(ap - uh - tahyt)
Main Origins:
Russia, Myanmar, India, Spain, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Norway, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Canada, Morocco, Madagascar, South Africa, Portugal, Germany, and the USA.

What is Apatite?

Apatite mineral stone

Did you know Apatite is found in the human body? It also exists in other vertebrates, in their bones and teeth. 

While Blue Apatite, the most popular variety, shows up in a wide range of colors from pink to brown, red, green, yellow, purple, neon, and colorless.

But what type of stone is Apatite? Apatite is a mineral group, made of phosphate minerals in transparent to translucent clarity.

The three main varieties of Apatites are Hydroxylapatite/Hydroxyapatite, Fluorapatite/Fluorapatite, and Chlorapatite/Chlorapatite, but some of them are whole other mineral groups.

The name Apatite comes from the Greek word apate, meaning “deceit.” It was named thus owing to its similar appearance to several crystals. The name became so popular that the Arctic North, Russia mining region is now named Apatity. 

Apatites have a greasy luster that sometimes resembles a gumdrop. You’ll see it exists in reniform, grainy, acicular, or massive crystals. 

Apatites also show chatoyancy. Cat Eye Apatites are seen in blue, olive-green, and yellow hues. 

Fun Fact: Apatite exists with many crystals, like Vanadinite, Pyromorphite, Calcite, Mimetite, Muscovite, Morganite, and Feldspars.

Apatite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Did you know Apatite amplifies natural energies? Apatite amplifies the energies of your chakras, aura, home, room, space, and crystals. 

Because Apatite exists in several color energies, it balances every major chakra inside the body. Hence, some Apatites might make you intuitive, and others compassionate, confident, wise, healthy, or grounded, depending on their associated colors and chakras.

When it comes to Astrology, Apatite stones are ruled by the planet of intelligence and manifestation, Mercury. It’ll realize your dreams and set your intentions. 

The element of Air rules Apatite, so activating the Apatite stone with breathwork, chanting, positive affirmations, or smudging is best. 

It’s also associated with Water and Earth elements. Perhaps that’s why Apatite honors the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow, Theia; the Greek Messenger God, Iris; the Greek Goddess of Earth, Gaia; the Hindu God of Love, Krishna; the Roman Goddess of Love, Venus; and the Greek Goddess of Chastity, Artemis.

Apatite Healing Properties and Benefits

Anger Management

  • The blue and green varieties of Apatite are tranquilizing, especially during anxiety. They’re also great for patience, optimism, focus, and calmness. 
  • Activate Apatite for anger management by gazing into the crystal for a few minutes before carrying it with you. 


  • Many Apatite varieties in pink, red, green, and brown are good for recognizing your hidden talents and skills. They teach you how to listen, care for, and love yourself.
  • The best way to activate Apatite crystals for self-love is by activating them with healing frequencies or placing one next to a Tibetan singing bowl and playing the bowl for a few minutes.

Strength and Balance

  • Because Apatite is a crucial part of our bones and teeth, it’s good for physical health. Crystal communities and healers suggest giving it to kids, students, and young people. 
  • Before using, charge Apatite crystals with positive affirmations, prayers, or mantras. Here are some affirmations to take inspiration from!


  • Are you scared of your unfulfilled potential? If fatigue, laziness, and boredom get in the way of your productivity, dark-colored Apatites in blue, green, and black can help you.
  • Make an indirect crystal elixir of Apatite and consume it for a few months. Learn how to make DIY crystal gem water easily here.

Intelligence and Empathy

  • Healers and shamans use green, blue, and yellow varieties of Apatite for wisdom, universal connection, and open-mindedness. It’s excellent for nurses, teachers, doctors, and leaders. 
  • Smudging is the best way to program Apatite crystals for intelligence and oneness. Use a sacred herb, like Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Sage, or Lavender.

Apatite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Seer with magic ball performing a ritual for psychic vision and future telling

Psychic Vision

  • Did you know Apatite shows flashes of the future? It’s popular for improving clairvision, clairsentience, and intuition. Go for blue, purple, or white Apatite varieties.
  • You can hold the Apatite crystal in your palms, close your eyes, and visualize the crystal enlightening parts of your brain. You can meditate for as long as your intuition tells you. 

Angelic Communication

  • Mediumship and spirit contact are some uncommon Apatite benefits best for experienced crystal users. Try using dark blue or purple varieties of Apatite for spirit communication.
  • Before using the crystal for your ritual, it’s good to charge Apatite under the light of the Full Moon or New Moon. You can leave a window open and the crystal out of its box for this.


  • Whether you moved into a new home or felt negative energies in your room, it’s good to create a shield with Apatite. The best Apatite colors for this are purple, black, white, blue, and red. 
  • The best way to create a permanent auric protection ring around your home is by burying an Apatite in each corner of the house. You can use flowerpots if you live in an apartment.


  • One reason why Apatite has emerged as a quintessential stone in the New Age is its power to manifest dreams. In short, you can charge Apatite to help you realize your dream home, job, or life.
  • The best way to manifest with Apatite crystal is using a crystal grid. We suggest using blue or purple Apatites as focus stones. But before you set it, charge crystals for the intention.

Astral Travel

  • How well do you know multidimensional travel and reality shifting? While Apatites aren’t always recommended for cosmic voyages, they can protect, guide, and lead you to destiny.
  • Double charge Apatite with the energy of the Sun and the Moon at twilight. Hold the crystal in your palms for a few minutes and visualize your goal. Lastly, place it under the pillow before sleep!

Apatite Side Effects

  • Too Calm: Some varieties of Apatite may make you feel overwhelmingly calm in distress situations. Use a cleansing crystal, like Clear Quartz, to reset the energies in such a case.
  • Vivid Dreams: If you’re experiencing nightmares or searing-bright dreams, Apatite may be the culprit. Take a break from your Apatite for a week or consult an astrologist.

Apatite Meaning: What Does Apatite symbolize?

calm sea waves

The meaning of Apatite crystal is authentic creativity. 

Etymologically, Apatite comes from the word for “deceit.” But traditionally, the blue-green tone of Apatite is closely linked to angelic communication, divination, charisma, success, imagination, and protection.  

Did you know Apatite calms you like beach waves? It’s a tranquilizing stone, like most blue crystals, and opens several high chakras.

Apatite calms your nerves and rouses your spirit by connecting your physical body to the higher realm. It opens many more colors, chakras, and benefits.

Apatite represents luck, self-love, confidence, reality shifting, and commitment in the new age.

Varieties of Apatite

  • Blue Apatite: Also called Moroxite, this is the most popular type of Apatite. It’s excellent for relaxation, spirit contact, divination, and psychic visions. 
  • Madagascar Blue Apatite: A variety of Apatite that shows wide ranges of blue, green, and yellow, it resembles K2 and London Blue Topaz. Use it for tranquility, patience, and balance.
  • Chlorapatite: One of the lesser-known Apatite varieties, Chloroapatite shows brown, pale green, blue, teal, black, and white colors. It’s excellent for mediumship and mental clarity.
  • Asparagus Stone: The transparent green variety of Apatite looks like Asparagus greens. They’re great for success, good fortune, and prosperity.
  • Pink Apatite: This Apatite variety is pale-pink to peach-ish with yellow, brown, white, or green platelike crystals.
  • Green Apatite: A dark green crystal with white, brown, yellow, or black streaks, this type of Apatite is excellent for knowledge and wisdom. It enhances your intellect by awakening your cosmic consciousness. 
  • Black Apatite: Seen in dull black and white colors with yellow, brown, or orange streaks, this Apatite variety works on the Root Chakra. It can help you relax while boosting your courage.
  • Red Apatite: Resembling Ruby or Red Tourmaline, this Apatite variety looks muddy red with a Garnet-like red in rough or sans facets. It may have black, white, or orange streaks and works magic on confidence, courage, and self-expression.
  • Yellow Apatite: This is an Apatite variety showing muddy or dull yellow hues. It’s excellent for harmony, physical health, and positivity.
  • Golden Yellow Apatite: This is a gemmy variety of Apatite that’s transparent with a yellow backdrop and inclusions of a flash of a rainbow, white, or black colors. It looks and works like Citrine while attracting luck, energy, and creativity. 
  • Canary Apatite: Seen in canary yellow tones with bright flashes of white or lime-green, this type of Apatite is excellent for good luck, success, and fortune. It mimics a Yellow Diamond at a glance!
  • Brown Apatite: With a deep red and maroon hue, like Garnet, this Apatite variety shows green, peach, yellow, white, and black streaks. They’re great for grounding, focus, passion, and imagination.
  • Purple Apatite: Showing lavender to lilac shades of purple, this type of Apatite may have white, pink, or colorless tips. It’s excellent for self-love, compassion, comfort, and support in life.
  • Colorless Apatite: A high-vibration crystal, this Apatite variety can purify the strongest negativity in a matter of seconds. Wearing this crystal will prevent evil vibrations from touching you.
  • Peach Apatite: Massive varieties of Apatite are often found in the peach variety, often with Calcite. It’s ideal for goal setting, critical thinking skills, and inner fire. 
  • Neon Apatite: One of the Blue Apatite varieties, this type has a neon flash of blue light that it’s famous for. Use it to boost confidence, courage, and self-esteem.  
  • Collophane: This is the botryoidal form of white Apatite with dark blue, black, or white inclusions. They’re excellent for protection and grounding. 
  • Mangana-Apatite: This Apatite type is rich in Manganese and ideal for wisdom, intelligence, and emotional maturity.
  • Sammite: The Strontian-rich Apatite variety is excellent for psychic vision, astral travel, and divination. It may show yellow, peach, brown, white, black, or brown colors.
  • Staffelite: The botryoidal type of Apatite is named after its origin area of Staffel in Germany. It’s great for focus, memory, and brain power.
  • Stalactitic Apatite: Forming a tower-like structure in gray, black, blue, and green colors, this type of Apatite is good for creativity and productivity. 
  • Carbonate-Apatite: When Carbonates substitute phosphates in Apatites, this variety is born. It’s excellent for deep meditation and introspection.
  • Bi-Color Apatite: Typically seen in blue-green, purple-white/colorless, and blue-colorless varieties, Bi-Color Apatites are pricier than crystals with a single color. Use it for balancing higher and lower chakras simultaneously.
  • Reniform Apatite: The kidney-like appearance of this Apatite is interesting with its range of colors in olive-green, beige, and blue. It’s good for inner healing and emotional balance.
  • Apatite in Muscovite: The brown variety of Apatite, this natural crystal combination is excellent for originality, critical thinking skills, and mental clarity.
  • Apatite with Morganite: A gorgeous Apatite variety in white, blue, green, olive-green, and pink hues, this works wonders in reuniting couples and families. It’s also a good protection stone.
  • Apatite on Feldspar: Often sourced from Morocco, the matrix of this Apatite variety is often opaque with a gold-like appearance. It’s ideal for financial freedom and personal growth.
  • Multi-Mineral: Apatite forms with many other crystals, like Siderite and Chalcopyrite, in all shades of the rainbow. This variety is great for multi-chakra alignment.

How To Cleanse Apatite?

Tibetan singing bowl surrounded by gemstones

  • Incense: You can cleanse Apatite after using it for spiritual rituals by lighting incense and wafting its smoke over the crystal. 
  • Singing Bowl: Keep your Apatite within 5 to 10 inches of your Tibetan bowl. Now, play the bowl and let the sound vibrations cleanse out the negativity stuck in it.
  • Meditation: Hold the Apatite crystal in your palms, close your eyes, and visualize a bright light engulfing and purifying the stone.

Questions and Answers

Is Apatite safe in water?

Yes, Apatite is safe in the water. However, you should avoid soaking it for a long time, as it may remove the color and strength of the crystal.

Can Apatite go in the sun?

Yes, Apatite can go in the sun, but exposing Apatite for prolonged hours to direct or indirect sunlight is unsafe. Also, never leave Apatite out in the sun.

What color Apatite is the most expensive?

The costliest color of Apatite is Blue Brazilian. Apatite crystals in blue-green colors with neon blue, purple, and reddish colors are highly priced, too.

Is Apatite fragile? Does Apatite break easily?

Yes, Apatite is a fragile crystal that can break easily. It’s also very brittle and may dissolve in water with high pH.

Is Apatite rare or common?

Apatite is common in small sizes, while extremely rare in sizes bigger than a carat.

Is Apatite toxic to the touch?

No, Apatite is not toxic or dangerous, unless you ingest or inhale it. Hence, avoid directly infusing it in water. You should also avoid Apatite dust and handling broken pieces of this crystal. Check 105 Dangerous Crystals here.

Does Apatite glow in the dark?

Yes, some Apatite varieties emit light, but many Apatite varieties glow under UV light.

How to take care of Apatite?

Apatite is a fragile crystal that breaks easily, so it’s best not to wear it daily. You should also avoid prolonged exposure to water and sunlight. Lastly, never put Apatite in salt or salt water.

How to identify fake Apatite?

Identifying a real Apatite is easy by the scratch test. While steel knives scratch the crystal, glass doesn’t. Real Apatite crystals are cold to the touch with many colors and never opaque.

Is Apatite a valuable stone?

Apatite crystals cost $5 to $200 per carat based on their color energies, origin, and optical traits.

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