Best Crystals for Divination, Healing, and Physical Awareness

  1. Amethyst Pendulum Crystals for Healing and Divination
  2. Black Obsidian Mirror for Scrying 
  3. Apatite Crystals for Intuition 
  4. Iolite for Clairvoyance 
  5. Azurite crystals in a Bottle for Divination
  6. Herkimer Diamond Crystals for Divination
  7. Sodalite Crystals for Tarot Reading 
  8. Amazonite crystals for Divination with Ghosts
  9. Lapis Lazuli for Spirit Communication 
  10. Angelite Crystals for Astral Projection 
  11. Clear Quartz for Protection and Clarity 
  12. Kyanite Crystals for Divination and Psychic Awareness
  13. Serpentine for Angelic Guidance 
  14. Labradorite Crystals for Psychic Abilities 
  15. In A Nutshell 

Seers have used stones and crystals to foretell future events. It’s called lithomancy. The legend has it that Helenus used this ritual to predict the fall of Troy.  Some crystals can stimulate your psychic abilities and awareness. What are the best crystals for divination? Can you use crystals for healing and astral projection? How can you use them? 

The best crystals for divination are apatite, iolite, azurite, sodalite, and amethyst. Some are great for clairvoyance, intuition, astral projection, spirit communication, or protection. You can use them in crystal grids, energy rituals, and physical healing.

Here’s how to use specific crystals and methods to use them for divination. 

Amethyst Pendulum Crystals for Healing and Divination

Amethyst Pendulum Crystals on a blurred background

Crystal pendulums are devices for transcribing questions about the universe’s past, present, or future. Because amethyst is a higher chakra crystal, it can connect your crown chakra to the soul star or earth star chakras (minor chakras outside the body). 

Black Obsidian Mirror for Scrying 

Black obsidian mirror on a white background

Scrying is the technique of peeking into other realms than the living. You can do so expertly with age-old black obsidian mirrors. 

To do so, stare into the mirror at eye level on a new moon and meditate on your purpose. The scrying mirror will show your spiritual destiny and enhance your psychic powers. 

Fun Fact: The upcoming supermoon night in August is the last of the year and perfect for observing the entire astral plane. 

Apatite Crystals for Intuition 

Apatite on a white background

Apatite is one of the sacred crystals used on altars by shamans and healers. It invokes healing energies from your throat, crown, and third eye chakras. 

Use apatite if you’re ready to awaken your psychic powers of intuition. This is the stone that connects your consciousness to the higher realms. 

Iolite for Clairvoyance 

iolite on a white background

Do you know about the power of clairvoyance and clairvision? They’re abilities to see things before they occur. Iolite is the best crystal for helping you with clairvoyance. It works by stimulating your third eye and crown to bring out your dormant divination skills. 

Azurite crystals in a Bottle for Divination

azurite chunk on a white background

A third-eye chakra crystal, azurite is often used for making gem elixirs and infusions for physical healing and energy readings. 

Soaking azurite crystals in a water bottle is excellent for making an elixir. You can consume it before doing a divination ritual like crystal gazing or reading tarot cards. It gives you foresight, intuition, and clairvoyance. 

Herkimer Diamond Crystals for Divination

herkimer diamond on a white background

The Herkimer diamond can pave the way to enriching your life with a higher purpose. Get a wand made of Herkimer diamond for dowsing to find out what awaits you in the future and what happened in your past. 

Sodalite Crystals for Tarot Reading 

Sodalite stone on a white background

This is one of the third-eye divination crystals great for insight and calmness. It’s especially good for psychics, healers, and Reiki practitioners. Sodalite bracelets and pyramids help you interpret signals of the universe when kept next to your reading table. 

Amazonite crystals for Divination with Ghosts

amazonite crystal on white background

Amazonite is a fortune-teller’s favorite stone because it opens you to other realms but protects you from the evil presence.

Have you seen those palm-sized amazonite ghost crystal forms? They’re the perfect crystal to carry on you to communicate with the spirit realm of ghosts. 

Lapis Lazuli for Spirit Communication 

lapis lazuli on a white background

Lapis Lazuli is another indigo crystal for finding your tether and guardian angel in the spirit world. Using it for spirit rituals will make it a medium for communicating with our world. Wearing a lapis lazuli pendant gives you psychic abilities to read the minds of people around you. 

Angelite Crystals for Astral Projection 

Angelite stones on a white background

Angelite is a recent crystal discovered in the late 20th century. It’s a crystal renowned for opening simultaneous higher chakras.

Use an angelite wand for Merkaba meditation, astral projection, clairvoyance, or foresight. Place it on top of your head when you want to activate it for divination. 

Clear Quartz for Protection and Clarity 

clear quartz on a white background

This type of quartz is one of the most commonly used quartz crystals ruled by the crown chakra and Goddess Venus. Clear Quartz is typically used for cleansing negativity and bad vibes. You can wear it as an amulet for personal protection during divination rituals. 

Kyanite Crystals for Divination and Psychic Awareness

kyanite chunk on a white background

The ultimate crystal for advanced users, kyanite balances all the chakras in the body at once. It can flush out higher-chakra blocks to help you reclaim intuition and hereditary magic from ancestors. Wearing kyanite is also good for establishing psychic protection.

Serpentine for Angelic Guidance 

polished serpentine on a white background

Are you feeling lost emotionally or spiritually? Connecting with a crown chakra crystal helps you gain spiritual awareness. Serpentine is empowered by the power and strength of the Greek Gorgon Medusa. You can use serpentine to find guidance from spirits and Gods from the other realms. 

Labradorite Crystals for Psychic Abilities 

Labradorite crystals on a white background

Labradorite is considered a brain stimulant and is one of the best crystals for intuition and fortune-telling. Powers of the throat and third-eye chakras activate it. Moreover, a labradorite divination crystal ball can show you the past too. 

In A Nutshell 

Divination might seem like a New Age concept, but sages, witches, and seers have used crystals for centuries to gain knowledge about the unknown. You can find it in Paganism, Witchcraft, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. 

Only now do we know more about their metaphysical healing properties. 

Crystals are powerhouses of energies born inside the earth. But they also draw energies from natural elements like earth, sun, moon, death, birth, air, fire, water, wind, and sky to set intentions. 

You can use them to enhance your psychic powers like intuition, clairvision, clairvoyance, spirit communication, protection, and energy readings. Alternatively, they’re great for bringing luck, success, wisdom, power, and strength. 

For instance, amethyst dowsing pendants are great for clairvision, while iolite is a good option for spirit communication.

So, what crystal will you use for divination?

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