Crystal Chakra Wand: Meanings, Metaphysical Properties, and Uses

  1. Basics: What Is a Chakra Wand?
  2. 7 Uses of Crystal Chakra Wands 
  3. 18 Types of Crystal Chakra Wands
  4. 25 Crystals Used in Chakra Wands and Their Meanings 
  5. How To Use a Chakra Wand? 
  6. Start Using Chakra Wands today!

A crystal chakra wand is a single rod of seven chakra crystals on top from Root to Crown Chakras. What do you do with a crystal chakra wand? What is its meaning? How to use a crystal chakra wand? What are the types of chakra wands? 

Crystal chakra wands are used to unblock chakras, set intentions, activate crystal grids, Reiki, amplify energies, and protect. You can use them by pointing the tapered end at the chakras to target the power. 

There are 19 types of chakra wands, based on their terminations, properties, shapes, and uses. 

We’ll learn about the different types of chakra wands, their origin, the crystals used in crystal chakra wands, and how to use chakra wands.

Basics: What Is a Chakra Wand?

A person holding a crystal wand while sitting

Do you have a chakra wand? They are typically cylindrical healing crystal wands with a pointed end, made by gluing together seven or more crystals associated with all the primary chakras. 

How do crystal chakra wands work? 

The crystal chakra wand’s purpose is to direct or target the energy at one or more of the seven chakras. It works by clearing negativity and healing, balancing, charging, or activating positivity. 

Did you know Reiki practitioners often use chakra wands for physical healing?

7 Uses of Crystal Chakra Wands 

What to use crystal chakra wands for? While the list of uses of chakra wands is endless, I’ll list a few of my favorite techniques that I keep improvising on. 

Cleansing Chakras and Space

The primary use of chakra wands is clearing negativity blockages in your primary chakras. That’s why you’ll see: 

Tip: You can also cleanse spaces, like your room, balcony, or garden, by aiming the chakra wand in its corners.

Manifesting Intentions

Because chakra wands contain more than one crystal, they’re good for realizing wishes and dreams. Chakra wands fuse the energy of multiple chakras. To do this, visualize your intention while holding the wand. Learn other ways to charge crystals.

Activating Crystal Grids

Different kinds of crystals placed on a crystal grid

Do you like setting crystal grids? If so, a chakra wand will help you charge different crystals on the grid after setting them without having to remove them. Simply point the sharp end toward the crystal from the outer layer to the inner layer.


While qualified practitioners best perform Reiki, it’s possible to do self-Reiki by aiming the sharp end of the crystal at chakra locations. Chakra wands activate the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits associated with the seven chakra crystals in them.

Amplifying Energies 

If you have already set crystals, you can amplify the crystal’s energy without picking up the crystal. They’re great for amplifying the energies of crystals on crystal altars and feng shui placements without disturbing the setup.


Did you know chakra wands are great for enhancing the auric shield? You can also point chakra wands at the four corners of your room or around the house to repel bad energies.

I suggest getting a chakra generator wand and activating it for psychic protection. Here’s a YouTube video that explains how to do this. 

Finding Answers 

Crystal pendulums help you find answers to metaphysical and physical questions. Calibrate the wand’s vibration then read those vibrations to find answers and guidance. Explore how to use crystal pendulums here.

18 Types of Crystal Chakra Wands

Different kinds of chakra wands on the floor

Just like there are crystal wands in different shapes, there are many kinds of crystal chakra wands. I’ll explain how they differ and how to use them so you can pick the right type of crystal chakra wands. 

Single-Pointed Chakra Wands

Single-pointed chakra wands have a pointy end where the other end is flattened. These wands usually show the Crown or Root chakras at the pointed end. They’re used for fusing and directing the healing energy to points, like primary chakra locations.

Double-Pointed Chakra Wands 

Double-pointed or DT, chakra wands are pointed on both sides. Typically, seven chakra crystals are glued on each other in the middle, with pointed Clear Quartz on the two ends.

DT crystal chakra wands are used for balance, stability, and harmony between chakra locations. They can also purify, transmute, and convert negativity around you.

Orgonite Crystal Healing Wands

When crystals associated with the seven primary chakras are added alongside resin and metal, it’s called an Orgonite chakra wand. They’re usually pointed, flattened, or curved at one end and flat on the other. 

You can use Orgonite chakra wands for inner peace, comprehensive physical healing, and auric shielding. 

Chakra Pencil Wands

These are when your chakra wand is shaped like a pen or a pencil with a wood base. It’s good for discretion and portability, especially if you love using wands to charge your chakras at your office or public places. 

Pencil chakra wands are usually palm-sized and even used by massage therapists in acupressure.

Angel Chakra Wands

When a crystal chakra wand has an angel figurine on one end, it’s an angel chakra wand. These are excellent for spirit contact, communication, protection, luck, and guidance. 

To use it, keep the flat end of the angel chakra wand on your higher chakras, like Crown, Third Eye, or Throat, to seek angelic help.

Copper Crystal Chakra Wands

When copper is used for wrapping seven chakra crystals instead of glue in a chakra wand, it’s a copper crystal chakra wand. Some variations show it on sacred sticks and pencils, too. 

Did you know Copper is believed to enhance or amplify energies in many cultures? Ancient Hindu texts describe it’s excellent for balancing doshas or fault points in the body. 

Scepter Crystal Healing Wands

In this type of chakra wand, one end might feature a sphere and seven chakra crystals on the other with a wooden base or crystal

Scepter chakra wands are mostly used for precision and regeneration. I suggest holding the scepter chakra wand in your dominant hand for better targeting. 

Beaded Chakra Wands

You can create a beaded chakra wand by stringing healing crystal beads associated with seven primary chakras. They’re easy to make on your own and comfy to wear. 

Another use of beaded chakra crystal wands is that you can easily hold your hand over a chakra while wearing them to charge, no matter where you are.

Pyramid Chakra Wands

Pyramid chakra wands have seven different crystal pyramids bound by metal wiring. They’re perfect for manifesting healing.

You should use it by directing the pointed end of the pyramid at the chakra location and the flat end toward you. 

Merkaba Star Chakra Wands

Much like the angel figurine on one end in Angel Wand, you’ll see a Merkaba star on one end in this type of crystal chakra wand. They’re typically used for Merkaba meditation, where the sacred geometry surrounding the body is activated. 

You can use a Merkaba Star chakra wand by holding the Merkaba end at your eye level and focusing on it.

Spiral Crystal Chakra Wands

When the seven chakra crystals are glued and shaped as a spiral scepter, it improves the energy flow through all the seven primary chakras. They’re excellent for rituals that need more time and energy to fulfill.

Worry Stone Crystal Healing Wands 

This type of crystal chakra wand is shorter in height with a wider base than pencils and other chakra wands. They’re great for rubbing chakra locations, like a worry stone

If you deal with anxiety daily, use this crystal chakra wand after charging with positive affirmations.

Massage Chakra Wand Crystals 

These are chakra wands with curved ends used for massaging chakra locations instead of pointing at them. Reiki practitioners, healers, and cosmeticians often use them to clear stubborn blockages in chakras. 

Plate Chakra Wands

When the seven chakra crystals are placed on a single crystal slab, it’s called a plate chakra wand. Cleansing crystals, like Selenite and Clear Quartz, are usually used as slabs. They’re excellent for amplifying energies, too.

Flower of Life Wand or Grid Chakra Wands

When the ‘flower of life chakra’ pattern is engraved or embedded on a seven-chakra wand, it’s called a Flower of Life wand. They’re excellent for manifesting intentions with sacred geometry. You can carry them on you after charging them overnight under the full moon. 

Learn more about crystal grids here.

Animal Totem Chakra Wands 

Some chakra wands have one or more animal heads carved or attached to the wand’s sides or head. They cleanse auric shields and are excellent for protection, guidance, and activation. 

They differ by the animal totem on the wand. For instance, the horse totem chakra wand is used for speed and strength, while the dog totem chakra wand works for protection.

Chakra Wand Pendulums 

Because crystal pendulums are excellent for guidance and finding answers to difficult questions, chakra wand pendulums tell you how to cleanse and charge chakras. 

They have a pointed end that’s chained on the opposite side. You can hold the pendulum over each chakra and calibrate the pendulum as usual. 

7 Chakra Crystal Wand Sets

A person holding a 7 chakra wand

Instead of gluing or wrapping multiple crystals into one, you can heal all seven chakras by using one wand after another. 

In a 7 chakra wand set, you’ll get one solid crystal wand for the seven chakras. The best thing is you can use them for charging any chakra instead of all of them at once. 

25 Crystals Used in Chakra Wands and Their Meanings 

A graphic table for 25 crystal used in chakra wands and their meanings

How To Use a Chakra Wand? 

You now know the crystal wand uses, types, and effects of chakra wands, but what do you do with a crystal chakra wand? 

While the best way to start using it is by listening to your intuition if you’re a beginner, here’s a stepwise guide on how to use crystal chakra wands:

Step #1: Which Hand To Use a Crystal Chakra Wand With?

As chakra wands use the energy of the hand you’re holding it with, it’s good to hold it with your dominant hand. 

I write with my right hand. So, my dominant hand is my right hand. Which is yours?

Step #2: What To Do With Chakra Wands?

I’ll list seven hand movements you can use for opening, balancing, or healing with chakra wands while visualizing your intention:

  • Aim or point the wand at your Root Chakra for a few seconds then continue until you have completed the seventh chakra. 
  • Circle in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction over the chakra location. 
  • Draw chakra symbols in the air with your wand. Did you know each chakra has a shape and number of petals? Use this as an inspiration.
  • Gently touch the Root Chakra location with your wand then move on to the other chakras. 
  • Massage the seven chakra locations with the tip of your wand. 
  • Gaze at the wand’s tip while pointing and following symbols shown by your intuition. 
  • Hold the crystal in your hand and chant seed mantras into it. 

Step #3: Where To Use Chakra Wands?

You can use chakra wands to target chakra locations, but they’re also good for cleansing and charging space, aura, people, plants, animals, and reality.

Start Using Chakra Wands today!

Chakra wands are so famous they have been used in popular TV shows and movies. If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan, you must’ve seen one gifted to Sheldon and Amy at their wedding. 

Chakra wands are a rod-shaped mix of seven crystals associated with the seven primary chakras. They’re used for balancing, cleansing, healing, and charging chakras, not to mention focus, massage, Reiki, and protection. Use them by pointing the sharp end at a chakra location. 

My favorite way to use chakra wands is for activating crystal grids. What’s yours? 

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