15 Best Crystals for Manifesting Fame and Success

  1. Citrine
  2. Tiger’s Eye
  3. Pyrite
  4. Yellow Tourmaline
  5. Yellow Jasper
  6. Labradorite
  7. Kyanite 
  8. Black Obsidian
  9. Red Garnet
  10. Smoky Quartz
  11. Clear Quartz
  12. Green Aventurine
  13. Sunstone
  14. Rhodonite
  15. Lapis Lazuli

Working with crystals for fame and fortune are an excellent way to spark inner confidence, passion, and self-esteem. They align you with your life path and purpose, increasing inner courage and optimism to follow your aspirations.

Like with all crystals, they can be used in meditation, or as protective jewelry or talismans. Crystals for fame and success should be charged regularly, especially once you’re already in your new professional role and living your dreams. 


polished citrine on white background

Citrine is one of the best crystals for fame and success as it is the stone of prosperity, increasing abundance, success, and inspiration – three qualities essential for a victorious mindset.

Citrine enhances happiness, confidence, creativity, inner strength, will power, determination, self-empowerment, as well as the positive pursuit of pleasure.

The associated chakra is the Solar Plexus, which signifies empowerment and self-authority- a strong sense of purpose too.

The associated planet is Jupiter, the planet of abundance, luck, prosperity, along with expansion! This makes Citrine one of the best crystals for fame and fortune.

Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye on white background

Tiger’s Eye is ideal for prestige and achievement. Tiger’s Eye promotes willpower, empowerment, practicality, grounding, courage, integrity, modesty, and self-esteem.

The associated chakra is the Solar Plexus, the perfect symbol of a strong and empowered life force. Self-worth, confidence, and strong levels of authority come with a healthy Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Tiger’s Eye rules the Sun, so Tiger’s Eye is one of the most powerful crystals for fame since the Sun represents individual consciousness, the center of conscious awareness, not to mention a direct link to evolved authority, passion, and vitality to act on our dreams and aspirations. 


pyrite on white background

Pyrite is one of the most powerful crystals for popularity, leading to achievement, fame, and prestige. 

Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, enhances mental stability, creativity, success, ambition, learning, perception, memory, intelligence, clarity, optimism, along with psychological analysis.

It’s perfect for stimulating passion, intellect, and life force energy so you can align with your purpose and strive for gold, physically and in other manifestations. 

The associated chakra is the Solar Plexus. This encompasses everything to do with energy and enthusiasm to make a name for yourself.

The associated planets are the Sun and Jupiter, both of which carry an intense and potent fiery energy linked to self-expression, will, luck, manifestation, self-expansion, philosophy, intelligence, as well as seeing the bigger picture. 

Yellow Tourmaline

yellow tourmaline bead on white background

Yellow Tourmaline amplifies happiness, tolerance, strength, understanding, positivity, transformation, perception, perspective, moreover open-mindedness. 

Yellow Tourmaline increases self-confidence, inspiration, an optimistic mindset, energy flow, healing, along with flexibility, all of which lead to it being one of the best crystals for fame and success. 

The associated chakra is the Solar Plexus, and it is connected planets are the Sun and Jupiter, making this crystal one that can help you evolve and shift to new levels of awareness, wisdom, and integration that will ultimately lead to your success. 

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper on a white background

Yellow Jasper is perfect for enhancing prestige, positivity, and a victorious mindset. This gemstone neutralizes negative and harmful energy from the environment, ether, as well as your auric field. 

It transforms negative emotions and feelings into positive ones while promoting a healthy outlook on yourself and your relationships. It’s one of the best crystals for popularity and fame due to the “sunny” disposition that’s increased. 

The associated chakra is the Solar Plexus, with linked planets of Jupiter and the Sun. You can refine your sense of vitality, personal recognition, as well as confidence for communication and connection with Yellow Jasper.


polished labradorite stones on white background

Labradorite is one of the most powerful crystals for fame and fortune in the way it increases psychic abilities, willpower, imagination, peace of mind, serenity, in addition to clarity of perception, thought, and learning.

Labradorite allows you to see things others miss, gaining the upper hand by advanced intuitive powers of insight. It can balance and protect your aura, reveal truth, shine a light on illusions, and strengthen faith and trust in yourself and in the universe. 

This crystal is amazing for overcoming fear, anxiety, and irrational worries and concerns. 

The associated chakras are the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown, which signifies a link to the higher realms. 

Uranus is the associated planet, the planet of innovation, change, invention, technology, science, spirituality, as well as global awakening. 


kyanite slab on white background

Kyanite is a lesser known but equally powerful crystal used for altered states of consciousness, visualization, integrity, serenity, honesty, loyalty, channeling, along with transcendental and lucid states. 

You can use Kyanite to enhance your capacity for fame, achievement, and professional and financial victory. It amplifies meditation, alignment, purpose, passion, and destiny. It connects you to the subtle and spiritual realms so you see what’s in store.

Working with Kyanite leads to a bright future and enhanced psychic gifts. As its qualities include honesty and integrity, it is excellent for pursuing fame without falling into egotistical or self-destructive tendencies. 

The associated chakras are the Throat and Third Eye. Kyanite opens communication and channeling pathways while increasing vision, foresight, along with intuition.

Mercury and Saturn are the associated planets. Mercury is the planet of communication, and Saturn symbolizes authority, discipline, and a need to structure, organize, as well as create order. 

Black Obsidian

3 Black Obsidian isolated on a white background

Black Obsidian aids in purification, transformation, manifestation, protection, positivity, and higher truth and wisdom. It blocks you from psychic attack, electromagnetic pollution, and negative energy

Black Obsidian is ideal for releasing stress and negative tension, which leads to inspiration, personal confidence, and positive inner alchemy. It’s one of the most grounding and stabilizing crystals for money and fame due to these effects.

This gemstone is ideal for dissolving emotional blockages, spiritual disconnection, and ancient traumas that might be holding you back from living up to your full potential. 

The associated chakra is the Root, which represents a potent sense of grounding, aligning with physical structures and vitality to expand success. 

The associated planets are Pluto and Mars. Pluto symbolizes transformation and alchemy, whereas Mars represents physical instincts, action, assertiveness, high energy levels, in addition to a healthy sense of competition. 

Red Garnet

garnet chunks on a white background

Red Garnet inspires devotion, passion, self-esteem, joy, energy, enthusiasm, and a burning desire for success! It is an inspiration stone, increasing physical vitality and subtle perception.

Red Garnet is one of the top crystals for fame because it enhances positive thoughts and intimacy while helping you overcome aggressive and temperamental tendencies. It’s excellent for anyone who needs to calm their emotions, further finding greater peace.

Conflict can be a major block to success and accomplishment, and Red Garnet is the ideal stone for assisting you in overcoming it without diminishing your passionate nature. 

The associated chakra is the Root, bringing devoted and disciplined qualities in equal measure. 

Mars, the associated planet, increases a healthy libido, life force, and sexuality so you can connect with others in an excitable, upbeat, and mature way.

Smoky Quartz

Polished smoky quartz on white background

Smoky Quartz is a stone for calmness, serenity, positive thoughts, inner stability, and practical wisdom. This crystal enhances feelings of comfort, grounding, and security while soothing fears and anxieties. 

It’s one of the most noteworthy crystals for fame and success because it neutralizes negative energies and vibrations. It protects, shields, energizes, and uplifts. It can detoxify inner impurities on a physical and subtle/spiritual level. 

Use Smoky Quartz when you want to embark on a new path and alchemize darkness into light. It shines a light on your darker, less desirable, and shadowed traits so you can rise like a phoenix from the ashes! 

The associated chakra is the Root, amplifying qualities of healthy pride, ego, assertion, courage, in addition to personal expression. 

The ruling planet is Mother Earth, or planet Earth, which offers a deeply grounding, stabilizing, and balancing energy for alignment, self-protecting, and overcoming blocks and fears to accomplishments. 

Clear Quartz

clear quartz on white background

As an energy amplifier and as the Master Healer, Clear Quartz can be used to dispel negative energy and tension from any of your chakras. It has a wide range of effects.

You can use it on your Root Chakra to enhance personal power coupled with practical wisdom. 

  • For your Sacral Chakra, it will provide emotional balance, harmony, and clarity. 
  • On your Solar Plexus Chakra, it amplifies confidence, courage, and self-esteem. 
  • For your Heart Chakra, it will amplify the vibrations of love, empathy, as well as vulnerability needed for prosperous and abundant connection. 
  • For your Throat Chakra, it expands communication, wisdom sharing, truth, and self-expression
  • For your Third Eye Chakra, Clear Quartz amplifies vision, intuition, and perception.
  • For your Crown Chakra, it increases your connection to spiritual insight and illumination, clearing illusions, mental confusion, and blocks to prosperity.

It is one of the best crystals for fame and self-empowerment, manifestation, and success. 

Due to the link to the Crown Chakra (needed for Kundalini flow), all of the planets are connected to Clear Quartz. 

Green Aventurine

polished green aventurine on white background

Green Aventurine promotes self-love, confidence, calmness, success, prosperity, independence, balance, empathy, compassion, sensitivity, as well as higher self-awareness. 

It is perfect for expanding leadership qualities, decisiveness, perseverance, determination, willpower, and inner strength. It relieves and soothes anxiety, stress, fear, and confusion, further helping to align you onto a path of harmonious relationships.

Green Aventurine calms anger, frustrations, and triggers that often come between yourself and success. It can be used to balance yin and yang, or female and male energy, for unity, holistic insights, along with integration. 

The associated chakra is the Heart, signifying the outward flow of love, empathy, compassion, kindness, generosity, sincerity, emotional intelligence, and grace. 

Venus is the connected planet, which is also known as the planet, or goddess, of sexuality, sensuality, romance, inner beauty, wealth, in addition to the positive pursuit of pleasure included.


polished sunstone on white background

Sunstone is one of the best crystals that attract fame, as it enhances individuality, expression, confidence, charisma, self-esteem, independence, and luck.

Sunstone is one of the most powerful gemstones from drawing energy in your lower chakras up to your higher ones. This means you can elevate, evolve, and shift toward your greater mission, your purpose, destiny, legacy, or career goals. 

It amplifies sensuality, good fortune, libido, life force, inspiration, originality, freedom, liberation, and achievements. It helps you shine unapologetically and authentically, also  living your truth with a greater connection to your soul. 

The associated chakra is the Solar Plexus, and the ruling planet is the Sun. This means incredible life force, self-empowerment, optimism, enthusiasm, along with illumination! 


polished rhodonite on white background

Rhodonite is excellent for success and prestige because it increases elegance, courtesy, and tact. It’s great for social skills, charm, grace, charisma, self-confidence, calmness, clarity of thought and perception, moreover seeing multiple perspectives.

Rhodonite increases diplomacy, compromise, and empathy. You’re able to relate to others in a self-aware and sophisticated way while staying aligned to your inner truth.

It’s an emotional balancer and cleanser that balances inner feminine and masculine energy so that you can speak to and interact with people from all walks of life, with ease and effortlessness. 

The associated chakra is the Heart, and the associated planet is Venus. This means you’re able to connect with others from a space of emotional intelligence, depth, in addition to sensitivity. 

Lapis Lazuli

polished lapiz lazuli on white background

Lapis Lazuli represents purification, intuition, inner truth, wisdom, higher perspectives, and manifestation. It is the ideal stone for business and friendship. It clears mental confusion and psychological and spiritual distortions.

Harmony is restored to your higher mind and vision. Lapis Lazuli expands positive magic, meditation, and insightful, intellectual, imaginative, logical, and intuitive thinking. It brings deep peace, contemplation, serenity, self-awareness, and knowledge of the self. It’s therefore one of the best crystals for popularity and recognition because it opens your mind, shifting you from conflict and separation to peace and unity. 

The associated chakras are the Throat and Third Eye, which signifies wanting to bring hidden strength, talents, and wisdom to light, speaking your truth without anxiety or fear. 

Jupiter and Neptune are the connected planets. Jupiter adds the element of luck, expansion, as well as abundance, while Neptune enhances psychic gifts, vision, spirituality, breaking free of illusions, intuition, along with imaginative gifts. 


1. What is the most powerful crystal for luck?

Citrine is the best crystal for luck and success, closely followed by Pyrite and Sunstone. 

2. Can I sleep with fame and success enhancing crystals?

Sleeping with success gemstones should be used in moderation, as they can prevent deep and peaceful rest due to the strong metaphysical healing powers of determination, willpower, masculine assertion, vitality, and passion. 

3. Can all crystals for fame be cleansed in water?

Yes, unless it has a very low Mohs value, so be sure to research your gemstone’s Mohs for hardiness. 

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