Best Crystals for Crown Chakra Activation

  1. Crown Chakra Explained 
  2. How Can Crystals Help Unblock Crown Chakra? 10 Charging Techniques
  3. Top 12 Crystals to Unblock the Crown Chakra
  4. Tap into Crown Chakra Properties with Crown Chakra Crystals 

Once all of the six chakras in the 7-chakra system are open, you can activate the Crown chakra with associated crystals. The Crown chakra is where you connect to higher powers. What are the best crystals for crown chakra activation? How to use them for crown chakra?

You can use these crystals to balance the Crown chakra and attract focus, telepathy, wisdom, enlightenment, intuition, psychic abilities, and balance. 

Discover the A to Z on using these crystals to heal the Crown chakra in 12 incredible ways. 

Here’s a word of inspiration before we dive in:

“When you go beyond the localization of yourself in space and time, you realize that Truth resides in the highest crown chakra. The feeling is akin to oneness and intimacy with all that exists.” – Raju Ramanathan.

Crown Chakra Explained 

The meaning of the Crown chakra is enlightenment. It works by opening your inner mind and connecting it to the higher powers in the universe. 

Adding Crown chakra crystal colors like purple or violet to your wardrobe, home, and surroundings attracts its benefits, like knowledge, stability, and psychic protection. 

There are two views of its location in the Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures):

  • On top of the head 
  • On the forehead

Here’s what to know about the seventh chakra before we discuss how to balance it:

crown chakra chakra explained chart

How Can Crystals Help Unblock Crown Chakra? 10 Charging Techniques

Sahasrara is a Sanskrit word meaning thousand-petalled. 

Do you know the Crown chakra naturally develops after age 45? Whether you’re past 45 or not, you can use Crown chakra crystals and stones to unblock the seventh chakra in several ways. 

Here are my favorite 12 ways to open the Sahasrara chakra:

1. Crown Seed Mantra 

OM symbol printed on a piece of stone

The seed syllable or mantra of the Sahasrara chakra is ‘OM,’ the same as that of the third eye. Moreover, science says chanting ‘Om’ or ‘Ohm’ is excellent for meditation and focus. 

As we learned in the article on Third ye chakra crystals, Hindus believe Om is the sound of creation. Moreover, it’s excellent for manifesting intentions with Crown chakra crystals. 

To activate Crown chakra crystals with seed mantra, slowly chant the mantra ‘Ohm’ repeatedly while holding the crystal in your palms

2. Crown Chakra Crystal Grid

Crown Chakra Crystal Grid on round wood plate

Are you setting a crystal grid? Then, use Crown chakra crystals like Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Apophyllite, and Selenite in a circular arrangement

These high-vibrational Crown chakra crystals are great for manifestation, clearing hexes, and spirit contact. You can set a Crown chakra grid and activate it with a Clear Quartz wand to open your Sahasrara energy center.

3. Crown Chakra Crystal Pendulum 

Woman wearing several crystal jewelries while holding an amethyst pendulum

Do you know crystals can speak? Crystal pendulums made of Crown chakra crystals are even better for tapping into the secrets of our universe. 

All you need to do is sit in a room with closed windows to determine how a crystal pendulum vibrates to yes and no questions. 

Once crystal pendulums are calibrated for yes and no questions, you can get answers to anything you want. 

For instance, you can ask an Amethyst pendulum how to activate your Crown chakra with it. 

4. Crown Chakra Positive Affirmations 

mind body and soul printed on rocks beside the beach

Chanting positive affirmations while holding Crown chakra crystals is a great technique for setting intentions, clearing negativity, and activating crystal grids

By chanting affirmations associated with the seventh chakra, you tap into higher powers, spiritual awakening, and psychic abilities with your thought, sound, and breath energies.

Here are a few Crown chakra affirmations to open it: 

  • I am guided by the divine.
  • I trust my intuition.
  • I manifest my intentions with the help of the universe. 
  • I honor my body, mind, and soul.
  • I am light and free. 

5. Crystal Jewelry for Crown Chakra 

Amethyst earrings placed on top of a colorful jewelry box

Wearing Crown chakra crystals near the forehead, or on top of the head, is ideal for cleansing, charging, and keeping your Crown chakra activated throughout wear. 

Earrings, piercings, tiaras, and hair accessories made from crystals like Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Aura Quartz, etc. work like a charm. Keep in mind to charge these with water, sunlight, meditation, affirmations, or chants before wearing them.

6. Crown Chakra Crystal Bowl

Couple in a Sound bath session

Do you know every chakra has a natural frequency and Solfeggio frequency? The natural and solfeggio frequencies of the Crown chakra are 768 Hz and 963 Hz respectively. 

You can play music or songs on YouTube based on these Crown chakra frequencies to activate your Sahasrara. 

Or better yet, get a Tibetan singing bowl attuned to the Crown chakra. Finally, place the Crown chakra crystal next to the singing bowl, or speakers, so it can soak in the Crown chakra sound bath before using or  wearing it.

7. Crown Chakra Reiki 

Crown Chakra crystal on Reiki session

Reiki is a Japanese technique of channeling the universal energies to flush clogged energies in your chakras. 

For crown chakra Reiki, a practitioner places a Crown chakra crystal on your forehead before channeling healing vibrations. 

Some experts even do Reiki on themselves using Crown chakra crystal wands. You can do an elementary form of this by laying down and placing a Crown chakra stone on your forehead. 

8. Crown Chakra Meditation

Model doing Crown Chakra Meditation pose

Meditation is the best technique to open your Crown chakra because it affects your mind above all the other centers in the body. 

To open the Sahasrara, visualize the Crown chakra symbol of the purple thousand-petal lotus in a golden circle. The symbol also includes the seed mantra (Ohm) in the center of the lotus.

So, focusing on the Crown chakra symbol while keeping associated crystals in your palm on the forehead will open the seventh chakra. 

9. Crown Chakra Yoga Pose 

The seventh chakra yoga poses target your upper body to awaken psychic abilities, enhance your brain, and connect you to higher powers. 

The best Crown chakra yoga poses are Lotus Pose (Padmasana), Head Stand (Sirasana), Corpse Pose (Shavasana), and Tree Pose (Vrikshasana). 

To enhance the fruits of Crown chakra yoga, place a crown chakra crystal on your yoga mat or top of your head while doing the yoga pose. 

Check out  this video for a complete tutorial on how to do a 15-minute session of Crown chakra yoga. 

10. Crown Chakra Foods 

The Crown chakra is associated with purple-colored fruits, vegetables, and herbs. According to science, purplecolored foods are excellent for brain health. However, Crown chakra foods don’t only apply to the color violet alone. 

Here’s a complete list of foods you can eat to activate the crown chakra from within: 

crown chakra food list

I like to circle my Crown chakra crystals over the food I’m going to eat on the dining table to cleanse and charge its nutrient energies.

For meal ideas, you can use the above ingredients as so:

1. Lamb cooked with thyme, rosemary and garlic, served with roasted eggplant and carrots.

2. Baked eggplant and carrot dish, served with red onion, kale and purple cabbage salad.

3. Fruit salad made of dragonfruit and purple grapes, served with a cup of ginger tea.

11. Where to Place Crystal for Crown Chakra? 

blurry shot of fengshui compass

Do you know the Southeast Feng Shui direction is color purple? In short, Crown chakra crystal placement in the Southeast direction attract prosperity, success, and abundance.  

You can keep several Crown chakra tumbled stones of the crystal in the Southeast corner of your home for spiritual protection and psychic strength.

12. Crown Chakra Essential Oils 

Essential Oils are concentrated forms of flowers, leaves, and aromatic plants of sacred herbs. 

essential oils together with herbs on white table

Crown chakra essential oils are also excellent for memory, focus, and meditation. Moreover, essential oils associated with the Crown chakra are good for activating the Sahasrara. 

So, which essential oils to use to open the Sahasrara? 

  • Frankincense
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Lotus
  • Cedarwood
  • Sandalwood
  • Spikenard 

Now that you know techniques to open the Crown chakra, here are the best crystals to unblock the Crown chakra:

Top 12 Crystals to Unblock the Crown Chakra

1. Amethyst for Crown Chakra Activation

polished amethyst on a white background

Do you know Amethyst protects you from psychic harm? Most people say Amethyst when you talk about the Crown chakra because it’s brimming with wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual awareness. 

Besides being one of the most popular Purple Quartz, Amethyst transforms your psyche and emotions by opening your highest energy center and connecting it to outer-body chakras.

My favorite way to use Amethyst for Crown chakra activation is gem elixir. In this method, you infuse the healing vibrations of Purple Quartz into a glass of water and consume it for inner Crown chakra healing. 

2. Clear Quartz for Cleansing Your Crown Chakra

clear quartz on a white background

Clear Quartz is the go-to crystal for most crystal lovers for cleansing other crystals. 

Because it’s a high-vibration crystal, Clear Quartz transmutes negativity into positivity from your Crown chakra apart from people, places, and objects.

All you need to do is get a palm-sized or arm-sized Clear Quartz wand and circle it clockwise over your head, four corners of your home, or the negative object after sunrise. 

The reflected white light from the crystal will clear out energies blocking your seventh chakra, home, and things.

3. Iolite Crystals for Opening Crown Chakra 

iolite on a white background

The stone of motivation, Iolite is yet another purple Crown chakra crystal for psychic abilities.. 

Using Iolite for a long period also activates the Crown and Third Eye chakras to awaken powers of insight, premonition, clairvision, and enlightenment.

You can open your Crown chakra with Iolite crystals by placing them on your forehead while lying down. It’s good to play music associated with Crown chakra frequencies at this time to amplify the energies.

4. Selenite Crystals for Activating the Crown Chakra 

selenite tower on a white background

Much like Clear Quartz, Selenite plates are used for cleansing other crystals. 

But did you know that Selenite is excellent for manifesting intentions too? All you need to do is meditate while holding a Selenite to activate your Crown chakra and amplify your manifestations. 

Do the above ritual on the full or new moon nights, because Selenite crystals are ruled by the Greek Moon Goddess Selene. 

5. Lepidolite Crystals to Unblock Crown Chakra

lepidolite chunk on a white background

Do you know that our Crown chakra is sometimes called our bridge to the cosmos? With Lepidolite palm stones or tumbled stones, you can set crystal grids that unblock your Crown chakra and pave the way for spiritual destiny.

I love charging my Lepidolites with positive affirmations (of my intention) before setting them for grids. If you want to do so too, activate the grid finally with a Clear Quartz wand in the end.

6. Howlite Crystals for Crown Chakra Alignment

polised howlite stone isolated on a white background

Do you know the seventh chakra can be balanced only after the Root chakra is balanced? Because Howlite opens both the Crown and Root chakras, it’s the best crystal for aligning the Sahasrara.

I suggest circling Howlite crystals thrice clockwise over your food, or placing a bowl of 4-5 Howlite crystals in your kitchen for crown and root chakra balancing. Howlite will also help you eliminate negativity, stress, and anxiety when kept near you.

7. Apophyllite Crystals for Energy Stimulation

Apophyllite on a white background

Apophyllite crystals are excellent for crown chakra vision because they enhance your psychic powers. 

For this reason, shamans and seers often use raw Apophyllite crystals during mystical rituals. Apophyllite raw stones are also excellent for spiritual guidance, intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic protection.

Carry a single rock of Apophyllite in your bag to program the stone to stimulate your psychic energies. With long-term use, it’ll tap into the Crown chakra and raise your auric vibrations.

8. Moonstone for Crown Chakra Benefits 

moonstone on a white background

Moonstone crystals can activate Crown chakra properties when charged with moonlight. Moreover, it’s great for opening the seventh and sixth chakras. That’s why Moonstone crystals are great for spirit communication and psychic protection.

Wearing Moonstone earrings, necklaces, and tiaras instills intuition, foresight, knowledge, and wisdom in the wearer. But crystal gazing, or staring into them on moonlit nights is even better.

9. Sugilite Crystals to Heal Crown Chakra

sugilite stone on a white background

Typically good for cleansing the Crown chakra, Sugilite helps to calm your mind

The purple crystal heals underlying scars, traumas, and blockages in your Sahasrara chakra. It’s a nurturing crystal to attract divine love into your life. 

Sugilite jewelry and palm stones improve your spiritual thirst and awareness. I suggest wearing them as earrings, necklaces, or crowns(tiaras) to keep them close to the seventh chakra. 

You can charge Sugilite crown chakra jewelry by chanting Ohm or positive affirmations, besides crown chakra frequencies.

10. Labradorite Crystals for Third Eye and Crown Chakra Powers

polished labradorite stones on a white background

One of the Third Eye and Crown chakra crystals for higher powers, Labradorite spheres are used to contact the spiritual realms. They’re best charged with higher chakra meditation with singing bowls. 

Seers and shamans often wear Labradorite crystals after smoke bathing them (essential oils or smudge sticks) for protection from psychic harm

11. Charoite for Sahasrara Chakra Activation

polished charoite on a white background

Another one of my favorite purple crystals for manifestation, Charoite palm stones are great for wisdom, protection, and spiritual guidance.

Because Charoite is the stone of transformation, it’s excellent for support when going through a major career or life change. Charoite crystals are best charged with breathwork, yoga, or herbs. 

12. Indigo Gabbro Crystals for High Energy Crown Chakra Rituals

indigo gabbro on a white background

One of the most powerful Crown chakra crystals in the complete list of healing crystals, Indigo Gabbro is a special stone found solely in Madagascar. 

You should wear Indigo Gabbro crystals to tap into the higher vibrations of the Crown chakra and raise your auric vibrations.

Besides its scintillating color, Indigo Gabbro is revered for helping the wearer find their truths from past lives. I feel it’s best charged at twilight, with meditation, yoga, or breathwork.

Tap into Crown Chakra Properties with Crown Chakra Crystals 

The Crown chakra opens your mind to the higher powers, consciousness, and reality. 

When the Crown chakra is open, you’ll feel enlightened, wise, broad-minded, and at peace. On the other hand, a weak Crown chakra may make you lost, paranoid, distrustful, and lethargic. 

Meditation is the best way to charge crystals for the overactive crown chakra. If your Sahasrara is underactive, I suggest carrying the crystal with you no matter where you go. 

Here’s a quick look at stones that help aid in activating Crown chakra, as we learned above: 

crown chakra crystal list

So, which crown chakra crystals are you familiar with from above? Share how you use them for the Sahasrara with our community below!

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