Can Rose Quartz Be in the Sun? Your Complete Guide

  1. How Long Can Rose Quartz Be in the Sun?
  2. How to Safely Charge Rose Quartz in the Sun?
  3. Can Rose Quartz Be Charged in the Sun? 5 Techniques to Try 
  4. In a Nutshell 

Do you know sunlight is considered Godly energy in many religions?  It makes sense that solar energy is also great for charging crystals. But, is rose quartz sun safe? Can you put rose quartz in the sun? 

Rose quartz is safe in the sun, if left for no more than a few minutes. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight can crack, or break it, or change its color. 

Learn about the limits of sunlight exposure for rose quartz, and how to charge, or cleanse, it safely with sunlight. 

How Long Can Rose Quartz Be in the Sun?

Rose quartz bathed in sunlight

If you’re a fan of pink or rose quartz, you’re probably already cleansing it with the sun. It’s safe, if your cleansing ritual is just a few minutes. However, with longer exposure, rose quartz fades under sunlight. 

So, how long can you leave rose quartz out in the sun?

Is Rose Quartz Sensitive to Light?

Yes, rose quartz is sensitive to sunlight, just like any other quartz (amethyst, citrine, etc.) 

So, you shouldn’t leave these crystals to cleanse, or charge, under direct sunlight for more than three minutes. 

Can Rose Quartz Turn White in the Sun?

Rose quartz can turn white when left for more than five minutes under direct sunlight. That’s because the sun’s energy contains heat and light, apart from healing vibrations.

You can avoid this by charging your rose quartz inside, instead of out under direct sunlight. 

Does Rose Quartz Fade in Heat? 

When left for long under direct heat, or the sun’s light, rose quartz can fade and turn white or gray. It loses its soft pink hues even when kept out in the open, if you live in tropical or high-temperature climates.

How Does Rose Quartz Lose its Color? 

Every type of quartz can change to white, cloudy, clear, or gray when exposed to heat, or light, for long intervals. It happens due to molecules rearranging from high heat, such as when left under the scorching mid-day sun. 

So, wearing a rose quartz pendant while working outdoors isn’t a great option, unless it’s for less than three minutes.

How to Safely Charge Rose Quartz in the Sun?

Polished Rose quartz being charged under sunlight

A thorough cleansing of rose quartz is enough to restore its pink color from sun exposure. In other cases, you should avoid keeping rose quartz under direct sunlight for more than three minutes

Direct heat and light can crack or fade this pink crystal quickly. 

If you can avoid direct exposure, it’s good to charge and cleanse rose quartz crystals for up to 12 hours under the sun. 

But, the best way to be safe, rather than sorry, is by playing around with other cleansing and charging techniques, using crystal wands, moonlight, salt, water, soil, and rice. 

I’ll tell you all about it next!

Can Rose Quartz Be Charged in the Sun? 5 Techniques to Try 

Much like rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, and aquamarine also fade and crack in the sun when left for long periods of time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the sun for programming these crystals. 

Here’s how to do it right:

Sun Salutations 

A type of yoga that faces the rising sun, sun salutations are physically healing. Keep your rose quartz in front of you while doing this 3-minute sun salutation tomorrow. 

Sun salutation yoga also opens your lower chakras such as the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras with the heart chakra that rose quartz opens. Moreover, sun salutations with rose quartz are great for good luck too!

Rose Quartz Elixir 

You can also make a rose quartz elixir by charging it with sunlight for physical healing. 

Do the following to make a rose quartz elixir:

  • Take a glass of drinking water.
  • Place the rose quartz atop of a coaster on the glass. 
  • Keep it in your living room from sunrise till sunset. 
  • At dusk, drink the water and finish it within 2-3 days.

But, bear in mind to keep it undisturbed and away from direct sunlight.

Although rose quartz isn’t toxic in water, it’s better to infuse energies of the crystal without direct contact, for making elixirs for consumption.

Incenses and Herbs 

A form of aromatherapy, smudging is great for charging and cleansing your rose quartz. You can do so from inside the house by lighting sage, palo santo, or incense during the day. 

Start by lighting the herb, or incense stick, and blowing out the flame after a few seconds. Finally, waft the smoke over the crystal for a few minutes. 

Chanting Mantras 

Another way to set intentions with a rose quartz crystal, with or without sunlight, is by using your sound. You can do so by chanting mantras, or positive affirmations, while holding the stone in your hand. 

Here are a few rose quartz affirmations to say while charging under the sun:

  • I am loved.
  • I am healthy.
  • I am connected to the universe. 

Chanting Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Aramaic mantras are great to manifest your intentions even without sunlight. 

Clear Quartz Wand 

The easiest way to cleanse and charge crystals is with other high-vibrational crystals like clear quartz or selenite. 

Because clear quartz clears negativity, you can circle it thrice over your rose quartz to cleanse it quickly. For charging rose quartz with a clear quartz wand, aim the terminated end at the pink quartz while setting the intention. 

In a Nutshell 

While sunlight is a powerhouse of positivity, crystals like rose quartz may fade, crack, or turn white from direct exposure to the sun. 

If you use sunlight for cleansing and charging rose quartz, it’s important to avoid direct sunlight for more than three minutes. 

Instead, cleanse or charge your rose quartz quickly with sun salutations, incense, herbs, mantras, and wands. But if sunlight is unavoidable, you can place your rose quartz crystals in the shade, such as inside your home, for up to 12 hours.

So, what’s your favorite way to charge rose quartz with sunlight?

Do you want to know which crystal is best paired with rose quartz? These combinations will guide you on how to maximize the benefits of the rose quartz crystal.

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