How to Cleanse Crystals with Incense Sticks

  1. Cleansing Crystals with Incense Sticks
  2. 5 Fire Safety Rules to Remember when Using Incense Indoors
  3. Which Incense is Best for Cleansing Crystals? 7 Incense Sticks to Use 
  4. In a Nutshell 

Our history with incense goes back 6,000 years. Ancient uses of incense like clearing, cleansing, and charging are used today. Why cleanse crystals with incense? How to cleanse crystals with incense sticks? Which incense is best for cleansing crystals? 

Burning incense clears bad energy. As incense sticks are concentrated pastes of sacred plants, their smoke can cleanse negativity stuck to your crystals. The best incenses for cleansing crystals are frankincense, sage, Palo Santo, myrrh, and sandalwood.

In this article, I’ll explain why incense sticks cleanse crystals and crafty ways to cleanse crystals with incense. 

Cleansing Crystals with Incense Sticks

From Egyptians to Greeks, Romans, and Babylonians, incense was widely used for worship and manifestations for a very long time.  These days, most of us know about incense, or at least, have stepped into a room with incense burning in the air.

You must’ve walked into a spa or resort with a familiar, or welcoming smell, of incense, herbs, or essential oils. Most of us reap the benefits of herbs using aroma diffusers and incense in our homes. 

If you use it too, the following step-by-step guide will teach you the right way to use incense sticks to cleanse healing crystals. 

How To Cleanse Crystals with Incense Sticks? 

Selenite Crystal lamp together with incense stick

Incense sticks are a simple, yet powerful means to cleanse and charge everything around us. All you need to do to cleanse crystals with incense is a simple hand movement. 

  1. First, place the crystal in front of you. 
  2. Next, light the incense stick.
  3. Lastly, circle the lit stick, thrice over the crystal.

Remember to visualize the crystal ejecting negativity while circling the incense over it. Do this before, or after, wearing jewelry made of healing crystals.

How Long Do I Cleanse My Crystals with Incense? 

You can cleanse crystals with incense as long as you like. Typically, your intuition guides you, which can last for a few seconds, minutes, or even hours. 

Moreover, the duration of cleansing varies by the technique you use. 

For instance, smudging with incense smoke may take a few seconds, but chanting or meditation for cleansing might take a few minutes or hours.

Which Direction to Cleanse Crystals with Incense? 

The direction to cleanse crystals with incense sticks is clockwise. That’s because the clockwise direction represents negativity-clearing in spirituality. 

However, if you move the incense sticks in the counterclockwise direction, it can charge the crystal. 

5 Fire Safety Rules to Remember when Using Incense Indoors

Before you get started, it’s important to skim over the responsible fire safety regulations around your area for lighting incense inside. 

Here’s a quick look at general fire safety to remember when using incense sticks.

  • Always ensure the incense flame is blown out after 10 seconds of burning.
  • Place the lit incense stick away from flammable objects, pets, and children. 
  • Open your windows whenever you light up an incense stick to prevent smoke from choking you.
  • Always keep lit incense in a dedicated place on a wooden, steel, or non-flammable stand. 
  • Choose an incense stick stand with an ash catcher to keep your area clean.

If you regularly smudge crystals with sage or palo santo sticks, reuse an abalone shell for incense. You can keep the lit incense stick once your ritual is over.

Which Incense is Best for Cleansing Crystals? 7 Incense Sticks to Use 

While some incense sticks clear negativity from crystals, others can dispel hexes, curses, or leftover evil vibrations. In short, incenses have unique traits you can use for cleansing different crystals and intentions.

Let’s look at the five best incense for cleansing healing crystals.  

Palo Santo Smoke for Cleansing Root Chakra Crystals 

palo santo stick on ash tray

The cleansing energies of Palo Santo come from the root chakra connection to Mother Earth. So, cleansing crystals with Palo Santo takes no more than a few minutes. You can cleanse crystals, such as red jasper, ruby, garnet, black tourmaline, black onyx, bloodstone, and hematite.

Clary Sage to Cleanse Sacral Chakra Crystals 

smudge stick on a ceramic cube beside a buddha figure
image source:

As Clary Sage opens your kundalini energy center around the pelvis, it’s a great crystal to cleanse orange crystals. If you have carnelian, amber, citrine, golden topaz, yellow sapphire, or tiger’s eye, cleanse it with the smoke of clary sage incense sticks.

Sandalwood Incense to Cleanse Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals

Pile of sandalwood sticks isolated on a white background

One of the prominent incense used in temples around India, sandalwood, stands for purity, as it draws on the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

The solar energies of sandalwood can cleanse spaces and hexed jewelry with yellow crystals like citrine, yellow sapphire, and amber.

Rose Incense for Cleansing Heart Chakra Healing Stones 

Rose incense stick on a table

The heart chakra stones that rose incense cleanse also amplify the crystal by connecting to the universe. Heart chakra crystals like rose quartz, morganite, rhodonite, and rhodochrosite clean up well with the smoke of rose incense sticks.

Chamomile Incense to Cleanse Crystals of Throat Chakra

The throat chakra rules chamomile. That’s why cleansing stones like turquoise, chrysocolla, aquamarine, sodalite, and amazonite are easy with chamomile smoke. 

Here’s a bonus tip – you can also chant cleansing mantras, or affirmations, to open your throat chakra while cleansing blue crystals with chamomile.

Here’s what to say when cleansing with incense:

  • I repel the negativity.
  • I conquer the evil.
  • I am reborn with purity. 

Frankincense Incense for Cleansing Third Eye Crystals

lit frankincense stick on a table

One of the popular scents used for warding off negativity and evil, frankincense, is best for cleansing indigo crystals. Blue sapphire, apatite, celestite, tanzanite, labradorite, and lapis lazuli are ideal for frankincense smudging. 

Lavender Incense to Cleanse Crown Chakra Crystals 

lavender incense stick on a white background

Cleansing high-vibrational crystals like amethyst, lepidolite, howlite, sugilite, or charoite with lavender incense is relaxing. Whether you smudge, or circle, the stick clockwise over your crystal, lavender is a great incense variety for clearing negative energies at home.

In a Nutshell 

Whether you use crystals for energy rituals or personal healing, cleansing them is crucial for removing the negativity they absorb when manifesting your intentions.

You can quickly cleanse a crystal by circling a lit incense thrice over it in a clockwise direction or fanning the smoke over the crystal with your palms. The smoke of certain incense sticks can fill you with positivity, while others may open your chakras too. 

For instance, frankincense fills you with intuition, lavender with wisdom, chamomile with confidence, and rose with love. 

Moreover, many religions have used herbs, incense, and even healing smoke baths to clear bad energies. 

That’s why using incense is a wholesome ritual for cleansing people, spaces, auras, and chakras other than crystals. 

Here’s a bonus tip – use incense varieties like mugwort to open two chakras (sacral and third-eye) at once. 

So, which is your favorite incense scent?

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