13 Crystals for Your Bathroom

  1. Rhodonite
  2. Coral
  3. Aquamarine
  4. Amethyst
  5. Moonstone
  6. Rainbow Moonstone
  7. Sodalite
  8. Jade
  9. Blue Chalcedony 
  10. Selenite
  11. Pearl
  12. Opal
  13. Lapis Lazuli
  14. Conclusion

Bathroom crystals produce a soothing and warming feeling. You feel protected, safe, and free to receive healing from the ether and universe. Water itself is a cleansing quality, so crystals for the bathroom are strongly advised when you wish to attain serenity, moreover inner balance. 

If you’re considering placing your gemstones in the water, such as bathing with crystals or having them under your showerhead, you should be aware of the following: only place crystals with a 6+ Mohs value directly into water or under running water. 

There are many benefits of having crystals in your bathtub! The water absorbs the healing properties and powers of the gemstone, which heals, cleanses, and aligns your auric field. Let’s find out more. 


polished rhodonite on white background

Rhodonite is a beautifully tranquil, healing, and soothing stone that emits positive loving vibrations into the ether. It’s pink in color, which provides sensations of security, stability, harmony, love, protection, and delicacy. It balances yin-yang energy for depth and wholeness.

Rhodonite can: 

  • Increase your desires for sensuality, which make you engage in self-care combined with self-loving activities.
  • Spark romance for loving sexual, platonic, and intimate connections. 
  • Enhance nurturing, caring, kindness, instincts, intuition, self-awareness, 

calmness, and compassion. It’s a deeply feminine stone, making it one of the best crystals for the bathroom.

Physically, Rhodonite helps with scarring, insect bites, bone growth, fertility, inflammation, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Mohs: 5.5 to 6.5. Advised for up to 60 minutes in water only. 


red coral on white background

Coral absorbs and dispels negative energy, while inspiring friendship, platonic love, creativity, romance, passion, wisdom, and optimism. If you’re considering bathing with crystals, Coral induces feelings of deep peace, in addition to having a number of physical benefits. 

Coral can: 

  • Enhance intuition, imagination, self-expression, creative vision, moreover higher wisdom. It enhances enthusiasm to acquire self-knowledge and universal truths! 
  • Increase relaxation, unwinding, inner contentment, and balanced vibrations. Coral brings peace, harmony, soul alignment, emotional stability, and diplomacy.
  • Spark your Higher Self for deep insights that lead to self-evolution. 

Coral is one of the more powerful bathroom crystals, as it strengthens the circulatory, skeletal, and nervous systems, further stimulating tissue regeneration, white blood cell healing, and rebirth. 

Mohs: 6.5 to 7. Okay in water. 


polished aquamarine on white background

Aquamarine is a water crystal, therefore making it your go-to shower or bath crystal. It enhances tranquility, meditation, serenity, potent intuition, cleansing, inner power, nobility, integrity, and psychic abilities.

Aquamarine can:

  • Stimulate psychic visions in addition to prophetic insights, which can be channeled and accessed in a grounded or high vibration way. For example, it is excellent for philosophers, visionary poets, and psychics! It’s also okay for everyone else. 
  • Revitalizes psychological, spiritual, and emotional energies. It is one of the best bathroom crystals for sensitive people, specifically empaths or HSPs (Highly Sensitive People). 
  • Clear illusion, false perception, inaccurate information from gossip, confusion, and mental distortion. Aquamarine helps you discover the light of truth, the root and core essence. 

Physically, Aquamarine is amazing for thyroid and throat conditions, such as swollen glands, sore throats, and minor respiratory issues. It helps to regulate hormonal health, inner balance, moreover a perfectly functioning nervous system. It balances the mind, body, and soul. 

Mohs: 7.5 to 8. Excellent in water! 


polished amethyst on white background

Amethyst is one of the best crystals to shower with because it continuously charges your water. It removes psychic impurities from water, the ether/environment, and your aura. With such a strong Mohs level, it’s one of the most ideal crystals for a bath, too.

Amethyst can: 

  • Amplify peace, clarity, perception, mental well-being, subconscious wisdom, self-awareness, and healing.
  • Align you with spiritual vibrations from the ether and universe, connecting you to the quantum field where ancient memory, wisdom, profound imagination, as well as revelationary insights are available. 
  • Increase soul, majesty, nobility, integrity, higher consciousness, purity, psychic gifts, self-protection, intuitive powers, moreover inner alchemy.

Physically, Amethyst shields you from psychic attack and electromagnetic harm, while de-stressing and energizing your cells. It neutralizes negative energy, coupled with balancing mood, and your endocrine, immune, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and lymphatic systems. 

Mohs: 7. Okay in water.


blue moonstone on white background

Moonstone increases good fortune, health, luck, ancient wisdom, subconscious insights, selflessness, nurturing, feminine energy, mothering instincts, unconditional love, and compassion. It’s a powerful bathroom crystal because it is linked to the water element!

Moonstone can: 

  • Increase abundance, spiritual insight, memory of past lives, trauma awareness, and speedy recovery from past pain, heartache, and wounds. 
  • Balance emotions while aiding in security, stability, comfort, peace, and protection. It amplifies joy and peace simultaneously, enabling passion for life without becoming overly excitable.
  • Provide potent instinctual self-awareness leading to growth, evolution, and self-mastery, as well as imaginative and artistic gifts. 

On a physical level, Moonstone helps to assimilate nutrients, eliminate toxins, regenerate blood cells, and balance hormones. It can help with digestive disorders, in addition to being amazing for women going through PMS, menstrual pain, and childbirth or pregnancy issues. 

Mohs: 6 to 6.5. Advised for up to 60 minutes in water only. 

Rainbow Moonstone

rainbow moonstone on white background
image source: pinterest.com | Sarah Belle Style

Rainbow Moonstone is a special crystal with healing properties of divine inspiration, new beginnings, and sacred knowledge. This gemstone enhances your connection to your soul, subtle and spiritual energy, and the universe in magical yet realistic ways.

Rainbow Moonstone can: 

  • Help shift your frequency, aligning you with the cosmos, including advanced creative and imaginative gifts. 
  • Provide supreme protection against harmful and negative energies. It provides mental clarity, peace, and self-assurance so you don’t get pulled into another’s manipulations, toxic currents, or false motives.
  • Enhance psychic and spiritual gifts, including telepathy, clairvoyance, past life recall, lucid or vivid dream states, and chakras balancing and alignment. 

This crystal harmonizes your subtle energy systems, soothes emotions, moreover helps to heal depression, heartbreak, and trauma-related fears and intimacy blocks. It is known to activate and awaken your “rainbow body” (i.e. your whole chakra system). 

Mohs: 6 to 6.5. Advised for up to 60 minutes in water only. 


polished sodalite on white background

Sodalite is one of the best crystals for the bathroom outside of being placed directly in water. It stimulates deep peace, serenity, wisdom, knowledge, intuition, clarity, truth, perception, and higher awareness. 

Sodalite can:

  • Help you feel at peace within your body, along with the external situations and environments you find yourself in. It restores trust in yourself and others.
  • Encourage logical and rational thought. Sodalite expands awareness, learning, focus, concentration, pathways to truth, as well as self-acceptance. 
  • Enhance self-esteem, self-worth, and potent courage to speak your truth, share your wisdom and talents, furthermore express yourself authentically. 

Sodalite is perfect for digestive problems and metabolism issues, in addition to blood pressure problems. It can help to heal insomnia while alleviating cellular damage from electromagnetic pollution, including minor radiation. 

Mohs: 5.5 to 6. Advised for up to 30 minutes in water only. 


polished jade on a white background

Jade promotes fertility, longevity, and tranquility, making it one of the best bathroom crystals for emotional healing and balance. Jade can help you to see multiple perspectives, which leads to unity and fairness in your relationships.

Jade can:

  • Enhance wisdom, practicality, learning, memory, security, coupled with the need to preserve yourself as well as intimate relationships.
  • Activate your Heart Chakra so you feel more inclined to develop sensitivity, empathy, and diplomacy in close bonds.
  • Assist in healing sadness, grief, hurt, moreover pain, which sparks acceptance, forgiveness, and surrender to the divine flow of life and all things. 

Physically, Jade is great for easing muscular tension, in addition to helping with kidney, adrenal, and hormonal problems. It further detoxifies the bloodstream, aiding in fertility, childbirth, and the release of bodily fluids. 

Mohs: 6.5 to 7. Okay in water. 

Blue Chalcedony 

blue chalcedony on white background

Blue Chalcedony is perfect for Throat Chakra healing, restoration, and balancing. It improves open-mindedness coupled with adaptability, further increasing learning, perception, creativity, and communication.

Blue Chalcedony can:

  • Instil deep peace, gratitude, tolerance, self-awareness, acceptance, as well as forgiveness. 
  • Inspire creative innovation and inspiration, granting you access to the angelic and ethereal realms where universal archetypes and new ideas are rich. 
  • Help you unwind and relax after a long day, positively impacting your mind, nervous system, and the ability to let go, to let your mind drift. 

Blue Chalcedony amplifies optimistic thinking and light-heartedness. It soothes and balances the immune system, respiratory system, and blood system relating to blood flow and pressure. It can ease headaches, migraines, and stresses accumulated, while also preventing insomnia. 

Mohs: 6 to 7. Okay in water. 


selenite cube on a white background

Selenite is a gemstone of purification, peace, meditation, higher spiritual consciousness, and purity. This crystal is the gemstone that holds the world record for largest cave system ever to be found! 

Selenite can: 

  • Restore psychological and spiritual balance, enhancing positive thinking, clear vision, and psychic awareness. 
  • Assist you in seeing through illusion, such as clearing mental confusion and cleansing your auric field of psychic impurities. 
  • Inspire serenity, deep healing, sensuality, and divine inspiration, in addition to opening portals to your Higher Self’s insights and realizations. 

Selenite is believed to promote spinal health and flexibility on a physical level. It aids in teeth and bone repair, regrowth, and healing while stimulating the regeneration of white blood cells. Skin disorders can also be cleared up with Selenite. It is not typically advised in water, yet you can keep it near you in the bathroom. 

Mohs: 2. Not advised in water!


pearl on a white background

Pearl is a soothing gemstone and one of the most fitting crystals for the bathroom, as it amplifies purity of thought, awareness, and being. Pearl is seen as rare in many cultures. Its healing properties include integrity, honesty, and higher wisdom.

Pearl can:

  • Soothe emotions and inner world sensations, connecting you to depth, self-intimacy, and complete transparency regarding your feelings, needs, and desires.
  • Strengthen self-honesty, purpose, soul alignment, and harmony with your life plan. 
  • Increases charity, selflessness, and service while inspiring loyalty and devotion to significant relationships and worthwhile causes. 

Pearl is known to aid with digestive disorders, infertility, and childbirth. It’s excellent for pregnant women wanting a smooth delivery, additionally harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit for patience and fear release. It’s excellent near your shower or bathtub. 

Mohs: 2.5 to 3. Not advised in water! 


opal on white background

Opal is a stone of loyalty, faith, unconditional love, meditation, and compassion. It enhances mood while promoting positive well-being. It connects you to a mystical and spiritual energy, also increasing psychic visions and otherworldly insights. It’s a potent intuition crystal. 

Opal can: 

  • Help you find the perfect balance between healthy attachment and independence in your relationships, further assist you in transcending codependency. 
  • Spark originality, creativity, and the positive pursuit of freedom and pleasure. It enhances individuality, authentic living, and the desire to speak and live your truth. 
  • Balance faithfulness, commitment, and security with spontaneity, sovereignty, and liberation from structures and routines. Opal helps your inner spirit soar without becoming uncentered or ungrounded. 

Physically, Opal is a blood purifier and detoxifier. It helps women through PMS, childbirth, pregnancy, menstrual cramps, and hormonal imbalances, in addition to aiding in minor infections, fevers, etc. 

Mohs: 5.5 to 6.5. Advised for up to 60 minutes in water only. 

Lapis Lazuli

polished lapiz lazuli on white background

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of both air and water, making it perfect for contemplation in a bath. This crystal enhances meditation, clear thinking, deep insights, introspection, learning, analysis, memory recall, and subconscious insights.

Lapis Lazuli can:

  • Relax you to the point of entering a transcendental state of awareness. It’s additionally one of the most powerful dream stones, increasing your connection to the subtle and astral realms.
  • Promote inner truth, intuition, purification, positive magic, manifestation, higher wisdom, and self-knowledge, coupled with self-protection from psychic attack. 
  • Inspire truth-telling and wisdom-sharing to sage-like levels! Self-mastery of communication is accessible. 

Lapis Lazuli lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, detoxifies the blood, aids with inflammation, and helps with recovery from insomnia. It’s a powerful crystal for depression, anxiety, frequent stress or overthinking, and easing throat tension and thyroid issues. 

Mohs: 5 to 6. Advised for up to 30 minutes in water only. 


Showering or bathing with crystals is an excellent way to absorb the metaphysical healing properties of your bathroom crystals. Even if your chosen gemstone cannot go directly into the water with you, crystals emit powerful healing frequencies that interact with your energy field. 

Make sure you learn how to still your mind, perform deep breathing exercises, and go within to relax and unwind. This is the best way to receive each gemstone’s spiritual and physical healing gifts. 

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