(soo - gah - lite)
Main Origins:
Japan, Canada, and South Africa.

What is Sugilite?

A person holding a sugilite necklace

Did you know that Sugilite was named in 1976, yet it was discovered in 1944? The name Sugilite comes from its discoverer, Ken Ichi Sugi, the geologist who found the crystal on an island in Shikoku, Japan. 

Sugilite is a unique silicate mineral from the depths of South African manganese mines. It contains other minerals, like lithium, sodium, potassium, iron, and aluminum, to produce unique colors.

Grape Jelly crystal helps to balance emotions and protect your spirit from toxic blocks in the chakras. Sugilite also grew popular in the early 21st Century as the ultimate love crystal.

Sugilite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Sugilite is one of the high-vibration crystals that open the Crown Chakra. Because of the different colors that Sugilite shows up in, it opens all the other primary chakras. 

White Sugilite opens the Third Eye for intuition, Blue Sugilite on the Throat for expression, Pink Sugilite on the Heart for love, Orange Sugilite on the Sacral for power, Yellow Sugilite on the Solar Plexus for luck, and Red Sugilite on the Root for balance. 

Did you know that Sugilite also opens the Soul Star Chakra? It’s the 8th chakra located outside the body and six inches above the head. The Soul Star Chakra is responsible for spirit communication, dream work, and cosmic awareness. 

Some of the metaphysical benefits of using Sugilite also come from its ruling Gods – Juno (Roman Goddess of Women), Vac (Hindu Goddess of Words), Minerva (Greek Goddess of Protection), Sophia (Greek Goddess of Wisdom), Al-Uzza (Islamic Goddess of War and Love), and Bacchus (Roman God of Wine and Pleasure).

A Sugilite healing crystal awakens multiple natural elements like Air, Water, Fire, and Ether. You can activate it in several ways for Sugilite benefits.

Sugilite Healing Properties and Benefits

Clears Toxic Energies and Blockages

  • Did you know that Sugilite is known as the healer’s stone? That’s because Sugilite alleviates problems with the brain, heart, and lower body organs. 
  • You can use Sugilite wands to clear toxic energies. Aim the Sugilite wand at your chakra points to clear blockages. 

Self-Care and Support

  • Often used for chakra therapy, lower chakra Sugilites are good for finding your authentic self during challenges. Go for Red, Yellow, Pink, or Brown Sugilite if self-care is your aim. 
  • The best way to activate Sugilite for support is by activating it with water. You can hold the crystal under tap water for a few seconds then pat it dry before use.

Peace and Love

  • Did you know that Sugilite spreads harmony? Besides clearing blockages, negativity, and evil energies, Sugilite manifests peace, oneness, love, and support. 
  • The best way to use Sugilite for love is by keeping it in the eastern or western feng shui directions. Remember to charge the crystal before setting it. Here’s the guide on how to charge your crystals.

Passion and Vigor

  • Sugilite is often lauded for its higher powers but is seldom recognized for passion, libido, and drive. Programming Sugilite can help you sever toxic people, bad Karma, and negative thoughts. 
  • Make a crystal elixir by indirectly infusing its energies into a glass of water. Read more about how to make gem elixirs here.

Emotional Balance and Healing

  • Sugilite helps you connect with people, places, and nature by enhancing your emotional intelligence. It helps you move on from traumatic incidents by opening the Crown Chakra. 
  • Using Sugilite to heal emotional scars is best activated with sound. Hold the Sugilite in your right palm, close your eyes, and chant the seed mantra AUM for a few minutes.

Sugilite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A crystal grid of crystals on the floor

Luck and Good Fortune

  • Did you know that Sugilite is good for awakening dormant talents? By activating the stone and carrying it with you, Sugilite will pull prosperity and success into your life due to Jupiter and Mercury.
  • The best way to activate Sugilite for good luck is by meditating with the crystal. Hold the crystal in your palms, close your eyes, and visualize the crystal clearing the hurdles in your path. 

Manifesting Your Intention

  • Sugilite is one manifestation crystal that amplifies other crystals, intentions, and thoughts. Praying or wishing while holding onto it sends your intentions into the universe’s heart.
  • It’s best to activate Sugilite for manifestation by setting a Crystal Grid. You can add Sugilite to the center of the grid so that it channels your intentions and manifests them.

Sixth Sense and Intuition

  • Because Sugilite taps into your psychic abilities and powers, it’s popular for invoking a sense of foresight, deja vu, or ESP. You might feel like you can see the future or predict it after activating it. 
  • Lie on a yoga mat and place the Sugilite crystal on your forehead. Take deep breaths and chant, “I am awake” or “I see everything.” Repeat it for 5 to 10 minutes (~1000 times). 

Lucid Dreaming and Angelic Communication

  • Sugilite is a rare cyclosilicate mineral that activates all the higher chakras. They trigger psychic vision and spirit contact by turning the wearer into a medium. 
  • The best way to activate Sugilite for lucid dreaming and spirit communication is by soaking it overnight in Full Moon energies. You can wear or sleep with Sugilite under the pillow after this. 

Karmic Therapy

  • Because Sugilite opens the Soul Star Chakra, it lets you access the Akashic Records. This is where you’ll find ways to do penance for your Karmic debts from past lives. 
  • Karmic therapy is unique for everyone. Activate your Sugilite with breathwork, meditation, singing bowls, and aromatherapy to find guidance on Karmic therapy.

Sugilite Side Effects

  • Exhaustion: Being a high-vibration crystal, beginners may feel drained or exhausted after using Sugilite for a long while. 
  • Disturbed Sleep: Another bittersweet property of Sugilite is psychic visions that jolt you awake or stop sleeping for days.

Sugilite Meaning: What Does Sugilite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Sugilite is spiritual love. 

Famed as the stone of Archangel Michael, Sugilite also stands for personal growth, inner love, empathy, oneness, universal connection, and wisdom. It’s filled with boundless positivity that can calm, protect, and strengthen you against negative energies. 

Did you know that Sugilite is also called the stone of spiritual wisdom? Bonding with a Sugilite illuminates the mind by activating your higher chakras.

Varieties of Sugilite

  • Purple Sugilite: The common variety, called Adabele Sugilite or African Sugilite, this type of Sugilite shows vivid violet and purple colors. It’s great for manifestation, knowledge, and patience. 
  • White Sugilite: Seen in brown, yellow, gray, black, and white colors, this type of Sugilite opens the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. Use it for divination, peace, harmony, and the sixth sense. 
  • Pink Sugilite: This is the ultimate Sugilite variety for spiritual love. It awakens the Heart Chakra beside the higher chakras. You can use it as a crystal for attracting true love, creating self-care routines, and connecting with your reality. 
  • Violet Sugilite: The indigo-violet color of Sugilite resonates with the higher chakras, like the Crown and Third Eye. This type of Sugilite attracts inner power, personal growth, and cosmic awareness. 
  • Black Sugilite: The ultimate Sugilite variety for protection, Black Sugilite grounds you by connecting you to Mother Gaia. This variety is dark purple with purple, gray, or violet bands. 
  • Yellow Sugilite: Resembling Yellow Unakite crystals, this type of Sugilite has a rare mix of olive, mustard, and moss green, yellow, red, and orange colors. It’s excellent for luck, success, and good fortune by opening the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Blue Sugilite: With an indigo shade and bands of purple, white, and violet, this variety of Sugilite is a Third Eye Chakra crystal. It activates psychic abilities, like clairvision, intuition, and angelic communication.
  • Red Sugilite: A mix of red, maroon, pink, violet, and purple colors, the red variety of Sugilite opens multiple chakras, from the Root to the Crown. It’s also an amplifying stone.
  • Brown Sugilite: This is a type of Sugilite with black, gray, purple, red, and olive colors besides brown. It’s good for grounding, protection, and intuition. 
  • Gel Sugilite: This variety is the reason why Sugilite is called Grape Jelly Crystal. You’ll notice a translucent appearance with see-through blue, green, and purple colors. It’s excellent for manifestation, dream work, and psychic abilities. 
  • Multicolor Sugilite: The rarest of the rare Sugilite variety, Multicolor Sugilite shows up with bright red, orange, yellow, blue, violet, purple, gray, white, and olive colors. It’s good for multi-chakra alignment.

How To Cleanse Sugilite?

An aroma lamp and candles on the table

  • Water – As one of the ruling elements of Sugilite crystal, you can use lukewarm water for a quick cleanse. Hold the crystal under tap water for 10 to 20 seconds. 
  • Fire – As Sugilite is also powered by the element of fire (feng shui), you can cleanse or charge with a lit candle. Hold your crystal at a safe distance in front of the flame for 20 to 60 seconds. 
  • Aromatherapy – Another ruling element of Sugilite is Air, making Aromatherapy a good way to deep cleanse it.

Questions and Answers

Can Sugilite go in the water?

Yes, Sugilite crystals are safe in the water, even for up to 30 minutes soak. It’s good to use water for rinsing your Sugilite every few weeks and cleansing it before use.

Can Sugilite go in the sun?

Yes, you can cleanse or charge Sugilite in the sun for five minutes

Some crystal users recommend keeping Sugilite away from the sun to prevent draining out, but it is okay to sun charge it for aura cleansing.

Does Sugilite change color?

Yes, Sugilite crystals show red to pink colors in the same stone. This is due to pleochroism, an optical illusion where you see different colors when you look at the crystal from different angles. 

Read more about pleochroism in this article on color-changing crystals.

How can you identify a real Sugilite from a fake?

The best way to detect a real Sugilite from a fake one is by its color. If your crystal shows clear black veins or dull colors, like purple, blue, or violet, it’s not real Sugilite. The last sign is fake Sugilite often retails for a cheaper price tag.

Who shouldn’t wear Sugilite?

Sugilite is best for the zodiac sign Virgo. It’s bad for Taurus, due to conflicting ruling planets. It’s better to avoid wearing Sugilite to avoid exhaustion if you’re a Taurus.

Where to keep Sugilite in your house?

The best directions for Sugilite feng shui are the east and west. Both bring harmony, luck, love, growth, and oneness.

Which hand to wear Sugilite?

Sugilite must be worn on the left hand to amplify intentions, strengths, and conviction, regardless of your dominant side.

Is Sugilite a protective stone?

Yes, Sugilite is a higher chakra stone that builds an invincible protection ring around your aura or biofield. You can bury it in the four corners of your home to protect your family.

What is Sugilite worth?

While Sugilite is a rare stone, it retails for $3 per carat for medium-grade crystals. Top-grade Sugilite crystals cost $6 per carat.

How do you clean Sugilite?

The best way to clean Sugilite is with warm water and fragrance-free soap. It’s good to wash Sugilite once a month to keep the crystal looking vibrant sans dust.

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