
  • Angelite’s other name is Angel Stone, and it’s one of the few stones for angelic and divine contact. It’s highly effective for overcoming grief and loss through asking for divine assistance. 


selenite cube on a white background
  • One of the best stones to soothe grief is Selenite, the serenity-inducing Crown Chakra gemstone for peace and purification.
  • Healing qualities include universal consciousness, meditation, universal love, integrity, forgiveness, and alignment with your higher self. Selenite is the ultimate calm and peace instiller. 


1. What chakra holds grief?

Primarily, the lower chakras, the Root and Sacral. 

2. How do I know when crystal healing has worked?

You will begin to feel a tingling sensation within, or a feeling of becoming lighter and cleansed.

3. Can crystals cure grief?

A Crystal therapist will never claim to cure grief. Symptoms of grief can be alleviated, balanced, and reduced, however.

4. Can I use more than one crystal together?

Yes, most crystals go well together. All of the grief crystals can be used together for the best results. 

5. Do I have to be an empath or spiritual person to use crystals?

Absolutely not! Crystal healing is for everyone. All you need is an open mind.

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