How To Identify 40 Types of Jasper and How To Use Them

  1. Overview: Jasper Meanings and Metaphysical Properties 
  2. Conclusion

Jasper is the name given to a large family of crystals. Different Jasper types are formed in a variety of locations, colors, and patterns. The similarity between the types of Jasper stones is the metaphysical nature of this crystal as grounding and nurturing.

Each variety of Jasper offers a vibration that can support us in different aspects of life. You may wonder how many types of jasper there are. What does jasper stone look like, and how to identify the different jasper crystals? 

We explore the 40 types of Jasper in this article. To identify the different types of Jasper we look at the images of Jasper stones and descriptions of the colors, patterns, and inclusion of each type of Jasper. 

The energy of Jasper is stable yet diverse, as each variety of this stone offers support, according to its unique energy.

Overview: Jasper Meanings and Metaphysical Properties 

All Jasper crystals resonate with a consistent Earth energy. These stones have a primal presence that offers a constant grounding and nurturing vibration. Jaspers can bring our presence to the interconnection of the physical body, Earth, and all living beings. 

Jasper was a stone used by ancient peoples, and it is a preferred stone for carving artifacts throughout history. These stones often served as protection amulets and were utilized by shamans, religious leaders, and royalty.

It is an opaque stone that contains a mix of other minerals. Jasper takes on different colors and patterns due to the different combinations of minerals within each type of Jasper 

The Jasper types are named according to their resemblance to elements of the natural world. They are sometimes named after the area they are found or named by the people who found them. 

A graphic table for Jasper Stone properties

The visual appearance and energetic resonance of the various types of Jasper are as follows: 

1. Brecciated Jasper 

Red Brecciated jasper on a white background

This type of Jasper stone is deep red with both dark and light inclusions of angular fragments or veins merged into the crystal. The energy of Brecciated Jasper fosters emotional stability and mental clarity. 

Brecciated Jasper is a crystal that holds the energy of completion and wholeness. It can assist us with the spiritual and physical healing processes required to integrate and heal fragmented parts of self from trauma.

2. Bumblebee Jasper

Bumblebee Jasper on a white background

Bumblebee Jasper displays a beautiful array of bee-like colors and markings within the crystal formation. This type of Jasper stone is a combination of minerals that create the yellows, grays, black, and white colorations of the Bumblebee Jasper stone.

This crystal has an invigorating energy that can bring clarity, creativity, and powerful manifestations. Bumblebee Jasper can help us to focus and commit to what brings us joy and sustenance. It raises your vibration to one of high self-worth and positive beliefs.

3. Kambaba Jasper 

Kambaba Jasper on a white background
Image Source: Etsy | EmmaCrystalHealing

Kambaba Jasper is a crystal that has fossilized ancient algae within it, which is what gives it the greenish-blue coloration and swirly black spotted patterns.

This Jasper type is all about connecting with the energy of ancient life on Earth. It is a stone that can help you attune to the energy of profound stillness, awareness, peace, and tranquility.

The nurturing energy of Kambaba Jasper can also open the Heart Chakra in a way that leads to more compassion and awareness. 

4. Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian jasper on white background

Dalmatian Jasper is a light-colored stone (usually white, cream, or gray) with dark spots. The dark spots are inclusions of Black Tourmaline crystal.

The energy of this crystal is playful, joyful, and fun. It is also a type of Jasper stone that encourages loyalty and devotion, helping to bring cohesion to yourself, your family, and within your workplace.

This stone is useful for letting go of past hurts, and it offers patient and protective energy. It is also considered to be a good crystal for dogs.

5. Red Jasper

Red jasper on a white background

This is one of the well-known types of Jasper. It is predominantly red and can have some Hematite crystal inclusion.

Red Jasper is a stone of passion, courage, and protection. It is a stone of action that can help us to embody these energetic traits in the physical. This type of Jasper is also a stone that can assist us with healing sexual dysfunctions, shame, and fertility issues.

6. Bloodstone

Bloodstone on a white background

Also called Heliotrope, this is typically a Green Jasper that has spots of bloodred Hematite throughout the crystal. It has a strong protective and nurturing energy.

Bloodstone has an energy that is supportive and nurturing for our physical bodies and immunity. It is a useful stone for dealing with change. Its vibration can boost energy, motivation, and action. 

This crystal is useful for ancestral healing and communication, as it can strengthen our connection to our bloodlines, family, and ancestors.

7. Brown Jasper

Brown Jasper on a white background

A simple and elegant stone that forms in various shades of brown, some stones are just one or two shades of brown while other Brown Jaspers have many layers or swirls of various shades and hues of brown within a single stone.

It is a stone that can easily bring balance and stability to your life, encouraging balance on Earth and within your being. Brown Jasper stone is also a powerful good luck charm.

8. Imperial Jasper

An imperial Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | Gemcreations2016

Imperial Jasper is available in a variety of colors and patterns, including green, pink, purple, blue, turquoise, brown, spider web, and Royal Imperial Jasper. Some pieces of Imperial Jasper have egg-shaped formations within the stone.

This crystal anchors a powerful energy of strength and support. Working with Imperial Jasper can help us approach life in a calm, graceful manner, allowing us to experience great peace and serenity.

9. Ocean Jasper

Polished ocean Jasper gemstone on white background

This type of Jasper has patterning of orb shapes as well as stripes and other intricate patterns. Ocean or Sea Jasper is formed in colors including white, green, blue, brown, black, gray, red, pink, yellow, and orange.

Ocean Jasper energy is connected to the Moon, to the lunar cycle that affects our water bodies. It can facilitate deepening your connection to the moon and sea. The vibration of this crystal encourages resilience, nurturing, and stabilizing emotions and fertility. 

10. Rainbow Jasper

Rainbow Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | LooseGemsPoint

Rainbow Jasper displays bands of colors, including deep red, brown, gray, and gold. and even shades of blue. This is a deeply calming stone.

It is an effective crystal to work with when recovering from emotional exhaustion. Rainbow Jasper can direct us to be more optimistic and offers stable and sustained supportive energy.

11. Mookaite Jasper

mookaite on a white background

Mookaite Jasper is most commonly yellow or red but also includes the colors purple, cream, and white. These colors are present as contrasting sections within the patterns of this type of Jasper.

This is a Jasper that holds the energy of deep presence. The grounding and energy of Mookaite Jasper help us focus our mind, body, and spirit within the earthly realm. The energy of this crystal is supportive when activating your power and instincts.

12. Picasso Jasper

A picasso jasper on a white background

This type of Jasper stone looks like an expressive work of art. Each piece of Picasso Jasper is unique. There are a variety of colors, including grays, browns, creams, reds, white, and black.

These colors are swirled together and contrast in sections and layers. Many Picasso stones have energetic dark line work and color layering.

Picasso Jasper is a stone that offers fresh energy, allowing for renewal, clarity, and a grounded presence in life. It is a helpful crystal for moving through creative blocks and is supported through this process.

13. Leopardskin Jasper

A leopard skin jasper on a white background

Leopardskin Jasper is a distinctly spotted stone with markings similar to that of wild cats. This crystal is found in a color palette that includes orange, yellow, brown, green, red, pink, white, and black, in a variety of shades and tones.

The energy of this crystal is fiercely protective and encourages bravery. It can support us in appreciating physical embodiment and mastery. Leopardskin Jasper can assist us with connecting with the animal kingdom, animal spirits, or power animals.

14. Druzy Jasper

A Druzy can be defined as small crystals that form on the surface of another stone. Druzy Jasper has tiny crystallizations on the surface of or within a crevice on the Jasper stone.

The metaphysical properties of a Druzy Jasper include all those of the particular variety of Jasper with the energy of the tiny druzy crystals amplifying this energy further.

Druzy Jaspers are powerful stones to meditate with or to keep within your spaces. This stone encourages personal empowerment and a stable and calm high vibrational energy. 

15. Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest jasper on a white background

Rainforest Jasper is a stone formed from the process of volcanic eruptions. It is predominantly colored with shades of green and white with earthy browns and sometimes red.

The patterning of Rainforest Jasper can include swirling and blending of colors, patches of quartz, and small bubble or spot shapes.

This crystal’s energy is wonderful for deepening your connection with nature spirits and Mother Earth. It is a really enjoyable and useful stone for herbalists and nature lovers.

The Heart Chakra is also activated and balanced by the energy of Rainforest Jasper. It allows us to view our world with more love and compassion as well as helps to show us where we can implement or embrace positive changes.

16. Picture Jasper

picture jasper stone on white background

Picture Jasper is a group of stones that display landscape patterns. They are often made up of layers of sepia or neutral brown colors in various shades. Varieties such as Biggs Jasper and Owyhee Jasper are Picture Jaspers.

This type of Jasper holds space for connection to Mother Earth’s energy, past life exploration, and emotional integration. Picture Jasper can help us to experience a deep sense of belonging on Earth. 

It also guides us to see the bigger picture perspective of all situations and to achieve the balance of grounded yet expansive thinking.

17. Spider Web Jasper

Spider web jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | SadiqGemsandMinerals

This crystal is black, gray, and white. It is more commonly white with black lines that create a web or net design on the Spider Web Jasper crystal.

Spider Web Jasper can help us to ward off intrusive thoughts and energies. It is a super protective stone. This type of Jasper stone is also used for calming the nervous system, deepening meditation, and bringing awareness to the interconnections of the web of life. 

18. Turquoise Jasper

This stone is turquoise blue with dots and lines in mostly black and some light and dark neutral colors. This Jasper is a stone of support, encouragement, and evolution 

Turquoise Jasper has an energy that helps maintain an open mind and expressiveness. It is a stone of bravery, strength, and spiritual awareness of Earth.

It is also a perfect stone for support during pregnancy and childbirth, as it also has the nurturing, balancing, protective, and supportive energy of all Jasper stones.

19. Genesis Jasper

Genesis Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | TheGlobalStone

This type of Jasper is made up of thinner bands of brown, red, dark gray, and yellow. These colors alternate within the bands. It is said to contain the minerals Magnetite and Hematite. 

Genesis Jasper is grounding. It can help to connect deeply to all of the Earth’s elements and ancient energies. It is a crystal that encourages and supports new beginnings, fresh energy, and growth, which leads to greater freedom.

20. Confetti Jasper

Confetti Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | Oneofakindwire

Confetti Jasper, true to its name, has a visual appearance that resembles confetti. It is often a combination of red and darker neutral colors with white or light gray confetti pieces throughout the stone.

This is a Jasper that is nurturing our mind, body, spirit connection, and balance. It can bring our awareness to the celebration of the positive in life. Its energy can alleviate panic, fear, anger, and stress.

21. Noreena Jasper

Noreena Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | Azbluerockers

This type of Jasper stone features deep reds and oranges that appear darker in some sections and then diluted in other parts of the crystal. 

These colors are combined in contrast with grays, creams, and white. The patterning of the crystal is organic with colors swirled together in some areas, and in other sections, colors can appear to form more angular markings.

Noreena Jasper’s energy is nurturing and supportive of emotions. It encourages us to free ourselves from the things that are holding us back and to learn to accept change with grace.

22. Red Creek Jasper

Red Creek Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | LBlackbournJewelry

Red Creek Jasper is a cherry red and gray stone. Cherry red appears in a variety of tones and shades, and it is combined with dark and light gray that appears to have green undertones. The markings and color combinations of Red Creek Jasper are unique to each stone. 

This type of Jasper stone is grounding and balancing, especially for emotional issues. It can amplify your vibration, enhancing creativity, focus, self-discipline, and energy levels so that it can be easier to physically manifest creative ideas and projects.

23. Porcelain Jasper

Porcelain Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | StonyMountainGems

Porcelain Jasper has large sections and bands of stone that look like porcelain clay. The porcelain color and patterns are elegantly combined with shades of gray and red.

It is a stone that has a tranquil, gentle, and graceful energy that is deeply relaxing. Porcelain Jasper is supportive when dealing with tricky or sensitive experiences as it soothes nervousness, overthinking, and anxiety.

24. Orbicular Jasper

Orbicular jasper on a white background
Source: Flickr | Deidre Woollard

This is a variety of Jasper that displays spherical-shaped patterning throughout the crystal. The orb shapes vary in size and can be made up of layers of colored rings.

There are various types of Jasper considered to be Orbicular Jaspers, including varieties such as Morrisonite Jasper and Bird’s Eye Jasper. Orbicular Jasper forms in the common colors that we find in Jasper stones, including red, brown, white, gray, black, green, orange, yellow, and neutral tones.

It has restorative and regenerative energy and is a good crystal for physical health and learning to honor the cycles of life. Orbicular Jasper can help us to dissolve energetic blocks and frustration.

25. Poppy Jasper or Flower Jasper

Poppy Jasper on a white background
Source: Wikimedia | Edward Rooks

This stone features red orbs that resemble red poppy flowers. It can also include, in fine detailing and spaces between orbs and dots, the colors gray, pink, white, yellow, brown, and black.

Poppy Jasper is a stone of joyful nostalgia and remembrance. This particular Jasper can help us with acceptance and integration of the past into the present. It is highly supportive in situations of emotional and physical intensity. 

26. Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper on a white background
Source: Flickr | beautifulcataya

A visually stunning Jasper variety that features eye shapes, curves, bands, and sections in a variety of colors. Blue and teal are included in rarer pieces of Polychrome Jasper. More widely available pieces are reds, browns, and grays in an array of pastel hues.

Polychrome Jasper can help you adapt and attune to your present environment, allowing for deeper presence, healing, and releasing past hurts and stories that no longer resonate or serve you.

This type of Jasper stone encourages enthusiasm and can re-energize and awaken your physical senses and motivation to experience life to its fullest.

27. Basanite Jasper or Black Jasper

Black jasper crystal on a white background

Basanite or Black Jasper is a rare type of Jasper stone. It is a volcanic crystal that can be fully black in color or black with just a little bit of gray.

It is a highly protective stone from both internal and external negative energy. It can be worn or worked with as a shield from lower vibration energies.

28. Fossil Jasper

Fossil Jasper on a white background

Also known as Mariam Jasper, this is a form of fossilized coral and shell remnants. Fossilized Jasper varies in color, including black, golden yellow to ochre, white, and brown. 

This type of Jasper stone is a powerful stone for past life exploration, tapping into past knowledge, ancestral lineage healing, and knowledge integration.

It is a protective crystal that is useful for etheric travel. It is a stone that reminds us to honor the ancient creatures on Earth that have led to the present.

29. Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper Polished Gemstone on a white background

This crystal is super simple to identify, as it is a starkly colored yellow stone. Yellow Jaspers can also display a mix of a few shades of yellow, gold, and white.

Yellow Jasper has a warming and stimulating energy. It activates the Solar Plexus energy, which is all about willpower, identity, joy, optimism, motivation, and confidence. 

30. Blue Jasper

polished blue jasper on a white background

Blue Jasper is a crystal that has various formations, including Blue Ocean Jasper, K2 Blue Jasper, Blue Zebra Jasper, Blue Imperial Jasper, Blue Mountain Jasper, and more.

Most formations of Blue Jasper display darker shades of blue with patterning of white, light blue, and black. 

Blue Jasper stones are predominantly blue, expect for K2 Blue Jasper, which is more white with specks of black and larger blue dot inclusions

These types of Jasper are soothing and refreshing. They are useful for balancing your energy field, especially your self-expression, which helps you to direct your manifestation calmly and confidently. 

31. Fancy Jasper

Fancy Jasper on a white background
Source: Flickr | Outi

This crystal forms in an array of shades, tones, and hues of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Stones can be a single color (featuring multiple shades of the color) or a combination of colors. Pastel tones are often swirled together with darker tones. 

Rainbow Jasper has an energy of lightness and good luck. The colors of this crystal correspond with a full chakra system’s balance and aura protection. It can help us release heavy emotions and welcome a state of greater well-being.

32. Green Hair Jasper

Green Hair Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | AngelicRoots

This type of Jasper is an opaque crystal that contains various shades of natural green tones, including mossy green, sage green, and dark green. The patterning is streaky as if fine fibers are embedded within the crystal.

Green Hair Jasper is used for connecting with your heart, the Earth, and the plant kingdom. It brings clarity and harmony, helping us to focus our awareness on natural abundance.

33. Chrysanthemum Jasper

Chrysanthemum Jasper on white background
Source: Etsy | BarlowsGems

Also known as Starburst Jasper, this crystal is usually colored in rich brown and golden colors or black, white, and gray. It is usually a darker color, and the chrysanthemum patterns are a lighter color.

Chrysanthemum Jasper is a stone of fertility, joy, and creativity. It is an excellent stone for the transitions to motherhood and adulthood, as it helps us to integrate and honor change.

34. Plum Jasper

Plum Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | ThreeFlamesGems

Plum Jasper or Plum Blossom Jasper is a dark black Jasper with moss, sage green, and dusty pink blooms scattered through the crystals patterning.

It has a nurturing energy that can help you to feel more comfortable and secure. When you work with Plum Jasper, you will also be inclined to see the positive and look for the light, the blessing, or the lesson in experiences

35. Royal Plume Jasper or Purple Jasper

Purple Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy, TheCharmedHare

Plume Jasper is found in an array of purples, from light pastel purple to bright purple and dark purple. It has lines or small sections of white or light neutral-colored rock. 

This type of Jasper is a stone that helps ground spiritual knowledge into physically integrated action. It is a stone that can bring spiritual awareness to everyday moments.

The energy of this stone is one of acceptance and grace. Royal Plume Jasper energy calls for you to embody your higher self. 

36. Honey Jasper

Honey Jasper is an opaque yellow that looks similar to honey. It can also include pastel yellow colors. The stone has different tones and opacities of yellow combined with the crystal.

The metaphysical message of Honey Jasper is to focus on the nectar of life and to approach the present with a dedication to personal will and joy. Honey Jasper has a gentle and nourishing energy that promotes tranquility and focus

37. Pink Jasper

Pink Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | MEMYSTORE

Pink Jasper is a dusty light pink color that can include shades of gray or neutral colors. It is beautiful in both its rough and polished forms. 

This stone is considered to be a stone of metamorphosis, highlighting themes of renewal in all aspects of life but mostly within your relationships. The energy of Pink Jasper is calm and loving. 

38. Gray Jasper

Gray jasper pendant on a white background

Gray is a color found throughout many types of Jasper stones. Crystals classified as Gray Jasper have different patterns and often include an array of shades and tones of gray.

The energy of Gray Jasper is protective and balancing. It can highlight the power of acceptance, helping us to truly accept ourselves and others approaching life with grace and compassion.

39. White Jasper

This crystal can be slightly opaque white to pure white but more often is predominantly white with areas of gray, brown, and yellow.

White Jasper resonates with serenity and balance. It is a stone of angelic support, assisting you to seek help from nonphysical beings by keeping your higher mind and heart open.

It is a crystal that is also associated with divine feminine energy, lunar energy, and emotional harmony.

40. Batik Jasper

Batik Jasper is dark red, brown, black swirled together with tan and cream colors. Each stone is unique with bold and earthy patterning.

It is a powerful grounding crystal that brings your energy to a clear point of focus. Batik Jasper is perfect for deep meditation, energy healing, and balance.


Now that we know more about the qualities of the different types of Jasper, this will help us to identify them and to choose the perfect stone for our needs.

Jasper crystal’s overarching qualities include protection, nurturing, and balancing, but each variety has a nuanced energy.

The following is a Jasper identification chart for the metaphysical properties of the different types of Jasper stones.

A graphic table for the meanings of the different kinds of jasper
A graphic table for the meanings of the different types of jasper

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