Healing crystals are fruits of earth, linked to everything in the universe. Some crystals can help you communicate with a dearly departed and give each other closure for spiritual well-being. What are the best crystals for passed loved ones? Can you use them to say goodbyes to the loved ones that have crossed over? 

Yes, you can use some to say proper goodbyes, communicate, ask questions, or even leave them on the grave. Lapis Lazuli, lepidolite, aura quartz, selenite, moldavite, and Mangano calcite are ideal stones to process grief.

 I’ll help you understand how to use 14 specific crystals for overcoming grief or communicating with your loved ones.

Lapiz Lazuli crystals for Connecting with Passed Loved Ones

lapis lazuli on a white background

Ancient Sumerians believed Lapis Lazuli contained the essence of their Gods. That may be why you can communicate with the spirits of passed loved ones by meditating with lapis lazuli on full moons. As it opens the third-eye and throat chakras, you don’t need a medium like an ouija or planchettes in this spirit communication ritual.

Rose Quartz Crystal for Loss of a Mother

polished rose quartz stone on a white background

Mourning the loss of your mother is next to unbearable. But rose quartz can help you find support in the arms of Goddesses Venus and Aphrodite. Wearing a rose quartz pendant will also give you unconditional love from the universe. 

Lepidolite Crystal for Loss of Father 

lepidolite chunk on a white background

No amount of sharing equals grieving the loss of your father. Instead of bottling it up, get a lepidolite wand and meditate for a few days on the memories of your father. It’s a crown chakra crystal that may help you connect and commune with your father’s spirit.

Aura Quartz Crystals to Bury with the Dead

Aura Quartz on a white background

A stone that transcends worlds of the living, dead, and heaven, aura quartz is the crystal to leave in the coffin. This type of quartz is ideal for spiritual distress. But it also works as a transformation stone to help your loved ones on their heavenly journey. 

Mariam Jasper Crystal for Loss of Your Baby 

polished mariam jasper on a white background

Personally, losing a baby after preparing for it mentally, physically, financially, and socially was traumatic. 

As it has helped me, give a chance to a palm-sized Mariam jasper crystal wand. Place it on your nightstand to find guidance to work through your loss. 

Mariam jasper helps to process grief with psychic abilities like lucid dreaming, transcendence meditation, or clairvision.

Selenite Crystals to Leave on a Grave

selenite cube on a white background

If you want your loved one to have a smooth journey to the other realm, leaving crystals that cleanse them out of their earthly ties is a good choice. 

Leave a bowl of natural selenite wands on the grave or in the coffin to help the soul of your loved one wash away their sins. 

Mangano Calcite for Angelic Protection 

3 pieces of polished mangano calcite on a white background

Known for raising your heart vibrations, wearing a Mangano Calcite pendant during energy rituals is a good idea to protect yourself. It invokes the angelic bond with your guardian angel. Mangano calcite also helps the heart process your grief through self-care.

Tanzanite Crystal for The Loss of Husband

raw tanzanite crystal on a white background

Losing your most loved one makes you want to disappear into thin air. But once you realize the connection with your husband’s spirit is untethered through different realms, a tanzanite crystal can help you find closure via psychic communication

Moldavite Crystal for Loss of Wife

moldavite on a white background

If you’re in shock or afraid of losing yourself, I suggest trying the shaman’s stone of moldavite to have a few words with your wife’s spirit. 

Moldavite connects your heart to your loved ones everywhere, including the other side, by working as a medium. How? It can link your third eye and crown chakras with your heart.

Jade Crystals to Leave in a Coffin

green jade chunk on a white background

Did you know that the Chinese royalty were once buried in jade burial suits? Jade was used as a part of burial garments to prevent the decay of the spirit in their heavenly abode. In spirituality, jade connects the spirit with the higher realm to avoid getting lost en route. 

Celestite Crystal for loss of the Brother

Celestite chunk on a white background

If you’re sure about wanting to communicate with your brother’s spirit, celestite crystal meditation on Friday nights will help you find peace. As Venus rules the crystal, using it for meditation at 2:00 AM invokes the sibling connection between the living and passed souls for a few minutes. 

Apache Tears Crystal for Loss of Sister 

3 pieces of polished apache tears stone on a white background
image source: wikimedia.org

Grief isn’t the same for all. Some go through all of it at once, and others in parts. 

Apache tears are perfect if you’re hurting from the loss of your sister because it helps you release the suffering. Wearing apache tears every day helps to overcome grief by connecting to her spirit using your lower chakras. 

Go bid your goodbyes!

Amethyst Pendulum for Finding Answers from a Departed Loved One

amethyst pendulum on a white background

Crystal pendulums are used to find answers about spiritual destinies and purposes from angels. But you can also use it for communicating with your loved ones who aren’t alive. Get an amethyst pendulum and wear it to bond before having a session. 

Howlite Crystal for Loss of your Pet 

howlite chunk on a white background

When I lost my first cat, I didn’t talk to anyone for a month. I felt like I reclaimed my kitty when I found a Howlite tumbled crystal. Besides the crystal reminding me of her thick white fur, howlite helped me connect to my cat Day (her name) through dreams. 

In A Nutshell 

Crystals can be used to connect with every atom in the universe, such as you, me, or the wind, water, sun, earth, and spirits around us. 

The right healing crystals can raise our psychic senses to work as a medium or connect to the spirits of loved ones. 

You can use it to connect with passed souls like dear ones, fathers, husbands, sisters, wives, brothers, and even pets. Some are good for intuition, others for cleansing, charging, or leaving on the grave. 

Here’s a table summarizing what we learned above about crystals for passed loved ones. 

14 Best Crystals for Passed Loved Ones

So, which crystal will you bid goodbyes with? 


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