Best Crystals to Ward Off Negative Energy

  1. Black Obsidian
  2. Smoky Quartz
  3. Black Tourmaline 
  4. Amethyst
  5. Clear Quartz
  6. Pyrite
  7. Selenite
  8. Malachite
  9. Moonstone
  10. Jade
  11. Celestite
  12. Citrine
  13. Carnelian
  14. Bloodstone

Crystals for negative energy improve your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Your body is a holistic system designed to achieve and maintain homeostasis its own form of equilibrium within. 

Crystals emit their own electromagnetic energy field, which is the natural phenomenon responsible for warding off negative energy, shielding, self-protection, and removing harmful and destructive vibrations from your astral body, and the ether that surrounds you. 

We perpetually receive, transmit, and pick up on energies from our external environments. Crystals that absorb negative energy can help you live in a state of love, bliss, and harmonious connection. 

Black Obsidian

raw obsidian on white background

Black Obsidian is one of the best crystals that absorb negative energy. It’s a powerful gemstone of protection, shielding you from psychic attack, and harmful energy from the ether. This crystal aids in transformation, purification, self-alignment, healing, and manifestation. It shields, energizes, harmonizes, grounds, and balances.

Black Obsidian is the ideal crystal to remove negativity. It can help with electromagnetic and technological interference and enhances your own mental powers for self-protection. Black Obsidian relieves stress, anxiety, frustration, fears, blocks, confusion, illusions, and traumas. Psychic powers are amplified while enhanced intuition opens doorways to self-awareness and the ability to form your own belief systems and perspectives. 

Wear a Black Obsidian pendant or protection necklace. You can also place a charged piece of Black Obsidian on your laptop, computer, or any other technological device for the best effects.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz on white background
  • Smoky Quartz is a powerful negative energy blocker. It shields, protects, and helps to transmute your shadow into light. 
  • This stone is the perfect negative energy neutralizer that brings hidden, subconscious, and darker energies into conscious awareness. 
  • It calms the nerves, promotes positivity and optimism, alleviates fears, and depression, and enhances stability, practical wisdom, and a strong sense of security. Its protective qualities allow you to feel safe and at ease in your body and outer world environments. 
  • As a grounding and stabilizing stone, it’s one of the best crystals for stress and negativity. It’s excellent for electromagnetic harm and pollution. 

Smoky Quartz is one of the few crystals safe to use in water, and you can make it into a gemstone elixir. Place a cleansed and charged stone into spring, mineral, or purified water for up to 6 hours. Drink it to receive its protective and healing properties! 

Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline on white background
  • Black Tourmaline is another powerful negative energy blocker. It’s ideal for the root chakra and all matters of self-protection.
  • It shields you from electromagnetic pollution, technological interference, harmful energy and projection, psychic attack, and manipulations.
  • You’re able to see through the manipulations and illusions of others, so you can raise your vibrations and remain aligned to your own truth, center, and inner source of power. This prevents you from being pulled into others’ flows, chaotic or toxic behaviors.
  • It’s a powerful purifier, neutralizer, and negative energy dispeller. It also alchemizes negative thoughts and feelings of your own into more positive and healthy belief systems, expressions, and impressions. 
  • Ultimately, this is one of the most sought-after crystals to ward off negativity. It is grounding, stabilizing, and healing while removing negative energies and distortions in your etheric and spiritual body. 
  • Fun fact: Ancient societies who believed in magic would use Black Tourmaline to protect them from dark magic, demons, and spellwork! 

You can use this crystal as a stone of protection, talisman, or necklace to shield and protect your heart, which emits powerful vibrations for connection, intimacy, and self-love. It acts as a “psychic shield.”


Amethyst crystal on white background
  • Amethyst is one of the best shielding stones due to its powers against psychic attack and mental confusion. Amethyst helps to calm the mind and amplify clarity, perception, wisdom, and intuition.
  • It enhances psychic and spiritual abilities which enables self-protective qualities to be enhanced. It’s one of the most powerful crystals to ward off negativity, as it promotes a positive mindset, higher truth, and subtle perception. 
  • Deep peace, insight, higher perspectives, spiritual wisdom, and access to dream and subconscious states are amplified, so it’s perfect for protection against negative energy on the astral, mental, and spiritual planes. 

Amethyst can be used in meditation or worn as a pendant. Keeping an Amethyst crystal on your altar or shrine is perfect for supercharging the energy of your space, such as your home, office, or personal room. 

Clear Quartz

clear quartz on white background
  • Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier and protector, therefore it amplifies the shielding qualities of all other crystals. You can use Clear Quartz to supercharge the negative energy-warding abilities of any other gemstone! 
  • As one of the top crystals for letting go of negativity, Clear Quartz increases clarity, calmness, peace of mind, positive energy, psychic gifts, and healing energies. 
  • It is known as the Master Healer in the crystal world, so it will amplify the intentions you set in addition to the metaphysical properties of other gemstones. It has a cleansing and harmonizing effect. 

Purchase a Clear Quartz geode (large structure/crystal cluster) and place your other negative energy-warding gemstones on top. You can also use this crystal in a gemstone elixir, drinking it regularly to keep your cells energized and emotions balanced and cool. 


Pyrite crystal on white background
  • Pyrite is also known as Fool’s Gold and is a powerful stone of protection. Its healing properties include psychic development, mental stability, logic, intelligence, optimism, learning, perception, and enhanced memory. 
  • Pyrite is one of the best crystals for negative energy, as it strengthens personal power and confidence while opening your third eye. It shields you from all sorts of negative vibrations and energies. 
  • Pyrite works on the psychological, emotional, intellectual, etheric, spiritual, and physical planes, thus it has a holistic effect. It can be used in meditation and divination to increase mental powers of shielding and protection. 

You can use Pyrite for solar plexus healing. It unblocks and heals your solar plexus so chi or life force energy can flow up to your higher chakras, where clarity, perception, and peace of mind are available. 


Selenite crystal on white background
  • Selenite aids in energy purification, making it one of the most potent crystals for negativity. Selenite is a stone for the crown chakra, which means it stimulates a powerful flow of energy to higher and spiritual awareness. 
  • It opens portals to cosmic consciousness, divine inspiration and communication, and the ability to see through illusions. It enhances peace, clarity, calmness, meditation, universal love, purity, integrity, hope, forgiveness, faith, and serenity in potent ways. 
  • Selenite helps to ward off negative energy through the effect it has on your higher mind. When life force energy is free to flow through your higher energy centers, you live in a state of grace, positivity, and acceptance. 
  • This special crystal expands mental and spiritual awareness, resulting in an open cord to your Higher Self, which, in turn, enables self-protection, transcending judgment, and clearing confusion. 

Selenite can be used during a New or Full Moon for the best effect. Use this crystal during a New Moon to spark fresh starts and new beginnings and during a Full Moon to ground and secure any self-healing and development work you’ve already done. 


Malachite crystal on white background
  • Malachite is one of the most recognized crystals that absorb negative energy. It increases personal confidence, energy, and self-esteem levels while amplifying wisdom, subtle perception, healing, balance, and comfort.
  • It’s an excellent gemstone for self-protection because it picks up negative energy in the environment and transmutes it. It shields you from electromagnetic pollution and the harmful energies and intentions of others.
  • If you’re dealing with a psychic attack, toxic people, or are simply surrounded by technological devices, Malachite is the best negative energy blocker.

Wear Malachite as a protective pendant or talisman, and keep a regularly charged piece of Malachite on or near your laptop, computer, or frequently used electronic devices. You can work with Malachite when wanting to heal fears, worries, stresses, trauma, and past wounds. 


Moonstone crystal on white background
  • Moonstone is one of the most powerful crystals for letting go of negativity due to its cleansing, clearing, and balancing effects. It soothes, heals, and unblocks emotions, stimulating emotional intelligence, harmony, and wisdom. 
  • Healing properties include astral wisdom, sacred knowledge, a cord to the subconscious mind and realm, enhanced dream states, sensitivity, vulnerability, emotional intelligence, spiritual perception, self-love, self-care, and feminine power. 

Ancient wisdom and recognition of your divinely sacred nature are sparked when using this stone, so use Moonstone when you need comfort and feminine energy. It nurtures, shields, and brings deep sensations of security, comfort, and physical, emotional, and spiritual protection. 


Jade crystal on white background
  • Jade is a beautifully soothing stone that can also be used for protection and blocking off negative energy.
  • Jade promotes stability, security, serenity, wisdom, harmony, longevity, friendships, and purity, so it’s ideal for self-protection. This is because it increases a tranquil mindset while instilling deep wisdom, multiple perspectives, and higher awareness. 
  • Jade is nurturing, brings luck, and enhances self-sufficiency. This means you’re less likely to be pulled into the negativity or false stories of others when using this stone. 
  • It also promotes truth and insight in a way that allows for deeper perception and self-awareness leading to psychological and spiritual protection.

Use Jade in spiritual and psychological self-development when you want to find deeper peace, clarity, and philosophical perception. Your self-protective abilities come from your mental power. 


Celestite crystal on white background
  • Celestite is one of the best crystals to ward off negativity due to its link to the higher chakras. It elevates your consciousness and produces self-protective qualities linked to the spiritual and astral realms.
  • Psychic powers are increased, which provides a portal for celestial and angel contact, divine inspiration, and spiritual abilities. Access to dream states and subconscious wisdom is enhanced. 
  • It can be used to treat a range of spiritual and physical ailments, including depression, insomnia, an overactive mind, negativity, migraines, headaches, and worrisome or pessimistic thinking.

Place a Celestite by your pillow at night to stimulate dreams, inspiration, divine contact, peaceful sleep, and relaxation upon waking. Using Celestite as a dream stone is perfect for amplifying positivity and optimism leading to shielding yourself from negativity. 


Citrine crystal on white background
  • Citrine is one of the best crystals for negativity as it enhances generosity, happiness, prosperity, success, pleasure, strength, alignment, protection, stability, inspiration, and truth. 
  • Citrine increases spiritual growth, joy, empowerment, and the positive pursuit of pleasure. It is a self-esteem and intellect booster, so you’re better able to engage in logical, rational, and intuitive thinking; clearing mental pathways. 
  • Through enhanced ambition, self-empowerment, and self-authority you can engage in positive thinking and shift to optimistic expressions. Citrine energizes, clears, aligns, harmonizes, and stabilizes. 

Use Citrine when you want to overcome fears and phobias, including depression, negativity, self-doubt, worry, stress, and feelings of inadequacy or failure. Citrine has many uses such as meditation, amulets, protective jewelry, and ritual or prayer work. 


Carnelian crystal on white background
  • Carnelian is one of the best crystals for stress and negativity. It’s primarily used for the sacral chakra, which symbolizes your center of emotions, creativity, sensuality, and interpersonal connections.
  • Carnelian brings warmth, inspiration, joy, success, positivity, powerful optimism, friendship, self-empowerment, amplified sociability, and self-expression. 
  • Courage, vitality, energy, passion, enthusiasm, and pleasure are all enhanced, so you can use Carnelian on your sacral chakra when you need to stimulate emotions and friendships, and for your solar plexus chakra for increased confidence and personal authority. 

Carry a Carnelian gemstone on your person when attending social events, going on a date, need to give a presentation at work, or during family gatherings. Carnelian increases a powerful flow of positive energy so you can destress and overcome negativity. 


Bloodstone crystal on white background
  • Bloodstone is a powerful detoxifier and purifier ideal for healing, purification, and cleansing. It is known as a blood purifier and can therefore be used for stimulating self-healing mechanisms.
  • Bloodstone is a highly recommended crystal to remove negativity from your inner and subtle body energy systems. It allows for alignment, optimism, energy flow, idealism, selflessness, good fortune, and mental and spiritual strength. 
  • It is a potent negative energy dispeller! It amplifies intuition, creativity, self-expression, self-esteem, and self-protection while shielding you from negative energy from the environment. 

Use Bloodstone in visualization or transcendental meditation. Place a charged piece of Bloodstone next to your fruit salad or healthy meal before eating. This crystal is excellent for improving circulation and positive energy flow on an etheric and physical level. 

Harness the power of crystals to manifest positive energy and vibes into your life and also know the great crystals that is great for anger, frustration and stress.


  • Are crystals for negativity safe to use?

Yes, but some gemstones such as Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, and Malachite should be used in moderation due to their strong energy. 

  • Can all crystals that are used to ward off negativity be worn as talismans?

Yes, the crystals for this intention will be specifically mentioned and indicated to serve this purpose. 

  • Are grounding stones the best for shielding and protection?

Many root chakra gemstones are ideal for self-protection, specifically Black Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, and Black Tourmaline. 

  • Can I ward off negative energy using my mind?

Luckily, yes! There are many crystals that are suited for enhancing mental, spiritual, and astral powers of self-protection. For example, Amethyst. 

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