(mawl - duh - vahyt)
Main Origins:
Czech Republic

What is Moldavite?

A person holding a raw Moldavite crystal

Moldavite is a powerful stone for the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. It is unique geographically to the Czech Republic. It can apply to all zodiac signs, but especially to the Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn. 

Moldavite is believed to have originated from a large meteorite crash approximately 14.8 million years ago. The rock metamorphosed through intense heat and pressure on impact. This occurred in the regions of Bohemia and Moravia, where the farmers of the land discovered the extraterrestrial stones.

Moldavite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

As a stone for the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, which is a powerful bridge for lower and higher consciousness, and the two uppermost chakras; moldavite has many metaphysical healing properties. It is one of the most spiritually illuminating gemstones.

Moldavite Healing Properties and Benefits

Enhanced Fertility

  • Relating to the Heart Chakra, Moldavite is excellent for fertility, including reproductive health and creative projects. Green symbolizes the Earth, the Heart Chakra, and abundance and fertility. 
  • You can lie down with your Moldavite on your Third Eye or Heart Chakras and see what visions come through. Moldavite has a subtle energy-body healing effect.

Emotional Connection

  • The Moldavite healing properties include emotional intelligence, increased authentic bonds, and increased desires for intimacy and spiritual connection.
  • Meditate with Moldavite to amplify the metaphysical and spiritual healing qualities. Meditation is perfect for receiving the emotional benefits of Moldavite.

Balancing Your Chakras

  • Moldavite stimulates healing on a deep and cellular level, sparks your own body’s self-healing mechanisms, and stimulates harmony and equilibrium within.
  • Various cleansing and charging methods, like water, smoke, and soil/grounding, are ideal for chakra balancing and aligning.

Restoring Psychological Well-Being

  • As a powerful diagnostic gemstone, Moldavite promotes positive mental and psychological well-being while aiding in imbalances, such as insomnia, headaches, depression, and memory loss. 
  • Wear it as a necklace on a daily basis. Set intentions for healing and restoring balance, and consider charging it in a singing bowl or with other sound-healing tools. 

Greater Self-Love

  • Moldavite enhances self-love, the outward flow of compassion, gentleness, empathy, harmonious thoughts, and universal love. It’s a powerful Heart Chakra stone that awakens unity consciousness.
  • Place a charged Moldavite crystal directly on the soul of a plant, cacti, or aloe vera in your room or home. Allow the healing energy of the crystal to heal your plants, which in turn leads to your spiritual growth. 


  • Moldavite awakens and transforms, amplifying light and spiritual perception within. It promotes inner alchemy and the release of negative energies.
  • Seek to awaken dormant or hidden psychic gifts. Psychic and spiritual self-development, cleansing of your pineal gland, and transcendental meditation are all ideal for the best use of this unique stone.

Moldavite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman sleeping in bed

For Self-Protection

  • Moldavite is a powerful stone of protection. It shields you from harmful and negative energies, including pollution in the environment and the psychic attack of others. 
  • Cleanse your Moldavite crystal regularly, especially if you are around toxic people, family members, or people you have little control over. If you can’t change your living, work, or home situation, use Moldavite for self-protection. 

As an Amulet or Talisman

  • Moldavite is the perfect amulet and talisman because it emits such high-frequency Heart Chakra vibrations. It’s also for the upper two chakras, so it simultaneously adds the dimension of spiritual and psychic protection. 
  • Allow the gemstone to “speak to you.” When you’re choosing your Moldavite, slow down, connect to your intuition and Higher Self, and become one with the subtle energetic spiritual energy.

To Enhance Your Third Eye

  • Perfect for the Third Eye Chakra, Moldavite assists you in transcending the 3-D and connecting to a timeless, spiritual, and higher consciousness. You can transcend all states of duality and illusions.
  • Place a Moldavite on your Third Eye during a lying-down meditation with binaural beats or soothing nature sounds. Allow the healing sensations to raise your inner light. 

To Stimulate Dreams

  • Ideal for increasing subtle perception, Moldavite connects you to the subconscious and astral realms. You can use it as a dream stone for profound wisdom and higher guidance.
  • Hold it in your hands and set some intentions, visualizing a beautiful healing light surrounding it. Then place it next to, under, or on top of your pillow at night to receive wisdom and insight wanting to shine through. 

To Activate Higher Consciousness

  • Moldavite removes energy blockages on multiple planes, including the spiritual, astral, and soul planes. 
  • Daily meditation, combined with conscious fasting or detoxing, is an amazing way to stimulate self-awareness and psychic gifts. Seek professional advice if new to fasting. 

To Spark Memory of Ancient Times

  • Memories of past lives and connections shared with others are sparked and energized with Moldavite. It’s an excellent stone to work with for accessing ancient wisdom. 
  • Bring your Moldavite crystal to a spiritual community group, circle, or healing session. Let the subtle vibrations uplift your spirit and activate your higher mind to experience the bliss of past life connections.

Moldavite Side Effects

  • Heavy emotions: Be mindful of heavy emotions. If you’re a beginner to crystal healing or are simply using Moldavite for the first time, too much usage, including wearing it for long periods of time, can drain you. 
  • Darker emotions: Moldavite is a powerful emotional cleansing and activating stone, so darker emotions in need of releasing are a possibility. Always remember that the darker feelings must come up to find the light.

Moldavite Meaning: What Does Moldavite Symbolize?

Two stones that are balanced by another stone on the stone

Spiritual illumination 

This gemstone is believed to be precious due to this ancient landing. It was actually a prize in the Stone Age, known for its mystical and spiritual properties. It was equally revered for its physical gifts and was subsequently used for arrowheads, cutting tools, and other important man-made weaponry. 

Moldavite was used as amulets and spiritual talismans of protection, fertility, and good fortune. 

Moldavite benefits include higher consciousness, psychic impressions, and potent intuition. It’s an excellent crystal for stimulating psychic and subtle perception and illuminating the root cause of imbalances.

Moldavite has stabilizing and grounding properties, yet it’s also an energizer. This is why, historically, it was used for making tools and linked to the Great Mother Fertility Goddess, Paleolithic Magna Mater. 

The Moldavite meaning symbolizes cell rejuvenation and restoring balance and harmony to any inharmonious frequencies. It’s a symbol of self-healing.

Varieties of Moldavite

  • Opaque Moldavite: A light green variation, Opaque Moldavite is ideal for empathy and sensitivity, as it stimulates gentle and nurturing qualities of the heart. 
  • Translucent Moldavite: Similar to Opaque, Translucent Moldavite adds the extra healing dimension of harmony. It’s the perfect Moldavite for harmonious relationships.
  • Transparent Moldavite: This Moldavite is ideal for aligning you with purity – purity of mind, emotions, thought, spirit, and action. Transparent Moldavite allows you to clear and connect to your higher self, including profound intuition. 
  • Mossy-Green Moldavite: Mossy-Green Moldavite usually contains the appearance of having “bubbles.” This is the perfect form for sparking imagination and creative insights linked to the higher mind or spiritual consciousness. 
  • Luminous Moldavite: Luminous Moldavite appears as if there’s a light shining inside of it, producing a celestial and shimmering effect. Use Luminous Moldavite when you want to connect to the subtle, ethereal, and subconscious or spiritual planes for self-growth. 
  • Black Moldavite: This is the dark green variety of Moldavite that looks black unless you shine a ray of light through it. Experts say it’s great for grounding, courage, physical health, and psychic protection.
  • Brown Moldavite: Another Moldavite variety for opening the Root Chakra, this crystal helps in cleansing your aura. It shows brownish green hues and works well for mental clarity and confidence. 

Fun Fact: White Moldavite is actually Elestial Calcite or Colorless Calcite.

How To Cleanse Moldavite?

A Moldavite crystal on the sand

  • Water – Water is your most “foolproof” way of cleansing away impurities from your Moldavite crystal. Moldavite energetically picks up on psychic disturbances from the environment, so you will want to cleanse it in gentle running water for the best effects.
  • Smoke Burning sage or palo santo is ideal, yet you can also use essential oils or resins, like frankincense, as an alternative option. Moldavite is a conscious, living entity, just like you, so it picks up on, transmits, and receives energy.
  • Soil/dirt – Burying your Moldavite gemstone in soil or dirt helps to release and remove psychic impurities. Earth is grounding, it stabilizes, restores, and removes any harmful or distorted vibrations. Earth graciously receives all that needs to be cleaned.

Questions and Answers

Which zodiac signs should wear Moldavite?

Taurus and Capricorn should wear Moldavite. Scorpio is also well suited to this gemstone due to its transformational and psychic effects.

Does Moldavite bring good fortune?

Yes, Moldavite is known for its luck, both historically and in modern times.

Which crystals does Moldavite work well with?

Any quartz, including but not limited to Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz.

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