When you learn, you use several senses simultaneously. One simple, easy, and quick way to awaken your ability to studyis with crystals. If you have been struggling with studying, you might be wondering, what are the best crystals for studying and learning, what crystal is good for school, and what crystals are good for students?

The Best Crystals for Learning are:

Read on to discover how to use these crystals for learning and tests. 

Fluorite Crystals for Learning Difficulties 

Fluorite chunk isolated on a white background

Fluorite helps to overcome learning disabilities,  as it awakens the third eye, which is responsible for your ability to take in and see information.. This stone is excellent for dealing with learning problems like ADHD, dyslexia, and locomotor disability. You can activate a Fluorite wand to flush out blockages from your higher chakras by rinsing it under tap water. 

Honey Calcite Crystals for Studying and Memory

honey calcite on a white background

Have you ever felt it hard to recollect and remember certain things? Using crystals for memory like Honey Calcite can prevent memory loss by awakening dormant neurons and brain centers. Get a Honey Calcite wand and rinse it under spring water for a few minutes before placing it on your study table to help with memory retention.

Iolite Crystals for Concentration, Focus, and Productivity

When people ask me to name a crystal for productivity, focus, and concentration, I always say Iolite. The best thing is that Iolite aligns multiple chakras  and helps you reveal your best self. Iolite is a crown chakra crystal you can charge by leaving it  a few hours under the moonlight. 

Turquoise Crystals for Medical students

polished turquoise on a white background

Are you looking for the best crystals for medical students? Then, you should consider getting a Turquoise pendant or pocket stone. 

Because Turquoise is a master-healer, it improves the vitality and intelligence of the wearer. You can charge Turquoise gemstones with positive affirmations if you are in the medical profession.

Clear Quartz Crystals for Time Management 

clear quartz tower isolated on a white background

One of the crucial skills that stay with us forever is the ability to organize. From timing things to scheduling, Clear Quartz crystals are the best for keeping track of your time and tasks.. 

Clear Quartz removes clutter from your mind, body, and spirit when charged under the Sun for 2 minutes. 

Green Tourmaline Crystals for Removing Distractions 

Green Tourmaline is a not a popularcrystal amongst beginners, but it works great for developing skills like mental acuity. This heart chakra stone shuts out distractive sounds, feelings, smells, and sights so you can study with laser focus. 

Black Tourmaline Crystals for Learning to Drive

black tourmaline for learning to drive on a white background

Black Tourmaline is a base chakra crystal that is popular for helping with guidance, protection, grounding, and spatial awareness. If you wear a Black Tourmaline when learning to drive, you’ll learn how to drive quickly and safely with the help of Mother Earth

Amethyst Crystals for Learning Languages

polished amethyst on a white background

Are you looking for the best crystals for learning languages? Higher chakra crystals like Amethyst are excellent because they help to overcome learning disabilities and linguistic disorders

As it rules the crown chakra, Amethyst will awaken dormant language-learning centers in your brain.

Blue Lace Agate Crystals for Focus and Motivation

Blue lace agate polished stone on a white background

Learning is different from studying, and most people waste time on the latter. Blue Lace Agate stones help you learn mindfully without losing hope. As one of the best crystals for focus, you can charge it with positive affirmations for learning and studying.

Moonstone Crystals for Good Sleep when Studying

polished moonstone on a white background

Sleep is when the repairing and regeneration process in the body takes place. If insomnia, sleep problems, or nightmares stop you from sleeping,  touch a Moonstone crystal while imagining yourself sleeping soundly. 

Finally, keep the Moonstone on your bedside table to help with restful sleep..

Labradorite Crystals for Writing and Thinking Skills

polished labradorite stones on a white background

Do you know Labradorite opens new dimensions? Using Labradorite is great for artists, designers, creators, and writers. Labradorite taps into your sixth sense and communication skills

As a result, your logical reasoning, decision-making, and critical thinking skills improve when using Labradorite. 

Carnelian Crystals for Studying and Exams

polished carnelian stone on a white background

Carnelian opens your life force energy that resides in the sacral chakra.  This stone is the all-rounder crystal for passing exams. Moreover, Carnelian nourishes your solar plexus and root chakra to eliminate diseases and stress that may affect your learning skills

Howlite Crystals for Learning New Job

polished howlite stone isolated on a white background

The crown chakra is connected to Howlite, and bonding with it trains your mind to tackle tough exams, complex projects, and new jobs. Place a Howlite crystal on your forehead for a few minutes to activate it before going to work.

Citrine Crystals for Focus and Success

citrine chunk isolated on a white background

Do you want to attract good luck in your academics? Wear a Citrine chip bracelet on your dominant hand after charging it under the Sun. If you do this, you’ll find it easy to grasp difficult topics and score good grades in tests. 

Sodalite for College Students 

sodalite stone situated on a white background

High school is stressful, but college is even harder. Get Sodalite if you’re struggling to go to class, concentrate, or express yourself well in college. You can also hold it for a few minutes under the night sky to help you manifest intentions.

Smoky Quartz for Clearing Stress when Studying 

smoky quartz isolated on a white background

Do you feel clueless or lost when you open textbooks? Then, you need a Smoky Quartz pendant wand to clear your mental clutter. Circle your desk with a Smoky Quartz wand every time you are about to start your studies. 

Malachite Crystals for Study Room

Malachite chunk on a white background

The final jewel in our list of best studying crystals and crystals with energy for learning after comparing hundreds of crystals is Malachite. It supports, motivates, and removes learning blockages from your chakras. 

Activating Malachite with affirmations for studying and learning makes it one of the best crystals for doing homework. 

In a Nutshell 

Studying improves mental acumen and builds other skills like discipline, focus, attention, organization, competence, confidence, and creativity. Now you can select a crystal depending on the issue you’re facing with your studies. 

So, what crystal is best for productivity?

Take a look at what we learned today and choose your pick:

Crystals for studying

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