Blue Apatite

(bloo ap - uh - tahyt)
Main Origins:
Russia, Brazil, Pakistan, Canada, Mexico, Madagascar, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan.

What is Blue Apatite?

raw blue apatite crystals

Blue Apatite is a phosphate mineral that may be smooth, rough, transparent, translucent, or opaque with a glassy luster. Did you know Blue Apatite gets its blue from traces of iron? 

Because Apatite is available in several colors, geologists say it was mistaken for several other crystals. The discovery of the variety is attributed to different mineralogists, but mostly to the German mineralogist in the late 18th century who called it bleicherz or apatite bleu.

Many ancient cultures, like the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians, made jewelry and amulets with Blue Apatite. It was even used in the Middle Ages to decorate the walls of churches and temples.

Depending on the variety, Blue Apatites may fluoresce, show a cat-eye effect, and form geodes, nodules, or clusters. It’s the stone of manifestation and higher powers. 

Have you heard Blue Apatite was used in the lost city of Atlantis? Legends say it helped Atlanteans activate their psychic powers and manifest at will. 

Blue Apatite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Blue Apatite generally opens the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras, but if your variety shows green, orange, and black, don’t be startled. Blue Apatites also open the Heart, Sacral, and Root Chakras

Did you know Mercury rules Blue Apatite in astrology? It’s the planet responsible for communication skills and creativity. The crystal attracts success, growth, and agility due to its associations with the numerical vibration of 9. 

Other Blue Apatite benefits are from the Gods who rule it. They are Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth; Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge; Krishna, the Hindu God of Love; and Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. 

Blue Apatite Healing Properties and Benefits

Communication and Clarity

  • The metaphysical benefits of the Third Eye and Throat Chakras are why Blue Apatite brings clarity and confidence in expressing your ideas. It’s excellent for those in leadership positions.
  • The best way to activate Blue Apatite for mental clarity and communication skills is by charging it with positive affirmations. For this, hold the crystal in your palm and chant into it. 


  • Blue Apatite crystals are great for calming down anxious thoughts and triggers. Did you know they’re often used for managing anger
  • To relax your mind, body, and spirit, hold on to a Blue Apatite palm stone during times of worry. For the best results, charge it overnight with moonlight energies.


  • Did you know Blue Apatite is called the stone of inspiration? The crystal enhances your brain power, originality, and critical thinking skills. 
  • You can carry it on your dominant side to keep your mind filled with new ideas. The best way to charge Blue Apatite for creativity is fire energy. Light a candle and hold the crystal in front of it for a few minutes for this.

Tests and Exams

  • For students feeling low on confidence, charm, or memory skills, Blue Apatite in the left pocket can help greatly during exams and interviews.
  • Charge Blue Apatite before exams by holding the crystal before the rising sun and meditating for a few minutes. 

Nutrition and Health

  • Did you know Blue Apatite was given to expecting mothers for morning sickness? Blue Apatite was believed to clear negativity from your body and influence the mind to make healthier choices.
  • Activate the nutritive qualities of Blue Apatite by chanting the seed mantra YAM into the crystal.

Blue Apatite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman is spreading the tarot card on the table

Psychic Vision

  • Clairvision is possible with Blue Apatite because it opens the Third Eye Chakra. You’ll see beyond our material reality and receive messages from higher realms as visions.
  • Gazing into Blue Apatite crystals before bed will help you see visions easily. Before doing that, try charging Blue Apatite with sunlight.

Tarot Reading

  • Blue Apatite clears and enhances connection with spirit guides. Keeping them on the table before doing a reading will help you interpret psychic messages easily. 
  • Before putting Blue Apatite on your table, activate it for tarot readings by visualizing your intentions. Read more on how to use Blue Apatite crystals for Tarot reading here

Psychic Protection

  • Blue Apatite can amplify your auras, which repels negative energies from affecting you.
  • Programming Blue Apatites with sacred smoke is a good way to repel evil vibrations. You can smudge the crystal with a sacred herb, like Palo Santo, sage, or cedarwood.

Spiritual Contact

  • Did you know Blue Apatite links you to ancestral spirits? Psychics and shamans use Blue Apatite to enhance their energies to establish mediumship.
  • The best way to activate Blue Apatite for spirit contact is healing sound. You can keep the crystal next to a singing bowl and play it for the best effects. 

Karmic Therapy

  • Karma doesn’t have a timeline. Use Blue Apatite to get guidance with penance if you feel the weight of karmic debts weighing down on you. 
  • Blue Apatite crystals are best activated with techniques for charging crystals, such as meditation, touch, visualizing, chants, or whatever your intuition instructs you.

Blue Apatite Side Effects

  • Disturbing visions: Overusing the mind’s eye with Blue Apatite results in negative effects like disturbing visions. 
  • Poor Sleep: Keeping programmed Blue Apatite under your pillow may disturb sleep for people new to the crystal.

Blue Apatite Meaning: What does Blue Apatite Symbolize?

A woman meditating near the shore

The meaning of Blue Apatite is manifestation. 

It’s sometimes called the Stone of Manifestation. 

Blue Apatite is traditionally used for focus, manifestation, cleansing, calm, and protection because it opens the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras. It removes confusion and negative self-talk to help you make peace with your past.

Did you know such a higher chakra combination is also good for wisdom, spiritual awakening, and psychic powers? It can form towers, points, slabs, and wands.

Blue Apatite is sometimes called Moroxite from the Greek word moroxos, meaning pipe clay. Legends say Blue Apatite earned this, perhaps because it looks like the Native American peace pipes made out of Pipestone.

Varieties of Blue Apatites

  • Common Blue Apatite: The blue variety of Apatite exists in every shade of blue. They have high vibrations and work well for multi-chakra healing.
  • Brazilian Blue Apatite: This variety of Blue Apatites gets the highest prices among all types. It looks like a Paraiba Tourmaline, showing neon blue and green hues. Use it for prosperity, creativity, and universal connection.
  • Madagascar Blue: One of the costliest varieties of Blue Apatite from Madagascar, this type of Blue Apatite boasts superb clarity and color, resembling the Blue Sapphire. It’s recommended for finding and expressing your inner voice. 
  • Blue Chlorapatite: An Apatite crystal with Chlorine in its composition, this variety of Blue Apatite shows blue-green colors. You can use this crystal to recognize your true voice. 
  • Blue Fluorapatite: This type of Blue Apatite looks more blue-green than teal or turquoise due to exposure to fluoride ions. Use it for intuition, awareness, and psychic visions.
  • Cerulean Blue Apatite: Also called Caribbean Blue Apatite after its origin, this variety shows a unique shade of blue resembling the Caribbean Sea. It’s immensely calming and excellent for focus.
  • Blueberry Splash Apatite: A variety of Blue Apatites, this crystal shows blue with a splash of purple. It’s a stone of transformation and inner peace. 
  • Paraiba Apatite: Another blue-green Apatite, this variety gets its color from Manganese and Copper. It’s often recommended for healing trauma, emotional scars, and heartbreak. 
  • Electric Blue Apatite: Showing a vivid, bright, and translucent shade of blue, this Blue Apatite variety is great for universal connection, psychic powers, and wisdom. 
  •  Neon Blue Apatite: Found in the tabular shape of crystals, this variety has a violet tint, making it look neon. It’s considered best for growth, tranquility, and intuition.
  •  Indigo Blue Apatite: This type of Blue Apatite mixes teal and indigo blue shades. Psychics recommend it for mediumship, protection, and universal consciousness.
  •  White Blue Apatite: A Blue Apatite variety with large amounts of white with blue, this crystal opens the Crown Chakra and helps you with enlightenment. 
  •  Black Blue Apatite: Also called Dark Blue Apatite, you’ll notice indigo, dark blue, and white streaks on this variety. It’s great for grounding, stability, and confidence.
  •  Gray Blue Apatite: A lighter shade of common Blue Apatite with gray, white, and beige streaks, this crystal helps with psychic vision, focus, and creativity. 
  •  Blue Bi-Color Apatite: In this Blue Apatite variety, you can find vibrant blues with clear or colorless hues. They’re good for higher consciousness, karmic therapy, and spirit contact. 
  •  Blue Apatite in Jasper: Commonly found in brown and yellow Jaspers, this type of Blue Apatite shows inclusions of yellow, brown, and beige on the usual blue shade. They’re good for courage, good fortune, and confidence.
  •  Blue Apatite with Orange Calcite: Creating a natural mix of orange and vivid blue, this type of Blue Apatite opens the higher and lower chakras, helping balance. 
  •  Morganite and Tourmaline with Apatite: In some rock formations, Blue Apatite forms with Black Tourmaline and Morganite, showing pink, black, blue, white, and yellow colors. It’s great for good luck and success.
  •  Blue Apatite with Chalcopyrite: Blue Apatite sometimes forms a cluster of radial crystals with Chalcopyrite, Orange Calcite, Cerussite, and Barite. They’re great for prosperity, peace, and power. 


How To Cleanse Blue Apatite?

A singing bowl with two white flowers inside

  • Smudging: Because Blue Apatite is ruled by the Air or Wind element, it’s good to waft the smoke of the incense, smudge sticks, or dry herbs to cleanse the bad energy it absorbed.
  • Fire: You can hold Blue Apatite crystals in front of the flame of a candle for a few minutes to cleanse stubborn negativity with fire energy. 
  • Healing Sounds: Another way to cleanse negativity absorbed or cleared by Blue Apatite is soaking it in healing sounds of singing bowls, seed mantras, or positive affirmations.

Questions and Answers

Is Blue Apatite safe in the water?

Yes, Blue Apatite is safe in the water and survives underwater for short periods. So you can cleanse by sprinkling, holding, or soaking them in water for a minute or two.

Can Blue Apatite go in the sun?

Yes, Blue Apatite can go in the sun. However, if you leave it out for more than 10 minutes, it will lose its color.

Who shouldn’t wear Blue Apatite?

As the planet Mercury rules Blue Apatite, the moon is its enemy. Hence, people born under zodiac signs ruled by Moon, including Cancer, should avoid it. Although, you can wear these two crystals together if your astrologist advises.

How do you know if Blue Apatite is real?

The best way to identify Blue Apatite is by its color. If you can scratch it off with a pin, it’s a fake Blue Apatite. You can also scratch it with objects with MOHS less than 4 or 5.

How do you care for Blue Apatite?

Blue Apatite is a brittle stone; you should avoid using hot water to clean it. Even though it has a Mohs of 5, it’s easily scratched by window glass and steel knives. Remember to pack the stone safely when traveling.

Is Blue Apatite expensive?

Blue Apatite can be expensive or cheap based on its colors, size, and origin. On average, the blue variety of Apatite crystal fetches $75 to $100 per carat. The costliest variety, called Brazilian Blue Apatite, can fetch up to $250 per carat.

Is Blue Apatite radioactive?

Yes, Blue Apatite is radioactive, but it’s nominal and causes no harm with touch or wear.

Is Blue Apatite safe to wear?

Yes, Blue Apatite is safe to wear and poses no dangers. When ingested, however, it can be highly dangerous. Check out the complete list of 100+ dangerous crystals if you use a lot of crystals.

Does Blue Apatite glow in the dark?

Yes, some varieties of Blue Apatite can fluoresce under UV light.

What to pair Blue Apatite with?

The crystal to pair with Blue Apatite is Amethyst. Their crystal combination is renowned for activating psychic awareness, visions, protection, and abilities.

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