(lab - ruh - daw - rahyt)
Main Origins:
Canada, Morocco, Brazil, Israel, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, Russia, Thailand, Germany, Madagascar, and Finland.

What is Labradorite?

person holding a labradorite pendant

Labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar rock, rich in sodium and classified under the Anorthosite mineral group. Even the play of color in the stone is called labradorescence, which shows yellow, green, orange, pink, red, or purple flashes. 

Some Labradorite crystals also boast a metallic sheen.

Although it was discovered at the end of the 18th century by Moravian missionaries in Labrador, Canada, Labradorite was used by many ancient civilizations. 

According to Inuit legends, Labrador Coast was once filled with trapped Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. The legend says an ancient warrior speared the coast to create Labradorite. 

Traditionally, it’s a stone of power that repels evil.

Did you know Labradorite usually forms from molten magma deep within the earth? It takes millions of years to crystallize and form layers that create the flashes we love about Labradorite.

Labradorite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Most Labradorites open the Third Eye Chakra, sometimes with the Throat Chakra. These chakras instill intuition, wisdom, clarity, creativity, and divination. 

Labradorite’s multicolor flashes, like red, orange, pink, and yellow, open the lower chakras. 

Other hues, like white, green, pink, yellow, orange, and red, open the Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras, bringing balance. It also opens the secondary chakra of Lunar or Bindu, responsible for psychic abilities

The Aurora Borealis stone is ruled by the Water element and stands for patience, renewal, emotional balance, and foresight. It’s connected to the Moon and Uranus planetary bodies in Astrology. Moon brings wisdom and Uranus innovation.

Labradorite benefits also come from Sedna, the Inuit Mother of Sea; Hecate, the Greek Goddess of Magic; Ganesh, the Hindu God of Prosperity; Shiva, the Hindu God of Destruction; Morrigan, the Irish Goddess of Prophecy; Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon, and Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of the Afterlife. 

Norse mythologies say Labradorite stands for Loki, the God of mischief and cunning. 

Finally, Labradorite vibrates to the numerical vibration of 6, representing peace, strength, and balance in Labradorite.

Labradorite Healing Properties and Benefits

Hope and Courage

  • Labradorite helps you recognize positivity and hope, besides empowering your mind to expect the best. It can stop negative self-talk and unite opposing ideas, forces, or people.
  • The best way to activate Labradorite for hope is by chanting positive affirmations while holding the crystal. 

Emotional Intelligence

  • The Aurora Borealis crystal helps you overcome mood swings, PMS, rage, and aggression, so it’s a great stone for teenagers, also.
  • It’s good to create and consume a gem elixir by indirectly infusing the healing energy of Labradorite. Learn how to make DIY crystal elixirs here.

Clarity and Creativity

  • Did you know Labradorite is good for removing distractions? While it also removes threats, Labradorite clears mind chatter and fills it with practical ideas. 
  • The best way to use Labradorite for clarity or creativity is by activating it with sage. Learn how to use sage with healing crystals in this post.


  • An extension of emotional intelligence, self-awareness comes from a universal connection when you bond with Labradorites. The crystal helps with self-discovery, empathy, and wisdom. 
  • To improve self-awareness with Labradorite, waft a lit incense of smudge stick thrice over it. 

Personal Growth

  • Labradorite is a stone of resilience and perseverance, so it helps by motivating you and increasing your patience with setbacks. 
  • The best way to activate Labradorite with growth is by meditating with the crystal for a few minutes after waking up.

Labradorite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Lady meditating at the lake

Spiritual Truth

  • Did you know Labradorite can access the Akashic records? You’ll discover your life’s purpose or spiritual destiny by bonding with the crystal
  • You can use Labradorite pendulums to find the truth by dowsing. If you’re new to pendulum dowsing, check this post.

Intuition and Clairvision

  • The psychic abilities of Labradorite include clairvision, foresight, intuition, and psychic visions because it opens the Third Eye. Psychics often use Labradorite for fortune-telling. 
  • Activate Labradorite for intuition and clairvision by charging it overnight under the moonlight’s energies. It’s even better on full moons and new moons.


  • Aurora Borealis stone also repels hexes, curses, and evil vibrations. It’s great for raising your auric shield and preventing negativity, like envy or sadness from affecting you. 
  • Charging Labradorite with Tibetan singing bowls is the best programming technique for protection. Place a crystal in each of the four corners of your room or home.

Manifestation and Luck

  • Did you know Labradorite connects you to the heart of the universe? That’s how it realizes your dreams and desires.
  • Crystal grids are the best way to manifest with blue crystals, like Labradorite. Set the grid in the southeast corner or direction of your bedroom with Labradorite in the center.

Spiritual Guidance

  • Labradorite helps to connect your physical body to the subtle body. As a result, you’ll recognize and understand the messages of guardian angels or spirits.
  • You can receive spiritual guidance by setting a crystal altar with at least 7 Labradorite tumbled stones. Don’t forget to charge the crystal with positive affirmations before setting it on the altar.

Labradorite Side Effects

  • Psychically Tiring: Labradorite is a high-vibration crystal, so it may drain your mental, physical, and spiritual energy. Take a break or use it with another balancing crystal, like Selenite.
  • Astrological problems: Avoid wearing Labradorite if it’s not related to your sign or horoscope. Consult an astrologist and wear it only if they suggest it.

Labradorite Meaning: What Does Labradorite Symbolize?

Man holding barbel

Inner strength is the meaning of Labradorite healing crystal.

It’s named after the place where it was discovered- Labradore in Newfoundland, Canada. Hence, it’s often called Labradore Stone too. 

From night skies to heaven and angels, the metaphysics of Labradorite is vast. It’s traditionally associated with transformation, intuition, innovation, success, wisdom, patience, and luck. 

Also called the Stone of Mysticism, Labradorite activates psychic abilities, manifestation, spirit communication, and psychic protection. 

Due to its colors resembling the Northern Lights, it’s also called the Aurora Borealis Stone. It was also worn by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans as protective amulets.

Blue Moonstone and Madagascar Moonstone refer to Labradorite in some regions due to the similarities in both crystals. Both crystals are good for psychic powers, spirit communication, and wisdom.

Varieties of Labradorites

  • Common Labradorite: Labradorite is commonly seen in gray or blue-green base color with flashes of blue, yellow, red, purple, or pink. The common variety is good for psychic powers, growth, luck, and courage.
  • Spectrolite: A Labradorite variety that displays all the colors, this type of crystal is mostly from Finland. Using it works for spiritual consciousness, focus, and manifestation. 
  • Blue Labradorite: This is when Labradorites appear with a deep blue color and black streaks. You can use it for mediumship, communication skills, and creativity.
  • Pink Labradorite: Showing a pink iridescence, this variety is also called Fuchsia labradorite. It’s good for universal connection, awareness, and knowledge. 
  • Purple Labradorite: A deeper shade compared to Pink Labradorite, this variety is the rarest and most valuable. It’s good for wisdom, intuition, and spiritual guidance. 
  • Red Labradorite: Showing bright red to deep brown hues, this type of Labradorite often shows black streaks. It’s good for protection, stability, grounding, and passion. 
  • Fire Labradorite: Mixing orange, pink, red, gold, and brown, this Labradorite variety often looks like a hearth; hence, the name. Fire Labradorite is excellent for intuition, spiritual connection, and wisdom.
  • Sunset Labradorite: This is a popular variety of Labradorite orange, yellow, or peach colors. Wear it for intuition, brain power, confidence, and awareness.
  • Golden Labradorite: A transparent crystal in yellow resembling Citrine, this Labradorite variety is eye-clean without any iridescence. It’s perfect for prosperity, luck, and strength.
  •  Gray Labradorite: Showing pale hues of gray, blue, black, red, white, and brown, this Labradorite is one of the rarest natural varieties. It works great for focus, clarity, and knowledge. 
  •  White Labradorite: With a pearly sheen that makes it look like White Moonstone, this type of Labradorite shows white and gray more than black, blue, or yellow hues. It’s great for acceptance, forgiveness, and purity. 
  •  Black Labradorite: This is a Labradorite variety with more black than white, gray, green, or gold colors, resembling Larvikite. It’s good for courage, positivity, wisdom, and strength. 
  •  Clear Labradorite: When Labradorite exists in clear, transparent, or without any colors, it’s this variety. It opens the Crown chakra and works great for positivity. 
  •  Green Labradorite: Boasting pale and dark green colors, this type of Labradorite spreads harmony, knowledge, and open-mindedness. It usually shows a black streak.
  •  Brown Labradorite: Resembling Smoky Quartz in appearance, this Labradorite variety shows a brown hue with black, white, blue, and green inclusions. Use it for courage, faith, commitment, energy, and protection.
  • Oregon Sunstone: When Sunstone exists naturally with Labradorite, it’s this variety commonly found in Oregon. Use it for prosperity, luck, and strength.

How To Cleanse Labradorite?

Moonlight with stars on the background

  • Moonlight: Soaking Labradorite overnight in the moonlight is a good way to remove negative energies stuck to it. 
  • Selenite Wand: Circle a Selenite wand thrice over your Labradorite crystal to remove the energies absorbed by the crystal. 
  • Seed Mantra: You can chant the seed mantra OM into the crystal to cleanse it with healing sounds.

Questions and Answers

Are Larvikite and Labradorite the same?

No, Larvikite is different from Labradorite. 

Although Black Labradorite is often confused with Larvikite, the latter doesn’t exhibit labradorescence. However, Labradorite contains Larvikite.

Is Labradorite safe in the water?

Yes, Labradorite is safe for a short time because it has a good MOHS hardness score. You can shower with Labradorite, but you shouldn’t soak it for a long time in the water.

Can Labradorite go in the sun?

Yes, Labradorite can go in the sun for short periods. Leaving it out in the sun, however, will damage the stone.

What month is Labradorite gemstone?

Labradorite is not the primary stone of the month for any sign. But it’s the secondary stone for November, August, and February.

Who shouldn’t wear Labradorite?

Capricorn, Taurus, and Aquarius shouldn’t wear Labradorite. In short, Zodiac signs ruled by the enemy ruling planet of Labradorite should avoid using or wearing this crystal.

What’s the rarest color of Labradorite?

Purple is the rarest color of Labradorite, and fuchsia is the second rarest color in Labradorites.

How to identify real Labradorite?

The flash of color called labradorescence is the best way to identify real Labradorite. You can also scratch it with window glass to see if it leaves scratches. Real Labradorite crystals don’t get scratched easily with window glass.

What crystal to pair with Labradorite?

The best crystal to pair with Labradorite is Clear Quartz. You can pair it with Moonstone, Apophyllite, Sodalite, or Fluorite. But the benefits will vary depending on your metaphysical properties.

How to take care of Labradorite?

While Labradorite shows up to 6.5 on the MOHS scale, keeping it safe from mishaps and tumbles is crucial. Also, remember to pack it separately from other crystals when traveling.

How expensive is Labradorite?

Labradorite costs $5 to $50 per carat, depending on the flash of color. Crystal varieties of Labradorite in rare colors can cost upwards of $50.

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