16 Best Crystals for Creativity, Art and Inspiration

  1. Picture Jasper Crystals for Creativity and Art 
  2. Tangerine Quartz Crystals for a Creative Boost 
  3. Blue Apatite Crystals for Writers 
  4. Snow Quartz for Critical Thinking Skills 
  5. Iolite Crystals for Productivity 
  6. Clear Quartz for Drawing and Painting 
  7. Mookaite Jasper Crystals for Creative Blocks
  8. Rutile Quartz Crystals for Manifesting Creativity
  9. Blue Lace Agate Crystals for Creatives
  10. Amethyst Crystals for Concentration and Creativity 
  11. Citrine crystal for Creative Energy Success
  12. Ametrine Crystals for Inspiration
  13. Green Aventurine Crystal for Entrepreneurs
  14. Lithium Quartz Crystals for Artists and Musicians 
  15. Picasso Jasper Crystal for Imagination
  16. Herkimer Diamond for New Ideas and Creativity 
  17. Start Using Crystals for Creative Energy Today!

Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” However, if your body, mind, or spirit is blocked, you need crystals that awaken your life force energy. What crystal helps with creativity? What are the best crystals for creativity? How to use crystals that are good for creativity?

I’ll teach you how to use the 16 best crystals for creativity, inspiration, art, ideas, and brain power.

Picture Jasper Crystals for Creativity and Art 

picture jasper stone on white background

Picture Jasper sends you messages from Mother Gaia. This grounding stone eliminates fear, stress, and distractions to help guide you toward your spiritual destiny. 

Picture Jasper’s unique combination of colors and energies activates all the lower chakras. It’s well known for opening the mind and broadening your perspective.

How to use Picture Jasper for Creativity and Art 

The best way to use Picture Jasper crystals for creativity and art is by charging them with the fire element. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sit down in a comfortable space.
  2. Light a candle in front of you. 
  3. Hold the Picture Jasper a few inches away from the flame. 
  4. Gaze into the crystal.
  5. Visualize the crystal awakening artistic energies inside you. 
  6. Continue as long as you wish. 

Tangerine Quartz Crystals for a Creative Boost 

Tangerine Quartz is the living incarnation of Carpe Diem or Seize the Day. Its rustic orange-to-yellow colors manifest creativity, inspiration, intelligence, wisdom, and genius thinking.

Tangerine Quartz opens the Sacral Chakra, and it activates your kundalini energy or life force energy. You’ll experience metaphysical benefits like insight, vision, and psychic energies when wearing this crystal.

How To Use Tangerine Quartz for a Creativity Boost 

Activate Tangerine Quartz for creative stimulation by charging it under the Sun for five minutes. Don’t leave Tangerine Quartz in the Sun for over 15 minutes, as this can fade your crystal.

Blue Apatite Crystals for Writers 

blue apatite on a white background

Whenever other writers ask me for the best crystals for writing, creativity, and productivity, I instantly suggest Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is one crystal that instantly elevates your mood, self-expression, imagination, and communication skills. This stone also opens the third eye and throat chakra to help connect your spirit to angelic beings and guardian spirits. 

How To Use Blue Apatite for Writers 

If you’re a writer, it’s best to activate Blue Apatite with positive affirmations.

Here are a few affirmations for creativity: 

  • My creative center is awake and flows boundlessly.
  • I can create everything I imagine.
  • My life force energy is abundant with creativity. 
  • I have clear and original ideas that support my actions.
  • I am intuitive, calm, and ready to manifest my ideas. 

Snow Quartz for Critical Thinking Skills 

snow quartz on white background

Aboriginals and Native Americans used Snow Quartz for focus and psychic abilities. As it is a crown chakra stone, Snow Quartz awakens your wit, sharpness, intelligence, and creativity. 

You’ll find it easy to make the right decisions, awaken intuition, and manifest creativity with Snow Quartz once it’s charged. Read more about the meanings and healing properties of Snow Quartz here.

How To Use Snow Quartz for Critical Thinking Skills 

As the water element rules Snow Quartz, rinsing Snow Quartz with tap water for 20 to 30 seconds charges it. You can keep a Snow Quartz crystal on your desk to improve your cognition.

Iolite Crystals for Productivity 

iolite on a white background

As a crystal for wisdom, Iolite stimulates conviction, dedication, and hard work to attain professional or academic goals. Iolite removes lethargy, tardiness, and a negative view of life.

I love using Iolite after recovering from seasonal disorders or thyroid flare-ups. I don’t use Iolite for healing but for normalcy and energy. It helps me get back on my feet by unblocking the crown, third eye, heart, and soma chakras. 

How To Use Iolite for Productivity 

The best way to activate Iolite for productivity is with meditation. You can also charge Iolite crystals with smudge sticks as the air element rules it. You can combine smudging with meditation to activate and amplify Iolite for creativity.

Clear Quartz for Drawing and Painting 

clear quartz on white background

Clear Quartz is an all-round healing crystal that helps with drawing, painting, graphic design, inspiration, music, and writing. Clear Quartz is the ultimate crown chakra crystal that opens all your creative centers in the brain. 

It is a self-cleansing crystal. Having Clear Quartz always around will naturally repel toxic energies and people from challenging and influencing your artistic goals. 

How To Use Clear Quartz for Drawing and Painting 

The best way to charge Clear Quartz for drawing and painting is with wands. 

Here’s how to do it:

  • Take a Clear Quartz wand.
  • Circle the wand thrice over your painting easel, brushes, paint, and other equipment.
  • Try to chant, visualize, or meditate on your goal. 

Mookaite Jasper Crystals for Creative Blocks

mookaite jasper in white background

The Mooka Creek or Mookaite Jasper strengthens your mind and body. As it’s a solar plexus chakra stone, the yellow-red-orange Jasper activates your inner sun and power. 

Mookaite Jasper cleanses and activates the lower chakras to create a creative catalyst in your chakra, body, aura, and life. From personal experience, keeping it close to you doubles your passion and triples your success

How To Use Mookaite Jasper for Creative Blocks 

The best way to activate Mookaite Jasper to clear creative blocks is with Reiki or crystal body layouts. 

If you don’t have a Reiki practitioner around, do this:

  • Lie down on your back
  • Keep the Mookaite Jasper a few inches above the belly button. 
  • Close your eyes.
  • Visualize activating the crystal with your thoughts.
  • Gently keep your palms on the Mookaite Jasper. 
  • Visualize channeling the universe’s energy into the Mookaite Jasper and your third chakra. 

Read more about where to place crystals on the body here.

Rutile Quartz Crystals for Manifesting Creativity

rutilated quartz on white background

Did you know Rutile Quartz is one of the few crystals that can awaken all seven chakras? It’s worn to manifest dreams, remove creative blocks, and align multiple chakras simultaneously. 

Rutile Quartz quickly clears negativity clogging your higher chakras and obstructing your physical health by charging the lower chakras. It’s also a protection stone that repels envy, the evil eye, and negative self-talk.

How To Use Rutile Quartz for Manifesting Creativity 

Crystal grids are the best way to charge Rutile Quartz for imagination and creativity. Place your Rutile Quartz in the center of the grid to channel other crystals, universal energy, and chakra powers for creativity. 

Blue Lace Agate Crystals for Creatives

Isolated blue lace agate crystal on a white background

Did you know Blue Lace Agate is one of the best crystals for letting go and coping with social anxiety? I’ve heard many creatives vouch for this crystal and its effects of enhanced confidence, charisma, and willpower. 

Blue Lace Agate heals your crown, third eye, and throat chakras to stimulate higher consciousness and powers. It helps creatives by tapping into their brain centers for intuition, originality, and radical thinking. 

How To Use Blue Lace Agate for Creatives 

The best way to awaken Blue Lace Agate crystals for creatives is by wearing it on the body. In addition, you can wear Blue Lace Agate as a necklace. This way, the crystal stays near the three higher chakras and keeps them charged. 

Remember to charge your Blue Lace Agate with moonlight, sunlight, or water before wearing it. Read the complete guide on how to charge crystals here. 

Amethyst Crystals for Concentration and Creativity 

amethyst on white background

Amethyst also improves creativity and cognition because it opens the crown chakra. Did you know Amethyst was used in ancient times to get sober? 

Today, it’s a popular crystal for mental clarity, focus, intuition, and critical thinking skills. Amethyst connects you to higher chakras outside the body. 

How To Use Amethyst for Creativity and Focus 

The best way to charge Amethyst for focus is by consuming a crystal elixir made from it. 

In this method, you infuse the healing energies of Amethyst into a glass of water (indirectly) and consume it. Read this article on how to make crystal elixirs.

Citrine crystal for Creative Energy Success

polished citrine on white background

Citrine is a yellow variety of Quartz that clears the negativity in your professional and personal life and attracts luck, harmony, and discipline

Citrine opens the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras, it’s the complete lower-chakra solution. Here’s a simplified guide for attracting money and wealth with crystals.

How To Use Citrine Crystal for Creativity 

I’ve found Citrine crystals work for creative energy and success when I wear it on the index finger of my right hand after sunlight charging

You can also charge Citrine jewelry and wear it on your dominant side after holding it for 2 to 3 minutes under the Sun. Activating your Citrine in this way will unblock negative energies clogging your chakras, aura, and space. 

Ametrine Crystals for Inspiration

polished ametrine on white background

A unique mix of Amethyst and Citrine, Ametrine is often recommended for creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs. It brings new ideas by activating your higher and lower chakras at once.

Ametrine combines the healing properties of Amethyst and Citrine. It attracts luck, wisdom, intuition, vision, empathy, courage, and willpower.

How To Use Ametrine for Inspiration 

The Egyptian Goddess of dew and rain rules Ametrine. Keep it on the windowsill overnight to charge it with moonlight. You can then wear Ametrine for inspiration, intelligence, and new ideas. It’s especially good if you soak it in the energies of the Full or New Moon!

Green Aventurine Crystal for Entrepreneurs

polished green aventurine on white background

Did you know wearing Green Aventurine with Amethyst makes you empathic?  Green Aventurine is the perfect crystal for entrepreneurs as it helps you connect with the world, your staff, and supporters in the best way.

Green Aventurine also spreads love, harmony, and peace where it’s kept. I consider it the best green crystal for creativity, wisdom, communication skills, charm, and tolerance.

How To Use Green Aventurine for Creativity 

If you’re an entrepreneur struggling to get there, the best way to use Green Aventurine is with Feng Shui. Place a bowl with Green Aventurine crystals in the northern direction on your work desk or office.

Lithium Quartz Crystals for Artists and Musicians 

lithium quartz on white background

If you’re a musician with creative blocks or searching for inspiration, try bonding with Lithium Quartz for a week. It’s one of the crystals that stands for music, beauty, and cosmic connection.

Lithium Quartz transmutes tension, anxiety, and stress into creative work by opening all your seven chakras. This stone is one of the best crystals for patience, especially if you’re an actor or musician.

How To Use Lithium Quartz for Artists and Musicians 

Lithium Quartz helps you narrow down your goals and elevates creativity when you activate it with singing bowls. 

All you need to do is place your Tibetan sound bowl on a flat surface and your Lithium Quartz a few inches from the bowl. Finally, play your bowl for a few minutes. That’s it!

Picasso Jasper Crystal for Imagination

polished Picasso Jasper on white background

Picasso Jasper stands for inner power and is one of the best crystals for visualization

By balancing the sacral and solar plexus chakras, Picasso Jasper helps your creative juices flow. It’s a Kundalini energy stone that also manifests dreams and desires.

The MOHS score of Picasso Jasper is 3, so it can crack or break easily with daily wear. Use it sparingly or keep it in a safe space.  

How To Use Picasso Jasper for Creativity and Art 

If you’re struggling to get new ideas on the table, use Picasso Marble/Jasper to set a crystal altar or grid. Activate the crystals for the grid by burying them in soil overnight before use.

Herkimer Diamond for New Ideas and Creativity 

herkimer diamond raw on a white background

Herkimer Diamonds aren’t real diamonds. However,  they’re just as powerful as diamonds and one of the best ascension Crystals for manifesting inner power and personal growth

Many professionals and executives use Herkimer Diamond for artistic creativity, originality, and collaboration. They’re best for energizing your body, mind, and soul by unblocking the third eye and crown chakras. Herkimer Diamond is also a great crystal for divination.

How To Use Herkimer Diamond for Creativity and Art 

Herkimer Diamonds are best activated for new ideas by combining breathwork, meditation, and chanting

Here’s a guide on how to do this:

  • Sit down in an easy pose on a yoga mat.
  • Hold the Herkimer Diamond in front of your lips.
  • Close your eyes. 
  • Visualize creative blockages in your mind clearing away. 
  • Chant the mantra AUM slowly.
  • Repeat the mantra while meditating on your goals for 5 to 10 minutes.

That’s it!

Start Using Crystals for Creative Energy Today!

Have you heard the quote “creativity is within?” Whether you find inspiration from people, landscapes, horizons, or birds, creativity stems from the inside. 

Some crystals give you new ideas, and others lead to new perspectives, goals, ambitions, and success. You can use crystals for creativity and art by charging them with natural elements like water, air, fire, or earth, along with meditation, singing bowls, mantras, and affirmations.

How to use the 16 crystals for art and creativity we learned today: 

A custom graphic table for 16 best crystals for creativity

Which crystal do you use for creativity?

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