10 Best Crystals That Help Period Cramps and Menstrual Pain

  1. Rose Quartz
  2. Rhodochrosite
  3. Red Garnet
  4. Ruby
  5. Moonstone
  6. Blue Sapphire
  7. Carnelian 
  8. Smoky Quartz
  9. Emerald
  10. Selenite

Disclaimer: This article is not offering medical advice. The reader should consult a medical professional for expert advice or further guidance relating to physical health concerns. 

 Period pains/menstrual cramps affect us, women, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and physically. There are many crystals for cramps that can help with menstrual pain, hormonal balance, enhancing mood, overcoming stress, as well as finding serenity.

As a woman, you wish to know that there is support and gems from the crystal world that can assist you. There are! Consider how you can prepare when you feel a surge of cramps coming on. It’s recommended that you should eat light foods high in water content, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, legumes, and in addition to whole and organic foods. Herbs for menstrual pain also complement crystals for cramps. 

Rose Quartz

rose quartz on white background

Rose Quartz brings a deeply sensual and soothing energy. Its healing properties include unconditional love, empathy, grace, and gentleness.

This pink gemstone emits tranquil, harmonizing vibrations, balancing your physical and spiritual energies for wholeness within. It promotes meditation, peace of mind, tranquility, serenity, calmness, intuition, and in addition to romance. 

Romance can be with yourself, meaning you can develop romantic and compassionate feelings toward yourself in a positive, healing sense. Rose Quartz promotes trust in yourself and your choices while aligning you with instincts for self-care.

Rose Quartz is one of the best healing crystals for pain, as it aids in purity, grief healing, trauma, wound release, emotional balancing, and heart opening. It activates the Heart Chakra in powerful yet gentle ways, making it perfect for menstrual cramps.

On a physical level, Rose Quartz is believed to release impurities from the bloodstream and strengthen the circulatory system. It increases fertility, hormonal balance, further preventing menstrual pain, and issues such as miscarriage, irregular periods, and PMS. 

Charge your Rose Quartz in the moonlight for up to 12 hours, and then place it next to an oil diffuser during a crystal bath. Use Lavender, Patchouli, Geranium, Chamomile, or Sweet Orange essential oils in the oil diffuser or your bath water. 

Allow the healing vibrations of this soothing gemstone to create a beautiful ambiance for you to relax, destress, and unwind. You may want to play some nature sounds for a holistic and complete experience.


polished Rhodochrosite on a white background

Rhodochrosite is another powerful pain relief crystal that has potent effects on your mind, body, and spirit, or the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical planes and body. It has a holistic effect.

This gentle pink gemstone for the Heart Chakra stimulates positive energy flow, empathy, kindness, self-awareness, nurturing, feminine energy, self-love, as well as universal love. It is believed to enhance comfort, harmony, and healing, in addition to clearing thyroid and hormonal imbalances. It also aids in circulation and blood pressure.

Rhodochrosite balances physical and spiritual energies so you can attain homeostasis- perfect equilibrium and harmony within. This crystal increases love and passion, thus making you feel good about yourself.

When you live in joy, self-love, and pleasure (the positive effects of Rhodochrosite) you want to make better lifestyle and health choices. This crystal amplifies self-worth, self-esteem, and as well as your interest in self-care routines! 

It’s further believed to help ease migraines, headaches, and insomnia that can come about from menstrual cramps/pain. 

Meditate with Rhodochrosite every morning during your period for 10 to 15 minutes. Drink a glass of water while projecting pure healing intentions into the water. Make sure you charge your crystal on a Clear Quartz or Amethyst cluster, or in direct sunlight, following each meditation.

You should also cleanse the gemstone after a week and recharge it accordingly. Rhodochrosite can be used in a crystal bath in the same way mentioned for Rose Quartz. 

Red Garnet

red garnet on white background

Red Garnet has a positive effect on sexual organs and reproductive health, in addition to menstrual cramps, PMS, and sexual trauma, whether minor or major. It eases tension and pain felt around your monthly moon cycle. 

This crystal can help to connect you to your womb, which is believed to be sacred and something all women should develop an intimate connection with. 

As one of the most powerful pain relief crystals for cramps, Red Garnet instills qualities that can be applied to you exclusively – passion, devotion, and love. They don’t have to be channeled or directed into a partner or romantic relationship as many people might believe.

Red Garnet is for the Root Chakra. 

In Hinduism and other spiritual practices and communities, your sacred womb is known as a Yoni. Your Yoni is a portal to the universe and divine consciousness, also serving as a symbol for procreative energy, both physically and energetically/spiritually. 

Because Red Garent stimulates sexual health and vitality, reproductive functioning, fertility, love, and sensuality, in addition to libido and life force, being aware of the sacred energy of your Yoni is essential. There is a divine essence all females hold, yet society often disconnects us from it, at least certainly the wisdom of our core selves.

Create a Yoni steam bath with Red Garnet as the centerpiece – the crowning gem! 

Meditate on the gemstone as you receive the purifying vibrations of the yoni bath, reflecting on its healing qualities as you practice breathing. Breathe deeply and consciously, further practicing mindfulness or mindful meditation techniques. 


ruby gem on white background

Ruby is one of the few crystals for the Root and Heart Chakras, which makes it quite rare. It’s perfect for menstrual pain, cramps, and hormonal issues. 

Ruby stimulates blood flow while having a soothing, stabilizing, harmonizing effect. It balances the emotional and psychological bodies while harmonizing physical and spiritual forces. 

Ruby calms hyperactivity, inspires self-love, sparks self-care, as well as amplifying devotional qualities. It stimulates the adrenals, reproductive organs, and kidneys; the latter making it one of the most useful crystals for cramps because it aids in detoxification and purification, allowing your body to release what it no longer needs. 

Use Ruby when you want to enhance self-love while equally allowing for pain release and physical healing. It’s specifically good for cramp pain with excessive bleeding (heavy blood flow). 


blue moonstone on white background

Moonstone is the menstrual cycle crystal. Its healing properties include nurturing, gentleness, sensitivity, feminine and astral wisdom, sacredness, selflessness, motherly love, energy, heightened instincts, and evolved intuition.

Moonstone connects you with your divine feminine inner knowing, and wisdom, not to mention your ability to feel, perceive, sense, and “listen” to your body’s needs (listen is used here in an energetic and spiritual sense).

This soothing, emotionally balancing crystal is ideal for enhancing mood because it is known as a mood stabilizer. It balances, cleanses, harmonizes, and heals your emotions, in addition to having a positive impact on your psychological and spiritual well-being.

Physically, it promotes good fortune, happiness, new beginnings, abundance, and hope. It eases blood and fluid flow, providing for safe passage and safe travel. It can ease emotional instability, stress, and confusion, while further aiding in several physical ailments.

PMS symptoms, irregular or heavy period blood flow, cramps, infertility, problems with childbirth or conception, and ongoing miscarriage can be eased with Moonstone. 

Hold a Moonstone regularly to rebalance and stabilize or restimulate your moon cycle. It’s excellent when you’re stressed, anxious, or feeling disconnected from your body and senses. 

You can sleep with a Moonstone crystal next to your pillow to bring sensations of comfort, security, and protection, coupled with improving your mood and capacity for a good night’s sleep. Rest is deeply important when suffering from period pain. Moonstone can assist so that you feel recharged and vibrant in the morning.

Blue Sapphire

sapphire chunk on a white background

Blue Sapphire is one of the lesser-known crystals that help with cramps. Sapphire aids in fertility, intuition, meditation, serenity, peace of mind, centering, balance, and alignment. It enhances spiritual development while balancing emotions, thoughts, and inner-world sensations – your overall mood and vibration.

Known as the “wisdom stone,” Sapphire is excellent for finding peace, serenity, and calmness during a heavy or painful period. 

It is believed to release depression, confusion, and internal chaos, as well as restore the body’s equilibrium. It is particularly effective for cramps that include excess bleeding, so it’s ideal for a heavy, painful period! It is known to regulate the glands, stabilize blood pressure and flow, and calm the overactivity of the body’s systems. 

Use Blue Sapphire when you need to balance your emotions with your thoughts and mind. It increases inner strength while removing blockages and enhancing your ability to express yourself. 

Communicating your thoughts, needs, feelings, impressions, reflections, desires, truth, and emotions is essential during such a sensitive womanly cycle. This crystal helps you harmonize your mind with your emotions in a way that soothes inner tension and turmoil. It also has a deeply calming effect on your nervous system.  


polished carnelian on white background

Carnelian promotes brain chemistry differently from all the others on this list, as it enhances mood while increasing your inner fire and amplifying sensations of wanting to pursue pleasure with confidence and courage.

Carnelian enhances optimism, joy, pleasure, creativity, passion, excitement, and happiness. 

It is a gemstone for the Sacral Chakra, so there’s a natural cord to emotions, sensuality, and fertility.

Healing properties include increased libido, sexuality, and trauma healing, coupled with an increase in life force and zest. This means you can “escape” pain and negative or depressive feelings by shifting to a different psychological/mental frequency. 

Carnelian is believed to boost feel-good hormones in a way that triggers joy. Your mind holds considerable power (to affect your mood), so turning away from heaviness, sadness, grief, pain, or the trauma of menstrual cramps naturally shifts you toward its opposite – lightness, positivity, optimism, inspiration, self-expression, etc. 

Meditate with Carnelian when you wish to increase sociability, individuality, self-esteem, and happiness, as well as emotional warmth and inner harmony. Carnelian removes blocks to well-being, holistic health, and courage, to overcome your fears, which may include committing to a positive mindset and attitude, despite the temporary physical pain. 

Smoky Quartz

Polished smoky quartz on white background

Smoky Quartz is effective for easing cramps. It is a Root Chakra gemstone, meaning it enhances inner strength, stamina, resilience, security, comfort, moreover protection. 

It eases heavy emotions in addition to darker feelings, such as depression, and the inability to let go of painful memories, as well as sadness, grief, hurt, pain, wounds, and trauma. It assists in grounding you, and stabilizing your mood and thought processes when you begin to get a little spacey or disconnected from your body. 

Smoky Quartz heals pessimism and gloominess while transmuting darker sensations into light; hence the phrase “lightness of being.”

Wear a Smoky Quartz pendant or necklace when you begin to feel the weight of period cramps. It intends to lift you from despair and heaviness into lightness, peace, and a more optimistic mindset. 


Emerald on white background

Emerald enhances intuition coupled with balancing physical and spiritual healing. It’s the ultimate yin-yang energy balancer and harmonizer, so it’s effective for menstrual cramps. You can find inner strength and courage within (yang) while treating yourself graciously with love, care, kindness, gentleness, and sensitivity (yin). 

Emerald brings clarity, perception, calmness, serenity, love, positivity, joy, and cleansing. It inspires depth, sensitivity, as well as romance.

Meditate with Emerald during a new or full moon. Perform on a new moon for new beginnings and ancient wisdom, or on a full moon for remembrance, soul alignment, and spiritual illumination. 

This crystal meditation eases stress while encouraging serenity. When your thoughts and psychological health are better, your mood is better, too. Your mind affects matter. 


polished selenite on a white background

Selenite increases purification, serenity, universal love, spirituality, intuition, higher consciousness, self-awareness, and peace of mind. It’s a powerful menstrual crystal because it expands your ability to perceive with grace, calmness, and soul. 

Selenite is an amazing clarifying and cleansing gemstone. Through activating your Higher Self and aligning you with spiritual energies, you’re able to see inside your own body and painful responses in a clairvoyant, profoundly intuitive sense. 

You feel a deeper connection with your body, moreover your natural cycles with Selenite’s assistance.

Work with Selenite when you need to clear up confusion regarding your body’s cycles. Pain is sometimes in the mind, yet it can equally be stored on a cellular level as unresolved trauma and ancestral wounds, manifesting on a physical level. 

Selenite helps you get to the root of your pain, seeing through illusions while finding greater clarity, wisdom, and peace. 


  • What crystals are best for PMS?

Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Moonstone, and Red Garnet. 

  • What crystal is good for fertility? 

Moonstone is the ultimate “Moonstone.” 

  • Which crystals shouldn’t I use for cramping? 

Crystals for the Solar Plexus tend to be bad, as they stimulate masculine attributes, including ambition, assertiveness, and qualities of the Sun, when you need gentle, feminine energy. Examples include Tiger’s Eye, Pyrite, Citrine, and Sun Stone. 

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