10 Powerful Crystals to Attract Money & Wealth

  1. Citrine 
  2. Pyrite (Fools Gold)
  3. Tiger Eye
  4. Green Jade 
  5. Rose Quartz
  6. Amazonite 
  7. Malachite 
  8. Peridot 
  9. Carnelian 
  10. Bloodstone
  11. FAQs

All crystals have their own unique properties that we can connect with in order to enhance our lives. When we want to attract money and wealth, we can turn to certain stones that have vibrations that align with our desires. These crystals will unblock the energy surrounding us, allowing positivity and abundance to flow. 

Crystals to attract money and wealth work by releasing any self-limiting beliefs and behaviors we have regarding abundance. They allow you to enhance your mindset linked to wealth, boosting your confidence and helping you find a place of contentment and prosperity. 

Let’s look at our top picks for powerful crystals to attract money and wealth. 


polished citrine on white background

Citrine is an incredibly magical crystal and is extremely powerful when it comes to money and abundance. Citrine is connected to the sun, bringing forth masculine energy of creation and growth. Its vibrations will allow creativity and confidence to flow, helping you to create a mindset of prosperity. 

As Citrine is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, you can meditate with it to unblock this chakra and allow energy to flow through you. Sit with the crystal held just above your navel while repeating affirmations of wealth, such as, “Everything I do attracts abundance into my life.” 

Pyrite (Fools Gold)

pyrite on white background

The name pyrite comes from the Greek word pyr, which means “fire.” A stone famous for being confused with gold, Pyrite is a fantastic way of bringing abundance and wealth into your life. Pyrite is associated with the element of Earth. As this element governs material goods, we can connect with the element of Earth when wanting to bring prosperity into our lives. 

Place a piece of Pyrite in your wallet or purse to attract money and wealth. 

Tiger Eye

polished tiger's eye on a white background

Tiger Eye has been used for protection and luck for centuries. It is said that Roman soldiers would wear Tiger Eye stones in battle, believing that its vibrations would protect them. A powerful stone of protection, Tiger Eye also promotes confidence, wealth, and abundance. 

Tiger Eye instills confidence and courage in the wearer, allowing you to be in the right mindset for prosperity. Wear this stone at all times to attract abundance in your life. 

Green Jade 

polished jade on a white background

Green Jade brings luck into your life, with its powerful vibrations boosting your personal powers. Its energy will bring you new ideas, allowing you to plan your long-term financial goals. Green Jade also has energy of peace and tranquility, helping you to keep a calm head when pursuing money and wealth.

Connected to the Heart Chakra, you can wear a Green Jade necklace to open up to luck and prosperity. 

Rose Quartz

polished rose quartz on white background

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love, making it a versatile stone. Because love and respect bring rewards into our lives, we are able to use this stone to attract wealth and prosperity. 

Rose Quartz opens our hearts up to receiving and giving, which are important aspects of wealth. By working with this stone, you are able to attract money from a place of love and kindness. It also allows you to accept your successes and know you are worthy of them. 

Meditate with this stone and repeat affirmations, such as, “I am worthy of the wealth I receive.”


polished amazonite on white background

Amazonite is often referred to as the Hope Stone, reflecting its ability to bring positivity and joy into your life. Its uplifting vibrations soothe and inspire, bringing forth clarity and understanding. When it comes to money and wealth, Amazonite allows you to begin new projects that will bring abundance and success into your life. 

Amazonite is connected to the Heart Chakra. We can work with it to promote positive feelings in regard to money and wealth. Hold it by your Heart Chakra while visualizing your financial goals. 


polished malachite on white background

A powerful stone of protection, Malachite opens you up to positive transformation regarding finances and prosperity. It is connected to the element of Earth, allowing us to manifest material goods and wealth. Malachite helps you to embrace change and instills strength and power. 

Place a Malachite stone on your desk at work to bring you that boost you need. 


polished peridot on white background

Peridot balances the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, allowing us to feel stable and secure regarding our desires. Its positive energy boosts your outlook on life, pushing you forward with your goals. It rids negativity from your life, allowing you to leave resentment and anxiety in the past. Working with Peridot sets you up for prosperity and wealth. 

Place a Peridot crystal on your desk at work to allow its positive vibrations to enhance your skills, creating new avenues for money and wealth. 


polished carnelian on white background

Carnelian is governed by the element of Fire, which promotes creation and transformation. If you feel uninspired regarding work and money, this crystal will bring back your lust for life. Carnelian instills creativity and confidence, allowing you to gain new ideas and perspectives on money and wealth. 

Known to boost self-esteem and courage, wear a Carnelian to bring its energy into your life.


polished bloodstone on a white background

Bloodstone grounds and protects you, providing you with the space to bring forth abundance into your life. It boosts strengths and resilience, allowing you to go after your goals with courage. Connected with the Root Chakra, Bloodstone will provide you with the stability you need when it comes to money. 

If you feel insecure and anxious about money, meditate with Bloodstone to regain security. 


  • What crystal should I wear to attract money?

Tiger Eye, Green Jade, and Citrine are great crystals to wear when wanting to attract money. 

  • What is the most powerful stone to attract money?

Pyrite is extremely powerful and attracts money and abundance into your life. 

  • What is the color that attracts money?

Gold and green colors have vibrations that attract money. 

  • What color wallet attracts money?

Use a gold or green wallet when wanting to bring money into your life. 

  • How do I change my mindset to attract money?

Crystals connect with your energy and intentions, allowing you to alter your mindset. Meditating with certain crystals, such as Citrine and Carnelian, will change your mindset and actions to attract wealth.

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