Rose Quartz

(rohz kwawrts)
Main Origins:
Brazil, the United States, France, Germany, Russia, India, Spain, South Africa, Scotland, Norway, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Namibia, China, Japan, Australia, and Scotland.

What is Rose Quartz?

rose quartz on model's left hand with pink flower background

Rose Quartz is a Quartz like Amethyst and Smoky Quartz. It’s made of silicon dioxides. The pink colors you see in Rose Quartz come from trace elements, like manganese, titanium, or iron.

Did you know ancient Egyptians used Rose Quartz for facials? They did it to remove wrinkles and enhance the youthfulness of the skin. For centuries, it was known as a love talisman and the best stone to attract your true love. 

Romans and Greeks used Rose Quartz for aging, while Native Americans found it excellent for alleviating physical disorders. Assyrians, Babylonians, and many other ancient civilizations used Rose Quartz jewelry thousands of years ago.

Rose Quartz Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Some varieties, like Rainbow Rose Quartz, open all seven chakras from the Root to the Crown. Rose Quartz is good for grounding, love, empathy, prosperity, stability, health, beauty, fertility, psychic abilities, and growth. 

Did you know vivid pink or magenta varieties of Rose Quartz open the Soul Star Chakra? The Soul Star Chakra is the 8th chakra in most chakra systems, and vivid Rose Quartz varieties help with spiritual guidance via this chakra. 

According to astrology, the planet Venus rules Rose Quartz, so it represents love, fortune, wisdom, fertility, and beauty. 

The Earth element rules Rose Quartz crystals; hence, you’ll easily calm down when holding this crystal, especially during stress, grief, trauma, loss, or heartbreak. 

Rose Quartz is ruled by the Goddesses of Love, like Aphrodite (Greek), Hathor (Egyptian), and Cupid (Roman). It’s associated with other Goddesses, too, like Quan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy; and Freyja, the Norse Goddess of Fertility.

Bonding with Rose Quartz crystal brings spiritual awakening, destiny, psychic abilities, and universal truth, as it vibrates to the number 7.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties and Benefits

Attracts Soul mates

  • Because the Goddesses of Love in many cultures rule Rose Quartz, it’s great for bringing your true love closer. Go for raw Rose Quartz in soft pink colors for this.
  • The best way to charge a Rose Quartz to attract your soul mate is by creating a DIY gem elixir by indirectly fusing the crystal on edible water and spraying it over your hair and body. 

Decision-Making Skills

  • Rose Quartz in dark colors is considered excellent for clearing the mind. It’ll help you make the right decision, no matter how impossible it feels at the moment. 
  • The best way to start making the right decisions is by wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet on your left wrist. How do you energize a Rose Quartz bracelet? Remember to charge it for five minutes in the sunlight before wearing it.


  • Did you know sacred geometry Rose Quartz is great for stability and harmony? These are Rose Quartz in geometrical shapes, like spheres, cubes, pyramids, Merkaba stars, hexagons, polygons, and rhombuses. 
  • You can charge sacred geometry Rose Quartz by wafting the smoke of a sandalwood incense thrice over it. Afterward, touch the crystal or meditate with it for stability and peace.


  • Because the Norse Fertility Goddess, Frejya, rules Rose Quartz, some varieties of Rose Quartz heal the female reproductive system. 
  • Charge your Rose Quartz by meditating or visualizing Frejya before creating a fertility crystal grid, using it as the center stone. Here’s a guide on how to create crystal grids to get started.


  • Do you know what Rose Quartz does to your face? It can reduce wrinkles, besides improving skin problems related to aging. 
  • The best way to improve youthfulness, beauty, and skincare is by using a Rose Quartz gua sha tool. You can charge it by holding it for five minutes in the early morning sun before massages.

Rose Quartz Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Woman with wide arms open basking on the sunlight

Zen Gardening

  • Rose Quartz is an alternative way of reviving plants dying from pests, root rot, overwatering, and the lack of sunlight. You can get tumbled stones of Rose Quartz and bury them around your plants to keep them healthy.
  • All you need to do is aim the pointed end of a Clear Quartz wand at the plant you want to help bring back to life. Do this during the sunrise and sunset for a month or two, apart from taking care of it.


  • Do you know what happens when you rub Rose Quartz together? It doesn’t create a spark or a fire that you can see but becomes a magnet of good fortune, success, abundance, joy, luck, and peace. 
  • The best way to activate Rose Quartz for prosperity is by letting it soak overnight under the Full Moon or New Moon before placing it in your wallet. 


  • Because Rose Quartz helps you connect to nature, the universe, and spiritual beings, it also broadens your mind with knowledge.
  • I suggest meditating with a Rose Quartz pyramid for a few minutes after waking up and carrying it on your dominant side to attract knowledge toward you. 

Psychic Abilities

  • Have you heard about the intuitive powers of Rose Quartz crystals? They’re great for activating dormant areas of the mind closed due to stress, hurt, trauma, loss, or bad karma.
  • You can charge Rose Quartz to activate psychic abilities by lying down and placing it on your forward. This type of self-Reiki will help you gain new skills, too.

Spiritual Guidance

  • Rose Quartz helps light the darkness in your life path and career by getting help from ancestral spirits. To revive your bond with ancestral beings, use Rose Aura Quartz stones.
  • The best way to activate Rose Quartz for spiritual awakening, guidance, and protection is by soaking it in the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls or healing frequencies. 

Rose Quartz Side Effects

  • Overwhelming at times: Some varieties of Rose Quartz rock formations, especially those with Apatite and Apophyllite, may drain wearers with prolonged use.

Rose Quartz Meaning: What does Rose Quartz Symbolize?

Girl showing a heart sign by her hands

The meaning of Rose Quartz is unconditional love. 

Did you know Greeks and Romans believe that Eros (Cupid in Roman mythology) gifted Rose Quartz as a symbol of love? That’s why Rose Quartz is considered the best gift for lovers in today’s new-age movements.

Traditionally, it stood for romantic love, self-love, compassion, harmony, beauty, universal connection, joy, and intuition. 

Today, the list has expanded to include spiritual guidance, wisdom, peace, empathy, emotional healing, and good fortune.

Varieties of Rose Quartz

  • True Rose Quartz: The most common variety of Rose Quartz, this crystal may be opaque or translucent with white, brown, or gray inclusions. They’re great for love for the world and others around us.
  • Raspberry Rose Quartz: Showing raspberry red to light pink hues, this type of Rose Quartz works well for enhancing courage and confidence. 
  • Banded Rose Quartz: With stripes of red, pink, rose, brown, and yellow, this Rose Quartz variety enhances self-love, grounding, and good fortune.
  • Elestial Rose Quartz: This type of Rose Quartz is known for its stair-stepped formations and mainly exists in clusters showing pale rose or pink colors. They’re great for attracting support, care, love, and kindness. 
  • Girasol Rose Quartz: The hazy or cloudy type of Rose Quartz is called Girasol Rose Quartz. You can use them to clear mental confusion, negativity, and self-doubt.
  • Amethyst Rose Quartz: Showing vivid and contrasting shades of pink and purple, this rock formation has interwoven layers of both crystals. It’s great for wisdom, enlightenment, and higher powers. 
  • Star Rose Quartz: This variety of Rose Quartz shows asterism or star-like flashes. It’s commonly found in Brazil but also exists in India and Madagascar. Use it for wisdom, guidance, luck, and universal connection. 
  • Blue Rose Quartz: This type of Rose Quartz shows a grayish, pale-pink, or lavender hue called Dusky Rose Quartz. It’s great for communication, mediumship, and creativity. 
  • Phantom Rose Quartz: A Rose Quartz variety with one or more phantom structures inside, this type may be transparent or white with pink, orange, gold, red, or yellow inclusions. It’s a powerful stone for inner healing.
  • Euhedral Rose Quartz: This is one of the Rose Quartz varieties with Euhedral or smooth faces. They’re great for transformation, emotional healing, and progress and contain impurities of phosphorus and aluminum.
  • Rainbow Rose Quartz: This variety is often called Rose Aura Quartz and Rose Aura Rainbow Quartz. They may contain real gold and are great for success, confidence, and wisdom. 
  • Golden Healer with Rose Quartz: When the Quartz variety Golden Healer forms with Rose Quartz, it shows yellow, brown, white, orange, and pale-pink hues. They’re great for attracting prosperity. 
  • Rose Quartz Mica: There are two varieties of Rose Quartz with Mica- Muscovite and Biotite. They may be shimmering or dull pink with brown, green, black, and yellow colors. Use them for karmic therapy and inner peace.
  • Rose Quartz Albite: Showing white, pink, and yellow color zoning, Rose Quartz forms clusters with Albite. It’s recommended for mental clarity, patience, creativity, wisdom, and decision-making skills.
  • Rose Quartz Apatite: Ranging from pink to green, purple, blue, and yellow-green shades, Apatite rarely forms with Rose Quartz. If you have such a specimen, use it for contacting angels and attaining higher powers.
  • Rose Quartz Zircon: The best type of Rose Quartz for karmic healing, Zircon forms with Rose Quartz in red, brown, and pink colors. They’re great for grounding and confidence.
  • Rose Quartz Amphibole or Hornblende: This type of Rose Quartz shows green, gray, brown, or pale-pink hues when formed together. Use them for support, balance, and stability. 
  • Rose Quartz with Fluorite: When Fluorite forms with Rose Quartz, it features green, purple, pale pink, or dark pink colors. You can use it for self-love, warmth, letting go, and good karma. 
  • Rose Quartz-Zunyite: A trade name for a Rose Quartz formation with brown, red, green, and pink crystals, this variety is often recommended for bringing together soul mates.
  • Rose Quartz with Smoky Quartz: A mix of brown, yellow, gray, or black with pink, this type of Rose Quartz grounds you and connects you to the universe.  
  • Rose Quartz on Feldspar: Showing reddish hues with pink, this combination of Rose Quartz with Feldspar is excellent for enlightenment, psychic vision, and knowledge.
  • Rose Quartz with Black Tourmaline: A natural variety of Rose Quartz for protection, you should try Rose Quartz with Black Tourmaline for ridding stress, instability, debts, bad karma, and guilt.

How To Cleanse Rose Quartz?

close up photo of the moon

  • Moonlight: You can keep Rose Quartz overnight to soak moonlight energies and clear negativity stuck to it. 
  • Smudging: Another easy way to cleanse Rose Quartz is by wafting the smoke of a lit incense over it. Read more on ways to smudge or cleanse with sage.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt: You can also sprinkle a few crystals of HPS over your Rose Quartz crystal and let it soak in the dry salt for a few minutes. Don’t soak Rose Quartz in salt water.

Questions and Answers

Can I shower with my Rose Quartz?

Yes, you can shower with Rose Quartz, but prolonged exposure to chemicals in water, soap, shampoo, or conditioner may damage its color and/or integrity.

Can Rose Quartz go on fire?

No, Rose Quartz shouldn’t go in fires because it may break or crack under high exposure to light and heat.

Does Rose Quartz turn black when burned?

Yes, Rose Quartz may turn brown or black and crack under high temperatures when burned. Make sure to hold it a few inches away from the flame when charging it with the Fire element energy.

Can Rose Quartz go in the water?

Yes, Rose Quartz can go in the water for short periods of time.

Is Rose Quartz safe in the sun?

Yes, Rose Quartz is safe in the sun for short periods. Avoid leaving it out in the direct sun for too long.

Can Rose Quartz go in salt water?

No, Rose Quartz isn’t safe in salt water. You can cleanse or charge it with dry salt for short periods of time instead.

Can I wear Rose Quartz every day?

Yes, you can wear Rose Quartz daily, unless the ruling planet of your zodiac sign is an enemy of Venus (the ruling planet of Rose Quartz).

Who shouldn’t wear Rose Quartz?

If your zodiac sign is ruled by Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, the Sun, or the Moon, don’t wear Rose Quartz unless your astrologist suggests it.

Why has my Rose Quartz turned white?

Your Rose Quartz could have turned white due to overexposure to heat, light, or water.

Does heat damage Rose Quartz?

Yes, overexposure to heat can decolor Rose Quartz crystals.

How can you tell if a Rose Quartz is real?

To identify if your Rose Quartz is real, it should be cold to the touch, heavy, resists scratches by glass/steel, and shows a cloudy appearance.

What finger do you wear Rose Quartz?

The best finger to wear Rose Quartz is your middle finger on the left hand, as it’s ruled by the planet Venus.

How expensive are Rose Quartz crystals?

Commercial Rose Quartz varieties sell for $1 to $2 per carat, but high-grade Rose Quartz may fetch $10 to $30 per carat.

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