Isn’t it mind-blowing that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping? So, if you’re a poor sleeper, it can really affect your mental health, or you can get the right sleep crystals and get good sleep. What crystals are best to put under pillows? What are the best crystals to sleep with? 

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The best crystals for sleep disorders, dream therapy, and psychic protection are:

I’ll teach you how to use these sleep crystals for deep sleep without nightmares or breaks. 

Rose Quartz Under the Pillow for a Good Night’s Sleep

Rose quartz stone on a white background

Rose quartz is great for a sound slumber because it relaxes your body. Moreover, sleeping with rose quartz under the pillow is a good way to rejuvenate your body during the sleep phase. 

Sleeping with Malachite for Preventing Nightmares

Malachite chunk on a white background

Sleeping with a malachite under the pillow is perfect for expectant mothers. Malachite creates an auric shield that nurtures your biological processes during sleep. Being a heart chakra stone, malachite also prevents bad dreams and energies from entering your dream state.

Selenite Crystals Under Pillow for Lucid Dreaming

Selenite block on a white background

Keeping a selenite under the pillow is recommended for those enthusiastic about astral projection, lucid dreaming, and spirit communication. It can help you travel far and wide across the universe in your dream state. 

Keeping a selenite tower on the nightstand is my favorite way of tapping into angelic communication through dreams.

Green Calcite Crystals to Stop Snoring 

Green calcite crystal on a white background

One of the lesser-known heart chakra stones, green calcite crystal heals the physical body. 

So, combining green calcite with other sleep crystals on this list is best. It relaxes your body and stops the underlying cause of snoring by clearing your upper airways. Charge it using chants, or positive affirmations, before going to bed. 

Dream Recall with Lapis Lazuli Crystals

lapis lazuli for dream recall

Another higher chakra crystal that draws higher powers via your dream state is the lapis lazuli crystal. You can use a lapis lazuli body pillow to travel through your past in sleep. Don’t forget to meditate with the crystal to discover the hidden meanings in your dreams after waking up.

Deep Sleep with Amber Crystals

Amber crystal on a white background

Amber takes you through the universe’s most sacred stories and legends because it’s a fossilized resin that’s older than the most ancient of tales. According to scientific studies, amber-tinted glasses and lights increase serotonin (the happy hormone). 

If you have amber jewelry, keep them under the pillow, instead of wearing them to bed, for deep sleep.

Sleeping with Moldavite under Pillow for Sleep Apnea

Moldavite chunk on a white background

Known for balancing your blood pressure and circulation in the body, moldavite also works with sleep apnea. It accelerates the healing energy of medicines and regenerates healthy upper airway cells for sound sleep.

Citrine Crystals for Good Dreams

Citrine chunk on a white background

Can you sleep with citrine under your pillow? Yes, sleeping with citrine under your pillow is good for clearing mind chatter and experiencing pleasant dreams. 

Citrine is a good sleep crystal because it manifests your dreams. 

To do this, charge the yellow quartz crystal with incandescent lights (night shield on your phone/candle/Himalayan salt lamp/sunrise) before placing it under your pillow.

Labradorite Crystals to Deal with Sleepwalking

Labradorite stones on a white background

Many shamans and psychics recommend labradorite under pillows for those with a habit of sleep talking or sleepwalking

Being a third-eye chakra stone, the labradorite crystal balances your perspective and dream state of awareness. As a result, your mind won’t falter haphazardly during sleep.

Physical and Psychic Protection with Amethyst

Amethyst crystal chunk on a white background

If you’re hardly getting any sleep because of mortal or spiritual fears, sleeping with amethyst under the pillow is a good idea. As it’s a crown chakra crystal that connects with higher chakras, you’ll have good dreams.

And higher energy centers, such as the Bindu, soul star, and galactic chakra, will empower your auric shield during sleep. As a result, harmful energies, thoughts, and vibrations will never be able to touch you.

Moonstone For Setting a Sleep Routine

moonstone on a white background

It’s great to have a sleep routine already in place, but what really helped me maintain my routine was meditating with a moonstone wand before bed.

Sleeping with a moonstone under the pillow is perfect for getting back to the usual after vacation. Meditating with a moonlight crystal also helps you modify your sleep routine.

Black Tourmaline under Pillow for Insomnia

black tourmaline on a white background

Sleep is more precious now that a significant number of people are realizing its benefits for overall well-being.

I recommend sleeping with a black tourmaline palm stone, or wand, under your pillow if restlessness is what keeps you awake at night. Black tourmaline grounds your fears, thoughts, anxieties, and threats, to help you sleep well.

Howlite to Calm Your Mind Before Sleep

Black and white howlite stone on a white background

Howlite is yet another higher chakra stone perfect for calming your nerves or winding up the day in peace. Keep a howlite under the pillow, meditate for a few minutes with it in your palm, or wear it as a bracelet to enjoy good sleep.

Smoky Quartz Under Pillow for Hypersomnia

Smoky quartz crystal tower on a white background

Whether it’s a spiritual, physical, or emotional reason that’s making you tired, smoky quartz under the pillow is a good solution for oversleeping. 

Fatigue after waking up is a common sign of hypersomnia, and smoky quartz can help by flushing out negative energies from your lower chakras. 

Try to circle a clear quartz wand over your smoky quartz in a counter-clockwise direction. This will charge the crystal for a hypersomnia sleep disorder.

In a Nutshell

Crystals are great for manifesting dreams, attracting good luck, spreading harmony, and even healing physical disorders. 

You can use crystals like amber, moldavite, and howlite to sleep like a baby. 

On the other hand, moonstones and amethyst can help you set a good sleep routine and protect yourself during sleep. There are even crystals for dream manifestation, therapy, and recall too. 

Here’s a bonus crystal for sleep- flower agate under the pillow prevents nightmares and manifests good dreams.

If you don’t want to keep a crystal under your pillow, keep the sleep crystal under your bed, or on your nightstand. 

So, which sleep crystal will you pick? 

Crystals to sleep with under your pillow table chart

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