Libyan Desert Glass

(lih - bee - uhn dih - zurt glas)
Main Origins:
Libya and Egypt.

What is Libyan Desert Glass?

A libyan Desert Glass on a whitish background. Source: Wikimedia | James St. John
Source: Wikimedia | James St. John

Libyan Desert Glass is a remarkable Egyptian crystal. Its translucent, golden-yellow tint is remarkable. This crystal looks like crystallized melted glass. During cooling, its surface may reveal elongated shapes or lines.

It is mostly silica, the basic component of glass. Iron, nickel, and magnesium are also present in trace levels. A 29-million-year-old meteorite collision is thought to have formed the crystal. The collision melted the desert sand, generating this glass-like crystal.

Egyptians discovered Libyan Desert Glass thousands of years ago. It was prized for jewelry and amulets. Scientists and collectors now study it. Early 20th-century expeditions led to the meteorite impact theory.

Did you know that Libyan Desert Glass has been associated with a unique myth? According to local legends, this crystal is the remnants of a great ancient civilization destroyed by a catastrophic event.

Libyan Desert Glass Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Libyan Desert Glass is brilliant yellow, symbolizing abundance, clarity, and life. The Solar Plexus Chakra, related to power, confidence, and manifestation, is yellow. Libyan Desert Glass absorbs this energy, giving self-confidence, wish manifestation, and empowerment.

Libyan Desert Glass represents the Solar Plexus Chakra. Its force and self-esteem are in the upper abdomen. This gem balances and activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, helping people find their inner strength, confidence, and power.

The ruling element connected to Libyan Desert Glass is Fire, Storm, and Ether, which symbolizes transformation, passion, and energy. They represent the intense heat that formed the crystal through a meteorite impact. 

The Sun and Earth are the governing planet of Libyan Desert Glass, representing vitality, energy, and life force. It aligns with the golden color of the crystal, emphasizing its connection to personal power and abundance.

Horus, a falcon-headed Egyptian God, is connected with Libyan Desert Glass. Horus symbolizes protection, strength, and divine vision. Libyan Desert Glass invokes Horus, protecting, empowering, and clarifying.

The numerical vibration of Libyan Desert Glass is 4. Stability, structure, and grounding are related with 4. This numerical frequency helps people stay grounded and connected to Earth’s energies by aligning with the crystal’s grounding characteristics.

Libyan Desert Glass Healing Properties and Benefits

Energy and Immunity

  • Libyan Desert Glass enhances energy levels and supports the immune system. Its vibrant energy revitalizes the body and promotes overall well-being. 
  • Hold the crystal in your hands and picture a golden light filling your body to improve energy and immunity.

Resilience and Hope

  • It fosters resilience and instills a sense of hope in challenging times. It helps individuals overcome obstacles and maintain a positive outlook. 
  • To program and charge the crystal for resilience and hope, hold it in your hands and affirm your inner strength and resilience. 

Genius and Creativity

  • They stimulate genius and creativity, unlocking innovative ideas and expanding mental capabilities. It enhances mental clarity and inspires innovative thinking. 
  • Find a place where you may relax in peace. Put your focus inward, close your eyes, and unwind. Feel the crystal’s heft and smoothness in your hands. Envision yourself setting out on an adventure that will spark your imagination and creativity. 

Emotional and Hormonal Balance

  • It promotes emotional and hormonal balance, bringing harmony to the body and mind. It helps in regulating emotions and balancing hormonal fluctuations. 
  • Place the gemstone over your Heart Chakra or hormone imbalance location. Take a few deep breaths to relax and focus on your emotions or hormonal changes. Make a hormonal or emotional balance assertion.


  • Libyan Desert Glass fosters confidence, clarity, and good judgment. It empowers leaders to inspire. 
  • Gather a team of leaders that share a vision. Sit in a circle so everyone can see the Libyan Desert Glass crystal in the center. Each participant takes turns holding the crystal and stating their intention for effective group or project leadership.

Libyan Desert Glass Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman is going to another place

Spiritual Awakening

  • Libyan Desert Glass helps people reach higher consciousness. Its energy increases awareness, deepens spiritual insights, and awakens spiritual skills. 
  • Hold the crystal while meditating or contemplating to program and activate it for spiritual enlightenment. Invite the crystal to help you awaken to better spiritual knowledge.


  • Opens the Third Eye and connects people to their intuition. It aids clairvoyance and intuitive guidance. 
  • Hold the crystal to your Third Eye (between the eyebrows) when relaxed to program and charge it for intuition. Focus on your desire to boost intuition and receive clear, insightful insights.

Kundalini Awakening

  • It activates Kundalini, the spiritual energy coiled at the base of the spine. It helps energy rise via the chakras.  
  • Hold the crystal at the base of the spine (Root Chakra) and picture its golden energy leading the Kundalini energy up the chakra system.

Enhances Aura

  • Libyan Desert Glass intensifies the aura. It protects against harmful energy by creating a powerful aura
  • To program and charge the crystal for enhancing the aura, hold it above your head and visualize your aura expanding and filling with golden light. 

Astral Travel

  • The consciousness leaving the body to explore other dimensions is supported by Libyan Desert Glass. It enhances out-of-body experiences and vibrational frequencies
  • Make a crystal grid with Libyan Desert Glass as the center. Surround it with spiritual and astral-enhancing crystals, like Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Selenite. Close your eyes and visualize astral travel.

Libyan Desert Glass Side Effects

  • Exhaustion: Excessive use of Libyan Desert Glass may lead to feelings of tiredness or fatigue. It is important to use this crystal in moderation and listen to your body’s needs.
  • Confusion: Libyan Desert Glass overstimulation can cause mental disorientation or disorganization. Use the crystal thoughtfully and take breaks if confused.
  • Conflicts in the Birthchart: Conflicting astrological aspects in a birth chart may increase inner struggle when working with Libyan Desert Glass. Astrologers can help you overcome these obstacles.

Libyan Desert Glass Meaning: What Does Libyan Desert Glass symbolize?

The milky way galaxy

Libyan Desert Glass symbolizes “Cosmic Transformation.”

The name “Libyan Desert Glass” refers to its origin in the Libyan Desert of Egypt, where it was formed through a meteorite impact millions of years ago.

Libyan Desert Glass, also known as “Great Sand Sea Glass” or “Egyptian Gold Tektite,” is named for its desert origins and its golden color. These names highlight its uniqueness and transformative power.

Traditional and modern symbolism surrounds this crystal. It symbolized divine might, protection, and guidance in ancient times. Modern Libyan Desert Glass symbolizes personal power, manifestation, spiritual progress, and riches.

The spiritual and healing properties of Libyan Desert Glass are enhanced when combined with other crystals. You can’t go wrong with Amethyst, Moldavite, Celestite, or Clear Quartz. Using these jewels with Libyan Desert Glass can boost its power and effects, making a powerful combination for mystical and psychic work. Did you know Libyan Desert Glass is a natural glass, not a mineral? This makes Libyan Desert Glass an intriguing and uncommon crystal and gemstone specimen.

Types of Libyan Desert Glass

  • Common Libyan Desert Glass: Libyan Desert Glass is transparent to translucent golden yellow. It symbolizes personal power and spiritual growth due to its rarity.
  • Clear Libyan Desert Glass: With its glass-like clarity, this variety symbolizes purity and is used in meditative practices to clear the mind.
  • Yellow Libyan Desert Glass: With a sunny hue, this variety boosts creativity and fosters positivity.
  • White Libyan Desert Glass: Milky-white Libyan Desert Glass symbolizes spiritual cleansing. It purifies the aura and releases negative energies. 
  • Golden Libyan Desert Glass: This Libyan Desert Glass is gold. It represents abundance, prosperity, and solar energy. It boosts personal power and desires.
  • Green Libyan Desert Glass: Displays a vibrant green color. It is associated with the Heart Chakra, promoting love and emotional healing.
  • Dark Blue Libyan Desert Glass: Dark Blue Libyan Desert Glass is deep blue. It aids in communication and self-expression through the Throat Chakra. 
  • Orange Libyan Desert Glass: A vibrant orange shade, this type stimulates joy, warmth, and social interactions.
  • Libyan Desert Glass with Hole: A rare variety characterized by natural holes, it’s used as a protective talisman against negative energy.
  • Phantom Libyan Desert Glass: Famous for its ghost-like inclusions, it aids in past-life recall and healing past traumas.
  • Cristobalite in Libyan Desert Glass: Known for its distinctive crystalline inclusions, it’s said to foster adaptability and transformation.
  • Libyan Desert Glass: With a vibrant orange shade, this type stimulates joy, warmth, and social interactions.

How To Cleanse Libyan Desert Glass?

Incense sticks that is burning with the smoke is rising

  • Sunlight: To cleanse Libyan Desert Glass using sunlight, place it in direct sunlight for a few hours, allowing the solar energy to purify and recharge the crystal’s energy.
  • Incense: Libyan Desert Glass can be cleansed by passing it through the smoke of cleaning incense like sage or palo santo.
  • Selenite: Place Libyan Desert Glass on a Selenite charging plate or wand for several hours to cleanse and refresh it. Selenite purifies the crystal of negative energies.

Questions and Answers

Can Libyan Desert Glass Fade?

Yes, Libyan Desert Glass can fade over time due to prolonged exposure to sunlight or harsh environmental conditions.

Can Libyan Desert Glass Get Wet?

Yes, Libyan Desert Glass can get wet, but it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to water as it may affect its quality and appearance.

Is Libyan Desert Glass Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Libyan Desert Glass is safe to be exposed to sunlight. However, prolonged exposure may cause fading or color changes over time.

How can you tell if Libyan Desert Glass is Real?

Libyan Desert Glass may be verified by its glass-like appearance, golden yellow tint, and natural patterns. A trusted source or expert can also verify its legitimacy.

How Do You Store Libyan Desert Glass?

Keep Libyan Desert Glass dry and out of direct sunshine and excessive temperature changes. To avoid scratches, wrap it in a soft cloth or put it in a pouch.

How Do You Take Care of Libyan Desert Glass?

Handle Libyan Desert Glass gently to avoid drops and collisions. Use a gentle, lint-free cloth to dust it. Use mild cleaning products and avoid extreme heat and wetness.

Is Libyan Desert Glass expensive?

Yes, Libyan Desert Glass is considered to be a rare and valuable crystal, which can make it relatively expensive compared to more common gemstones.

What Stones Go Well With Libyan Desert Glass?

Other crystals that go well with Libyan Desert Glass are Citrine, Golden Topaz, and Amber.

Is Libyan Desert Glass Safe to Use?

Yes, Libyan Desert Glass is safe to use when handled with care. However, it is always recommended to exercise caution and use common sense when working.

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