Why Is My Rose Quartz Turning White?

  1. What are the Reasons My Rose Quartz Turned White?
  2. 7 Rose Quartz Color Changes Explained
  3. In a Nutshell 

Quartz is a unique stone that can change from pink to colors like yellow, white, orange, and brown when treated. Is your rose quartz turning white? Can rose quartz be white? Why is my rose quartz fading? Why does it become clear or cloudy?

Rose quartz can become white, orange, yellow, black, brown, or cloudy when overexposed to sunlight, heat, radiation, body oils, negativity, and heart chakra blockages. Although rare, you can sometimes rinse or cleanse your quartz back to its original pink color.

Today, you’ll discover five reasons why rose quartz turns colors and transparency in seven ways. 

What are the Reasons My Rose Quartz Turned White?

Many quartzes can change their colors based on what they’re exposed to. From my experience, there are five reasons why rose quartz crystals turn white. 

Overexposure to Light and Heat 

model holding crystal in the sun

Most crystal users know sunlight cleanses healing crystals, but very few know sunlight also kills the pink color of rose quartz when exposed for prolonged hours. Besides, rose quartz can also fade when exposed to high heat. 

Stain or Rust 

raw rose quartz

Do you bond with your rose quartz by frequently holding it? Although doing this is the perfect way to make a close connection with the stone, it also stains the crystal with your body oils. 

Wipe down your rose quartz meditation stone, or jewelry, after the session with a lint-free cloth, if this is why your quartz is turning white.

Blocked Heart Chakra 

Did you use your rose quartz recently to open your heart chakra? Psychics say rose quartz can turn shockingly white after clearing huge heart chakra blockages. 

People with blocked heart chakras can be sensitive, controlling, obsessed, unapologetic, uncompassionate, rude, and anti-social. So, use an amplifier crystal in your ritual next time. 

You can also give the rose quartz a thorough cleanse after the session, to bring its original color back. 

Flaws and Impurities in the Stone

tourmaline on quartz on a white background

Impurities inside rose quartz can also lead to its change of color into white. Moreover, minerals and elements from foreign objects during the formation of the quartz may reveal themselves when the stone is chipped, cracked, or broken. 

Rare lavender rose quartz is one such exception that will be discussed soon.

Filled Up With Negativity 

Many people use rose quartz sculptures, angels, and balls for aesthetic value, but forget to cleanse them regularly. If your rose quartz stones have absorbed a lot of negativity, they may fade into white. 

A thorough cleanse, by circling the clear quartz wand thrice, should revive the rose quartz crystal back to its original pink color.

7 Rose Quartz Color Changes Explained

dark and light smoky quartz

From the above, we learned how light, heat, impurities, negativity, oils, and rust can change the original pink color of rose quartz. 

Moreover, depending on what it was exposed to, the crystal can develop an array of colors like orange, yellow, brown, and black, or different grades of transparency. 

Let’s see how, and why, rose quartz changes colors. 

Why is My Rose Quartz Turning Clear?

Rose quartz turns clear, white, or gray due to prolonged exposure to heat. It’s also typically seen with rose quartz crystals in tropical places with high temperatures. If you live in such a place, it’s best to keep your rose quartz in a silk bag or airtight box after every use.

Why is My Rose Quartz Turning Cloudy? 

Cloudy rose quartz occurs due to high temperatures. It turns cloudy when intense heat from sunlight, or fire, rearranges the molecules inside the rose quartz. Moreover, this also causes permanent chemical damage to the quartz crystal. 

Why is My Rose Quartz Turning Black?

Heating and irradiating rose quartz are the most common reasons for turning pink quartz into black quartz. If your rose quartz develops black or gray spots, the culprit may be sunlight, heat, or radiation.

As this doesn’t eradicate the healing powers of the quartz crystal, embracing the stone with its black shade is great for grounding.

Why is My Rose Quartz Turning Brown?

If your rose quartz turned into an uneven caramel brown color, it’s most definitely due to radiation. Brownish blotches, spots, and marks may appear on rose quartz if left under the scorching sun for hours. 

Why is My Rose Quartz Turning Yellow?

A greenish,  or canary, yellow shade can develop in rose quartz when it comes into contact with chemicals and body oils. If this is why your precious pink quartz turned colors, give it a good rinse with salt water, and it will be as good as new. 

Why is My Rose Quartz Turning Orange?

Rose quartz may also get orange blotches and blemishes from iron oxide or natural rust. However, pink quartz doesn’t develop orange colors naturally. That said, oil or mineral stains are easy to clean with salt or iron cleaners. 

Why is My Rose Quartz Turning Purple?

Rare purple rose quartz has a mix of purple and pink. So, rose quartz doesn’t develop a purple color unless it’s stained by ink or other chemicals. 

If you have lavender rose quartz, use it for meditation. It will open your crown chakra and heart, to discover the fruits of universal connection. That said, the underlying purple color of lavender rose quartz pops out when it chips, cracks, or breaks.

In a Nutshell 

Crystals like rose quartz change color due to energy healing, overexposure to sunlight/heat, lack of cleansing, impurities, or rust. In such cases, it can turn cloudy, clear, white, gray, brown, yellow, or orange.

Here’s a bonus reason why it may change colors – rose quartz may not be the right stone for you at the moment. 

So, how to restore the pink color of rose quartz after it changed colors? 

Firstly, find out why the pink quartz changed colors from the list above. 

Then, do a thorough saltwater rinse to clean your quartz. If the color change is metaphysical, cleansing with sound baths, clear quartz wands, or burying it in the soil, maybe the way to go. 

But, it’s best to embrace the new energies, if the color change in your rose quartz crystal is permanent. 

So, what does it mean when rose quartz turns white in your hands?

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