Best Crystals for Positive Energy

  1. Tiger’s Eye for Confidence
  2. Clear Quartz for Cleansing
  3. Opal for Positive Vibes 
  4. Onyx Crystals for Positive Energy at Home 
  5. Sodalite for Positive Self-Talk
  6. Amethyst for a Positive Outlook
  7. Turquoise for Emotional Balance 
  8. Smoky Quartz for Wellbeing 
  9. Lapis Lazuli for Harmony at Home
  10. Yellow Fluorite for Grounding 
  11. Mangano Calcite for Hope
  12. Which Directions to Keep the Best Crystals for Positive Energy in Home? 
  13. In a Nutshell 

With gadgets, appliances, and electricity whizzing around us, we live in oceans of negative energy, and radiation, in this age. What are the best crystals for positive energy? How to use crystals to protect your home from negativity. 

Crystals such as clear quartz, black onyx, smoky quartz, amethyst, opal, and tiger’s eye can quickly dispel negativity, self-doubt, and despair. You can keep them in any of the nine Feng Shui directions to attract good fortune, harmony, balance, and well-being.

Join me, in this article, to learn how to use the best crystals that attract positive energy into your home, and top nine Feng Shui directions to keep them! Afterwards, you’ll have the answer to “what crystals are best for positive energy.”

Tiger’s Eye for Confidence

tiger's eye polished stone isolated on a white background

Tiger’s eye is recommended for positive energy, because it’s ruled by the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Hence, it can awaken your life force energy, and fill you with creativity, hope, and self-confidence. 

Clear Quartz for Cleansing

clear quartz on a white background

One of the best rocks for harnessing positive energy, clear quartz, shows you the positive side of every problem. Why? It’s a crown chakra stone. 

You can circle a clear quartz wand over your head, around the home, or clothes and objects, to cleanse the bad vibes away. 

Opal for Positive Vibes 

opal chunk on a white background

Polished opals contain amazing energy to attract good vibes into your home with feng shui. Keep your raw opal, and crystal jewelry, in your pockets when starting a new project. It’ll smoothen the hassles along the way. 

Onyx Crystals for Positive Energy at Home 

onyx chunk on a white background

Black onyx is recommended as crystals for peace and positivity, especially when negativity  comes from bad neighbors or family. If this is your case, cleanse your house using a black onyx crystal grid, and leave it undisturbed until the next New Moon, to manifest good vibes.

Sodalite for Positive Self-Talk

Polished Sodalite on a white background

You might already know that the average person thinks 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts daily. If your mind chatter is more negative than positive, get a sodalite wand pendant, or beaded bracelet, to keep toxic energies and thoughts away. Sodalite is great to use as good vibe crystals.

Amethyst for a Positive Outlook

amethyst chunk on a white background

Amethyst is a high-vibrational stone that empowers your wisdom, intuition, and optimism using the crown chakra. Wear amethyst earrings, or necklace, to allow this crown chakra crystal to help you develop a positive perspective about life. 

Here’s a bonus tip – keep a bowl of amethyst tumbled stones at your work desk, to cultivate good vibes. They are really effective positive energy rocks. 

Turquoise for Emotional Balance 

turquoise on a white background

Popular, as the crystal for tranquility, honesty, and self-confidence, turquoise, can calm the angriest person in a matter of seconds. Wearing a turquoise pendant, earring, or bracelet, is good for nurturing a positive attitude about people, your career, as well as your love life

Smoky Quartz for Wellbeing 

Smoky Quartz crystal on a white background

This variety of quartz is ideal for clearing any bad vibes in the body, mind, spirit, and spaces. You can smudge your bedroom with a smoky quartz wand and sage sticks, to promote health and wellness. Also, try placing the wand’s tip on the floor when clearing negativity at home. 

Lapis Lazuli for Harmony at Home

lapis lazuli on a white background

Are you looking for ways to guard your home against evil energies? Use lapis lazuli crystals to seek powers from nature and spirits, to protect your home! 

Better to create a lapis lazuli crystal grid in the northern corner of your home, and set it for a month. If you’re going to do this, get a lapis lazuli sphere and set it in the center of the grid. 

Yellow Fluorite for Grounding 

yellow fluorite on a white background

Manifesting good vibes with mantras is easier when meditating with a yellow fluorite pyramid in your dominant hand. Yellow fluorite eases worry, melts stress away, and eliminates anxiety. Wearing it as a ring on the right hand protects you from accidents.

Mangano Calcite for Hope

3 pieces of polished Mangano Calcite on a white background

Beads, spheres, and wands made of Mangano calcite are excellent for warding off self-pity and negative thoughts. That’s mainly because wearing this stone works on four chakras – the crown, third-eye, throat, and heart. Try to charge the stone under sunlight for a few minutes after cleansing.

Which Directions to Keep the Best Crystals for Positive Energy in Home? 

Keeping crystals in one of the nine directions, according to Feng Shui, is a great way to balance the classic elements such as wind, water, fire, and earth.

Here’s a glance at all the nine directions, their effects, and associated crystals. 

Crystals for good vibes or positive thinking chakra chart

In a Nutshell 

Did you know, the State of Air report says that 4 in 10 Americans live in places with poor air quality, and 21% of U.S adults experience mental health problems? 

You can use crystals for specific benefits like grounding, hope, courage, confidence, and positive energy at home. Wear them on your body as jewelry, or carry them in your pocket to set your intentions. 

The right crystals can bring positive thoughts, actions, and opportunities, with the help of earth, wind, water, fire, and sky into your life. They also offer harmony, peace, protection, and physical health, when kept in certain Feng Shui directions at home. 

If you’re hooked, the next step is to make an altar with crystals for good vibes in a sacred corner of your home. 

So, which crystal will you pick for good vibes at home?

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