15 Crystals Like Moldavite and How To Use Them

  1. What Crystals Work Like Moldavite? 
  2. Why is Moldavite so Expensive?
  3. In a Nutshell 

Are you looking for Moldavite alternatives? Because Moldavite is a strong crystal, it can overwhelm some people. So, it’s good to know a few crystals like Moldavite but less intense, or crystals with similar properties to Moldavite. What are the best crystals like Moldavite? 

Read on to find out how these crystals are similar to Moldavite and ways to use them at home. 

What Crystals Work Like Moldavite? 

Moldavite is a high-vibration crystal, ruled by the heart chakra, planet Venus, and the Air element. It has a rough texture with the colors of pale olive to dark green and black

Next, we’ll check out crystals similar to Moldavite in appearance, power, and metaphysical properties. 


kyanite chunk on a white background

While Kyanite is mostly seen in blue and black colors, some blue-green varieties of Kyanite look like Moldavite. But it’s even more similar to Moldavite as a high-vibration crystal. It’s also ruled by the Air element, besides opening heart chakra energies. 


Raw Tanzanite chunk on a white background

Tanzanite is another high-vibration crystal like Moldavite, known for its transformational effects. It’s perfect for harnessing psychic abilities and higher powers due to the throat and third eye chakras it reigns over. 

Herkimer Diamond 

Herkimer Diamond on a white background

Another crystal for nurturing psychic abilities, Herkimer Diamond has a high vibration too. Experts call it an ascension stone, like Moldavite, as it’s ruled by third eye and crown chakras. Plus, Herkimer diamonds are powerful and good for amplifying energies too.


Phenacite on white background
image source: wikimedia.org | Robert Lavinsky

A little-known healing crystal, Phenakite is rare, like Moldavite. However, the MOHS hardness of Phenakite is higher than Moldavite. As a transformational crystal, it’s good to wear daily. As it rules the crown and third-eye chakras, Phenakite has high vibrations too.

Apple Aura Quartz Crystals 

One of the crystals that look like Moldavite, Aura Quartz crystals are a must-have for all crystal lovers who like Moldavite. 

But don’t get just any Aura Quartz, as Apple Aura Quartz crystals are the ones most similar to Moldavite. Apple Aura Quartz also opens blocked heart chakra energies to protect the wearer.


malachite on a white background

If you ask healers for a Moldavite alternative, most will suggest Malachite

Not only does it rule the heart chakra, but Malachite is also ruled by the ruling planet Venus, just like Moldavite crystals. Malachite is also great to wear daily for physical and psychic protection, much like Moldavite.

Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz on a white background

Ruled by the planet Venus and the element Air, like Moldavite, Clear Quartz is also a high-vibration crystal. That’s why Clear Quartz wands are famous for cleansing and charging other crystals. Moreover, Clear Quartz is also an ascension stone

Lemurian Quartz 

A Lemurian Seed Crystal on a white background. Source: Etsy | Lavenderlady1044
Source: Etsy | Lavenderlady1044

Also called Lemurian Seed Quartz, the element of Air rules this high vibration stone, like Moldavite. You can use Lemurian Quartz Crystal for amplifying crystal grids and setting intentions. Keeping it on your body enhances intuition, focus, and clarity. 

Super Seven 

Super Seven Crystal isolated on a white background

As Super Seven isn’t just one crystal, but seven-in-one, it’s definitely a good substitute for powerful Moldavite crystals. Moreover, Super Seven crystals are perfect for psychic abilities and ascension. This high-vibration crystal opens and charges all the chakras in the body too. 

Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline on a white background

Another one of the high-vibration crystals that rule the lower chakra, Black Tourmaline, clears negativity. Moreover, Black Tourmaline is also ruled by Goddess Venus, like Moldavite. It’s a great stone for transformation, hope, and optimism. 


Citrine  on a white background

This is also a special lower chakra crystal that produces powerful vibrations. Citrine’s high vibrations attract luck, health, and harmony. As the Air element rules Citrine, it’s metaphysically similar to Moldavite. This high vibration stone is also great for universal connection

Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass on white background
image source: flickr.com | James St. John

Just as Moldavite is a type of tektite, Libyan Desert Glass is too. It’s a natural crystal with a similar hardness to Moldavite. However, Desert Glass has a different ruling element (Fire). 

Libyan Desert Glass cleanses the mind, body, and spirit like Moldavite, and that’s why it’s called a rebirthing stone. It’s perfect for accessing karmic details of your past incarnations. 


Celestite on a white background

Ruled by Venus and the element Air, Celestite is one of the most powerful crystals like Moldavite. It’s a high-energy crystal that works on your third eye and crown chakras. 

Celestite is often used for calling upon guardian angels and celestial guardians, and it’s also perfect for awakening your psychic abilities.


Amethyst on a white background

Another Quartz crystal known for its high vibration, Amethyst rules over the third eye and crown chakra like celestite. It’s similar to Moldavite, due to the Air element they share. Amethyst is also great for transcendence meditation and attracting higher powers


Danburite on a white background

Yet another crystal ruled by the Air element, Danburite, opens the heart chakra, like Moldavite. It’s a high-energy crystal known for inner healing. Moreover, bonding with this stone enhances your self-respect

Why is Moldavite so Expensive?

Although Moldavite crystals often look like glass, it’s one of the rarest stones on the planet. Moreover, it only comes from the Czech Republic. 

Besides being mined less, polishing moldavite incurs a lot of wastage that gets added up in the price. Plus, Moldavite crystals are revered in spiritual communities, shooting the price up even further. 

For instance, Moldavite’s average price is $15 to $25 per gram, while Amethyst retails at a few dollars per gram. 

In a Nutshell 

Moldavite is one of the most powerful high-vibration crystals for awakening the heart and healing the body. It’s known for ascension, transformation, amplifying, and psychic powers. 

But as Moldavites are expensive, rare, and soft, it’s wise to use moldavite alternatives. 

Here’s the list of crystals like Moldavite and their powers as we learned above: 

Crystals Like moldavite list

So, which Moldavite alternative will you pick?

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