Largest Crystals in the World

  1. Largest Crystal Cave in the World
  2. Largest Crystals in the World

The largest crystals in the world are primarily measured by length, volume, and mass. Depth can also be included, as a secondary type of measurement.

It’s a fascinating subject that is not widely documented, yet here we explore the largest crystals ever to be discovered, including the largest quartz crystal in the world. Please note the year of discovery is not always included. 

Largest Crystal Cave in the World

Naica cave, arguably the most magical cave of crystals, located in Chihuahua, Mexico, is the largest known crystal cave to grace our beautiful planet. This “Cave of Crystals,” also called the “Cueva de las Espadas,” was discovered in 2000 when mining for zinc, silver, and lead. 

Buried 984 feet below the earth’s surface, Selenite crystals forming over 36 feet and weighing up to 55 tons can be found. The Naica quarry is now closed, but you can still see exquisite pictures of the crystals found there.

The largest of all the mighty Selenite “wands” was reported at 37.4 feet (11.40 meters), a volume of 176 cubic feet, with a mass of 12 tons! Selenite is formed from gypsum, which is also known as calcium-sulfate.

Why is this cave closed? It was closed due to preserving this natural geological wonder. 

Largest Crystals in the World


red beryl on white background

380 tons, 59 feet long, and 11 feet in diameter. 

A Beryl crystal of nearly 380 tons was discovered in Malakialina in the Malagasy Republic, Madagascar. Date unknown

Beryl has a balancing and healing effect on the nervous system, specifically being effective for stress in addition to emotional release. It also aids in detoxification of the liver.

Beryl 2

33 feet long and 6 feet in diameter. 

Recorded by Stevens in 1972 and found in 1950 at the Bumpus Quarry in Albany, Maine, USA. 

Additional healing properties of Beryl (outlined above) include self-confidence, self-empowerment, and increased self-worth. It assists in releasing emotional baggage creating stagnation in your life. 


Spodumene on white background

47 feet long, a cross section of 3 to 5 feet, and weighing 90 tons. 

This Spodumene crystal was recorded by Spencer in 1928 and found in the Etta mine in South Dakota, USA. Date unknown

Spodumene helps to rebuild white blood cells, purifying inner physical systems, and further aiding in fertility, meditation, moreover positive energy flow. It’s believed to balance magnesium and calcium levels, while aiding in self-protection and unconditional love.


Phlogopite on white background

330 tons, measuring 32 x 13 x 9.8 feet squared. 

This rare Phlogopite crystal was discovered in the Lacey mine in Ontario, Canada. Date unknown

Phlogopite’s metaphysical healing properties include enhancing inner strength, coupled with easing tension, worry, and stress. It helps with back pain and muscular tension, while promoting general physical health and well-being. 


muscovite on white background

10 feet by 15 feet with a mass of 85 tons. 

This is the world’s largest Muscovite! It was found in India in the Inikurti mine. Date unknown

Muscovite is a powerful energy protector and magnifier. It protects you from psychic attack as well as electromagnetic harm and pollution in the environment. It has a grounding and stabilizing effect. 


biotite slab on a white background

22.9 feet squared; mass unknown. 

Reported by Fersman in 1931 and found in Evje, Norway. Date unknown

Biotite increases flexibility, open-mindedness, Higher Self alignment, peace of mind, and clarity. It is believed to open the Crown chakra, while stimulating clear vision, insight, in addition to higher consciousness; self-realization included. 

Biotite is further known to help eliminate anger, nervous tension, tantrums, aggression, and other significant psychological imbalances and disorders. 


Above 5 feet by 8 feet; mass unknown but reported as being of “phenomenal size.” 

Found by Justin Purdy in 1943 in Ontario, Toronto, and confirmed by Harding in 1944. 

Additional healing properties of Muscovite (mentioned above) include courage to leave toxic relationships and cycles, letting go, and moving on with our lives. This crystal assists in making good decisions that lead to our best growth! 


microline on white background

75 feet by 40 feet with a mass of 2337 feet squared. 

Reported by Hanley et al in 1950 and found in Colorado, USA. Date unknown

Microcline stimulates understanding, clarity of thought, and mental perception, as well as protection, inner balance, and harmony. It is an excellent crystal for stimulating dreams, moreover a connection to the subtle and ethereal realms of Spirit. 


perthite on white background
Image Source: Wikimedia | Eurico Zimbres

250 tons, 35 x 15 x 6 feet. 

Norten et al reported the accurate size of this crystal in the 1960s. This large Perthite was found in South Dakota, USA. Date unknown

Perthite cleanses and clears your auric field (aura), while activating the body’s subtle energy systems. It is believed to stimulate self-healing mechanisms, further aiding in rebirth and renewal. 

Perthic Microline 

100 tons, 32.8 feet long. 

Found in Norway and reported by Fersam in 1931.

Perthic Microline clears mental confusions, helps you to see through illusions, while enhancing deep understanding, clarity, and perception. It aligns you with your Higher Self without becoming too disconnected from reality or tangible perception. 


300 to 375 kg with varying measurements.

Found in Stockholm, Sweden, this Orthite crystal is currently on display at the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet. Date unknown

Orthite helps to shield you from electromagnetic pollution, harmful energies, and the negative thoughts and projections of others. It aids in relationship harmony, inner balance, and self-love. 


topaz on white background

300 kg and only 80 x 60 x 60 centimeters. 

A perfectly transparent Topaz was found in Brazil and is currently in the American Museum of Natural History, in New York, USA. Date unknown

Quartz Crystal

clear quartz on white background

20 feet by 5 feet and weighing over 44 tons. 

The largest quartz crystal in the world was discovered at Mancho Felipe in Brazil, in the 1960s. 

Topaz is ideal for healing, charging, and centering your energies. It’s a grounding and stabilizing stone that equally stimulates self-love, honesty, and forgiveness. It heals the heart whilst nurturing emotions, aiding in compassion and relationship harmony. 

Quartz Crystal Cluster

quartz cluster on white background

14,100 kg!

The world’s largest quartz crystal cluster was found in 1985 in Namibia, in the Otjua mine. It was discovered at the bottom of a 147 feet deep cave and took three years to excavate. 

Quartz is a powerful negative energy dispeller, coupled with amplifying positive energy and shielding you from harm. The world’s largest Quartz Crystal cluster can be seen as an energy grid, contributing to the planet’s healing and harmony. 

Black Diamond (Sergio)

black diamond on white background

3167 carats.

The world’s largest Black Diamond was found in the Brazilian State of Bahia in 1895. It is one of a kind and is said to be of meteoritic origin. 

It was named Sergio, which means “to serve and protect” in Latin. 

Black Diamond shields you from harm, as well as protects you from darker forces and intentions. It’s particularly effective against dark magic or spellwork, which, in modern day terms, signifies toxic mindsets, attitudes, and the negative projections from others. 

Other notable mentions: 

Feldspar: Due to the intergrowth of its formation, a Feldspar crystal has been disputed as a single organism crystal. Healing properties include self-awareness, self-esteem, and increased courage to achieve your goals. 

Orthoclase: An Orthoclase crystal was reported by Hurlbut in 1968, recorded as 30 x 30 feet, yet it was disputed as being a single crystal. Orthoclase helps to align your chakras while harmonizing the subtle energy bodies. It assists in personal growth, as well as overcoming emotional trauma. 


1. What is the oldest gem on earth?

A Zircon crystal found in 2001 in Western Australia is known to be 4.4 billion years old. 

2. Which country has the world’s largest crystal? 

Mexico at Naica’s cave. 

3. What other large crystal caves have been discovered?

A silver mine in Almeria, Spain holds the record for the world’s largest crystal geode. 

4. What’s the biggest crystal shop in the world?

Crystal World in Australia is believed to be the largest crystal shop and exhibition. 

5. What is the rarest gemstone?

Blue Diamond is the rarest and most expensive crystal this world has seen, with a price of $3.9 million per carat. 

6. What is the biggest quartz in the world?

The 14,100 kg quartz cluster that was found in Namibia in 1985. 

7. What is the largest Amethyst in the world?

The Empress of Uruguay is 11 feet tall and weighs 2.5 tons. It was discovered in 2007 and took three whole months to extract. 

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