The use of gemstones was one of the popular ways our ancestors warded off evil spirits. So, what are the best crystals for protection from spirits? How do you use them? What do they do? 

Crystals like selenite, amethyst, snowflake obsidian, rainbow tourmaline, ruby, and bloodstone are the best crystals for protection from spirits. They clear, cleanse, and charge, to repel evil energies and toxic spirits. 

Today, we’ll learn how to use 14 high-vibrational healing crystals, specifically for physical, mental, and spiritual protection from spirits. 

Black Obsidian Palm Stones for Spirit Protection 

3 pieces obsidian black palm stone

Do you know that shamans say black obsidian palm stones shield you against bad spirits? Carrying them in your pocket, or purse, is an excellent way to prevent negative energies, and bad spirits, from touching you. 

Black obsidian tumbled stones are used in feng shui to remove bad energies. I suggest placing four to five black obsidian crystals in bowls, at the four corners of your home for this.

Clear Quartz Wand for Protection from Bad Spirits in the House 

Clear Quartz Wand on a white background

Some houses are built on sacred grounds, or have a history of trauma that glues bad spirits into the space. 

But if you walk around your house thrice in a clockwise direction with a clear quartz wand, you can quickly clear the bad energies and spirits. Clear quartz pendants, and jewelry, work the same way, to deflect negative and evil energies from your body.

Amethyst Power Generator Crystals for Protection from Dark Spirits

Amethyst protects you from bad spirits, by linking you to your guardian angel via higher chakras, as it’s a crown chakra stone. 

So, placing a multi-sided power generator, made of amethyst crystals, in the center of your house, is the best solution for repelling negative spirits from coming close to your home. 

Wearing an amethyst earring, or pendant, is good for preventing bad spirits from touching you.

Selenite Tower Wiccan Protection Stones

selenite tower on a white background

Selenite is a clearing stone like clear quartz. But when you place it on, or around, you while communicating with spirits, it prevents bad spirits  from interfering with your energies. 

Towers made of selenite crystals are the best of all the Wiccan protection stones. They protect evil spirits from entering your body, mind, and spirit. They’re best kept around living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. 

Snowflake Obsidian Tumbled Crystals for Protection from Negative Spirits

Obsidian tumbled on a white background

This gorgeous obsidian variety is another shielding stone that activates the root chakra. But it also opens your Earth Star chakra (one of the secondary chakras). 

Together, these chakras draw positivity from Mother Earth, to establish a protective bubble around your aura. As a result, negative spirits won’t touch your physical and spiritual body. 

Golden Tiger’s Eye Crystal Bracelet for Psychic Protection 

Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Do you know the meaning of the golden tiger’s eye is protection? It’s a focus stone that dispels fear and anxiety due to the influence of bad spirits. It’s best to wear this crystal on your fingers or arms, to tap into your psychic abilities for inner protection. 

The golden tiger’s eye is great for warding off negative spirits, because it opens the solar plexus and root chakras. 

Smoky Quartz Pendant Jewelry for Protection in Spiritual Spaces 

Smoky Quartz necklace

A smoky quartz pendant with a single termination is good for grounding away evil energies. It’s another root chakra healing crystal that you can wear. 

You can also use a smoky quartz wand to activate grids for spiritual protection. This variety of quartz works as a clearing stone that can repel negative vibrations clouding sacred spaces like altars, houses, and bedrooms.

Rainbow Tourmaline Crystals for Protection from Evil Spirits

If evil spirits are causing you physical ailments like headaches, migraines, vertigo, anxiety, and depression, then rainbow tourmaline is the crystal you should wear daily. 

Because rainbow tourmaline opens all your chakras at once, it’s best to wear it as a ring on your dominant hand. It stops evil spirits from wrecking your spirit, aura, or chakra.

Prehnite Healing Crystal Ring for Universal Protection 

woman wearing Prehnite Healing Crystal Ring

No matter what spirit is bothering you, a green prehnite ring works well for people of all sizes and shapes. It connects you to the universe, to release hexes, curses, and possessed spirits from your soul. 

I find it easier to bond with this crystal if I meditate while holding a prehnite ring in my palm at sunrise. 

Pyrite Polished Stones for Spiritual Protection

semi polished pyrite stone on a white background

One of the best crystals for protection from spirits, pyrite, is a Wiccan protection stone. You can wear it as a bracelet. Keep these golden-colored stones in your living room, to diminish the energy of bad spirits, and prevent them from entering your home. 

Pyrite simultaneously opens your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras to fight the bad energies of karma and spirits from within. 

Lapis Lazuli Wand or Crystals to Ward Off Spirits

lapis lazuli on a white background

Wands are natural, or man-made, terminations on healing crystals, for focusing their energies on a single point. Aiming a lapis lazuli wand at a person, space, or another crystal, cleanses the most evil energies gathered in them.

You can also carry a lapis lazuli wand in your bag, to create a strong auric shield around you. 

Ruby Spirit Protection Crystals 

Ruby gold ring

Do you know people used to wear rubies to prevent negative spirits from draining positivity? Ruby rings are great for protection when going to graveyards, cremation grounds, and funerals. 

Ruby is often represented as powerful as the Sun. So, wearing this crystal can help you make peace with spirits across realities. It is an especially powerful crystal to wear if you are a Sun sign Leo.  

Bloodstone Palm Crystals to Ward Off Spirits

polished bloodstone on a white background

Once used by Babylonians for amulets, bloodstone palm stones fit well in wallets, purses, and pockets as seals and talismans. They’re an excellent crystal for kids and the elderly sensitive to spirit possessions.

Keep it in the bedroom, or under the bed, if carrying it on your person isn’t viable.

In a Nutshell 

Crystals have been used to cleanse, charge, and consecrate people, places, and chakras for thousands of years. That’s why they work so well against visible, and invisible, dangers like evil spirits. 

Regarding protection from negative spirits, you can pick lower chakra stones like smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, ruby, or bloodstone for support from Mother Earth.

But if you want spiritual protection from angels, guardians, and other spirits, higher-chakra crystals like selenite towers, amethyst generators, and clear quartz wands are the way to go. 

Black obsidian, pyrite, smoky quartz, and amethyst are also great for preventing evil spirits from entering, or residing in, your home. 

So, which protection crystal will you pick?


Hiya, I am Ceida Uilyc, JewelryTalk’s in-house crystal expert, metaphysics junkie, an avid nature enthusiast, and a jewelry maven. I believe crystals are the fruits of Mother Earth and there’s nothing that makes me happier than sharing my experiences, and knowledge about them. When not making spells and potions, I love wandering around my garden or tripping on trendy new necklaces and rings.

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