Darwin Glass

(dahr - win glas)
Main Origins:
Tasmania in Australia.

What is Darwin Glass?

Different cuts of Darwin Glass. Source: Etsy | MoldaviteLife
Source: Etsy | MoldaviteLife

Darwin Glass is a glass formed from the impact of a meteor on Earth. It is what is known as a Tektite or Impactite. Darwin Glass is found in the surrounding region of a crater in Tasmania, Australia.

Darwin Glass ranges in darkness and translucency and has olive green, light green, deep brown, black, or white coloration. It is vitreous in luster but can also have textured surfaces that appear more matte, although it always has a glassy feel.

The structure of Darwin Glass is amorphous. It forms in various interesting forms, including spheroid, droplet, elongated, ropy, and irregular shapes. 

The variations are due to differences in environmental conditions during the formation process. Some pieces of Darwin Glass are also said to have flown back into the atmosphere upon impact and landed on Earth.

The vibration of Darwin Glass is potent and protective. It is a stone that is grounding and also stimulates the upper chakras. It will firmly and lovingly push you to expand and rise in whatever necessary ways.

It is one of those crystals with an air of magic, mystery, and expansiveness. Darwin Glass properties are grounded by earthly material, resonating with a stable and uncompromising energy. It encourages us to move forward and evolve toward a higher vibration.

Fun Fact: Tektites are theorized to be formed upon the impact of a meteor where, in the collisions, the melding of earth and space material formed natural glasses, such as Darwin Glass, Australite, Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass, and more.

Darwin Glass Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Darwin Glass naturally stimulates the upper chakras, moving up with impact from the Solar Plexus through the Heart and beyond to cosmically connected higher chakras.

The ruling elements of Darwin Glass are Earth, Fire, and Ether. These elements attune this Tektite to the effect of rapid transformation on an earthly level and beyond.

The ruling planets are Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto, which are neutral about each other, and each contributes a theme to the energy of Darwin Glass. 

Saturn is a planet connecting or bringing the spiritual into the physical. Jupiter is a planet of authority, dedication, and success. Pluto deals with endings and new beginnings, purging, transformation, and finding pleasure in discomfort.

Darwin Glass is associated with several powerful deities, including Thor, Zeus, and Adad. These Gods are all associated with storms and influence over the skies. They exude power, protection, and direct masculine energy.

The numerical vibration of Darwin Glass is 1. According to numerology, 1 represents new, progressive, assertive, and positive motivation. 

It signifies new beginnings and encourages embracing challenges because the universe fully supports you.

Darwin Glass Healing Properties and Benefits

Accelerated Healing

  • Darwin Glass properties include rapidly accelerated healing, making it a versatile and useful stone for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.
  • Infuse pure water with Darwin Glass for 1 hour and activate this elixir with intentions for accelerated healing of a specific aspect or in general.


  • Darwin Glass is highly effective at moving stagnant energy that manifests on any level of being. It can initiate full physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual purification or detox.
  • Work with Darwin Glass Energy to detox and purify on all levels by practicing intentional breathwork for 1 hour daily.

Heart and Brain Health

  • Darwin Glass activates the upper chakras and the related organs with a special focus on the Heart and brain. It synchronizes the heart/ brain into coherence and boosts physical Heart, brain, and nerve health.
  • Hold your piece of Darwin Glass and chant the seed mantras or listen to resonant sound frequencies for the Heart and Crown Chakras, respectively.

Clarity and Focus

  • With a new focus and clarity of perception, Darwin Glass will lead you to the present moment and an awareness of life force energy within everything.
  • Meditate while holding or wearing Darwin Glass to increase clarity and focus and upgrade your perception.

Moving Forward

  • Darwin Glass will encourage you to move past your comfort zone, making clear why you need to move forward to new experiences and embrace transformation.
  • Activate your energy with Darwin Glass by holding it and speaking out aloud the affirmation:  I am a being of love, evolving with the Earth and cosmos.

Darwin Glass Spiritual Properties and Benefits

The milky way galaxy

Cosmic Connection

  • The formation event and material origin of Darwin Glass allow its spiritual benefits to include connecting to the cosmos and accessing knowledge and energetic downloads from beyond Earth.
  • Connect with Darwin Glass and open to cosmic streams of consciousness by practicing transcendental meditation while holding or wearing it.

Clearing Fear and Karma

  • Darwin Glass vibration will assist you in dissolving fear and guide you to situations that allow you to cleanse any karma that is holding you back.
  • Work with Darwin Glass for karmic cleansing and letting go of fears by being courageous and actively engaging in activities that may be difficult but beneficial.


  • Darwin Glass is a highly protective glass on an energetic level. It is energetically protective during transitions and increases your capacity to protect yourself as it offers strength and upgrades on all levels.
  • Carry or wear a piece of Darwin Glass when you require a strong and lasting protective presence. Activate it for protection with a quick ritual of burning smudge or incense.

Expansion of Consciousness

  • Although Darwin Glass energy can be quite intense, it also brings about a sense of contemplation and wonder. It attunes your vibration to evolving toward an expanded state of consciousness.
  • To access the spiritual benefit of expanded consciousness from Darwin Glass, simply meditate with this stone for 1 hour or more as part of your daily practice.


  • The ultimate spiritual purpose of our interaction with Darwin Glass is individual, collective, or galactic evolution.
  • Use Darwin Glass for transformation, expansion, and evolution by finding ways to include it in your spiritual practices and during contemplation. Take time to engage with the situations, synchronicities, and prompts that arise while and after working with them.

Side Effects of Darwin Glass

  • Shadow Work: As part of the intense process of transformation and expansion initiated by your connection with Darwin Glass, you will likely go through necessary periods of processing the shadow aspects within your experience.
  • Detox: Darwin Glass’s side effects may include any of the effects of physical, mental, and emotional detoxification, as this is one of the properties of this natural glass.
  • Rapid changes: Once you begin working with Darwin Glass, it will initiate many changes or big changes at a fast and sometimes overwhelming or shocking speed.

Darwin Glass Meaning: What Does Darwin Glass Symbolize?

Plant seeds that are growing in different paces

The meaning of Darwin Glass is transformational expansion.

The first people to work with Darwin Glass were the first nations Aboriginal people. Aboriginal people used Tektites to make tools and amulets, and they acknowledged the origin of these “sky stones” as an extraterrestrial origin. They valued the magical properties, treating this glass as sacred and powerful. 

The nature of the formation of Darwin Glass means it contains a combination of material from Earth and outer space. This links Darwin Glass benefits to the cosmos or extraterrestrial realms. It also connects to and cleanses the subconscious, aligning you to show up with less fear in the physical. 

Darwin Glass symbolizes expansion and connection with the divinity within and around you. This stone’s energy moves upward due to part of its origin being from space material and activity.

It is well known that working with Tektites on an energetic level can be intense and life-changing. Darwin Glass is a fast-acting stone, yet it has a slightly softer and more compassionate side while encouraging transformation, unlike Tektites such as Moldavite

Did You Know? Darker varieties of Darwin Glass usually contain more meteorite material.

Types of Darwin Glass

  • White Darwin Glass: The rarest color, White Darwin Glass is white, sometimes tinged with the slightest greens or gray. It is mostly irregularly shaped and occurs in the highest concentration close to the crater, where it is found in tiny pieces. It facilitates expansion and connection to cosmic consciousness.
  • Light Green Darwin Glass: Light green is rarer than darker colors, Darwin Glass can be a light olive green to sage green and can be translucent. It is helpful for all things related to the Heart and perception of the intricacies and interconnection of nature.
  • Dark Green Darwin Glass: It is a common color of Darwin Glass, usually opaque and darker green shades, including dark olive green, brownish green, and gray-green. It is also great for heart healing and energizing the Heart Chakra.
  • Brown Darwin Glass: Some pieces of Darwin Glass display brown coloration, mostly deep brown, green-brown, or gray-brown. It varies in translucency, and its metaphysical use includes karmic cleansing, healing, and deep contemplation.
  • Black Darwin Glass: Black Darwin Glass is usually found scattered further from the impact site. Its metaphysical properties are protective and also encourage a deep dive into healing, shadow work, and detox as part of your journey of evolution.
  • Australite Shaped Darwin Glass: Although rare, Darwin Glass can also be found in an Australite-like button shape. The benefit of this type of Darwin Glass shape is a strong connection to cosmic consciousness as well as an increased sense of wonder and expansion.
  • Irregular-Shaped Darwin Glass: They vary greatly in appearance and can display rough contorted shapes, layering, and a contorted structure. Irregular-Shaped Darwin Glass can be green, brown, white, or black. It offers all the transformational and expansive benefits of Darwin Glass.
  • Ropy Darwin Glass: Most commonly dark green or light green but may also be brown or black, Ropy Darwin Glass can be described as rod-like. It usually has twists, elongated shapes, and longitudinal ridges. Its metaphysical properties encourage transformation with an open heart.
  • Splashfrom Darwin Glass: A rare shape of Darwin Glass that is most commonly black or green. It is vitreous and translucent, displaying elongated, asymmetrical droplet or spherical shapes. This form of Darwin glass has an energy of protection, cleansing, and refinement.

How To Cleanse Darwin Glass?

Cleansing sage smudge stick with 3 Amethyst crystals on the background

  • Herbal Smudge Smoke:  When cleaning your Darwin Glass piece, pass it through the smoke of burning dried sage herbs or botanical incense for 1 minute.
  • Night Sky: To cleanse your Darwin Glass piece using the power of the night sky, place it under the night sky for a full night at any time during the moon cycle.
  • Fire: Hold your piece of Darwin Glass so that it is illuminated by a flame from a fire or candle. Acknowledge the transformative nature of these elements and fully set your intention for the Fire element to cleanse it.

Questions and Answers

How Rare is Darwin Glass?

Darwin Glass is considered highly rare. Translucent and lighter-colored stones, as well as certain shapes of this natural glass, are especially rare. It is only found in one location on Earth, and it is unlikely to ever form again in the same way, making it rarer.

Where is Darwin Glass Found?

Darwin Glass is found in Tasmania, with Australia close by and within the Darwin Crater. It is also found strewn within the wild landscape for up to 20km from the crater.

How is Darwin Glass Formed?

Darwin Glass is a Tektite formed due to meteor impact and material fusing and morphing with minerals of the Earth to form this natural glass.

Is Darwin Glass Amorphous?

Yes, the structure of Darwin Glass is amorphous, as it is not clearly identifiable as a crystalline structure.

How Old is Darwin Glass?

Darwin Glass dated around 816,000 years old.

Where is Darwin, Tasmania?

Darwin, Tasmania, is located on the continent of Australia.

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