Best Crystals for ADHD

  1. Amazonite Crystals for Attention Deficit Disorder
  2. Smoky Quartz Crystals if you are Distracted Easily
  3. Red Jasper Crystals for Balancing and Grounding
  4. Moldavite Crystals for Clarity and Concentration
  5. Fluorite for Learning Disabilities 
  6. Lithium Quartz Crystals for Fidgeting
  7. Amethyst Crystals for Lack of Focus 
  8. Hematite Crystals for Impulsiveness
  9. Lapis Lazuli for ADHD in Kids 
  10. Malachite Crystals for ADHD and Anxiety
  11. Herkimer Diamonds for Anger Issues 
  12. Aura Quartz for Sensory Overload 
  13. Citrine Stones for ADHD and Restlessness 
  14. Golden Healer for Physical Calmness 
  15. Lepidolite Crystals for ADHD and Autism
  16. Moonstone Crystals for Hyperactivity 
  17. Charoite for Mental Health 
  18. Keep these Crystals on You for Managing ADHD 

DISCLAIMER: This article doesn’t contain medical information and should not be used for diagnosing or treating health problems, and is strictly meant for educational purposes. 

If you are diagnosed with ADHD or are looking for holistic solutions to help others with ADHD, well done for taking the extra step. 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a behavioral disorder with symptoms like hyperactivity, restlessness, impulsiveness, irritability, forgetfulness, and learning disabilities. That’s why crystals that help with focus, learning, and anxiety help with ADHD.

What crystals are good for hyperactivity? What are the best crystals for ADHD? How to use them? 

Read on to discover how to use crystals for ADHD and its symptoms. 

Amazonite Crystals for Attention Deficit Disorder

amazonite crystal for ADHD on a white background

Do you know therapists often use Amazonite to manage mood swings and restlessness? Amazonite instantly dispels stress, negative thoughts, and tension.

Meditating with Amazonite pushes your life force energy from the heart chakra into the throat chakra and upwards, filling the wearer with intuition and wisdom. 

Smoky Quartz Crystals if you are Distracted Easily

smoky quartz for focus isolated on a white background

If concentrating is your biggest weakness, keep a Smoky Quartz pocket stone on you to curb distractions and diversions. 

Smoky Quartz helps to clear your mind and lessens mind chatter, which is especially helpful for ADHD sufferers. This stone balances the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras to help you focus on goals. 

Red Jasper Crystals for Balancing and Grounding

red jasper for balance and grounding on a white background

When you’re too worried, hyperactive, or restless, crystals for the root chakra like Red Jasper can help you find stability. Keep this stone in your pants pocket to activate your root chakra throughout the day. 

Red Jasper is an excellent stone for cultivating good habits with the help of Mother Earth. 

You can charge Red Jasper with soil or water to help with grounding.

Moldavite Crystals for Clarity and Concentration

moldavite for clarity and concentration on a white background

As a good crystal for making hard decisions, Moldavite is excellent for keeping a clear head in tough situations. As a high-vibration crystal, Moldavite helps those who suffer from ADHD with forgetfulness, brain fog, and mental clarity. 

Although using Moldavite can be overwhelming to some people, you can use a crystal like Moldavite to help with an attention deficit disorder.

Fluorite for Learning Disabilities 

flourite for learning disabilities on a white background

Purple Fluorite is a great crystal for adults and kids dealing with learning disorders like dyslexia and locomotor mobility. Fluorite Wands are best for overcoming challenges by helping you gain focus and commitment.

You should charge Fluorite wands with running water under a tap or stream for a few minutes before using it to help with  coping with ADHD.

Lithium Quartz Crystals for Fidgeting

pink quartz for fidgeting on a white background

Called the “Best Zen Stone,” Lithium Quartz is a balancing crystal that eliminates overthinking, stress, and anxiety. This stone is best for those who feel restless, impulsive, or on edge most of the time.

Charging it with meditation can help resolve underlying issues of anger, guilt, or grief. You can wear a Lithium Quartz pendant for emotional stability.

Amethyst Crystals for Lack of Focus 

amethyst chunk for lack of focus on a white background

Although most people have  low attention spans these days, suffering from ADHD makes focusing much harder. 

Whether you’re an adult or a kid working with ADHD issues, Amethyst can help clear your mind and be mindful or totally committed to your goals

For the best results, charge your Amethyst jewelry for five minutes in the Sun before wearing it.

Hematite Crystals for Impulsiveness

hematite for impulsiveness on a white background

Grounding is necessary if you’re dealing with ADHD, as negativity from all around often gets stuck to your chakras. Wearing a Hematite bracelet repels negativity, stopping it from impacting your energy field.

As a base chakra crystal, Hematite works brilliantly for those with hasty, rash, reckless, or rude behavior. 

I suggest burying your Hematite in a flower pot or in the garden overnight before wearing it for the best results.

Lapis Lazuli for ADHD in Kids 

lapis lazuli on a white background

Lapis Lazuli is an amazing stabilizing stone for kids, students, and adults battling with anger, irritability, or hyperactivity. 

I’ve heard many mothers say that the Lapis Lazuli necklace for ADHD management in angry kids is a godsend.

If you want to tap into the energies of Lapis Lazuli, charge it under the moonlight.

Malachite Crystals for ADHD and Anxiety

malachite for ADHD and anxiety on a white background

Trauma and loss often lead to anxiety, sensitivity, irritability, and restlessness. 

One crystal that will help wearers overcome their nervousness in challenging situations is Malachite. Malachite makes wearers feel loved and supported.

Make sure to charge Malachite pendants or bracelets with positive affirmations before wearing them. 

Herkimer Diamonds for Anger Issues 

herkimer for anger issues on a white background

While not a diamond, Herkimer Diamonds help you find your inner light. The crystal is great for tranquility. 

You can use Herkimer Diamonds to open the crown and the third eye chakra to help you find higher powers, mental clarity, intuition, and foresight. 

I recommend charging Herkimer Diamonds with sunlight if you want to calm down the anger, guilt, regret, or rage inside you. 

Aura Quartz for Sensory Overload 

aura quartz for sensory overload on a white background

ADHD patients often battle overwhelming emotions and feelings because of a sensory overload. If this is you, Aura Quartz can balance your senses and help you feel healthy and happy.

Aura Quartz doesn’t need any cleansing or charging. You can carry or keep it close to you when going to school, college, office, or even for a walk to avoid getting overwhelmed by your environment. 

Citrine Stones for ADHD and Restlessness 

citrine for ADHD and restlessness on a white background

There is nothing wrong with feeling restless or experiencing FOMO(fear of missing out) in this day and age, but ADHD can quadruple that. Carry a Citrine in your pants, skirt, or dress pocket to deal with overwhelming feelings, thoughts, and reactions. 

Carrying Citrine also attracts good fortune and successful opportunities. 

To attract positive thoughts, strength, and courage, you should charge Citrine with sunlight.

Golden Healer for Physical Calmness 

limonite ore for physical calmness on a white background

Golden Healer Quartz is a high-vibration quartz like Amethyst and Clear Quartz that works on the mind. It’s good for ADHD because Golden Healer heals your body from a cellular level

This stone calms the nerves and lowers cortisol in the brain. Golden Healer Quartz works like magic to help with self-care, self-love, and self-respect, especially for those with attention deficit issues.

Lepidolite Crystals for ADHD and Autism

Lepidolite for ADHD and autism on a white background

Lepidolite is a purple crystal like Amethyst that heals repressed memories, PTSD, regrets, trauma, grief, and mental health. I suggest keeping Lepidolite tumbled stones (about four to five) in a bowl near you if you often feel irritated or overwhelmed.

Meditating with Lepidolite clears your obsessive thoughts, especially during challenges like interviews and exams. 

I suggest charging Lepidolite with positive affirmations for studying and learning.

Moonstone Crystals for Hyperactivity 

moonstone for hyperactivity on a white background

Higher chakra crystals like Moonstone are great for kids and adults with ADHD, OCD, hyperactivity, bipolar disorder, and hearing problems.

Charge a Moonstone under a Full Moon or New Moon with singing bowls or during meditation. Wear or carry the charged Moonstone on you or in your child’s bag.

The above method of charging Moonstone also awakens inner guidance, dormant talents, and coping mechanisms

Charoite for Mental Health 

charoite for mental health on a white background

Charoite crystal is recommended as a learning aid for college students and academics because it removes underlying mental blocks and challenges by converting negativity into positivity.

Adults and kids who suffer from ADHD will find it particularly beneficial for broadening the mind when kept for a few minutes on the forehead. Charoite lowers blood pressure and improves sleep when held in your palm for a few minutes before sleep.

Keep these Crystals on You for Managing ADHD 

Crystals are not a replacement for medicines, but they can improve attention span, focus, courage, balance, confidence, logical reasoning, and creativity. You can carry them on you or wear ADHD necklaces or crystal jewelry for better ADHD management.

If you or your loved one is looking for holistic ways to manage ADHD, try to infuse the healing energies of the best crystals for ADHD we discussed above with your other methods of managing your ADHD.

Here’s a quick summary of crystals for ADHD management: 

designed graphic table explains the best crystals for ADHD and reason why to use it

So, which crystal will you pick for restlessness, anxiety, irritability, and other ADHD symptoms? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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