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Main Origins:
Italy, China, India, and the USA.

What is Goldstone?


Different shapes of Goldstone Crystals on a dark background

Goldstone is a man-made crystal made of synthetic glass and sparkles from copper. It’s available in many colors and shows the aventurescence that Goldstone is often mistaken for as Sunstone. 

It’s made by melting silica with copper or other oxides and cooling it slowly to disperse copper flecks evenly in the stone, creating a metallic luster. The reflective inclusions may be small or big based on the cooling pace. 

Did you know Goldstone was called Aventurine Glass for most of history? 

The name is linked to its optical illusion of aventurescence, commonly called Glittering Glass and Gold Star Glass. It may be called Starry Night or Stellaria for its resemblance to the night sky. Goldfluss and Goldstein are their German names.

Glittering Glass is believed to be made by Venetian monks from the Monastery of San Pietro or Miotti Clan in the Middle Ages when they were making gold, also making this crystal known as Monk’s Gold or Monksgold. 

The legend says the Venetian State heads commissioned Vincenzo Miotti to make Aventurine Glass. Although the monks tried to keep their Goldstone recipe a secret, it was mainstreamed by Pietro Bigaglia in the 18th century. 

That said, there are earlier accounts of Goldstone relics dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries in Iran. 

Today, most of the world’s Goldstone comes from China and Italy, but it’s widely available and used in jewelry, accessories, fashion, and spirituality

Goldstone Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Goldstone is generally seen in blue, indigo, or black colors with white or gold specks. It’s associated with the Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, and Solar Star Chakras and brings safety, health, intuition, creativity, passion, growth, and luck.

Being a man-made stone, Goldstein is seen in many other colors. It opens the Sacral, Heart, and Crown Chakras, awakening kundalini, love, and enlightenment.

Did you know Goldstein opens the elements of the Light, Earth, and Fire? They’re responsible for psychic abilities, astral travel, protection, fertility, and manifestation. 

Where to keep Goldstone in the house? As it’s linked to the Fire element, keep Aventurine Glass in the Southern corner of your home. 

Goldstone properties in astrology include the Sun. It brings luck, energy, peace, hope, and manifestation. Who should wear Goldstone? The best zodiac signs for wearing Goldstone are Sagittarius and Leo. It helps with fears, impatience, and anger. 

The copper-silica crystal is associated with deities like Lakshmi, the Hindu Wealth Goddess; Apollo, the Greek Health God; Hotei, the Buddhist Happiness God; Sekhmet, the Egyptian War Goddess; and Hathor, the Egyptian Love Goddess. 

Mistakenly called Sandstone, this crystal vibrates to the number 3 and attracts hope, relaxation, spirit communication, growth, and good fortune.

Goldstone Healing Properties and Benefits

Fertility and Vitality

  • Red and Orange Goldstein crystals are perfect for strength, power, and reproductive healing. You can carry them in your lower pocket.
  • Program your crystal for fertility and healing by burying it under three inches of soil overnight or for a week. Then clean and keep them close to your Sacral Chakra.


  • Are you constantly dealing with stress? Goldstone can help if you feel this way because it clears chakra blockages and helps your body, mind, and spirit unwind.
  • Activate your crystal for relief and peace by charging it with the sacred smoke of sage or Palo Santo. 

Inner Positivity

  • Life can get hectic easily, especially if you don’t have time for yourself. Pick a Stellaria stone to clear your mind and find balance, joy, playfulness, and truth in life.
  • Hold your crystal facing the rising or setting Sun for 3 to 5 minutes to charge your crystal for positivity and inner peace.


  • Do you often run out of hope and courage? Purpurin and Green Goldstone varieties are good for filling you with hopeful thoughts and grounded feelings. 
  • Charge your crystal for optimism by letting it soak overnight under the moonlight. Full Moon rituals are even better!


  • Chocolate and Purple Goldstone varieties activate hidden areas of your brain that fuel creativity and problem-solving skills. 
  • Program your stone for creativity by letting it soak in the healing sounds of singing bowls online or offline.

Goldstone Spiritual Properties and Benefits

The body of the woman is sleeping while her soul is floating and connected by a cord


  • Did you know Black and Blue Goldstone crystals are good for spirit communication? They open the mind’s eye and clarify your vision. 
  • Use Goldstone for mediumship by setting a crystal altar with this crystal in the center. Make sure to charge the crystals before placing them.

Astral Travel and Dreamwork

  • Jumping realities and timelines is possible with a man-made stone like Goldstone because it combines several energies. 
  • Use Goldstone for past life recall and astral projection by gazing into the stone on moonlit nights. Don’t forget to visualize the reality you’d like to shift to while crystal gazing.


  • Many people manifest success, harmony, love, and power successfully with Goldstein in their pockets. You can use bicolor crystals for amplifying energies. 
  • Set a crystal grid by using Goldstone wands in the center. Charge every crystal with the Seed Mantra OM or your affirmation before setting them.


  • Blaufluss is the best Goldstein variety for opening psychic centers and channels. 
  • Light a candle and citrusy incense sticks to charge your crystal and tap into psychic visions and intuition.


  • Do evil vibrations threaten you? Bury a Goldstone in every corner of your home. 
  • Charge your crystal before burial with multiple programming techniques like healing sounds, sacred herbs, aromatherapy, and natural light.

Goldstone Side Effects

  • Insomnia: If you’re overusing this crystal, you may feel restless or hyperactive. Take a break and cleanse your aura with a Selenite stone. 
  • Irrational Beliefs: Goldstone can be uplifting, which is great, but not so much when you’re not thinking straight. Avoid using Goldstone under the influence of alcohol.
  • Obsession: If the start of certain obsessions coincides with your Goldstone-wearing days, it’s better to take a break and consult an astrologist to ensure Goldstone isn’t clashing with your zodiac sign. 


Goldstone Meaning: What Does Goldstone Symbolize?

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The meaning of Goldstone means fruition.

As a man-made stone, Goldfluss represents innovation, transformation, creativity, hope, enlightenment, and openness. 

Even though Goldstein was first produced in Venice by the Miotti clan, its earliest references go 500 years back to Persia (modern-day Iran). 

Because the Italian monks kept the recipe hidden, Goldstone benefits have grown to include intelligence and psychic protection in recent centuries. It’s also called Night Star and Stelleto di Notte for its resemblance to the night sky.

Goldstone is called del-roba or دلربا, meaning the stone of River Roba. Some also say del-roba translates to charming. Goldfluss is a stone for cosmic travel, spiritual awakening, psychic shielding, creativity, strength, and virility today.

Types of Goldstone

  • Green Goldstone: Sometimes called Green Glitter Stone and other times Chrome Aventurine, or Green Sunstone, this Gold Star Glass gets its color from Chromium. Use it for opening the Heart Chakra.
  • Blaufluss: Also called Blue Goldstone and Blue Sandstone, this is an indigo-blue variety of Goldstone with cobalt. It’s good for spirit contact and communication. 
  • Red Goldstone: When copper or colloidal copper is added to Gold Star Glass, it forms a red and brown stone with sparkles from its reflections. Use this crystal for fertility, energy, and power. 
  • Brown Goldstone: This type of Aventurine Glass shows a dark brown base color with golden specks. It’s great for balance and security.
  • Haematinum: The deep red variety of Gold Star Glass is good for auric shielding and personal protection. 
  • Purpurin: Resembling Glittering Glass, this is a variety of hard glass called Glass Porphyr or Roman Glass. It’s good for creativity and strength. 
  • Purple Goldstone: When Monk’s Gold is made with Manganese, it shows a deep purple hue with sparkles. Use this crystal for mediumship, clairvision, and optimism.
  • Pink Goldstone: Showing pale pink base color and patterns of darker hues, this Aventurine Glass is good for self-respect, courage, and confidence. 
  • Orange Goldstone: This type of Goldfluss may be bright or dark orange with golden sparkles. It’s great for inner fire, passion, drive, and fertility.
  • Midnight Blue Goldstone: A mix of purple and indigo hues, this type of Aventurine Glass is good for awakening higher chakras for psychic abilities and vitality.
  • Striped Goldstone: A beautiful man-made stone, this type of Gold Star Glass may be enhanced with bands of colorful stones. Use it for astral travel and hope. 
  •  Peach Goldstone: Resembling natural Sunstones, this is a variety of Glittering Glass in pale orange and peach colors. It’s great for support, strength, and vitality.
  • Olive Green Goldstone: Another type of Goldstein with golden bands, this is a stone for abundance and success.
  • Black Goldstone: Often seen with white or gray bands, this Goldfluss is good for psychic protection, especially around the house.
  • Chocolate Goldstone: This is a dark-brown variety of Glittering Glass resembling chocolate. Use it for stability, hope, and imagination. 
  •  Bicolor Goldstone: A mix of two colors like pink-brown, red-brown, blue-white, blue-green, and blue-black form the bicolor variety. Use this type of Goldfluss for amplifying energies, especially in Reiki and crystal grids
  • Goldstone Slabs and Roughs: Multicolor Goldstone is often sold as slabs and rough stones for making jewelry. They’re good for keeping your chakras charged. 
  • Aura Goldstone: When Goldstone is mixed with Titanium, it shows iridescent flashes in orange and blue varieties. Use it for shielding and protection.

How To Cleanse Goldstone?

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  • Sunlight: Hold your crystal for 2 to 5 minutes while facing the early morning sun to clear the negativity absorbed by your crystal. 
  • Other Crystals: You can circle a self-cleansing stone like Selenite or Clear Quartz to reset your stone.
  • Healing Sound: Let your crystal soak in the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls, tongue drums, holy verses, prayers, and chants once in a while to cleanse it.

Questions and Answers

Is Goldstone a gemstone?

Goldstone is an artificial crystal made by adding copper oxide, Chromium, or iron to molten glass. The oxides cool and crystallize slowly to form plate-like inclusions that are highly reflective inside them.

Is Goldstone safe in water?

No, Goldstone is not water-safe because moisture may erode the coating treatments and dyed color.

Can Goldstone go in the Sun?

Yes, Goldstone can go in the Sun for a few minutes but avoid direct sunlight and prolonged exposure.

How can you tell if Goldstone is real?

You can tell if you have a Goldstone by identifying sparkling metallic plates inside the stone, especially if the color confuses you.

Why was Goldstone made?

Legend has it that an unknown religious order of Italian monks accidentally spilled copper shavings into a vat of melted glass, while other legends have the same monks trying to make gold and coming up with goldstone instead

Is Goldstone for Leo?

Yes, Red Goldstone is excellent for Leo zodiac signs for health and wealth.

How strong is Goldstone?

With Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6, Goldstone is a strong and durable stone for daily wear.

What does Goldstone mean for the heart?

Most Goldstone crystals open the Heart Chakra and help you discover your authentic self. It’s good for bringing harmony,

Is Goldstone the same as Sandstone?

No, Goldstone is man-made glass, while Sandstone is a natural sedimentary rock

What are the powers of Goldstone?

Goldstone’s powers and healing properties include relaxation, vitality, strength, hope, confidence, and courage. It’s also good for bone and muscle health.

Goldstone Interactions

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