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Karmic debt is the consequences of your actions or an issue from a past experience that continues to linger within you energetically and manifest particular recurring situations that can feel difficult to get rid of. It can be due to actions beyond your current lifetime, something that happened in your past lives, ancestral baggage, and even collective karma. 

We can think of karmic debt as energy that we owe, and the experiences that we have, which are associated with our karmic debt, are demanding accountability for past choices. Thankfully, there are many ways to resolve or repay karmic debt, and the particular technique that we will highlight and explore in depth in this article is working with crystals. So, what are karmic debt crystals?

Karmic debt crystals have energetic benefits that can guide and assist us in clearing this debt. These crystals can be used with intention, in combination with suitable practices. A few examples of crystals useful for this are Dioptase, Brucite, Melanite, and Kimzeyite, but there are numerous others. Each karma crystal will offer a nuanced benefit that will assist you with this healing, awakening, and clarifying journey of karmic resolution.

Karma is a spiritual law of the universe, and karmic debt ensures that we experience consequences and learn from the impact of our actions. These experiences have the purpose of helping us become aware of the flow of energy and the importance of how we embody our energy through our actions, thoughts, words, and intentions. 

How to Resolve Karmic Debts Using Crystals

Karmic debt can teach great lessons and is part of our evolution and growth as souls. Many crystals have benefits for this purpose, too, so they can be used to facilitate the process of resolving and clearing the energy of karmic debt.

Signs that you may have a karmic debt to deal with can include going through repeated unwanted situations, often with a similar theme or emotions, finding it challenging to live life in a state of presence, feeling heavy on a physical or energetic level, irrational and very specific fears, feeling like life is not working in your favor, and like something unexplained is constantly holding you back

As you likely already know, attuning to crystal vibrations can guide you back into presence, wholeness, alignment, and a state of flow. Utilizing crystals together with powerful, energetic practices can help us resolve karmic debt in many ways.

Specific crystal energies can help you to engage in introspection, past life regression, cutting karmic cords, ancestral healing, releasing cellular memories, releasing non-beneficial patterns, integrating huge lessons, connecting with guides to access the Akashic Records, and gaining a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey.

How to Use Crystals for Karmic Debt?

Use your chosen karmic debt crystals with self-led or guided practices, such as meditation, affirmations, mantras, breathwork, and shamanic journey work. Even if you don’t fully understand why you have karmic debt or what your lesson is yet, you can set your intention for clarity and work with crystals to assist you.

Crystals will not immediately or magically erase karmic debt, but their energy will guide you on a journey of uncovering, learning, integrating, releasing, and even being transformed by these experiences. Crystal can deepen the effectiveness of the practices, initiate energetic activations, and attune your perspective or vibration in ways that support you along your karmic healing journey.

Please also know that negative things that happen to you are not always due to personal karmic debt. We have many layers of healing and growth to work through, and you will also pick up and be affected by collective karmic debt, ancestral karma, and the effects unintegrated karmic debt has on those around you. 

Once you work through any personal debt and feel energized enough, you may naturally choose to be of service and give attention, support, and contribution to the healing of these other types of karmic debt. 

Trust this work to happen at the pace it unfolds, set boundaries where appropriate, and protect and replenish your energy using your practices and support crystals. This will help to prevent overwhelm, especially when dealing with collective and ancestral traumas, as these can include heavy themes to work through.

6 Crystals for Karmic Debts

Many, many crystals are useful when dealing with karmic debt. Each karma stone offers a unique way of helping or guiding us for this purpose, so let’s learn more about my top 6 crystals for karma and why, when, and how to use each of them.


Dioptase crystal on a white background

Dioptase is helpful for resolving karmic debt as it encourages self-awareness and is a potent stone to work with for forgiveness and letting go of resentment. This energetic guidance can help us to let go of the karmic debt once we have integrated our necessary lessons and growth. Dioptase helps us to attune to a state of freedom on all levels.

Burn a cleansing herb, such as sage or rosemary; set your intentions to become aware of, integrate, and let go of your karmic debts; meditate with your Dioptase crystal; and then take some time for reflection in the form of journaling or contemplating after your meditation. Repeat this practice daily for as long as it takes to find resolution and a feeling of freedom from past karma. 


Brucite on white background

The clarifying energy of Brucite can be constructive for gaining insight into the karmic relations that are currently in your life. Connect with this stone when you seek insight and a flexible perspective on blocks in your relationship with yourself and others.

If you intuitively feel that your current frustration is related to karmic debt, then this crystal can help you see the most effective and uncomplicated resolution that is needed. Brucite can support you if you choose to break away from a situation and embrace a pure, new beginning while still retaining the beneficial knowledge that you gained from the experience.

An appropriate practice to use with Brucite for this purpose is breathwork. Set your intention for resolving a particular karmic debt situation. Hold your stone and breathe deeply to synchronize with its energy and freely allow any impressions or insights in the form of mental images, thoughts, and sensations. 

Stay open to receiving inspiring solutions. Take time to authentically reflect on what arose after your session to try to make sense of the guidance and messages you received surrounding your karmic reset.

Fossil Pine Cone 

Fossil Pine Cones on white background

This is a fascinating and powerful crystal to work with for karmic healing. And yes, it is actually made up of crystal. These pinecones are fossilized through permineralization replacement with Quartz, Agate, Opal, Jasper, Pyrite, or Calcite.

Fossil Pine Cone helps us to access information on our past life and karmic debts so that we can be clear on the lesson we need to learn. Its energy also encourages letting go of resentments and prejudice from the past and focusing our energy on doing everything we can in the present to integrate our lesson and return to a state of balance.

Meditate with Fossil Pine Cone to explore your past life records and receive insights about your karma. A suggested practice to connect with your Fossil Pine Cone and align your energy to embark on the process of karmic healing is to hold it and repeat relevant affirmations. 

An example of a series of affirmations you can use is, “I accept my mistakes,” “I do better,” “I release resentments and shame,” “I release this karmic debt,” “I am present,” and “I effortlessly embody a balanced state of being.”


Kimzeyite on white background
Image Source: Wikimedia | Kelly Nash

Kimzeyite is a variety of Garnet that assists us to recognize the experiences in our life that are karmic situations. This crystal energy guides us to observe, learn, and change instead of repeating painful situations. 

It is a stone of intuition, knowing, honesty, and sincerity. It can encourage us to become free of karmic debt and go on to use our clarified and radiant life force to be of service to others, which creates good karma.

Create a spell jar with Kimzeyite, write down your authentic intentions to be free of your karmic debt, and then place the page into your spell jar along with this crystal and other ingredients, such as herbs (suggestions are rose, mullein, or nettles), significant objects, and symbols. Add a sprinkle of salt or soil and seal it with a cork and some wax. 

Connect with this good karma spell by holding your jar and repeating an affirmation that resonates with you. Take this energy and consciously choose to do something small or large to serve other beings or the Earth.

Melanite Garnet

semi polished melanite garnet on white background

This deep black Garnet variety is excellent for working off karmic debt. The meaning of this crystal is acceptance and transformation, which is precisely what’s needed when it comes to clearing karmic debt. It is a stone of strength, authenticity, detoxification, shadow integration, grief support, grounding, and renewed vitality. 

All of the benefits of Melanite Garnet are so valuable and supportive along the journey of dealing with any type of karmic debt, from personal to collective. Wear a piece of Melanite jewelry with the intention to attune to these benefits over time and be naturally and patiently supported throughout your process of clearing karmic debt. 

Alternatively, you can meditate with this crystal daily. Be sure to cleanse and charge your Melanite Garnet regularly when using it for this purpose. You can do so using moonlight, cleansing smoke, or affirmations. 

Darwin Glass

A raw Darwin Glass Crystal on a white background. Source: Etsy | TAOSCTRIBE
Image Source: Etsy | TAOSCTRIBE

It is not technically a crystal but rather a particular variety of green to brown Tektite (glass formed from the impact of a meteor). This interstellar material has a potent, firm, and loving presence. It is a stone that can accelerate the process of clearing karmic debt.

Darwin Glass is known to accelerate all types of healing. It brings greater clarity and focus for moving forward. Its energy inspires the release of blockages, especially those connected to emotions, fear, and karmic debt. It helps us to face these experiences with an open and connected heart and mind and ultimately use them to evolve 

Meditate with Darwin Glass for karmic cleansing. After meditation, actively engage in challenging or out-of-your-comfort-zone activities that you know are genuinely beneficial for you and others.


How Do I Know My Karmic Debt is Paid?

You will know your karmic debt is resolved or paid off by how you feel as well as the increased flow of energy and blessings in your life. Resolving karmic debt frees up your energy, and the process that you went through to pay back the debt will indeed leave you with lessons, knowledge, and responsibility to do better. When you experience this, you will be aware that your debt is done.

Which Mantra Burns Karma?

The Karma Shanti mantra and Vajrasattva mantras are said to help clear bad karma. Connect with mantra in combination with other spiritual, self-awareness, and embodiment practices to burn karma and transform it into valuable lessons and potential for a pure start.

What is the Most Powerful Crystal Combination to Resolve Karmic Debt?

One of the most potent crystal combinations to resolve karmic debt is the combination of Dioptase and Melanite Garnet.

What Happens if You Do Nothing About Karmic Debt?

Doing nothing about karmic debt will mean you will live life in a state that is blocked, and you will constantly experience recurring situations that get increasingly intense until the lesson that is trying to reach you is finally learned and change is embodied.

Why Can’t I Let Go of My Karmic Debt?

You may be struggling to let go of your karmic debt because you have not learned all that you need to from it, or you are not embodying a state that has evolved past the pattern or action that caused your karmic debt. It is not so much that you can let go; it may be that you are still in the patient process of doing the work. 

Start Working with Karmic Debt Crystals 

Delving into a karmic debt healing process can seem quite intimidating, but thankfully, we have so many powerful crystal helpers along with the knowledge of practices that can support us. Apart from the stones discussed here, there are others that you can work with for this purpose, such as Selenite, Epidote, Chrysoprase, Hematite, Amethyst, and many more. 

Remember that your journey of karmic debt resolution is contributing to your evolution and will ultimately free up so much energy for you to enjoy life and contribute a purer frequency to the world.

graphic for 6 crystals for karmic debt

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