Are you anxious about traveling? Crystals can protect you, or keep accidents away whether you’re traveling by air, road, sea, or bike. So, which are the best crystals for safe travel and protection? How to use them? 

The best car crystals are:

Let’s dive in and look at the best travel crystals for safety, protection, energy, health, and more. 

Black Tourmaline Car Protection Crystal Kit

black tourmaline on a white background

The root chakra in black tourmaline grounds your fears while driving. The crystal will tether you to mother earth and remove hurdles and accidents on your way. It’s like having a futuristic gadget that keeps you steady on the wheel.

Black tourmaline also grounds you, so you don’t absorb negative energies from others on the way.

Amethyst Crystals for Safe Travel and Protection

amethyst chunk on a white bakcground

Do you know merchants once used to wear amethyst for protection from thieves? It’s an excellent crystal when traveling in new areas. This purple quartz can cure jet lag and prevent you from getting lost. 

I recommend wearing amethyst jewelry on your person when traveling alone. Make sure to cleanse with sunlight, or chant positive affirmations to charge it before wearing it.

Smoky Quartz for Road Trips 

smoky quartz isolated on a white background

Smoky quartz wands are a must-have for memorable road trips. Smoky quartz will help you solve all the challenges by awakening your kundalini energy. 

Just walk around the car with the smoky quartz wand in your hand before starting your journey. Doing so will create an auric shield around your vehicle.

Carnelian Crystals for Safe Travel by Car

polished Carnelian on a white background

If you’re worried about driving in poor conditions, carnelian can help. As it needs no charging, you can place it in the car to steer away all the threats. 

Carnelian is also a great crystal for those traveling in rain, snow, or on mountains. I suggest charging a pouch of carnelian stones with the sun, moon, or fire before the journey. 

Hematite for Driving Safe Without Accidents 

Hematite chunk on a white background

Hematite is often recommended for first-timer drivers because it’s a guidance crystal. It keeps you on the right path and away from accidents. Psychics typically recommend using hematite bracelets, rings, and palm stones when traveling on hilly or dangerous roads.

Clear Quartz for Clarity and Focus

clear quartz on a white background

Clear quartz is a high-vibration crystal known for clearing negativity and instilling concentration in drivers. It’s also good for those traveling under stress. 

Because it’s a cleansing and amplifying stone, clear quartz eliminates mind chatter. Plus, clear quartz also dispels negativity in the car and enhances the energies of other crystals you’re wearing.

Lava Rocks for Anger Management 

lava stone on a white background

Being a root chakra stone, lava rocks are best for grounding the wearer. It’s a great choice if you get angry easily while driving. Lava rocks will help you manage overwhelming emotions. I regularly charge my lava rocks with moonlight, so I can take them on short and long trips. 

Labradorite Crystals for Angelic Protection

polished Labradorite on a white background

A prominent throat chakra stone that invokes psychic abilities in the wearer, labradorite is the perfect stone for new drivers and flyers. Labradorite spheres are particularly good for seeking angelic and spiritual protection around your vehicle. 

Keep a labradorite palm stone in your pocket, or bag, for protection when traveling through a dangerous area. 

Red Jasper for Courage and Confidence 

red jasper on a white background

A must-have base chakra stone for people of all shapes and sizes, red jasper helps the wearer conquer their fears. Red jasper fills the mind with the confidence and willpower, to overcome challenges en route.

Howlite Crystals for Anxiety 

polished Howlite on a white background

One of the higher chakra crystals known for tranquilizing the wearer, howlite, is the best crystal for people with driving anxiety. 

You can wear or carry it while driving to manifest a comfortable ride. It balances emotions, your temper, and energy to drive with focus. I suggest charging howlite with positive affirmations before taking it with you.

Malachite Crystals for Protection in Car

Malachite chunk on a white background

Known as the guardian crystal, malachite is often recommended for people who love driving. It’s one of those stones you should always carry whether you’re going to the supermarket or the office. 

Malachite’s heart chakra powers bring support, care, and wisdom to travelers.

Selenite Crystals for Travel Safety 

Selenite on a white background

Another crown chakra stone that’s good for intuition, selenite,  repels accidents and evil energies en route; use it as a wand. Selenite also amplifies, like clear quartz crystals. So, it’s good to combine it with a grounding stone like black tourmaline or red jasper.  

Turquoise for Optimism During Travel 

polished Turquoise on a white background

One of the sacred crystals for finding your truest self, turquoise, keeps you in a good mood and in peak health. 

Wear turquoise pendants for uplifting and harmonizing the energy in your car on long trips. Charge it with chants and mantras that focus on the throat chakra before starting.

Garnet for Protection from Travel Sickness 

Garnet chunk on a white background

This red stone is a base chakra jewel that protects you from sickness, flu, and contagious diseases common with traveling these days. Garnet does so by empowering your auric shield and strengthening your body. It connects with lower chakras like the sacral, root, and solar plexus. 

Moonstone Crystals for Car Mirror

Moonstone crystal on a white background

If you’re afraid of accidents, a moonstone crystal will keep your eyes, ears, and mind on the road. Simply hang it on the car mirror to let it guide you on the road. 

Psychics say moonstone is one of the best crystals to leave in your boyfriend’s car for protection. It’s a great stone to gift your friends or family who drive, to keep them safe. 

In a Nutshell 

Do you know that the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has no qualms against bringing crystals on planes? 

Whether you’re sailing, flying, or traveling by car, crystals are great for protection, balance, courage, focus, and more. 

Here’s a summary of what we learned today: 

Crystals for Safe travel and protection chart

Bon voyage!


Hiya, I am Ceida Uilyc, JewelryTalk’s in-house crystal expert, metaphysics junkie, an avid nature enthusiast, and a jewelry maven. I believe crystals are the fruits of Mother Earth and there’s nothing that makes me happier than sharing my experiences, and knowledge about them. When not making spells and potions, I love wandering around my garden or tripping on trendy new necklaces and rings.

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