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Grace Gabriella Puskas is a qualified and passionate Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal therapist, Dream therapist, Herbalist, & Shamanic energy healer, and an established poet and wordsmith. She enjoys creating inspirational, educational, healing, and consciousness-expanding content, and can be found by visiting her website or Youtube channel, The Dream & Spirit Weaver.
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woman speaking in front of audiences
Crystals for communication are the perfect healing tool to overcome your fear of public speaking, shining, or speaking your truth. Crystals that help with communication ease blockages in self-expression, in addition to eliminating fears and doubts surrounding higher truth.  Truth and wisdom are closely tied into communication, as well as confidence, using your voice, and...
lady justice gold statue on gold background
Crystals for truth are linked to the Throat chakra, your center of communication and self-expression. When there are blocks here, you become dishonest, and therefore also attract dishonest people. Whether you’re being manipulated and deceived or are the one trying to overcome manipulating and deceiving others, crystals for honesty, clarity, and justice are ideal for...
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