Picture Jasper

(PIK-cher JAS-per)
Main Origins:
China, the United States, Egypt, Brazil, India, Namibia, South Africa, Russia, Australia, Canada, Madagascar, and Mexico.

What is Picture Jasper?

picture jasper donut beads scattered on gray table

The beautiful and unique look of Picture Jasper makes it a desirable Chalcedony. It usually comes in warm, earthy tones like brown, tan, cream, and pinkish. The intricate designs on this stone resemble landscapes, nature scenes, or abstract art. Mineral deposits and organic materials combined over time give each specimen its distinctive design.

Picture Jasper is mostly silicon dioxide, like Quartz. Iron oxides, clay, and organic components give it unique patterns and colors. These inclusions make the stone beautiful and durable, ranging from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, making it appropriate for jewelry and ornamentation.

People previously respected Picture Jasper for its artistic and spiritual qualities. Native Americans used this stone to connect with the Earth and discover what would happen. This crystal has been used for thousands of years to carve, paint, and etch. Stone carvers and artists still use this rare stone to make lovely jewelry and home decor.

Crystal collectors love Picture Jasper for its beautiful look and metaphysical powers. This stone connects people to the forces of the Earth and grounds them. People who meditate or do spiritual activities often use it to find balance, harmony, and a close relationship with nature.

Did you know that, according to metaphysical beliefs, Picture Jasper is considered a stone of global awareness and ecological responsibility? Its intricate patterns are thought to foster a strong connection with nature and a sense of duty to preserve it.

Picture Jasper Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Picture Jasper’s color energies have mystical implications. It is mostly brown, crimson, maroon, and gray. Brown symbolizes stability and earthiness, forging a strong bond. Red and maroon symbolize energy, courage, and strength. These hues can inspire and energize you.

Picture Jasper brings focus on the Root Chakra, but it also boosts emotional well-being and self-confidence in the Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakras. It may not directly relate to the Throat, Third Eye, or Crown Chakras, but its stabilizing effect can promote harmony and spiritual progress, making it useful for holistic energy alignment.

Earth and Ether rule Picture Jasper. This grounding element enhances the crystal’s stability, strength, and connection to the Earth. Picture Jasper can be placed in the Southwest of your home or office for love and relationships or in the Northwest for helpful people and travel.

This crystal is often linked to Earth Goddesses, like Isis, Gaia (the Earth Mother), Brahma (the Hindu God of Creation), and Cernunnos (the Celtic God of Nature and Birth). These connotations emphasize the crystal’s Earth connection and caring powers.

Picture Jasper’s numerical vibration is 7. This number is linked to wisdom, intelligence, and self-reflection. It works with the crystal’s grounding and calming properties by helping people learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Picture Jasper Healing Properties & Benefits


  • One of Picture Jasper’s benefits is making you more creative by inspiring a connection to nature’s beauty and patterns.
  • Hold or display this stone during a creative endeavor to boost creativity. Infuse the crystal with your creative ideas as you hold it.


  • Helping you understand how other people feel by bringing your emotions back to the present moment is Picture Jasper’s properties.
  • To use the crystal’s ability to make you more sensitive, meditate with it while focusing on other people’s feelings and trying to understand their points of view.

Inner Peace and Silence

  • Calming the mind and cutting down on mental noise are some of Picture Jasper’s healing properties.
  • To achieve this, put the crystal on your forehead or heart while you meditate and let it calm you down and clear your mind.

Memory Retention

  • This crystal helps you remember things by making your mind clear and focused.
  • Picture Jasper can help you remember things better if you hold it to your Third Eye (between your eyes) and focus on your goal to remember things better.

Emotional Harmony

  • Picture Jasper helps keep emotions in check by keeping the circadian rhythm steady, which can help control mood and hidden feelings.
  • Wear the crystal as jewelry and ensure it stays in touch with your skin to balance your emotions and align your body’s natural rhythms.

Picture Jasper Spiritual Properties & Benefits

a girl laying on grass depicting earthly grounding

Earth Connection

  • One of Picture Jasper’s metaphysical properties is making it easier to connect with Earth’s grounding forces.
  • This connection is strengthened by meditating with the crystal and visualizing the roots that connect you to the Earth.

Spiritual Awakening 

  • Picture Jasper helps you become more spiritual by connecting you with nature and spirit guides, letting you think about more profound things.
  • Putting the crystal under your pillow before bed will help you have better dreams and gain spiritual understanding.

Past Life Recall and Karmic Cleansing

  • Some of Picture Jasper’s properties are cleaning up your karma by bringing memories to the surface and letting go of karmic patterns.
  • Focus on your past life or karmic problems while meditating with Picture Jasper, and picture them dissolving into the Earth to be cleansed.

Reality Shifting 

  • This stone helps you change your reality by making you more aware of how everything is interconnected.
  • As you meditate with the crystal, it will help you become more aware and bring about changes in your life.

Soul Mission

  • When you connect with the Earth’s wisdom and ancient knowledge, Picture Jasper can help you find your soul goal.
  • Visualize a clear way to your soul mission as you hold the crystal and try to figure out what your life’s purpose is.

Side Effects of Picture Jasper

  • Detachment: Picture Jasper can cause emotional detachment. Use it sparingly with grounding crystals, like Hematite, to avoid this.
  • Overwhelming Dreams: Overuse might cause vivid, overwhelming dreams. Limit nighttime use and try Amethyst or Selenite for sleep.
  • Docile Behaviour: It might make people act too passively. To counteract this, combine with energy stones, like Carnelian, to stay motivated and sure of yourself.

Picture Jasper Meaning: What Does Picture Jasper Symbolize?

earth crystal on moss

Picture Jasper symbolizes the “Earth’s ancient wisdom and interconnectedness.”

This crystal helps you feel more grounded, stable, and creative by connecting you deeply to the forces of the Earth. It is also called “Landscape Jasper” or “Scenic Jasper” because its patterns look like beautiful natural scenery.

It has always been thought of as a stone that protects and nurtures. In current times, it stands for creativity, artistic inspiration, and caring for the environment.

Picture Jasper works well with stones that help you ground yourself, like Hematite and Red Jasper, as well as stones that help you be more artistic, like Carnelian.

An interesting fact: Many believe Picture Jasper can disclose messages and old wisdom from the Earth, making it a popular choice for those seeking deeper insights into the planet’s mysteries and their spiritual path.

Types of Picture Jasper

  • Standard Picture Jasper: This variety helps you feel grounded and creative by having earthy brown tones and scenic patterns.
  • Biggs Jasper: It is known for its deep red and earthy tones, which help with mental balance and self-confidence.
  • Deschutes Jasper: With its warm red and brown tones, it helps settle and make you stronger.
  • Desertscape Picture Jasper: This type has beautiful desert-like scenery and makes you feel more connected to nature.
  • Owyhee Jasper: It features green, red, and brown tones. It helps people heal emotionally and feel more connected to nature.
  • Bruneau Jasper: Its bright red and green patterns make Bruneau Jasper a stone that inspires imagination and art.
  • Willow Creek Jasper: It has a soft mix of white and pink colors that help you relax and keep your emotions in check.
  • Royal Savannah Jasper: This variety helps you feel grounded and stable with its warm, earthy tones and intricate designs.
  • Kalahari Picture Jasper: It has colors and landscapes that look like deserts, which makes it feel very connected to the Earth and old wisdom.
  • Landscape Jasper: It resembles natural scenery, encouraging creativity and artistic expression.
  • Forest Fire Picture Jasper: It helps with mental healing and gives you energy because it has bright red and earthy tones.
  • Cherry Creek Jasper: This type uses earthy colors and cherry red to help keep your emotions in check and build your inner power.

How to Cleanse Picture Jasper?

Lighted candles on a table

Picture Jasper generally doesn’t require cleansing, but if you feel the need, you can cleanse it using the following methods:

  • Candle: The negative energy can be dispelled by passing the pure white light of a candle over the stone.
  • Smudging: Sage or palo santo smoke can be used to clean the crystal. Run the crystal through the smoke and make a wish to be clean.
  • Fire: Gently pass Picture Jasper across a white candle or bonfire to transform any negativity.

Question and Answers

Is Picture Jasper a Metamorphic Rock?

No, Picture Jasper is not a metamorphic rock. It is a sedimentary rock made up of biological matter and silicate particles.

What Does Picture Jasper Represent?

Picture Jasper is a stone that stands for the Earth’s ancient wisdom, how everything is connected, and the beauty of nature.

How Can You Tell if Picture Jasper is Real?

To tell if Picture Jasper is real, look closely at its patterns. Real Picture Jasper should show unique, beautiful scenery. It could also have small flaws.

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