(kal - sed - n - ee)
Main Origins:
Pakistan, Australia, Japan, China, Brazil, India, the United States, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Germany, and Afghanistan.

What is Chalcedony?

Blue Chalcedony crystals

Chalcedony is a Quartz-Moganite variety seen in various colors, like blue, white, purple, pink, black, green, blue, brown, pink, yellow, golden, indigo, and orange. It has a waxy luster with bands, spots, stripes, and dendritic patterns. 

Did you know Onyx, Agate, Jasper, Carnelian, and Aventurine are varieties of Chalcedony? It’s commonly found and interspersed in the history of several ancient cultures.

Chalcedony was worn in Ancient Egypt and Rome to repel evil energies. Ancient Greeks used it in medicine, Hindus for intelligence, and Native Americans for peace. It was widely used in amulets during the Middle Ages. 

According to the Holy Bible, Chalcedony is one of the 12 sacred stones on Aaron’s breastplate. It’s a microcrystalline silica used for thousands of years for relaxation, balance, courage, fertility, energy, psychic powers, protection, and spirit contact.

Fun Fact: Chalcedony is one of the oldest crystals for making weapons and tools.

Chalcedony Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Chalcedony crystals are found in most colors and open all the primary chakras, from Crown to Root. They help with balance, harmony, wisdom, genius, communication skills, grounding, and psychic abilities. 

Did you know the Sun and the Earth Star Chakras also rule Chalcedony? These secondary chakras are for luck, health, power, energy, vitality, and spirit contact. 

Chalcedony crystals get their powers from the Egyptian Goddess of Fertility, Isis; the Aztec Goddess of Love, Xochiquetzal; the Hindu Monkey God, Hanuman; the Celtic Goddess of abundance, Clota; and the Sumerian Goddess of Art, Nisaba

While different Chalcedony varieties are associated with varied numbers, it’s mainly associated with the numbers 3 and 9. The former stands for creativity, and the latter brings spirituality.

Most Chalcedony crystals are associated with Venus in astrology, but some varieties are also linked to Moon and Mercury. Venus represents intelligence, Moon represents peace, and Mercury stands for creativity.

The Water element rules Chalcedony and attracts wisdom and patience to it.

Chalcedony Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Blue and White Chalcedony varieties are soothing and relaxing. They’re good for calming down during stress, rage, anger, and despair.
  • The best way to use Holly Blue for peace is by holding the crystal in your palms and meditating for a few minutes. 

Emotional Intelligence

  • Chalcedony opens your mind’s eyes and fills your heart with wisdom. You’ll find support in the toughest situations with a blue, green, purple, or white Chalcedony by your side.
  • Cleanse and charge your Chalcedony crystal with sage and carry it with you to heal emotional scars.

Justice and Harmony

  • Chalcedony in shades of green, blue, and pink removes negativity, fights, and misunderstandings. It enhances stability, open-mindedness, and peace.
  • Charge your crystal with sunlight and place it in the east or center of your house to spread good vibes and harmony.

Fertility and Vitality

  • Did you know the Chalcedony variety of Aventurine removes blockages in the reproductive areas? You can also use it to improve your mood, energy, and strength.
  • The best way to charge Chalcedony for fertility is with soil. Bury the crystal under three inches of soil overnight before use.

Self-Expression and Creativity

  • Holly Blue stone improves memory, communication skills, and critical thinking. That’s why it improves originality, new ideas, and self-esteem. 
  • Activate Chalcedony for creativity and self-expression by chanting positive affirmations into it.

Chalcedony Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A person holding a watch doing psychic reading and clairvoyance

Psychic Powers

  • Chalcedony varieties that open the higher chakras are good for clairvoyance, intuition, premonition, visions, and other psychic abilities. 
  • The best way to program Chalcedony to activate psychic abilities is by gazing into the crystal and meditating every night for a few minutes. 


  • Black Chalcedony is excellent for preventing negative energy from affecting you. It raises your auric vibration to repel evil. 
  • Charging four Chalcedony crystals with intentions or affirmations and placing them around the house will protect you and your family from psychic harm. 

Spirit Contact

  • Did you know Chalcedony removes disturbances during mediumship? It uplifts your subtle body and helps you communicate with angels and guardian spirits. 
  • The best way to establish and maintain spirit contact with Chalcedony is by using it as a focus stone in your crystal grid. Learn how to make crystal grids here.

Dream Work

  • Chalcedony clarifies your dreams and reveals the meaning of your life through dreamwork. It’s also good to seek spiritual guidance through lucid dreaming.
  • Activate Chalcedony for dream rituals by soaking it overnight under the moonlight. Afterward, keep the charged Chalcedony under your pillow before bed. 


  • Chalcedony connects your physical body to the higher realm. It’s a spiritual awakening crystal that is also responsible for wisdom, awareness, and universal connection.
  • You can use Chalcedony for enlightenment by activating it with the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. Keep the crystal a few inches from the bowl and play it for this.

Chalcedony Side Effects

  • Unhinged Behavior: Chalcedony can overwhelm some people and detach them from the reality around them. If you’re a newbie, avoid this by using a grounding crystal like Red Jasper.

Chalcedony Meaning: What Does Chalcedony Symbolize?

A person meditating by the ocean bay with the sun setting

The meaning of Chalcedony is divine peace. 

There are two different stories about its name. One such legend says it’s derived from the Latin word chalcedonius, meaning a “vast variety of gemstones.” Another says it’s named after the town Chalcedon in ancient Turkey. 

Over the ages, it has been the Stone of Truth, Stone of Communication, Stone of Balance, Stone of Angels, and the Friendship Stone. 

Chalcedony means peace, chastity, inner healing, support, truth, intuition, spiritual communication, and self-expression.

Types of Chalcedony

  • Blue Chalcedony: Also called Holly Blue, this variety is popular and gets its blue tone from iron. Use it for confidence, creativity, patience, and Throat Chakra activation.
  • Agate: Also called Banded Chalcedony, Agate crystals occur in various colors. While Chalcedony properties for banded types vary, these crystals are great for grounding, balance, creativity, healing, and strength.
  • Onyx: This Chalcedony shows parallel banding, usually with black and white colors and sometimes with brown, red, or gray. They’re good for stimulation, passion, grounding, protection, support, and cleansing. 
  • Jasper: The opaque variety of Chalcedony with a few dozen varieties, Jasper shows diverse patterns. Based on its colors and traits, you can use Jasper for healing, amplification, programming, manifestation, and divination.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Formed from Crocidolite, this type of Chalcedony shows yellow, brown, and golden colors. It’s good for focus, courage, strength, and stability. 
  • Carnelian: Showing shades of orange, yellow, and red, Carnelian is a Chalcedony used for fertility, emotional intelligence, and creativity. 
  • Chrysoprase: Chalcedony with nickel forms this apple-green crystal. It’s excellent for Throat, Heart, and Solar Plexus Chakra benefits.
  • Sardonyx: When the Onyx variety of Chalcedony forms interspersed layers with Sard, it forms Sardonyx crystals. It shows black, brownish-red, and black or white colors. Chalcedony benefits of this variety are pain management and inner power.
  •  Aventurine: This type of Chalcedony shows a sparkly effect called aventurescence. It’s seen in green, red, yellow, blue, brown, and gray colors. Use it for healing, patience, love, support, and abundance. 
  •  Samsonite or Lavender Chalcedony: When Chalcedony exists in pale purple with orange inclusions and white streaks, it forms this variety. This Chalcedony is ideal for opening your mind and connecting to the higher powers.
  •  Seftonite: The variety of Chalcedony with gray, black, red, and green hues, like Bloodstone, is Seftonite. It’s great for protection, wisdom, and strength.
  •  Grape Chalcedony: Also called Chalcedony Winogronowy (polish for grapes), this variety shows lavender, purple, violet, gray, and sometimes pink. It’s good for growth, dreamwork, and harmony. 
  •  Amorite or Chalcedony Rose: This is a natural crystal combination of Chalcedony with Hematite, or Goethite. It usually sparkles and has a rose-like appearance with pink, white, gray, and brown crystals. Use it for spirit contact and guidance.
  •  Chrome Chalcedony: The Chalcedony variety that gets its green color from Chromium is also called Chrome Chrysoprase. It’s excellent for emotional and spiritual healing and may come from Zimbabwe, Brazil, or Australia.
  •  Pink Chalcedony: This type of Chalcedony is also called Wilkite and shows shades of pink. Use it for stress relief, relaxation, and peace.
  •  White Chalcedony: A variety showing white, off-white, silver, and gray, this Chalcedony variety is best for opening the Crown and Lunar Chakras for wisdom, spiritual guidance, and support.
  •  Black Chalcedony: Also called plasma, this type of Chalcedony is mostly black with green, red, or gray colors. It’s perfect for psychic protection and emotional strength.

How to Cleanse Chalcedony?

A picture of sage, crystals, and a lit match stick

  • Positive Affirmation – Cleanse your Chalcedony stone by chanting positive affirmations into the stone. 
  • Smudging – You can waft a lit incense over the Chalcedony crystal to remove negativity stuck to it. Learn more about cleansing crystals with incense sticks.
  • Moonlight – Soaking your Chalcedony crystals under the moonlight is also good for a thorough cleanse.

Questions and Answers

Is Chalcedony an Opal?

No, Chalcedony is different from Opals. Both have unique properties and structures, even though they’re both formed from Silica.

Is Chalcedony safe in water?

Yes, Chalcedony is safe in the water, but avoid soaking it for over 30 minutes, and don’t drink gem water directly infused with Chalcedony. Find out why in our post on 105 dangerous crystals.

Does Chalcedony fade in sunlight?

Yes, prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the color of Chalcedony crystals. 

How can you tell if Chalcedony is real?

Chalcedony crystals are waxy, heavier, and don’t get scratched easily. 

Where to place Chalcedony on the body?

The best place to keep Chalcedony on the body is based on the color and chakra it’s associated with. For instance, Blue Chalcedony should be placed on the Throat Chakra. Learn where to keep crystals on the body here.

Is Chalcedony expensive?

Yes and no, depending on the traits of Chalcedony. It may be a few dollars or $100 per carat. 

What crystal pairs well with Chalcedony?

Chalcedony is easy to pair with most crystals but best with Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, and Jade because Saturn and Mercury rule them.

Does Chalcedony glow in the dark?

Yes, some types of Chalcedony may glow in yellow, white, or green under UV lights. 

How do you care for Chalcedony?

The best way to care for Chalcedony is by keeping it safe from accidental collisions and prolonged exposure to water, air, sunlight, and heat. If you live in a hot or humid place, keep it in an airtight box in a dark place. 

What is the rarest color of Chalcedony?

The rarest color of Chalcedony is green or Chrysoprase because it gets the green color from Nickel, unlike Chromium, Vanadium, or Iron in most crystals.

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