Crazy Lace Agate

(krey - zee leys ag - it)
Main Origins:
Mexico, Australia, the United States, Namibia, Brazil, and Botswana.

What is Crazy Lace Agate?

A cross section of a Mexican Lace Agate known as crazy lace agate

Crazy Lace Agate is a banded Chalcedony in the Agate variety of crystals. It shows seven colors linked to the primary chakras with shades of gold and silver in a swirling pattern of eyes, orbs, laces, and webs.

Is Crazy Lace Agate the same as Lace Agate? No, Crazy Lace Agate is different from Lace Agate. The former has complex, multicolored patterns in contrasting colors, while the latter shows an array of pastel colors in lacy patterns. 

This variety’s crazy-lacy patterns are due to mineral deposits from 60 to 90 million years ago. That’s why they’re called Happy Lace. 

True to its name, Crazy Lace Agate looks incredible and makes you feel joyful. 

Did you know most of the Crazy Lace Agate comes from Chihuahua in Northern Mexico? That’s why it’s called Mexican Agate. Happy Lace stone has also recently been found in Brazil, Australia, the United States, Namibia, and Botswana.

Crazy Lace Agate Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Crazy Lace Agate is mainly associated with the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Crown Chakras

One of the main reasons why Mexican Agate is so special is its multicolored appearance; hence, it opens all the primary and three secondary chakras. They are Earth Star, Soul Star, and Solar.

The Earth Star Chakra brings you protection, Soul Star attracts spiritual guidance, and Solar welcomes good fortune. 

Mexican Agate is also linked to Mercury in astrology, beckoning intelligence, courage, and creativity. That’s why Crazy Lace Agate should be worn by the Gemini and Aries signs.

It is associated with Fire, Earth, and Wind elements, bringing passion, strength, grounding, and manifestation.

Crazy Lace Agate is associated with the West African Goddess of Creation, Mawu or Mahu; the Egyptian God of Wisdom, Thoth; the West African Trickster God of Luck, Eshu; and the Greek Goddess of Chaos, Eris

Happy Lace is linked to the cosmic vibration numbers of 5, meaning knowledge, and 7, meaning luck.

Crazy Lace Agate Healing Properties and Benefits


  • No matter how stressed or frustrated you feel, connecting with the energy of Mexican Agate will help you calm down quickly. It’s great for inner peace, patience, and relaxation.
  • Use Happy Lace for calmness by meditating with the crystal early in the morning after sunrise.


  • Nature is incredible, and it’s proof that Mexican Agate attracts universal energies to boost fertility, growth, and passion inside the wearer. 
  • To receive a boost from Mother Gaia and increase your chances of conception, bury your crystal overnight under a few inches of soil. Once it’s charged, carry it in your pants pockets. 

Courage and Grounding

  • Happy Lace varieties with red, brown, and orange hues light your inner fire and boost your creativity by opening the lower chakras. 
  • Program your Mexican Agate with positive affirmations for self-discovery, self-respect, and self-confidence before carrying it on you.

Critical Thinking Skills and Creativity

  • Some varieties of Happy Lace with white, purple, blue, and green hues work great for brain skills, memory, and creativity. Use it for exams, interviews, and tests for focus and performance.
  • Activating Mexican Agate with the fire energy of a candle is great for activating hidden areas of your mind. 

Detox and Pain Management

  • Because multiple colors are usually found in Crazy Lace Agate crystals, they eliminate pain and toxins. As a result, carrying a Mexican Agate palm stone is good for managing pain. 
  • Make an indirect DIY crystal elixir with Mexican Agate and consume it to clear the chakra blockages responsible for pain.

Crazy Lace Agate Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman hands over the sides of the crystal

Psychic Visions

  • The white, blue, and purple colors of Happy Lace are good for receiving psychic visions. It connects your physical energy to the ones above your body, like the Soul Star Chakra. 
  • You can activate Mexican Agate by gazing into the stone to receive psychic visions. For the best results, perform crystal gazing on moonlight nights.


  • Are you threatened by invisible energies, hexes, curses, or evil eyes? Crazy Lace Agate can raise your auric vibrations to protect you against jealous, toxic, or bad vibrations from affecting you. 
  • Charge four Crazy Lace Agate crystals by smudging them with sage then bury them in each of the four corners surrounding your house.


  • Mexican Agate, often called the Stone of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Intelligence opens your mind to cosmic truths and the Akashic records. 
  • For this ritual, you must activate the crystal with multiple instruments, like singing bowls, meditation, breathwork, incense, candles, etc., based on your comfort.

Angelic Help

  • Did you know Mexican Agate is good for angelic guidance? It helps you communicate and express yourself with your spirit and angelic beings.

Good Fortune

  • Golden and pastel-colored Mexican Agates are great for attracting luck, fortune, and success. It also helps with financial problems, like debts.
  • Use Happy Lace as the center stone in a crystal grid to attract good fortune to your home and family. Set it in the Southeast direction for the best Crazy Lace Agate benefits.

Crazy Lace Agate Side Effects

  • Lazy: Happy Lace crystals can sometimes make you feel so relaxed that you feel too drowsy to get up and go about your day. For energy, hold a Red Jasper next time you feel sluggish.
  • Overly Optimistic: Newbies to Mexican Agate often feel overcome or too excited, seeing positivity all around them. Hold a grounding stone, like Smoky Quartz, whenever you’re using Happy Lace.

Crazy Lace Agate Meaning: What Does Crazy Lace Agate Symbolize?

A woman laughing while spreading gold glitter

The meaning of Crazy Lace Agate is ecstatic joy. 

As the stone is seen in a wide range of colors, Crazy Lace Agate is associated with many positive benefits. From purification to charging, detox, healing, and manifestation, it can help with spiritual, physical, and emotional things. 

As it’s a stone that was often misidentified throughout history, there aren’t many ancient tales about it. 

Did you know Crazy Lace Agate is called Happy Lace? It’s also called the laughter stone for the same reason. 

Most crystal users say Mexican Agate brings out a childlike joy. It also makes you feel safe, courageous, comfortable, confident, and positive.

Varieties of Crazy Lace Agate

  • Common Crazy Lace Agate: Crazy Lace Agate is usually seen with multicolored swirling parallel patterns with a glassy luster. It’s great for joy, protection, creativity, and communication. 
  • Blue Crazy Lace Agate: Boasting swirling patterns of shades of blue, like sky blue, cyan, indigo, and teal, with yellow, white, pink, orange, brown, gray, and red, use this Mexican Agate for tranquility, clarity, and imagination. 
  • Green Crazy Lace Agate: Seen in pale to dark forest green variations, Green Mexican Agate may show black, orange, or brown swirls occasionally. It’s great for good fortune, harmony, and inner peace. 
  • White Crazy Lace Agate: Opening the Crown and the Soul Star Chakra, White Red Mexican Agate is perfect for angelic guidance. It shows the same patterns with brown, olive-green, gray, black, beige, and tan colors. 
  • Red Crazy Lace Agate: Mostly red, or shades of red (brown, orange, and yellow), Red Mexican Agate includes swirls of white, gray, yellow, and beige. It’s excellent for protection, passion, courage, and fertility.
  • Gray Crazy Lace Agate: This is a Mexican Agate with parallel swirls in colors like gray, black, white, beige, brown, and powder blue. They’re crazy for inner peace, tranquility, and pain management. 
  • Golden Crazy Lace Agate: Also called Yellow Crazy Lace Agate, this variety shows golden, yellow, white, gray, beige, brown, orange, and red swirling patterns. They’re good for fertility, luck, success, and creativity.
  • Purple Crazy Lace Agate: This Mexican Agate is predominantly purple with occasional swirls of blue, red, brown, yellow, and white. Use it for enlightenment, psychic abilities, and wisdom.
  • Pink Crazy Lace Agate: One of the few pastel stones, Pink Mexican Agate shows pastel white, blue, olive-green, tan, beige, purple, gray, brown, yellow, and soft pink tones. Use it for grounding, protection, and peace.
  • Brown Crazy Lace Agate: A vivid variety of Happy Lace, Brown Mexican Agate shows vibrant dark to light brown hues, in addition to red, yellow, orange, black, blue, and green colors. It’s excellent for fertility and wisdom. 
  •  Silver Crazy Lace Agate: Showing several colors, like gray, white, black, and brown, in addition to silver streaks, this variety is excellent for spirit contact and innovation.
  •  Botswana Crazy Lace Agate: In this variety, you’ll notice brown, white, gray, and black colors iconic to Botswana Agate but with the chaotic swirling patterns of Happy Lace. It’s great for grounding, safety, protection, and strength.
  •  Druzy Crazy Lace Agate: When Mexican Agate forms sparkling crystals, called Druse or Druzy, in cavities or clusters, it can purify and amplify other energies.
  •  Crazy Lace Agate Geodes, Thundereggs, and Nodules: Captivating little geodes, thundereggs, and nodules, you’ll notice balls with cavities, solid crystals, or concretions in swirling colors here. They’re good for cleansing. 
  •  Crazy Lace Agate Eyes and Orbs: Mexican Agate with patterns like orbs and eyes are great for angelic contact. They charge several chakras at once to contact your guardian angels.  
  •  Multicolored Crazy Lace Agate: The craziest Mexican Agate with abstract patterns of several pastel colors, this type of crystal opens all the chakras. It’s also called Rainbow Mexican Agate.

How To Cleanse Crazy Lace Agate?

The sun shines over the trees

  • Soil: You can bury the crystal under three inches of soil for a day or a week to clear the negativity absorbed by it.
  • Sunlight: Holding the crystal for five minutes at sunrise is good for removing negativity and resetting the Crazy Lace Agate properties and benefits. 
  • Seed Mantra: Chanting beej mantras like OM, VAM, LAM, RAM, HAM, etcetera are good for cleansing Mexican Agate with natural elements.

Questions and Answers

What type of rock is Crazy Lace Agate?

Crazy Lace Agate is a banded Chalcedony, popular for its multicolor swirls, orbs, eyes, and lacy patterns.

Is Crazy Lace Agate safe in the water?

Yes, Crazy Lace Agate is safe in the water, but avoid soaking it for a long period of time.

Can Crazy Lace Agate go in the sun?

Yes, Crazy Lace Agate is safe for short periods in the sun. Avoid leaving it out in the sun for prolonged hours.

Is Pink Crazy Lace Agate real?

Yes, Pink Crazy Lace Agate is real and natural, although it’s only found in Indonesia.

How to identify real Crazy Lace Agate?

Agate crystals are slightly transparent and can be tested with a light test. If your crystal is opaque, it may be a Jasper. Also, look for lacy patterns with orbs and eyes in several colors.

How do you clean Crazy Lace Agate?

The best way to clean Crazy Lace Agate is with warm water and soap. Don’t soak it, and remember to pat the crystal dry with a soft cloth afterward.

What crystal to pair with Crazy Lace Agate?

Red Jasper and Selenite are excellent crystals to pair with the energy of Crazy Lace Agate.

How rare is Crazy Lace Agate?

Crazy Lace Agate is rarer than other Agate varieties.

Is Crazy Lace Agate expensive?

No, you can get Crazy Lace Agate cabochons for $1 to $5 per piece and per carat.

What’s Crazy Lace Agate good for?

Crazy Lace Agate is mostly recommended for joy, but it’s also good for creativity, peace, pain management, positivity, wisdom, good luck, and psychic abilities.

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