Best Crystal Pendulums and How to Use Them

  1. Overview: Pendulum Dowsing With Crystals
  2. Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulums for Love 
  3. Amethyst Crystal Pendulum for Spiritual Destiny
  4. Sodalite Crystal Pendulum for Spirit Communication
  5. Ways To Use Labradorite Crystal Pendulums
  6. How To Use Aventurine Crystal Pendulums?
  7. Jasper Crystal Pendulums and Chakra Healing
  8. Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendulums for Protection
  9. Uses of Selenite Crystal Pendulums
  10. How Do You Use Serpentine Crystal Pendulums?
  11. What’s the Use of Fluorite Crystal Pendulums?
  12. How To Use Sunstone Crystal Pendulums?
  13. How To Use a Tiger’s Eye Pendulum?
  14. Why Use Goldstone Pendulums? 
  15. 7 Chakra Crystal Pendulum
  16. Crystal Orgone Pendulum for Divination Questions
  17. Uses of Rudraksha Dowsing Pendulum 
  18. Start Finding Answers With the Best Crystal for Your Pendulum!

What are crystal pendulums? Crystal Pendulums help you find answers or make decisions. Users create wheels or calibration questions to do readings for healing, insight, etc. What are the best crystals to use for pendulums? 

Overview: Pendulum Dowsing With Crystals

Different kinds of Crystal Pendulums hanging over a glittery table

Did you know pendulums were considered a divination device in ancient Egypt? There are also reports of pendulum dowsing in other ancient cultures, such as Greek, Roman, Hindu, and Chinese history. 

Crystal pendulums are held from a height to take a clear reading. Then, their responses to specific questions are recorded via vibrations. 

Before doing a reading, users calibrate pendulums by asking yes or no questions on universal facts, and this vibration is different for every pendulum. 

We then transcribe the vibration of the pendulum. 

For example, two nudges in the north direction are a ‘no’ in my Sodalite pendulum. On the contrary, my Amethyst vibrates to the eastern side when saying ‘yes.’

It’s crucial to calibrate your pendulum before a reading, no matter what it’s made of. 

In the world of pendulum dowsing, you can also create a pendulum wheel for accurate readings without hanging them down. 

Pendulum wheels are also called wheels of possibilities and help you pick the choice that aligns with your destiny. All you need to do is specify your questions and add them to 18 portions of a semicircle divided by 20 degrees each. 

Finally, spin, push, or throw the pendulum onto a flat surface holding the paper fortune wheel. 

I’ll tell you how to use and program 16 different types of crystal pendulums for different things. The metaphysical answers you find will vary depending on the crystal pendulum you have.

Here are the best crystal pendulum meanings you should know:

Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulums for Love 

Rose Quartz pendulum on top of a glass surface

Rose Quartz pendulums are great to find your true love. The best thing is, they’re available in balls and pointy shapes. Those with single termination amplify energy, support, and care, while rounded shapes help with universal connection.

Most importantly, Rose Quartz pendulums help find answers about true love, soulmates, and your love life. 

Charge your Rose Quartz pendulum with positive affirmations for a few minutes before use. Explore these Rose Quartz affirmations for love and relationships.

Amethyst Crystal Pendulum for Spiritual Destiny

A hanging Amethyst Pendulum on a blurred backgroud

Amethyst crystal pendulums are good, but double-pointed Chevron Amethyst pendulums are great. They’re great to use for finding your spiritual destiny and discovering past karma. 

Chevron Amethyst pendulums open the Crown and Third Eye chakras. I find them perfect for finding answers about my anxiety, karmic debts, fears, and mind chatter.

Charge your Chevron Amethyst pendulum with the light of the early morning Sun for a few minutes before use. 

If you have already bonded with the crystal, you’ll receive psychic instructions in the first reading. 

Sodalite Crystal Pendulum for Spirit Communication

A person holding a Sodalite pendulum on a grayish background

Sodalite opens the Third Eye and Throat chakras, and that’s why it’s used for communication skills. Sodalite pendulums are excellent for communicating with angels, spirits, and guardian beings.

Using Sodalite pendulums with a single termination helps you find ways to calm down and release hatred, jealousy, and misery.

Charge your Sodalite pendulum with its ruling element, air, by using incense before calibration. I love wafting the smoke of Jasmine incense over my Sodalite pendulum while thinking about the spirit I want to contact. 

Ways To Use Labradorite Crystal Pendulums

A Labradorite Pendulum Bob on a seashell

Labradorite is a higher chakra stone that represents destiny in spirituality. It’s also called the Aurora Borealis stone, thanks to its appearance. 

Shamans mostly use Labradorite pendulums for healing, dream therapy, wisdom, mediumship, and grounding techniques.

Usually available with single-terminations, Labradorite pendulums work excellent with double-terminations too. I adore them for helping me converse directly with the universe through lucid dreams.

You can activate Labradorite with the sound energies of a singing bowl. 

To do this, hold the pendulum in your left hand over the singing bowl and play with the bowl with gentle taps. Don’t let the crystal touch the bowl.

How To Use Aventurine Crystal Pendulums?

A person holding a Aventurine Pendulum on a beige background

Aventurine is the crystal incarnation of love, harmony, and support. In the pendulum form, you can use Aventurine for guidance on career, romance, and life. 

While there are many varieties of this crystal, Green Aventurine pendulums are the most popular ones. Green Aventurine feels like a friend, mentor, or angel, as it helps you solve marital issues, workspace politics, and family feuds. 

I suggest activating Aventurine pendulums with the light of the Moon. Also, try to conduct readings at night. 

Jasper Crystal Pendulums and Chakra Healing

A hanging jasper pendulum on a beige background

Jasper is one of the most popular crystals and is seen in endless varieties. 

Red Jasper pendulums are a common accessory for most crystal lovers because it’s the ultimate grounding stone. The Red Jasper pendulum teaches you how to enhance courage, confidence, and creativity.

I love how it paves the path to peace, shows how to remove myself from conflicts, and creates a strong foundation in life. You should charge it with the fire energy of a lit candle. Simply hold the pendulum for a few minutes in front of the candle’s flame.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendulums for Protection

An old man holding a Black Tourmaline Pendulum

Another grounding crystal usually used for protection, Black Tourmaline pendulums are used by Reiki healers to pinpoint external, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues troubling you. 

Black Tourmaline is also one of the few self-cleansing crystals in black. You can learn how to purify, charge, and amplify things with it. Moreover, Black Tourmaline long drop pendulums make it easy to clear chakra blockages

The best way to charge Black Tourmaline for answers on healing is with soil

If your pendulum is connected to a chain, place it in a bowl with a pinch of soil overnight. On the other hand, removable crystals can be buried under three inches of soil.

Uses of Selenite Crystal Pendulums

A selenite Pendulum hanging above a wooden star

As another self-cleansing crystal, pendulums made of Selenite show you ways to purify, consecrate, and charge people, chakras, spaces, and other crystals.

Selenite pendulums help you read vibrations and clarify spiritual guidance. It’s often called one of the best crystals for pendulums because of its amplifying powers.

You can use it to cleanse other pendulums, especially if the answers aren’t clear or accurate. 

Did you know the Moon rules Selenite? That’s why it’s good to charge your Selenite pendulum under the moonlight for one night.

How Do You Use Serpentine Crystal Pendulums?

Serpentine pendulum bob on a piece of white cloth

One of the best protective stones, Serpentine is a powerful crystal for the pendulum as it reveals cosmic secrets. Its snakelike appearance in white, brown, green, yellow, and brown colors makes it the perfect stone for harmony. 

Serpentine opens the Crown, Heart, and Root chakras and works as a manifestation crystal. So, Serpentine pendulums can guide you to success, health, peace, good fortune, and prosperity.

The best way to charge a Serpentine pendulum is with meditation. Hold the pendulum in your palms, close your eyes, and visualize your intention. 

What’s the Use of Fluorite Crystal Pendulums?

A person holding a Fluorite Pendulum with fluorite sticks on the background
Source: Pinterest | Etsy.CA

I love Fluorite crystals for pendulums more than the others because you can find them in endless colors, patterns, and types. 

For instance, purple, white, blue, and multicolor Fluorite pendulums target the higher chakras, while yellow, black, red, and pink varieties open the lower chakras. 

You can use a Fluorite pendulum to acquire knowledge and wisdom. They are also excellent for enhancing intellect, fortune, protection, divination, romance, passion, wisdom, and creativity, depending on their colors.

I love charging the Fluorite pendulum differently, but my favorite is holding it before a lit candle (at a safe distance). If you do that, try to close your eyes and visualize your intention getting realized by the color energy of Fluorite. 

How To Use Sunstone Crystal Pendulums?

Three pieces of Sunstone Pendulum on a white background
Source: Pinterest |

Did you know Sunstone means abundance? Legends say the crystal is made of millions of tiny Suns inside it. That’s why Sunstone Pendulums attract more of everything you ask for. They usually look pale to dark orange with white inclusions.

Use Sunstone pendulums for directions in stressful situations and to find answers about your career, property, profession, and studies.

Before you start working with a Sunstone pendulum, it’s good to charge it with seed mantras, such as OM, VAM, LAM, HAM, or RAM. Make sure to chant into the pendulum when you do so.

How To Use a Tiger’s Eye Pendulum?

Tiger's Eye Pendulum on a white background
Source: Pinterest | EtsyCA

As the stone of focus, confidence, and manifestation, Tiger’s Eye works extremely well as a pendulum. Dowsing with Tiger’s Eye helps you make the right choice and find the answers to life’s toughest questions.

Did you know Tiger’s Eye can give you access to the Akashic RecordsThat’s where the history of everything in the universe is. You can use a Tiger’s Eye pendulum to find the records of your past life and karmic debts. 

If you ask me, Tiger’s Eye pendulums work well when charged with solar energies at sunset. Hold the crystal pendulum in your palms while facing the Sun for a few minutes.

Why Use Goldstone Pendulums? 

Blue Goldstone Pendulum on a table
Source: Pinterest | EtsyUK

Unlike all the other crystals for pendulums on this list, Goldstone is a manmade stone. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful. 

Goldstone is a divination stone that helps you communicate with otherworldly beings, including God. As a pendulum, Goldstone shows you how to improve intuition, protection, work-life balance, and circadian rhythm

The best way to activate a Goldstone pendulum is via human touch. You just have to hold or touch the stone and visualize your intention for using the pendulum. 

7 Chakra Crystal Pendulum

7 Chakra Crystal Pendulum on a white background

This is a manmade combination of seven crystals that stands for the seven primary chakras- Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. 

Typically, 7-chakra pendulums have Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Sodalite/ Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst crystals. They’re excellent for multi-chakra healing and balance, especially in Reiki setups. 

I suggest circling a Clear Quartz or Selenite crystal wand thrice over the seven-chakra pendulum to activate it for your intention before doing any readings. 

Crystal Orgone Pendulum for Divination Questions

Orgone AMETHYST Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulums on a white background
Source: Pinterest |

Orgonite is a manmade crystal made of different crystals and metals. They activate the Chi, kundalini, universal connection, and blessings based on their combination of crystals. 

Although Orgonite pyramids are more popular, pendulums made of Orgone stone are used for finding answers to life’s purpose and destiny. It’s so accurate that tarot card readers and psychics often use Orgonite pendulumduring readings.

I’ve found it best to soak Orgone pendulums in the vapors of sacred scents with an aroma diffuser, incense, or smudge stick. 

What’s more, you can also get 7 chakra Orgonite pendulums these days! 

Uses of Rudraksha Dowsing Pendulum 

Rudraksha Pendulum on a white background
Source: Pinterest |

Rudraksha beads are seeds of a divine healing tree, according to Hinduism. They’re worn by toddlers, kids, and adults to repel negativity and distractions.

Pendulums made of Rudraksha beads typically have a metallic pointed end with one or more beads along the chain. Their organic origins make Orgonite pendulums excellent for making better decisions and thinking clearly.

You can charge Rudraksha pendulums by wafting lit incense over them. 

Start Finding Answers With the Best Crystal for Your Pendulum!

Crystal pendulums are incredible devices for answering the toughest questions, whether philosophical, spiritual, physical, or emotional. 

So, what’s the best crystal for a pendulum? The best crystal pendulum depends on your intention. 

For instance, do you have impossible questions about the universe? Then the best crystal pendulum for you is Purple Fluorite. Perhaps you want to find true love. In that case, get a Rose Quartz pendulum. 

We also learned to use Amethyst for wisdom, Red Jasper for grounding, Tiger’s Eye for karmic healing, and Goldstone for divination.

Take a look at the 16 best crystals for pendulums

A graphic Table for 16 best crystals for pendulums

Do you have a crystal pendulum? How do you use it? We’d love to know!

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