Black Obsidian

(blak uhb - sid - ee - uhn)
Main Origins:
Mexico, the U.S.A, Iceland, Scotland, Australia, Peru, Japan, Turkey, Kenya, Guatemala, New Zealand, Greece, Argentina, and Turkey.

What is Black Obsidian?

A person holding a raw black obsidian crystal

Black Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that is rich in silica. It has a glass-like luster. Also called Black Lava Glass, it may be translucent or opaque with black, brown, maroon, or red base color and white, pink, peach, or red inclusions. 

Did you know Black Obsidian has sharper edges than broken glass? It comes from Obsidian’s conchoidal fracture, so Black Obsidian was widely used for making knives, tools, and weapons in the early times. 

The Aztecs used Black Obsidian in spiritual rituals for their ability to reveal secrets and the hidden natures of men. Romans wore jewelry made of this crystal to attract good luck. Romans wore jewelry made of this crystal to attract good luck.

Ancient Greeks believed Black Obsidian formed from the tears of God Apollo and could foretell the future. They also used Black Obsidian mirrors to communicate with the dead.

Black Obsidian Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The metaphysical benefits come from Black Obsidian properties, like its ruling planet, element, chakra, Gods, and colors. It’s mainly associated with the Root Chakra but shows all the rainbow colors in some varieties. 

Black Obsidian is great for opening the seven chakras, and this volcanic glass stone opens the secondary chakras of the Sun and Lunar, bringing creativity, passion, and divine femininity

Two elements are associated with this crystal – Earth and Fire – where the Earth is responsible for grounding and fire for spiritual awakening

From the astrological viewpoint, Saturn is the ruling planet associated with Black Obsidian. It brings fame, fortune, inner power, and responsibility to the crystal. 

Black Obsidian benefits come from the Aztec God of the Night Sky, Tezcatlipoca; the Mayan God of the Underworld, Xibalba; the Greek God of Music, Apollo; and the Egyptian God of Souls, Anubis.

As it vibrates to the master number 1, bonding with Black Obsidian helps with new beginnings, self-discovery, innovation, leadership, and creativity.

Black Obsidian Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Black Obsidian grounds you to Mother Earth and stabilizes you. It’s good for support, care, and warmth, especially in trying situations.
  • Activate Black Obsidian for grounding by burying it under three inches of soil overnight before carrying it. 


  • Did you know Black Obsidian clears negativity, disease, and toxins from the body, mind, and spirit? It’s excellent for a complete detox to feel rejuvenated.
  • Create a DIY gem water by indirectly infusing Black Obsidian in a glass of water. You can then consume it for a complete detox. 

Anger Management

  • Do you feel frustrated or angry? Hold a Black Obsidian in your dominant hand for a few seconds to eliminate rage, anger, frustration, tantrums, and pessimism.
  • Charging Black Obsidian by wafting a lit incense thrice over the crystal is good for quickly eliminating anger and aggression.

Clarity and Focus

  • If distractions spoil your focus and mood, Black Obsidian pyramids can help you concentrate and immerse yourself in the task. 
  • Meditate with Black Obsidian to improve mental clarity and focus before starting tasks. 

Grief and Loss

  • Black Obsidian helps you let go of thoughts and beliefs rooted in grief, loss, and heartbreak. It’ll teach you to move on positively. 
  • You can activate Black Obsidian with the natural light of the sun or the moon before carrying it on your left side to let go.

Black Obsidian Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Different kinds of crystals, candles and tarots cards on a white cloth

Psychic Protection

  • Did you know Black Obsidian repels psychic harm? It’s the best crystal for protecting yourself and your near and dear ones from negativity, evil, curses, and hexes.
  • The best way to charge Black Obsidian for psychic protection is by soaking it overnight under the light of the Full Moon or New Moon. Afterward, sleep with it under the pillow.

Tarot Reading

  • Black Obsidian for tarot helps channel universal life force and spirit energies by cleansing negativity and calming the mind. 
  • Wearing Black Obsidian during a Tarot reading session repels negativity that may influence the reading. 


  • You can peek into the future and seek spiritual guidance with Black Obsidian mirrors. It’s the best stone for scrying because Obsidian has a neutral energy that doesn’t affect readings.
  • Gazing into the crystal without distractions is the best way to use Black Obsidian for Scrying. You can change the mirror with a self-cleansing crystal like Clear Quartz or Selenite.

Growth and Transformation

  • Did you know Black Obsidian reveals spiritual destiny? Bonding with it helps you embrace and adapt to change. 
  • The best way to grow or transform with the help of Black Obsidian is by charging it with positive affirmations. Hold the crystal in your dominant hand and chant intentions into it for this.

Fame and Success

  • Black Obsidian isn’t popular for manifestation, but it works like a charm for manifesting good fortune, success, fame, and reputation. 
  • You can manifest fame and success by setting a crystal grid with Black Obsidian in the center. 

Black Obsidian Side Effects

  • Sleep Disturbances: Sensitive people may lose sleep because Black Obsidian can sometimes disturb their sleep with exciting visions.

Black Obsidian Meaning: What Does Black Obsidian Symbolize?

tarot cards and candles on a piece of cloth

Psychic protection is the meaning of Black Obsidian. 

Traditionally, it was associated with protection, safety, courage, letting go, patience, and truth. Today, Black Obsidian relates to creativity, transformation, growth, tarot reading, and detox.

There are three stories associated with its naming. 

According to the first story, Obsidian comes from the Latin word Obsidianus, meaning, “of Obsius.” Legends say the God Apollo gave a black stone to his friend, Obsius, to console and help him move on from the death of his son.

Another legend says it comes from the word Opsianos, meaning, “of sight.” It originates from using Black Obsidian in mirrors in ancient times.

Types of Black Obsidian

  • Common Black Obsidian: The most common type of Obsidian shows shades of black with a glassy or frothy luster. It’s good for grounding, support, and protection. 
  • Golden Sheen Obsidian: With a base color of brown or black, this variety has a golden-bronze sheen. It’s great for fame, success, and focus. 
  • Silver Sheen Obsidian: Showing gray or silver iridescence, this Obsidian variety shows a base color of gray or black. It’s excellent for wisdom, growth, and transformation. 
  • Mahogany Obsidian: This type of Black Obsidian shows banding or inclusions in red or brown colors due to Hematite or Iron Oxide. Use it for grounding, detox, and mental clarity.
  • Snowflake Obsidian: Exhibiting white snowflake-like patterns with a black base color, this Black Obsidian may also show red inclusions. It’s great for relaxation, patience, detox, and spirit contact.
  • Spiderweb Obsidian: When Black Obsidian has white patterns resembling spiderwebs, it forms this variety. Use Spiderweb Obsidian for mental clarity, focus, and anger management. 
  • Green Obsidian: A unique variety of Black Obsidian with forest green colors, Green Obsidian is excellent for harmony, prosperity, and psychic visions. 
  • Fire Obsidian or Rainbow Obsidian: Showing bands of yellow, purple, red, orange, blue, gray, white, and black, this type of Black Obsidian may form circular or heart-shaped patterns. It balances multiple chakras, tarot reading, and Reiki healing. 
  • Gray Obsidian: A pale variety of Black Obsidian, this type usually shows subtle banding of gray and black colors. It’s great for mental clarity, balance, and growth. 
  •  Apache Tears: This is a Black Obsidian variety with a brownish color and haphazard texture. Use it for letting go, detox, loss, and grief.
  •  Marekanite: An uncommon variety including inclusions with indentation, this type of Black Obsidian works well for psychic protection and spiritual guidance.
  •  Starry Obsidian: When you notice several peach and white inclusions in Black Obsidian, it may look like nature’s version of the Starry Night painting. Use it for emotional balance, hope, and transformation. 
  •  Midnight Lace Obsidian: An Armenian variety, this type of Black Obsidian shows bands of black with tan or beige brown hues. It’s great for psychic protection and grounding. 
  •  Stigmite: An archaic name for the porphyritic type of Black Obsidian, this is a stone for higher powers, transformation, and success. 
  •  Peanut Obsidian: This type of Black Obsidian has orange inclusions on a black backdrop in peanut-like shapes. It’s great for enhancing health, courage, and creativity. 
  •  Phantom Obsidian Quartz: A formation of Quartz with Black Obsidian forms this variety when you can see Quartz trapped inside Obsidian. They’re good for spirit contact, psychic powers, and premonition. 
  •  Black Obsidian with Feldspar and Hyalite: This variety of Black Obsidian exhibits white, black, beige, and tan colors. It’s great for peace and growth.
  •  Pink Calcite with Black Obsidian: Calcite forms with Black Obsidian as inclusions of pink color. They’re rare but excellent for inner fire, power, and positivity. 

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian?

a close up picture of the moon

  • Singing Bowl: You can remove negativity stuck on Black Obsidian by keeping it next to a Tibetan singing bowl while playing the bowl. 
  • Moonlight: Soak your Obsidian crystal overnight under the moonlight to remove the negativity stuck onto it. 
  • Smudging: Wafting the smoke of sacred herbs, like Sage, Cedarwood, and Palo Santo, can reset the Black Obsidian to its initial state. 

Questions and Answers

Is Black Obsidian safe in the water?

Yes, Black Obsidian is safe in the water, but prolonged exposure can damage its structural integrity.

Can I put Black Obsidian in the sun?

Yes, Black Obsidian is safe in the sun; just avoid leaving it in the sun for more than 5 minutes.

Is Black Obsidian harmful?

No, Black Obsidian is not a harmful or dangerous crystal. It’s safe to handle with bare hands.

Who shouldn’t wear Black Obsidian?

People with zodiac signs ruled by the Sun, Moon, and Mars should avoid wearing Black Obsidian. It also isn’t recommended for kids, teenagers under fifteen, and people over seventy.

How to identify real Black Obsidian?

Real Black Obsidian crystals are harder than window glass and feel heavier. They’re cold to the touch and sharp in raw or rough forms.

Which hand to wear Black Obsidian?

You should wear Black Obsidian on your left hand.

What does it mean when Black Obsidian breaks?

When Black Obsidian breaks, it means pain, grief, illness, sorrow, or despair might be coming closer to you. But Black Obsidian may also break after manifesting your intentions.

How to take care of Black Obsidian?

The best way to care for Black Obsidian is to keep it in an airtight box, safe from accidental falls and collisions.

What crystal pairs well with Black Obsidian?

Selenite, Labradorite, and Rose Quartz are excellent to pair with Black Obsidian for purity, mediumship, and love.

How much does Black Obsidian cost?

Black Obsidian costs $1 to $5, but rare specimens may cost $30 to $50 per carat.

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